Nothing Changes about Value When it Comes to Crypto (disponible con subtítulos en español)

Aloha yo my girl just got back from the other side of the country and her family member just gave her this Gucci bag as a gift and it’s legit it’s for real for real but we but we ain’t really into that we not really bout that life like we live in the jungle barefoot you know I’m saying so we sellin this bag for crypto for Bitcoin or some aetherium if you’re interested link is in the description it costs about twenty four hundred dollars but we only selling it for two G’s flat hit me up you know saying it’s clean we ain’t gonna touch it we don’t really care but if you bought this and you know I’m saying it’s a stylish bag so check out the links in the description and it’s for real for real like you know I’m saying it’s a nice bag you know so selling it for Bitcoin how let your boy crypto roots DM or email me alright peace Aloha you too it’s your boy crypto roots so here here’s i’m here’s where i’m selling all my digital products at Gumroad calm slash crypto roots I got a courses I got crypto classes I got nothing but straight crypto game how about me if you want to pay me in Bitcoin and if holla at me if you want to be an affiliate if you get 20% Commission if you hustle and so my digital products should give you 20% now if you’re looking for a new privacy oriented browser that pays you that you get paid to be advertised to and you also get a chance to pay people that you appreciate and that are content creators if you’re a content creator definitely you should use the brave browser it’s new it’s it’s privacy based and they’re getting their mobile apps going on and it runs on the bat token dat token so it’s definitely a definitely a must-have as far as getting into cryptocurrency now get you a proton email addresses double encrypted it’s a privacy based email address I use a crypto roots at protonmail definitely recommend you have that if you pay at least five dollars a month you can get a proton VPN never get a free VPN because nothing comes for free they end up selling your data to third parties just so that they can make a profit so you always want to pay for a VPN a virtual private network so that they they have no ulterior motives with your data now if you’re looking to travel with cryptocurrency you can pay for your bookends the hotel room was a bit coin by coin aetherium and ciabatta has their own token a VA so I definitely definitely be planning to use this and use the once or twice so definitely get on that and if you’re outside to buy Nance outside of the US still register for buy Nance if you’re inside the u.s. you know you may need a VPN or whatever I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t but you know you still want to get ahold of buy Nance somehow because there definitely definitely a big player in the crypto market all right links are in the description much love family boots and I’m doing my thing over here well hop Mexico and yeah me and my girl we just went to go check out she’s going to teach some English classes about the Spanish school and as soon as she hits him with the English we’re gonna hit him with the crypto so you already know that’s the next step for education after I educate you guys oh no this whole crypto game is to educate the kids so that’s the next step now one thing I wanted to talk about today is that I’ve been explaining cryptocurrency to you guys I’ve been hitting you guys with the knowledge non-stop left and right on my I G my Instagram and people are still people are still confused about how to utilize this technology people are still confused about how to profit from this technology and yes we’re still in the early early days and yes there’s this we’re in the nineteen ninety-four of the Internet era when it comes to blockchain technology so we still got a long way to go but this technology is currently being used and people are currently making a profit off of it so how do you begin to do so because it’s just information but if you don’t know how to apply it what good is it to you so I feel people that I feel so let me let me just give you some insights and forgive me some cars are driving by and you know I’m saying the roads are here out here ain’t really safe safe so give us all right so how do you profit in the world of the centralized technology decentralize finance decentralized networks you know I’m saying this nothing changes about value value stays the same has always been the same and nothing’s gonna change that now what brings things value scarcity and rarity I think things that are scarce and rare hold their value over time so how do you create value well the same way you vote we’ve always created value you find a problem you come up with the solution you apply for it you supply it for other people you you find things that are rare fruits vegetables gems or herb stones you know I’m saying none of these things change about creating value it’s just a system that that it’s on and and the units of measurements and the name that’s that is shifting and that has shifted so value stays the same so how do you profit in the world it’s a decentralized finance the same way you would profit in a world of centralized finance you come up with the idea you said that you sell the idea you know I’m saying you redistribute the idea you resell the idea the same way so it’s just the system that runs it the framework overruns the monetary system is decentralized that’s the only difference so cryptocurrency is not an easy way out it’s not a way to just say you know get-rich-quick it’s not if anything cryptocurrency as of right now it’s a good rich poor scheme you know because if people don’t know what you’re doing and the markets so volatile you’re more likely to lose money if you don’t know what you’re doing you know and if you’re trying if you get too greedy that’s the biggest thing that kids catches new people as degree because they hear other people getting rich or other people making money but they refuse to listen to other people losing money they refute you know I’m saying so I’m not gonna here to defend any of that those are your own personal decisions I’ve made some wrong I’ve made some irresponsible person personal financial decision we what we all have done it and you know some of us are doing it right now you know so one way or another we’re all gonna have to experience these ups and downs financially but nothing changes about creating value and exchanging value so how do you utilize this technology you create value you exchange value for profit that’s it man so if you aren’t figuring out a way to profit from cryptocurrency you probably haven’t figured out a way to profit from centralized currency I mean as far as on your own and freelancing and even then you could still team up you know I’m saying things in fact if you know how to utilize this technology you could actually produce value and generate it and exchange it much easier and hold on to it much easier that’s so there’s actually more benefits to utilizing this technology but nothing changes as far as value nothing changes so start start start coming up with a business plan and the main question you got to ask yourself is what type of money do I want to use what type of money do I want to make do I want to make US dollars do I want to make pesos or do I want to make Bitcoin because those are three different systems and they all have you know I’m saying and they all have their pros and their cons so the first thing you should start off is what type of payment am I willing to accept and you know as of right now I say accept all payments I say accept all of them but understand that you jeopardize your privacy when you deal with these fiat currencies so if you want to be clean from the get-go you only accept crypto then you spin crypto so that’s the first step what type of money am I willing to accept for my business and from that how are you gonna just how you gonna generate the money how you’re gonna distribute the money you know I I choose to use a blockchain I choose to use ëthere iam you know I’m saying I choose to use a blockchain Explorer and I choose to be able to track my transactions on the Block train but using encrypt and creative encryption to protect my identity you know so ideally I’m taking it from there and now I realize yo I figure out the money I want to use I figured out the system of the money I want to use how I want to pay people out you know how I wanted you know I’m saying now I got that covered you know then we move on to implementing the idea and bringing it to real life but that’s all it really is it’s just choosing a decentralized or centralized system so create value and whatever system you want but understand that there’s pros and cons to both but in the end one system is going to prevail and the other is going to die out all right Aloha much love crypto routes yes so like when you went one on the Sun and the star and the moons when they when they reached the zenith and the horizon on the thirty second of the trimester it like enters up into look like a parallel perpendicular you’re not saying permutation you’d I’m saying like like a universe check it out check it out like we bought the enter like the the seventh dimension you know I’m saying hold on hold on hold on IG hold on you two hold on somebody calling me yo yo yo yo yo this this is brother opportunity you calling me embossing opportunities I got I got him for you oh all the mentorship romant or shape you I’m still I’m still doing that yeah yeah we going good it’s gonna cost a pretty penny but you know soon as you pay me we can get started with this mentorship you know you know how many strings income you want cuz you get as much as you want bro trust me we’re still grinding yeah you know we do alright send me the money and what

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