Nodexo – A New Cryptocurrency Shared Masternode Service

hey everyone what I'd like to do in this video is show you a brand new shared master node service called node EXO or not EXO I don't know how you pronounce oh I'm going to go with node X Oh so I want to go through the homepage and just give you my thoughts on the way it's structured the available coins the fee structure etc and then I want to show you the dashboard area that's as the current area this is what you will see after you decide to use the service before I go on a small disclaimer the dad send me a small payment for producing this video as I'm going to influence my thoughts on anything you know I'm just going to see what I like I can see what I don't like and I do appreciate the company for doing that because well I spend a lot time producing videos for YouTube and I make next to no money so I do appreciate companies like this who support my channel so wealthy annoying disclaimer right the way let's look at the website and let's look at the service so rare we you know they've got nice design here the blockchain flashing a images in the background that's very commonly and here they've got 140 investors across 32 must knows Tokyo's $3,500 and now if you compare that to establish shield master on services those numbers aren't and press off you know 32 masternodes 114 vessels there's other services out there with thousands of people using them but it's a very unfair comparison at this point because as a new service you know you can't expect them to launch with thousands of customers and that you know that they don't have a lot of people using it right now but you know over time that will change and the navigation you hear a navigation area at the top here if you click on it just scroll down the page so just go down manually so um okay masternodes available so right now they have I on Zed coin and go white and you can see funded 0 of 20,000 are why eighteen point one seven percent squalor why six here but I don't see anything to suggest whether this is a yearly thing I assume this is every year I assume that's how it's calculated and that's got a coin place so it's got some basic information there about each coin but you should really go and do your own research and both of those are about eighteen percent ROI this one goo'bye is at fifty six point nine five percent now before I go on and talk about the fee structure before I go on and talk about the dashboard area I would say that the main a distinguishing factor between different co2 concealed Masterman services and the reason why I would go with one service over another others point it tends to be which coins they have I went with you know cut to harsh line for example when because they had sent coins and then I went with one D s because they'll get certain coins I know there's some other ones that you know perhaps they have her horizon where others don't so because each currency masternode service only has a selection of coins you are influenced by what they have on offer now right now they are only offering three different coins it's not a massive selection and I suspect over time they're going to offer a lot more coins you know and I will say this again as a new service so this is to be expected there are some services enough know some some capital currency shieldmasta know services that are more selective over what coins the the sale must know most for others you know they just add every single coin and they just pretty much any new masternode coin that comes out they just added and I guess I can understand that in one respect because you know there's those people who want a master node for so there's demand for it so they offer but I've also seen those same services and I don't want to go name them but there are certain services I know are these new coins but then the coin pumps and dumps because it's a Shaq coin and then the coin gets pulled so it depends what you want to do I can understand why some ones are saying Lawson it's not up to us whether the coin is good oh no we just want to offer as many coins as possible but I can also see ycn companies say and shield Muslim companies are saying no we want to be a little bit more selective we want to only offer coins that we like and looking at the fact that offering ioan's a coin and go buy these are not coins I've got myself but I've had all I people talking about them in the live streams and I you know from reading between the lines and reading what other we'll see about that these are good projects and you know these are ones that are not pumping dump coins these are decent coins so those three coins available ion zeg coin and go by if you're not have if you know interested at any of these coins right now then you're not gonna use node EXO or node exo-m okay the next part here I'm you can own a share or a film master know what master was our host either Microsoft DSA knows guaranteed at least ninety nine point nine five percent availability which is important because if a node goes down and I think it's normally below ninety five percent over 24 levels you don't get a payment for that dan you have to be and throw your up you know at oh you're online phone for 24 hours at least from ninety five percent at times so that you know it sounds like they've got a good hosting setup located in a European Union making its GDP are compliant and okay that's all kind of par for the course okay how it works you select the master node you deposit coins that's annoying because I'm ready when I'm ready to read it like one two three at the top and then four five at the bomb they've got one two three four or five it goes up and down select the master knows deposit coins order sales follow-up the master would say our process stay up to date when the master is ready to generate revenue and evidence so yeah everyone knows how this works okay let's see what our main features are a low upfront investment start investing and masters with just with just 100 euros worth of cryptocurrencies and that actually seems quite high compared to some services some services allow you to deposit as low as one coin and even when the coin is like four cents they will allow you to deposit one coin and I don't know I mean I've seen some saw I've seen certain ones and what I've done is this year masternode service of said you need at least a few hundred dollars I've seen other ones that say this absolutely no lament you can deposit as many coins as you want it seems like they want at least a minimum investment and it says here you know just 100 euros worth of capital currencies but I suspect that will change a depending on the coin one-click investment regular income and weekly monthly or yearly diversify your portfolio security and transparency compliance okay so it's registered and you calculate your returns so you pack your coin here you say that you want to invest like you see if I can get okay I can't get to exactly cotterpin oh I can oh that's pretty cool I was just scrolling up and down earlier when I was testing I am 100 dollars which is 115 point all nein gbx 11 percent of the masternode and you can see the other way there's 56 percent per year so it was yellow that I was talking about earlier four point seven five percent per month one percent per week so I start like we handy equate like a nice little calculator okay if it cures okay so this is the same this is we are a lot of people will have questions let's skip ahead down at the bottom on here what is the service fee only feed escalated is from the blog rewards you receive which is 7% there are no deposit or withdrawal fees okay so for you know an A+ no it's good that you don't charge for a deposit or withdraw some a shieldmasta no services that's how they structure that the charge you a little bit for depositing but nothing for withdrawals or they don't charge you for deposits but the charge you a lot about for withdrawing and others don't do that and it looks like no take so as in now you can see here that the fee as 7% no the two services that I've deposited worth a at a moment are one D s and capital hashtag those are the ones I've tasted before in deposited some coins those services charge 4% now there are some other ones I had a look at some other ones over there like my no drugs is another one of looked at they charge between one to ten percent but it's dependent on the coin and I would say the four percent is perhaps at the low end you know that one D s incorrect to heart on yours I would say seven percent is kind of at the medal to maybe high end of the fee structure so seven percent is acceptable but as in hasn't the cheaper so they're not by a long margin there's a couple services though they are offering at four percent a few at 5% as well and yeah but you know the fee is upfront you can factor into your decision whether to use any master node I don't think it's ridiculous um but yeah there are as 7% as am as important to remember guys the fu to host a fuel master nor yourself you have to pay for hosting setup no the one I've been paying for with vultures $5.00 per month you can't get some cheaper ones out there two dollars fifty per month and dependent on the coin and the minimum requirements for that master node you'd maybe have to you know get a $10 per month package if they require a VPS with for example more RAM or more CPU cores and so f you decided to run your own master node if you try crunch the numbers you will look at the service and say well they charge me seven percent but if I host it myself I would have to maybe pee five dollars per month for the hosting of or ten dollars maybe only three dollars or two dollars fifty but you also have the hassle and the you know the inconvenience or setting or lap of course you are you know you have full control of your coins as well this is something a lot of people you know the novice should of you know giving your coins to another service the way that I look at eyes I always look at the shield masternode services eyes you know a way to put coins eeeh for a while but if I accumulate a lot of coins that maybe pull them out and then maybe consider selling them or setting up my own master hood I'm like fine a shield master most services though I do think they really do simplify the whole process of managing master nodes and managing your investments and master nodes 7% as I said I think is that that kind of metal to higher end of a the fee structure but it's certainly not ripping you off and so how much can i am right those are kind of standard questions and answers so they've got a road map they're what they're trying to do a oxes auxes is the gentleman that was talking to via email seems like a very nice guy and we don't have too much interaction of no spoke demand on the phone or anything yet and but he seems very enthusiastic about this project so that's the website that's the them that's their who set up a quite like I know that sounds like a lot of thing I quite like the fact that I say up here and I've got a company name no Dex Riga and with us we've got the registration number you can check the EU v80 and and know what old we are in a world where you know the so many scams going about I quite like seeing that I've actually reviewed ASIC maining companies I pointed this out before there was an ASIC there's a couple of ASIC maining companies I've reviewed and I've seen the way you look they've got a new man you know the new manor is ten thousand dollars and they don't have a phone number or an email or a register that this so yeah I quite like the fact that the companies register seems like a little thing but him yeah it's a significant em it's a significant little thing to add to the website in my opinion so let's jump from the website to the dashboard area so I'll take my webcam away just so you can see everything so aim you know you guys can make up your own minds on this but and in my opinion that's quite a professional setup as far as how it all works and you know how it all works you've got the the master was available for investment near I own 13 X Z said 20 gb x 34 and this is just the names of the nodes that they've coded on so the twenty thousand remaining um twenty thousand to be funded we've got the coin name the estimated ROI on a yearly basis so this is really just mimicking what's displayed on the home page there but you know if you're in the current area it gives you another chance to see it and you can get a feel mode and if you click on it here you can see this total balance and masternode available balance the minimum investment amount is 10x CZ so see before they were talking about em they're talking about you had to invest 100 you know euros doesn't seem that you have to do that 200 ion me see turn to the iron right so it depends on the coin ten gbx a tough to check the price of the coin but it doesn't seem like the madam requirement is too high I don't think so anyway and yellows good you can see the 24 withdrawal I'm gonna talk to our current value your investment your masternodes click down to masternodes and being funded three runnings you know so that you don't you know that's a cone that's been sea doesn't have any funds in any masternode it's just showing you their current area said coin ion go by so the the 32 master owns that they've caught lasted on the homepage here splob 23 in go by 2 and ion and the coin now again remainder that does as a brand new master node one of the problems with the initial master node service as getting the actual master node funded now if you've got you know there's a lloyd popular services and as soon as i unknown becomes available everyone deposits and you know the point of coins for another master node the new master node is created but even on the most popular shared master node services there's always a few coins that just aren't as popular and say those are 10,000 coin requirement you could deposit a thousand or two thousand coins and nothing happens because they don't have the are eight thousand nine thousand coins so when your honor you know when you're in a sheer mass term of service you really do have to kind of work together with all the other users and you all have to group together to get coins and that's as kind of a catch-22 with a new service but they need more users they need more people knowing about the service hence why they're getting a video review but they need more people to know about the service so that they can get these Maslin was funded a few deposited to the said cohen master here you could deposit 500 coins and i'm a i'm a just sat there for a few weeks and tell someone else deposits thus as perhaps a problem at the service right now but over time when the service grows when you add more coins i'm gonna get more users that should hopefully be less of an issue but as well nothing if you never used that shield master mode service you know as what's explaining us you have you know if you don't patent the feel requirement you don't get a full master node you have to wait until other people deposit not is when a master node will be created if you've used a master if you've used our shared master mode service you know what i'm talking about it as as worth explaining and so the bottom wall exchange area here and coin exchange withdrawal has three obviously you know these numbers aren't populated yes I can't really show you much and but it's got the two bounds resolved best years the dollar value it as a PA area there that will show you all your pH on actions there's an account area where you can set up Google Authenticator and 24-hour with Joe llama it seems to be $1,000 there and then there's an affiliate so there's an affiliate link so you can and some money a few to fail people to the service and it seems that they seem to have here the 24 hour withdrawal they might know this is something only to get verified I think a few I think if you withdraw money their aim you can increase the withdrawal I'm up to $1,000,000 so I reckon once you get verified it goes up so once you've once you've verified your counter withdrawal and it goes up I think that's how it works here in you know you see all the same information here been displayed across different accounts but basically this would be showing you for each master with how much your bounces and your master nodes and all that I'm I think it looks quite good there's obviously some things that they need to work on here I don't know why it's floating up there and there you go aim yeah I think I mean it as far as what the service looks like what the dashboard area looks like looks very easy to use looks you know play easy set up and all that and investment the unmastered name the pawza click on the pawza and then you know we would click on that so there's that this is how you would deposit and that's actually quite a cool idea no that's a that's something I saw when I saw one service talking about this but I don't think they set up so here you can deposit with said coin and back coin or Atheneum and they will exchange it for you and give you the exchange rate but yeah the whole service the whole dashboard area looks pretty good in my opinion and fairly easy to understand you know it's kind of self-explanatory so yeah this has been no deck so so summarize my thoughts if you've skipped ahead to the end of the video I think that the dashboard detail looks really good I think it looks nice I do think from a coin point of view they need to add more coins they need to get a more you know a bag of variety of coins for people to invest on I do think they need to get investors I realized I was kind of catch-22 but you do need more people using service and order to deposit coins that is something that would be addressed over time I'll expect the fact and there's only three coins there just now is because they're new and I suspect they will add more coins or time Israel I do think I get impatient up being quite selective about what that adding which is quite a good thing I guess and I guess the other thing to look at as a fact that it charged 7% and again there are some cheaper services that they don't charge four or five percent there are some ones that charge 10% for particular nodes so you know for particular coin some services well charge 10% simply because the the hosting requirement is higher so they have to pay more to host that so 7% no to pause that with Joe fees it's not the cheapest but there are some more expensive ones out there so it's kind of maybe in the middle maybe towards the higher end but yeah 7% so in all at all I think it was a good service I think it looks good and again I think it's a catch-22 a situation at this point they need more users and over time they need to add more coins but I like the setup I like the fact that the registered and you you and the quite open about we are the located and all that they're not hiding anything and you know there's a if you're not sure about that's to do have a contact please don't have a phone number but they do have and you can see here if you click on contact at the bottom the other I've got the support email they've got a forum but they've also got a telegram page so if you get any further questions about how this works please do get in touch with them asking many questions that I didn't cover in this video but if you know the easiest way to try them out is really just to sign up and then try you don't pay anything until you actually and you know the only thank you but that's the P for as the paws on the coins and then you'd get 7 percent off of any profits you don't lose any money by depositing or withdrawal so I'm orbit showing so if you want to taste I say enough run a current and see what you think for yourself let me know you think about it guys so to learn more about to go to node xon or de éxito io check it out on let me know what you think about it thanks for watching guys I do appreciate their please do leave a comment and give me a give me your thoughts on this let me know what you think about and I'll speak to y'all and the next one cheers guys

5 thoughts on “Nodexo – A New Cryptocurrency Shared Masternode Service”

  1. Seems like a professional and well designed service, but like all shared masternode websites i'm very reluctant to hand over funds, but I do appreciate they offer a lower barrer to entry and can be an interim solution between mining and full node ownership. Masternodes are definitely something im becoming more interested in, i'm planning on buying the coins for a zelcash masternode (10k coins) within the next couple weeks.

  2. Looks like a great start for a new project. I really like the user interface. I wish they had a discord link to keep up with any new coins added.

    Great review Kev! If/when they add more coins, please make sure to keep us updated and add an affiliate link.

  3. does look good to be fair, I don't have any of those coins though.. I did try crypto hash tank, I had couple of Gincoins so when with that, but thank you for let us know,. will put it under consideration for the future. have a good one Kev

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