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really dope so let’s jump right into the news first and only news article I have
open for you guys is that Goldman Sachs they said that bitcoin has potential to
drop below a February low of five thousand nine hundred and twenty two now
first thing that I find wrong with this art that I don’t like about this article
has potential you can say bitcoin has potential to be worth $50,000 tomorrow
it does it’s of all time it could do it if a lot of money came into it it could
easily be worth fifty thousand dollars by the end of the month right that it
has potential to do that does Bitcoin a have potential to drop of course Bitcoin
has potential to job that just makes sense and they came to this conclusion
by doing technical analysis looking at the supports of support line the
resistant point and seeing where they think it could drop below and if I just
really quick do this for you guys it’s not very hard to do what they did so
what they said is if it breaks below 9200 something which it currently is at
but if it breaks below that for a longer period of time the next support line is
at 7600 something and after that it could go all the way down to here this
support line at 5,000 something something something that of course
that’s how it happens if it breaks below 5,000 something it could go down to this
support right here go down to 4,000 it just makes sense
that’s how tank will now sis work it could but the the fact that they’re
saying this out loud puts a few things in my mind first thing he looks like
they’re trying to scare people it looks like they’re trying to scare people and
this tactic we’ve seen used before and something that I think it’s possible
that they are actually looking to maybe pick a Bitcoin at a cheaper
price and it’s out right now um I know with something as a volatile script our
currency is newest cryptocurrency a lot of new people want to get in but a lot
of people don’t want to get in at the price of the tap right now because
they’re scared of the value going down so what big institutions are trying to
do with something I’ve seen before this happened with Jamie Dimon before
remember he said that you know bitcoin was a scam was a fraud the price tanked
and the next thing we know he at the end of the year he was like ah just kidding
I actually like it and it meanwhile everyone in his firm was buying up a ton
of it so this could be another one of those situations they’re trying to drive
the price down to pick it up at cheaper price because at $6,000 they know the
price what could easily shoot back up to ten and they made almost double their
money pretty instantly into them that’s millions and billions and billions of
dollars right so it means a lot to them that difference and sad to see happen it
is market manipulation but with something as false as newest
cryptocurrency it’s not surprising that we have that potential to manipulate the
market you guys see pump and dump groups have potential to manipulate a coin so
yeah it’s sad do I think it’s going down to the 6,000 level I don’t think it’s
going down to 6,000 level a lot would have to happen a lot of fun would have
to come out this being a good start though but I think we need a lot more
than this to see Bitcoin fall below 5,000 922 it’s not looking very likely
anyway so let’s jump right into the cryptocurrency market not much has been
happening the last three days I’m pretty much saying the same exact numbers 371
billion dollar market cap with a 41.9% Bitcoin dominance open markets haven’t
moved too much bitcoins held pretty stayed the kind of bounce moved sideways
which can be good it’s building up support at this point if anything so
that is a good good sign before tries to you know test all-time highs it get on
test the resistant levels at $12,000 to then move on to the all-time highs later
so definitely a sideways movement can be a good thing it doesn’t mean we are
looking for a break-in in a certain direction so that could be up or down
you know no one’s really sure now I’ll show up at the end of the video
obviously I tell you guys where I think it’s headed
we do the technical analysis so stay tuned for that as well also nem being
one of the only cryptocurrency that’s currently up a decent amount and that
again is because of them returning people the exchange that got hacked the
Japanese exchange that go hack is returning them to all of its you know is
refunding the nem that was hat so that’s why the price is now recovering and
going back up finance coin seeing some action up 30 percent in 24 hours I told
you guys this is definitely one of my favorite pics I definitely hold a lot of
Finance coin and that is just for the long term because finance is by far the
biggest the biggest and my opinion the best exchange right now I think a lot of
people are gonna keep going to it a lot of people are going to trade on it and
by Dance come on using the finance conduct gives you 50% off on the fees so
people are gonna want to hold by an endpoint and that’s why I’m very bullish
on it I think we’re gonna see you know when the market starts booming again
people start trading more more like you know buying and selling buying and
selling more often I think buy-ins coin is going to reap the benefits of that
but other than that we see a lot of red in the last 24 hours in the week we see
just a substratum is up a ton I actually had no idea it’s up 23% today I told you
guys about this coin as well Wow it’s it’s not hard honestly it’s not
hard it’s Genesis visions down a little bit might be a good idea to pick some up
it’s not hard once you find the good projects then you’re going to see days
like this right you guys know I made a video a few days ago where I said
substraight them is one of my top top and it’s been for a very very long time
and a lot of other people agree a lot of experts agree a lot of people a lot of
experts say the same thing I know a lot of other youtubers really like
substratum as well it’s a good project it’s only Frank 96 with 137 million
dollar market cap so it has a ton of potential to 10x and you know more your
investment if it continues to do well it’s definitely one my favorite coins
I’ve mentioned that several times in my videos over the last who knows how long
last month’s at least one month I’ve been saying it
and here you go it’s now you know continuing to grow another coin that’s
been doing very well is n cash another coin we talked about here which I’m very
bullish on is n cash picking I picked some up and a little bit over the as
soon as I saw this kind of swing up a little bit to the to two point one seven
two point one cent mark I picked up a ton and so I pretty much doubled my
investment right now just off that so I’m telling you guys MCAT has potential
to 10x a hundred X maybe even a thousand X meanwhile I’m over here already
doubling my money in the matter of a few days I’m not even looking at this
because to me this means nothing I’m looking at growing at holding nucleus
vision for a long long period of time in a one to two years just to see it turned
into what I think it can turn into 2x to me means absolutely nothing right now
although it is great although it is a few extra thousand dollars in the bank
I’m not going to sell it I’m not gonna touch it I’m not even gonna think about
it anytime soon but again another prediction that we made that is coming
true obviously it’s up right now it it was up even more before it’s having a
little bit of a correction similarly to substrate if it’s going to have those
Corrections as well it’s all about the long term play on this now here is a
ripple I wanted to mention ripple on today’s video for one particular reason
ripple is very cheap right now it’s 78 cents it’s very very cheap um it’s been
it’s been having a lot of sideways movement we inked we went up in price
because of the hole coinbase rumor again and i have a feeling that’s not the last
time we’re going to hear that rumor that rumor comes up every month or so and it
pumps the price up so if you’re waiting for that rumor to happen again
you know $0.78 mark might not be bad for then it to pump to a dollar 20 again
when the rumor hits it then you could sell and make some quick profit off of
that other things I’m seeing people say is that ripple is gonna partner with
Amazon and uber and airbnb which as much as it could happen don’t get me wrong
and 100 percent could nothing has been announced yet but that is the type of
news that will cause a you know a coin like ripple to pump similarly to the
coin based on rumor its rumors like that partnerships with Amazon and uber and
airbnb that’s going to cause the price to increase and then drop back down
again similarly till we saw over here so maybe ripple is a good idea for a short
term gain here I think 70 cents is cheap I think I can’t deny the fact that I
think ripple has potential to grow in this market where we’re at right now as
much as it’s not my number one pick of coin I think it does does have the
potential which I can’t count out but just the fact there’s so much rumors
surrounding it all the time I think makes for a very fun you know buy and
sell buy and sell buy and sell type game where you can make you can make a decent
amount of return pretty fast simply by flipping ripple when there’s one there’s
a rumor and the price increases in buying it when it’s at these lows right
now now if those guys have stuck till the end I wanted to mention I wanted to
make it announcement kind of here so Tom vandala in our Facebook group I
League links the Facebook group down below he has been very active great guy
and he came up with a great idea so On February 12 this is already a month old
I mean I apologize for taking so long to get to this but he wanted he made a poll
asking which new coin should I do a review or price prediction on and you
can and you can add your own coin you can vote other coins and so on and what
I’ve decided I want to hear what you guys think of this and again you have to
leave you have to tell me this in the comments down below what you guys think
of this I’m thinking once a week so say Sunday Sunday will be the day I release
this video doing a review of the one coin sold right now
this coin takes it by far it’s as 23 people uploaded it so on Sunday I would
do a review on this and then we would create a new poll in the Facebook group
and people can vote again for them the coin for that week and at the end of
every week I’ll do a review on that coin from the coin that you guys voted on so
guys if you are not in the Facebook group yet make sure to go joined I’ll
leave a link in the comments section of the video in the pinned post I’ll leave
a link to the Facebook group I don’t know if you guys think that’s a good
idea thumbs up should we do that I would love
to do that if that’s something you guys are interested in now quick technical
analysis just kind of seeing where we are again not too much technical ass
being done I did add a lot more lines to the thing
if you guys have not seen I’m just kind of to figure out where we are so
currently right now I took out the 200-day moving average because we were
holding pretty steady at it it was roughly at around this mark so what I’m
looking now is a few different things one we see a close of right here so we
see the support when one of the supports right here and one of the resistance is
right here now I want to see you know Bitcoin possibly break above this that
would be very good that would you know gain confidence the market and they’re
entering a bull run would be very likely that’s all good but yeah I drew this is
this resistant and support that guys had before I drew this new support and this
new resistance here as well which is one that bitcoins been following for a
decent amount of time not counting the break-up with the
Brayton the moon we had right here and then the correction back into it and now
we seem to be trading within it again so again this is if we can stay in between
here this is a good sign it’ll bring us back up to a testing the resistance
level right here at the twelve thousand dollar mark which again once we break I
think will give us the clear runway in order to entering the bull run so I know
there’s a lot of lines I know it’s very hard to look at but all I’m saying is
I’m still bullish on what I think is going to happen in the near future in
the next few days or weeks I know today’s a red day but guys it’s a buying
opportunity to pick up your favorite coins on Finance or whatever exchange
you guys want to use I’ll just think – I’ll be linked to Finance down below but
you guys can use whatever exchange you so please guys that’s gonna be it for
this video though thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for
another video


    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

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  5. I love the idea of the poll and weekly video! All your info and input is greatly appreciated! And NCASH doing 2X isn't incredible but it sure did feel great to be making money while most other coins were in the red!

  6. I think a Big number of people are holding ripple when it finally takes off people will have extra money to buy other coins with. Just a thought

  7. Well now these days people believe everything that is posted on the media and or social media with related news to cryptocurrency. so we wouldn't be surprised since their are freshment investors just beginning and to understand the world of ccryptocurrency. just one thing I don't think anytime soon bitcoins won't drop too quick to the point where YouTubers are vlogging about breaking news Bitcoin dropping everyday. hahaha plus, Bitcoin is not the only currency that should be targeted. there are days when Bitcoin drops and say for example MONERO goes up. it varies on different factors…

  8. Nucleus vision makes me think of Big Brother watching.
    I'm getting more and more skeptical of technical analysis with cyrpto. Support lines etc, dont mean anything when some Mt Gox trustee dumps a bunch of coins. Maybe a couple of years down the road, but now, the markets are waaaay to volatile to make any predictions. I'll stick to research and gut feelings.
    And hey, what was that 'major' announcement that was supposed to be at end of the video?

  9. Ncash is already doing great and barely just started. The fact that it has tremendous room for growth is a no brainer. Great video by the way.

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  13. I'm reading on twitter. Is it true that 93% of NCASH are stored at 100 accaunts. ?
    "" my boy pull out of it! A Total 9,297,735,489.50 Tokens Held by the Top 100 accounts from the Total Supply Of 10,000,000,000.00 Ncash Tokens. Meaning only 700m before you get dumped on think again about your investment ""
    This is the one from 20 comments.

  14. Keep in mind that Goldman Sachs is behind Circle, who just bought poloniex. But I think it's more on the author headlining that statement. The article says the TA team came up with this, everyone that does ta talks about the potential supports, GS isn't spreading fud, the author of the article is.

  15. they are rly just spreading fud to buy in lower ? isn´t that illegal ? here in germany this is bigtime against the law .
    anyways i am so excited about ncash but more about Sub last week when sub was like 34-36 cents i took a huge position …im soooo excited 😉 hihi
    good content like always bro greatings

    btc : 1MLJqGYDE3Co5SFpUAaYDQnfDxezAyM2WL
    PS: dont invest into ripple i hate banks 😉

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