NSA’s been trying to track down bitcoin users long before crypto boom – Snowden docs

it's been revealed that the much-praised security of the virtual currency Bitcoin may have indeed been compromised by the US National Security Agency classified documents provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden demonstrate the efforts by the agency to track down users of the currency it's a something previously thought to be practically impossible RT correspondent ilya Petrenko digs up the story question what's in it for Bitcoin buyers besides the price boom last year when it's rate kept going up people got themselves crypto walls to get rich but bitcoins have been luring enthusiasts with something else since long before the 2017 boom no central bank control privacy and transaction anonymity I'm sorry this could have all been an illusion you haven't unfollowed at Snowden or have you the NSA worked urgently to target Bitcoin users around the world according to classified documents provided by Snowden so let's look into the National Security Agency files which caught the eye of the intercepts journalists back in the days when the Bitcoin was only worth less than 100 bucks March 2013 the US was already working hard on tracking down crypto wallet holders and the NSA's number-one priority among the new currencies was Bitcoin they did come up with a mysterious tool called monkey rocket and guess what analysts have found value in the monkey rocket access to help track down senders and receivers of bitcoins how much value is the question here that no one will give you an answer to but come on the NSA is almighty when it comes to getting hold of all kinds of data so no matter how underdeveloped monkey rocket was back then the agency could have filled in the missing puzzle pieces using its stunning array of other spying tools the whistleblowers suggest with this sort of information in hand putting a name to a given Bitcoin user would be easy monkey rocket is also described in the files as a non wet during internet and animation service how many Bitcoin owners have so far been tricked by the NSA into using this product that we can only guess there was never trust in the institutions like the NSA ever since Snowden originally came out with his revelations a lot of it is under the pretense of stopping terrorism but most of the time is just government's want to know what all of their citizens are doing all of the time so nothing really changed reading the latest reports over a blockchain and what the NSA is trying to do to track it I'm not surprised at all bitcoin was never really that Anonymous and when people were thinking of it as anonymous that those people were proven to be wrong time and time again the core properties of Bitcoin are unconfessed skateable assets if held properly and censorship resistant value transfer hopefully anonymity tools will come in in your future but we're not there yet we're in March 2018 it's been exactly five years since these NSA memos where it said we should do our best to track down Bitcoin users were written I bet the guys at the snooping agency haven't really been wasting time Emelia petrenko in moscow

27 thoughts on “NSA’s been trying to track down bitcoin users long before crypto boom – Snowden docs”

  1. It only made sense the NSA (satoshi  Nakamoto) created Bitcoin because by law only national governments have the authority and power to create currencies. And the 1996 NSA paper outlines crypto currencies and the Blockchain.

  2. Bitcoin transaction is in the Blockchain as a ladger . Why this all confusion and this Missinformation ? ?

  3. OMG .. Talking heads on TV figured out BTC is not anonymous.. Welcome to 2011 .. this is in News 2018… Im waisting time here

  4. The Rothschilds are already ahead of the curve regarding crypocurrencies. It's just another ponzi scheme designed to collapse the existing hard currencies already in place.

  5. Bitcoin is STILL decentralized…being able to track owners is another variable that can be addressed in the market….

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    NSA is Orwell's big brother.
    Their new server super farm in Utah uses one million gallons of water per day just for cooling. They suck up everything.

  9. Freedom lovers were the pitchmen for free press and publicity. The banks can now implement their version now that the dupes educated many as to what crypto is. It is secure and now that the agencies can see whats happening it will be accepted as safer than cash. Talk about digging your own grave.

  10. Nothing special at all here. Bitcoin is only anonymous if you follow very specific protocols, never use a public exchange, and never mix your anonymous money with the tradeable accounts. That's the point of a blockchain, every transaction that's ever happened is visible, that's what makes it unhackable. If you want to stay anonymous, you can, but you have to follow very specific rules to do so.

  11. Why can't NSA go after hitbtc.com. I've had ticket #41399 with hitbtc for 5mths as they owe me BTC that was accidently sent to their BCH/BCC wallet 5mths ago! I have sent them tons of emails and tweets regarding ticket #41399. On 3/19 I got an email from Marguerite Tessier stating I have not responded back to her…"we shall now consider this ticket as closed". I have sent them emails and tweets to NOT CLOSE ticket 41399 until they return my BTC and to date, it's all fallen on deaf ears. hitbtc.com is a thief and I wish NSA would would track down my BTC!

  12. I started with Bitcoin in 2014. And back then Bitcoin has already been heavily criminalized by the U.S. government. There was a smear campaign against Bitcoin by the media claiming that Bitcoin was used for drug trafficking, terrorist financing, money laundering and other criminal activities. That was bullshit ofcourse, but you could already see how much the banking establishment hated Bitcoin. And they are still trying to make Bitcoin look bad.

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