100 thoughts on “Nvidia, I’m Sorry. GTX 1660 Ti Review”

  1. In my opinion, just waiting for the rtx 2060 to be on discount is better then buying the 1660 ti because it isnt that much more and in my opinion is worth the boosted peformance that the 2060 gives.

  2. I have recently been comparing some of these cards, doing a bit of shopping to replace my 1050Ti. But it is weird, recently it looks like the 1060 and 1600 prices swapped places, is there a reason for that?

  3. Just save some money and go for the 2060. Soon the price will go down anyways. Plus 10-15 more frames from 2060 can make huge difference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mbmQCiON-c

  4. I have a GTX 1070, and for reasons too complicated to explain here I will have to swith my whole PC. Now, I thought of the GTX 1660 Ti as my new graphic card, but then I saw, it has 2 GB less of VRAM. Should I care about that? Woldn't that be a downgrade from my current card?

  5. 16 is in between 10 series and rtx 20 series , with 60% more performance than 10 series… But not enough performance to battle 20 series.. 1660… Charaan!!! Lol

  6. if your looking at buying a laptop dont get the 1660ti you can get a rtx 2070 non max q (= full desktop gpu) for arround the same price and much better performance i just got a asus scar 2 for $1800aud

  7. So should I but a asus GTX 1660ti 3 fans or spend a bit more for a ASUS RTX 2060 DUAL? I'll save $70 with gtx.

  8. Should I get a 1660 ti (core clock 1500 MHz) (boost clock 1890 MHz) (Best 1660ti) or Should I get a RTX 2060 (core clock 1365 MHz) (Boost clock 1755 MHz)(cheapest 2060) and they both cost $299.99

  9. If you pair this with an i5 9400f 8 or 16 gb of ram which doesn't really mater cause ram isn't all that expensive you can upgrade it when you want. So with this setup you can get about 100 fps in pubg, around 200 in csgo, about 70 in gta v
    I don't really have time to explain. So if you want a solid pc these specs are a way to go:gtx 1660-ti, i5 9400f ssd 500 gb is recommended and a hrad disc i personally use a 2tb hard disc and im doing good, i can run pubg, gta v, csgo, withcer 3 and some other games on ultra/high settings and still get high fps. This is my opinion if someone has something else to add please reply. 🙂
    Edit:hard disc not hrad

  10. An undervolted sapphire pulse vega 56 is in my opinion a better option. U can get it for 250(Euros) with 8gb of vram. This is just for those guys thinking of buying a 1660ti at the moment

  11. i thought i was an idiot when I heard the 1660…and confused myself with rtx2060…and i guess everyone had problems…way to go nvidia way to go….I would have preferred 1160? 😛

  12. >be me
    >hear that nvidia classifies their graphics cards in generations
    >choose to upgrade to 1660 Ti because 16th generation must be better than 10th
    >order the card
    >watch some videos
    >get confused
    >dig a little deeper and find out that it's actually worse than the 1080
    >be me
    >angry, sad, confused, feeling stupid
    >waiting for the card to arrive and build my first ever pc
    >so is the card good or not?

  13. These past few years I've completely lost track of the graphics cards. Even the mid-range cards seem very expensive and nobody seems to focus on 1080p gaming now.

  14. The alternative to naming it would be 1160 or 1560. But 1560 has a 5 in it, which reminds people of 1050, a low range not so good card.

  15. I'm running this GPU paired with my trusty i5 2500k OCed to 5.1.
    I swear I have grown emotionally attached to this CPU. Best CPU ever built.

  16. Feel like you got way too upset for the naming 😂
    It’s between GTX 1060 and RTX 2060
    It says faster than 1060 and slower than 2060

  17. Which one is better: one fan or dual fan.I have seen both types and i do believe dual fan are better since they run on a lower temp,but i am a noob here so i ask .

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  19. wtf is the 1080 (and 1080 TI) nowhere in the comparisons of all this nvidia shite …its like they completely blacked it out in EVERY DAMN BENCHMARK so you cant compare last to current generation accurately. And when i see that the card struggles to reach decent framerates in 1440p i know fucking why. ITS FUCKING TRASH. Same goes for the 2060. My years old 1080 Strix non TI runs 1440p on Ultra like a BOSS and can hold 60 @4K at very slightly reduced settings. There is literally no fucking improvement to be seen here.

  20. I love this card. I went to a Micro Center in Yonkers New York and they had one for around $260. I had a GTX680 at the time that held out for many years, but it simply couldn't handle Mankind Divided on any acceptable settings. I knew RTX was most likely a scam so I saved the money and went with this for 1080p/60fps. It does that on Ultra for pretty much everything I've thrown at it. I just don't do 3D.

  21. my uncle bought me one gtx 1660 ti 6 gb oc should i sell it and save more or keep it i mean is it good worth it ?

  22. I didn't have the extra cash to spend on the 2060, but am very pleased with this card as im 1080p anyway. Perfect card for my build

  23. They couldve simply named it GTX 2060 AND it wouldve been just fine but nO they haD tO cReaTe aN aVenGeR lEvEl tHreAt

  24. Not tech savvy at all. Do video cards operate with same performance whether in a laptop or a desktop? Asking because obviously the size difference between a laptop and desktop are very different and so are the card sizes.

  25. it's simple and no need to make a 10min video about it… 1660 is in between gens. 2000's series RTX cards have Ray tracing and DDR6 memory. 1060 have none of those. 1660 ti gets one of those, the DDR6 memory but not the ray tracing which they reserve for the 2000's RTX series and that is all.

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