Nomad Lifestyle: Trading Cryptocurrencies While Traveling Through Spain

hit the crib dolls right when they start moving move to the stocks work till 6 p.m. so we right now we're in a la playa de Malaga so this is the local beach of malaga malaga is obviously it's a coastal town it's in the Costa del Sol which means basically the Sun Coast is sunny every day we're kind of cruising around the boardwalk we got a bunch of bars and 20 bars restaurants kind of the works now we are in the city centre basically of Malaga most of the Costa del Sol is a little bit different type of beach so we're gonna go check out some of the other beach towns also we're right you know basically just walked over here but pretty cool because you have like that old city of Malaga it's like the historic buildings from a thousand years ago the castles the fort and then you can walk down and be right on the water which very few cities have right how most cities you know you either have one or the other but there's very few you can just walk from you know the top of the hill on some castle and then get down to the beach in five 10-minute walk so it's pretty cool chaotic questions so first let's just start at the ground floor why did you start trading crypto currencies to make money I'm just giving one of our students David gamble he like he made like a quarter million dollars trading kripp goes I'm using our bootcamp strategy just like in our basic stuff that we do so I immediately was like I gotta get up on this so he told me where to open the accounts he's like hey open up Kevin Jim and I G Dax and you're good to go he's like you just do the same thing yeah I'm like the same thing cool so I open it up you can I only put like a thousand bucks 1,400 bucks I just want to play around with it I just started shredded I start shredding hard so I mean one of the main questions we get is where you trade it you know especially with you know what's been going on with Paula next now what what are the exchanges that you recommend most um so I do like my main trading on the big three coins which is the big three coins is like your like coin bit coin etherium I do that trading on G decks because they don't have commissions if you're doing limit orders and then I do all the other coins on bit tricks fit tricks calm because they have they have the most coins like you can have coins for any like of those random coins you're like oh my god coin or rise or tricks so every Wednesday we've been doing a YouTube live and in the chat everyone's kind of calling up these new coins what has been your like biggest trader so far in terms of the points so the one I think that was my probably my biggest trader in terms of percentage gain was one of the ideas that somebody brought up in YouTube live which is me oh yeah you know Nia went from like eight bucks so like 60 bucks almost I didn't write it that whole way but once they told me I watched it I hit it like it 20 and I was selling my shares into the 50s that was pretty cool any any kind of letting all coins that you see you know coming up in the future you know that maybe the next month or so um so I'm still watching this neo now for a bounce some of these other ones like Manero have been super hot yeah you know a couple months we have unit coin gold coming out which is gonna be something that'll be trading quite a lot so this actually decent amount of stuff coming out and then you know recently there's been all these random ones you know one of the things I'll do is I want like clean market cap or world coin index I'll just see like which ones are moving or which ones like some volumes coming in – yeah and you can do that also a bit tricks now I'll start looking up like the brand and once I have like a really good trade and rise the other day I didn't catch the whole move but like you know I went up like two hundred three hundred percent intraday you know and I was kind of trading it around back and forth I got some good grips on it so a lot of the times they can fit tracks like when I'll search by like percentage gain yeah or by volume and then I'll see kind of like what's moving around or you know what's like things flowing into and then I'll just sit there and watch it till it's ready and like it turns either the patterns that you used for stocks which ones that you've been finding they've been working the best for you a lot of flag patterns and the coins work really well with flags and then also like kind of like the steep pull backs and then like rounding bottoms yeah like on some of the bigger stuff I like an hourly chart so you know you get like say like Bitcoin or aetherium you get like a big like 15 20 percent pullback over a couple days then I'll start watching in the hourly when it starts to round I'll pick some up with a stop under that last low and then you know we'll play it back to the upside so I think that's like an easy scoop pattern do you see this do you think this is just a fad or do you see this really you know kind of shaping the way that kind of shape in the way that we you know we pay for stuff and transfer money between each other you know what I don't know if it's gonna be something that from the way we pay something is all the tokens have like different technologies so really only like bitcoins is really the only one that's used for like paying for stuff but a lot of the other coins have like technological uses to them like aetherium is for smart contracts and you know different types of things some of them your for your payment processing there's just there's a couple for cloud storage it's like stuff like that so the technology will be different but only a handful to probably be used for actually direct payments okay let's talk about you mentioned you know coin gold that actually comes up in the chat room a lot too we have come on what kind of got you interested in that one from the beginning uh well part of it is just the team I mean I've done business with Rahul numerous times in the past and you know he was one of the founders of pools on Wall Street but also he's a mentor of mine and you know every business he's ever touched like has done amazing but then once he started telling me about it you know that Mark Cuban's involved and they've got this a list group of investors then I was really interested and then you know once I was talking to a lot of her students like Taylor they're all gamers and so Unicorn the company behind you to coin gold you know is about eSports betting and Taylor was telling me like he go Taylor was like I go to eSports bars and he's like dude if I could bet on this stuff it'd be amazing like he's so Taylor's they're like doing you know like he goes up bars where people are doing like competitive gaming and I'm like why would anybody do that he's a dude

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