No Bitcoin ETF in USA? – No Problem! Go to Sweden for Exchange-Traded Note!

this particular crypto news bit goes out to mark you know who you are you sent me this earlier man now I'm finally reading it I hope that you fare well mark I hope that you make a ton of money I really do I hope you crush it brother this one's for you what's up crypto nation its Peter would decentralize TV in today's scripted news brought to you by Bitcoin magazines US investors could now buy a Bitcoin exchange traded notes or e Tian forget etf's guys my friend mark told me that he can't wait for this to pass because he's throwing the dollars down mark I hope you crush it my friend I hope you crush it thanks for dropping me the note America investors can now invest in Bitcoin exchange traded funds ETF through an exchange-traded note going in a different way guys called Bitcoin tracker one on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange in Sweden / a Bloomberg report but apparently you can do it with us doubtless the product was started trading in 2015 is currently available to American investors being despite being listed and regulated under Swedish law after being listed in US dollars for the first time on Wednesday August 15 2018 crypto ETF through the backdoor well apparently my friend Mark told me that that's exactly what he's doing for months investors have eagerly awaited approve from the SEC and CTF C to trade ETF products from proposed CBOE global markets the Winklevoss twins who probably will end up having this pass anyway because those guys just don't give up solid ex partners and Vanek associates among others each of these proposed has either been refused out of hand or delayed for to a future date for concrete decision but it don't matter guess because now you can get an e TN and get in on it right now crypto ETS potentially allow investors to trade crypto without at holding crypto assets because their cash settle for potential crypto investors who do not want to actually buy crypto assets the regulatory delay in the US has effectively prevented them from getting into the market no longer go over to Sweden guys until now investors could could only buy into the Swedish etn product using euros or Swedish Quora but with a listing of Bitcoin tracker 1 in US dollars a substantial upsurge of interest in the product that expected to take place as American investment jostles to get a seat at the table my friend Marc I think he's already at the table an exchange-traded note differs from an exchange-traded fund in that unlike the latter it's backed by the issuer which is usually Bank instead of an asset pool its market strategies are also subsequently different from those of the fund in practice what this means to American investors is that regardless of the government's regular toward position they now have access to foreign listed crypto market assets denominated in u.s. dollars investors are now able to buy F shares meaning that US dollars are used to execute trades whilst while settling clearance and custody takes place in Sweden Ryan Radloff CEO of coin shares Holding Ltd the parent of X BT provider the company offering the ETM told Bloomberg that the development is a big win for that visit e beet coin now I know that Andreas Antonopoulos is not a big fan of ETFs however he has acknowledged the reality that I approve the reality is that ETFs are going to happen and so instead of trying to take some sort of moral high ground in this regard we have to deal with the Praxis of our reality practice of our reality is that ETF ctn's ATP's ETCs they're all going to be coming out in the future and if you're an investor and you have the ability to get into these markets I'm gonna tell you guys I mean if I had more – if I had more time I wasn't building what I'm building guys I'd be spending time investing in these types of vehicles it's just there's money to be made guys and if you can see hopefully at the metal level these walls are being broken down big institutional money's gotta find its way in my friends whether you like it or andreas likes it or not everyone that's investing in dollars can now get exposure to these products whereas before they were only available in Euros or Swedish Krona he added Bickman tracker one is down 51% in 2018 amidst the general crypto market slump but is expected to welcome an inflow of cash from American institutional investors the latest development could also create a more compelling case for US regulators to approve a crypto ETF by establishing a positive example of regulated crypto trading so I'm going to throw this right back to you guys in the Bitcoin dot pub what are your thoughts if you haven't watched Andres Antonopoulos I think it's about a five or six minute video on why Heat like Bitcoin ETS you should probably watch that but I'd love to know in the Bitcoin dump of your thoughts on Bitcoin etf's et CET pzt ends is it a good thing for crypto or bad let me know thanks for joining us in today's crypto news bit if you're new here subscribe to our YouTube channel check out pace

30 thoughts on “No Bitcoin ETF in USA? – No Problem! Go to Sweden for Exchange-Traded Note!”

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  2. The same criticisms you have spewed on Ripple/XRP forever can now be used on you and BTC! HAHAHA…..funny! Now you are CENTRALIZED TV! BTC, the banker's crypto! More centralized by the day! Banker Peta!

  3. BTC working with banks and authorities? I thought BTC was the anti-bank, anti-government crypto? So now BTC/ETN is the banker's crypto? Go bankers! Go governments! Go BTC and your bad banker self!

  4. I say no real need for any ETF's. Buy the real thing and be your own banker like it was always intended. Institutions and governments are one in the same syndicate.

  5. Yes -as I keep telling people, we've had Bitcoin AND Ethereum ETNs available in here in the UK for over 12 months. It's just not a big deal. Has made no difference to price. The ETF talk is pure hype. If you believe in Bitcoin then surely you won't need an ETF. Bottom line is that the market is waking up to the fact that improved technology is just around the corner that will make BTC obsolete. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it's just a fact.

  6. I was very disillusioned by Bitcoin (Today I have the only hope for Telegram – token. I bought 10000 tokens.

  7. well said my brother bicouse peapol only like to relly on america but they forget in sweden there is also very nice option to safelly invest on crypto

  8. Everybody recommends ODYSSEY so much) I decided to add this token to my investment portfolio. I bought a few tokens at the exchange and got them in their airdrop free of cost

  9. the only reason i can see to invest in a crypto ETF/ETN/ETC/etc would be if u were unable to get the crypto tokens themselves ; i just dont understand why you would want shares of an ETF instead of just having the crypto token yourself… =/

  10. ETN means nothing and it won't have any effect on the price of bitcoin… No one cares about ETN, we need the real dollars to roll…

  11. Congratulations Peter for making the top 100 influencers of crypto list!

    Been here since 15k subs✌🏿️

  12. Noice! Hey can you dig around for any information on IMMO Rothchild Coin?? Any info would be appreciated. Looks like Vitalik is going to be making a speedy comeback.

  13. I suppose other countries doing Etns diddnt occur to Americans as most of them consider other countries to be little satellites that may or may not exist but certainly orbit America.

  14. got anything interesting and intelligent to say stored in your brains besides repeating the news that can be found on google?

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