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protect yourself right now and let’s get into today’s video I regret the day I
said yes to mr. trunk I regret all the help and support
I gave him along the way I am ashamed of my own failings February the 27th 2019
Michael Cohen Donald Trump’s lawyer and trusted sidekick for the last decade
appeared before the US Congress his statement was a bombshell against the
president’s Kevin accused Trump of cooperating with Russia during the
election campaign as well as several tax crimes he also described to Donald Trump
as a racist a con man and a cheat I am ashamed because I know what mr. Trump is
he is a racist he is a con man and he is achieved you know a little impressed by
that frankly could have he could have gone all out he only went about 95
percent instead of a hundred percent so Devo ah Michael Kern was talking
about Donald Trump the president of the United States himself was thousands of
kilometers away from Washington on a trip in her Nonie the Vietnamese capital
to meet with the North Korean leader Kim jong-un in what was the second summit
between the two leaders but I think having a fake hearing like that and
having it in the middle of this very important summit is really a terrible
thing this is a summit that has been dismissed by most of the media as a
failure and this leaves us with a big question well was the Hanoi summit
really a failure where exactly did the negotiations between the United States
and North Korea ends up well let’s take a look alright so there are some exceptions but
generally sequels never as exciting as the original right control well it looks
like something similar happens in Hanoi just eight months after the historic
first meeting in Singapore donald trump and kim jeong-hoon they saw each other
again expectations at this time a concrete agreement would be reached with
deadlines goals and objectives however antonyms happen the summit ended hastily
without any specific understanding on the one hand North Korea demanded that
all international sanctions be eliminated in exchange for dismantling
its main nuclear complex not the only one it has the young beyond complex safe
center dedicated to the production of plutonium and uranium fuel for North
Korea’s nuclear weapons on the one hands the United States demanded that North
Korea take the first step dismantling all of its nuclear programs production
and development centers including all the clandestine centers after this they
would contemplate lifting the international sanctions as you can see their positions weren’t
entirely compatible North Korea didn’t want to give up its nuclear program in
the United States wasn’t willing to make concessions at all the dilemma that we
were confronted with is the North Koreans at this point are unwilling to
impose a complete freeze on their weapons of mass destruction programs so
to give many many billions of dollars in sanctions relief would in effect put us
in a position of subsidizing the ongoing development of weapons of mass
destruction in North Korea a State Department officials speaking to The
Washington Post but don’t think this came as a surprise it’s true Donald
Trump did seem very upbeat thinking that in exchange for guaranteeing a splendid
future for North Korea with investments and economic developments it managed to
convince Kim jong-un to change his ways I’ll check this out our United States
team has arrived in North Korea to make arrangements for the summit between Kim
jong-un and myself I truly believe North Korea as brilliant potential it’ll be a
great economic and financial nation one day Kim jong-un agrees with me on this
it will happen Donald Trump but the truth is that his team was much less
optimistic North Korea will seek to retain its WMD capabilities and is
unlikely to completely give up its nuclear weapons and production
capabilities because its leaders ultimately view nuclear weapons as
critical to regime survival both Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and
national security adviser john bolton have expressed their doubts about being
able to reach an agreement the fact is that this is what every
media source has been told and is the reason why the summit was considered a
true failure but hold on a second because the question we want to answer
is well was it really a failure well yeah it kind of was but also know if you’e let’s be upfront about this on
visual politic we don’t exactly sympathize with Donald Trump but we
always want to be objective which is not the same as being neutral so we believe
that we can give you three reasons why the summit’s unlike what most of the
media have said wasn’t an absolute failure so listen up objective Vietnam
although it often goes unnoticed with more than 90 million inhabitants Vietnam
has not only become one of the fastest growing economies in the world in the
last three decades but it’s also become increasingly important to the United
States yes it may be surprising but these two countries that less than half
a century ago worth protagonists of one of the longest and harshest wars in
history and out to significant economic and political partners you’re more proof of this tight
relationship in March of 2018 the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson set
sail for four days in Danang it was the first visit to Vietnam by a US military
ship since the end of the war in 1975 the point is that Donald Trump’s visit
it didn’t have only one goal but rather to allow me to explain the White House
took advantage of this trip to strengthen its ties with the Vietnamese
government Trump met both the presidents and the Prime Minister and presided over
a symbolic act in which several Vietnamese airlines commissioned more
than twenty billion dollars to purchase aircraft and services from American
companies in particular Boeing in addition they mapped out free trade
agreements and the sale of billions of dollars of military equipments that’s
because the United States wants to turn Vietnam into one of its most important
partners in this area of the world both politically and economically why well
because Vietnam is growing by leaps and bounds
further it’s very open to trade it’s got unfriendly relations with China and its
workforce has very low labor costs in other words it’s a perfect country to
flood with dollars although I’m not sure how chumps are going to cope with the
fact that the United States has a trade deficit with Vietnam of almost forty
billion dollars for its part Vietnam aims to receive all of those dollars to
accelerate its developments its autonomy from China and its leadership in
Southeast Asia I know a is desperate for a better
relationship with Washington and would like to free-trade agreement with the
Trump administration to ensure it is not entirely dependent on Chinese markets
and consumers Vietnam also would love to purchase large amounts of advanced US
military equipment Harry Jake as Yanis director of Korean studies at the center
for the national interest well what better way than giving Vietnam the
prominence and political influence of hosting a summit of this type and if
they also use its strength and Thai as well that’s even better
wouldn’t you agree well that’s precisely what happens cards on the table
in a visual politic video about the Singapore summit we explained how North
Korea’s concepts of what denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula means and how it’s
very different from what the rest of the world understands North Korea has no intention of giving
up its nuclear weapons at least not in such a straightforward way it’ll
probably come as no surprise when I say that the North Korean regime is a cruel
dictatorship with an absolutely abominable track record when it comes to
human rights isolated from the rest of the world and ruled with an iron fist by
three generations of the family of the current leader Kim Jong oh we’re talking
about a country where citizens can be sent to prison for simply watching
reading or listening to international media it’s a country where any dissent
or disagreement about the government’s can lead to brutal re-education and
forced labor camps it’s a country with a state that exploits its own people by
making them work in semi slavery conditions while despite all of this
Donald Trump’s desire to push through his precious agreements along with his
predilection for dictators and authoritarian positions glossed over the
true nature of the policies of Pyongyang everyone’s looking out for their own
interests no one’s looking out for the interests of North Korea’s citizens Brad
Adams Asia director of Human Rights Watch be very surprised very smart very
good negotiator really he’s got a great personality he’s a you know funny guy
he’s a very smart guys a great negotiator
he loves his people not that I’m surprised by that but he loves his
people don’t let anyone think anything different he speaks and his people sit
up at attention I want my people to do the same while thanks to this failed summers the
cards have remained on the table Kim Jong Un’s regime has no intention of
giving up its power or its nuclear weapons and let’s make this clear
forcing North Korea to acknowledge the stance publicly actually strengthens the
United States for any future negotiations now any expectations for
subsequent agreements have drops and that was needed actually it was a very
productive two days but sometimes you have to walk washington has gained the
upper hand in the negotiations which they will continue to flex because they
know North Korea desperately needs to overcome its sanctions now this all
leads us to our third point the reforms everything depends on the
reforms folks just thirty years ago Vietnam was in an even worse situation
than North Korea the country was shattered by Wars and suffering from a
blockade from China the United States Europe and even its Southeast Asian
neighbors his economy it was literally sunk leaving about 70
percent of its inhabitants to live in extreme poverty since then things
they’ve changed a lot today only around 3 percent of Viet
Nam’s population lives in extreme poverty
that’s an SIV reduction 70 percent to 3 percent well the fact is that Vietnam
unilaterally implemented its own reform plan known as the DOE Moy they started
doing this even before they reconciled with the international community that is
they were doing this while they were suffering a blockade from the United
States and what could be a better example for North Korea
what better action to involve Vietnam in this process and set it up as an example
it’s a great way to let Pyongyang know what they could achieve the success of
the Vietnamese economy is due to its decision to normalize relations with the
United States in 1995 I would say to our North Korean friends as long as they
have a conflict with the United States they will not be able to develop their
economy properly Major General Wynn LaVon and Cuong
former director of the Institute of Strategic Studies at the Vietnamese
Ministry of Public Security we told you in several videos which will link to in
the description that Kim Jong young seems determined to promote economic
reforms and open North Korea what better way to persuade him than by showing him
the results firsthand no revolutionary tasks stand before us other than the
improvement of the economy and people’s daily lives Kim Jong un folks the United
States it seems to know that the North Korean problem will only be solved with
a new strategy that focuses more on trade than on weapons maybe the summit
didn’t have the expected results but does that mean it was a failure the
answer is not so clear at first glance especially if we consider the White
House’s new strategy we are not going to invade North Korea we are not seeking to
topple the North Korean regime we are ready for a different future it’s bigger
than denuclearization I’m absolutely convinced and more importantly the
president of the United States is convinced that it’s time to move past 70
years of war and hostility on the Korean Peninsula there is no reason for this
conflict to persist any longer Stephen our vegan the US Special Representative
for North Korea so what do you think do you support the Trump administration’s
strategy towards North Korea well leave your answer in the comments below as
well as in this survey and I really hope you enjoyed this video please do hit
that like button if you did don’t forget to subscribe for brand-new
videos also please do check out our friends at reconsider media they
provided the vocals in this episode but were not mine also this video is brought
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through the description below and as always I’ll see you next time
we’re very surprised very smart very good negotiator really he’s got a great
personality he’s a you know funny guy he’s a very smart guy he’s a great
negotiator he loves those people not that I’m surprised by that but he loves
his people and don’t let anyone think anything different he speaks and his
people sit up at attention I want my people to do the same

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    For your reference I am a security guard of one of US army's northern most garrisons in Korea and no one here expresses the genuine fear of war like two years ago. Current rotational brigade soldiers (3rd brigade of 1st armored division from Elpaso) just complaining boredom and lack of recreational activities!!

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