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Relevant in mainstream media Madea but I thought today I would take an opportunity To speak to what I’ve learned over this progression this evolution that I’ve had From somebody that was one of the greatest soldiers of Rome he um, Sam 4.2 GPA they still didn’t don’t still didn’t know nothing There’s somebody that I could stand on his own two feet You know and as a result, he knows what he stands for You all probably have seen this individuals picture his name was Nipsey Hussle And so today I’m gonna be speaking a few words as to what he had researched what he had learned what he stood for And the legacy that he leaves behind right so Dr. Seve We go we go jump jump around a little bit. You know I’m saying like I skip around a little bit like hopscotch. Dr seve is probably one of the most influential educators on how to heal yourself naturally You have to remember that as a human being again We are all human beings. We are all painted in the hue of man we all come from the ground and to the ground we will return so when you take the food you eat, you know something as simple as the food you eat can Literally heal you from the inside out This has been proven time and time again They don’t talk about it at the six o’clock news because not too many people You know pay for commercials when they talking about fruit all the time, right? They gotta keep it controversial They gotta you know show you show you some people getting shot up. They gotta, you know, make sure you scare to your neighbors So you go buy the latest security system. They can’t you can’t even grow a garden in most most states nowadays There’s a lady in Miami got arrested for growing her own garden You know and you have to remember that as somebody of the earth the energy the residence is Already in the food that has been provided for you. This is literally the Garden of Eden And Anything you take from the earth that was made for your consumption is naturally better than anything You’ll buy out of a cardboard box at Walmart And that’s what doctor said be preached for the better part of six decades before he mysteriously disappeared never to be heard from again and That is what this Individual was documenting. He was creating a documentary to capture the 1985 court case when the the the feds Sued, dr. Sebby took him to court said you have not cured aids. Dr Sebby said yes, I did. I cured aids with natural fuels herbs You know and some ingredients that I put together some recipes and these people are living. They’re healthy We no longer have a pandemic Michael Jackson took this man to Congress to like try to make his voice heard and The Fed said no, you’re not even a licensed. You haven’t gone to our pre pre-authorized indoctrination camps You’re not even a licensed Medicine or do they call that the doctor you haven’t even take the hypocrites over I mean the Hippocratic oath And so this is actually documented right and I’m gonna put this link in the comment But he was found notice notice notice when they clear you. You’re not innocent You’re just not guilty, you know said big difference big difference Found not guilty and quote fake healing What does that sound like what? Do we got a lot of fake? I can’t even say it word. My thing go get flagged but that branded him the fake healer. You know, I’m there So I was like always discredit the witness, but you know It says in a historical decision in Brooklyn Supreme Court, Monday a jury of six men and six women I got to read it for you. I’m no you ain’t gonna read it for yourself found Alfredo Bowman Bowman Archer not guilty on two counts of practicing medicine without a license Bowman affectionately known as doctor savvy director of us8 a herbal Research Institute six one six Pacific Street in Brooklyn Stand-up was arrested, February 10th 1997 by attorney General Robert Adams because he placed in the Village Voice and Amsterdam Newspaper claiming that he cured AIDS this man was taken out full-page ads in the newspaper trying to let people know Simon Greenway SEVIS attorney Stated this was the first case of its kind in Brooklyn Supreme Court. What was significant about the verdict Ringway stated? It’s a fact that the UHS aus-8 a African bio mineral balance will now be recognized throughout the world Right. So again what was significant about the verdict? Was that the organization this man created the herbal Research? Institute will now be recognized throughout the world and you’ve still never heard about it Not guilty, too Sebby described African biome in a row balance as a dietary program that is consistent with the African genetic structure the dietary program consists of natural Herbal compounds fresh fruits vegetables and juices According to dr. SEVIS testimony the compounds change the environment of the body through intercellular cleansing and Replenish the cells by causing cell proliferation wherein the new cells push out the old cells Just the same as a shit snake sheds its own skin Your body is always dying And therefore your body is always being reborn from the inside out This is the law of frat dotes Everything and more people look at these anonymous like clicking on this link. We got 27 people on this page right now I’m about to upload this on youtube this pretty cool the process enables the body to heal itself Hopefully Google don’t take this thing down. I might repose I’m gonna repost it on my Google You know I’m saying I got that good notre-dame Google they can’t mess with education academics So I’m a posting on my Google because I can see I can see this one just disappeared you know in this link not even working no more Greenway described you h you Sha is concept of natural healing hands one on a collision course with the medical establishment and my man All he’s trying to do is use his social relevance his own influence a little bit of his affluence and his voice To tell this man’s story this man has healed people from the inside out and It’s on course a collision course with the medical establishment Objections to the views being expressed prompted The Attorney General to wage a fear and smear campaign to discredit the reputation of seve According to Greenway again. They credit the witness go back and watch how to Get away with murder that TV show with that woman You know, they got like four puppets. She was in fences was her name by all the Davis, you know the purple David Comes and the purple hero, right David slay Goliath. And this one’s the purple and purple is royal. Yes. We’re royal Anyways, she writes on the chalkboard if you actually watch that show as a student she writes on the top board rule number one of how to get away with murder Produced the body Rule number one produced the body this man went missing Hmm Nobody is produced If they can’t produce the body didn’t nobody was murdered right rule number two discredit the witness Beer and smear campaign See what I’m saying produce the body Discredit the witness During the trial Abrams proceeded with the case on erroneous assumptions that the compounds being marketed were medicinal however, no attempt was made to Ascertain the contents of the herbal compounds before or after the arrest This man had just took some herbs out the ground mix them up chopped him around put him in a bottle and was selling it to heal people and They didn’t they knew that so they didn’t even question the herbal compounds because it’s of the earth during the trial Assistant general Barclay revealed that two undercover agents were sent to the Institute on two not one But two separate occasions in an attempt to entrap Sebby Into making a medical diagnosis after being briefed by a medical doctor as to the symptoms of a urinary infection and herpes The undercover agents aka snitches were hired and wired with a small tape recorder The tape recording submitted in that evidence failed to convince the jury that seve did in fact make a medical diagnosis Monday this testimony under cross-examination Clearly stated he did not receive the response from seve that would constitute a medical diagnosis They try to entrap this man, and he just trying to help people write a Questionable a questionnaire used by seve to ascertain the health clients was submitted in evidence to support That the Institute was practicing medicine. However this was dispelled by testimony a former employee testified all individuals were required to fill out questionnaires to and able to Institute to monitor health conditions and data research purposes Witnesses unequivocally testified to their improved health results This is the only article you can really find on the Internet you couldn’t see like 35 people from all over the world are checking it out right now This is one of the only articles you’ll find about this All right, I’m posted on my Google Drive and So what we have to take this as an opportunity to do we have to control our own narrative We the people And I’m not talking about the people as in the corporations the corporations the fake dead legal fictions You know the pieces of paper I’m talking about mind body and soul We have to take back our Right to be free to be people of the earth That’s why I tell you don’t worry about whatever label they’re gonna put on you when you listen to Madea, I mean the media don’t subdivide yourself and subjugate yourself from each other because by doing that You limit the strength the internal Integrity that you have Only label you should ever accept on yourself, is that of human That’s it Cuz after that it’s all relative and speculation You know And so when we see articles you know, cuz the first thing you think when you see You know black dude tatted up with a fitted face full of hair and looking like what’s up? Yeah, I’m saying you don’t think black excellence That’s why I put that word right there That’s why I put it in white to make sure your mind contrasts the difference to start to break the mold the bonds the Medicals of Mental degradation and segregation that has been Encompassing society. It’s really crazy. You don’t think a bother but this man was a father. He was raising his kids He was he was giving them values. He was givin them morals. He was giving them lessons He was he was trying to father a whole people To the simplicity of Being healthy Through this man’s legacy Dr. Seve, you know, just type his name in on YouTube. I’m sure it’s blowing up right now, but doctor said be eat to heal Not guilty You know, so you don’t think of husband you don’t think of father you don’t think about your preneur? He was gunned down in his own store Go back and listen to his interviews. He’s talking about buying real estate Right when he got signed, he’s like he’s like, yeah, man, I go out and get a bunch of chains and stuff He was like that’s a depreciating asset. That’s a liability. You know, I’m saying if you ain’t appreciating you’d appreciate Entrepreneur Right Humanitarian one of the biggest things you can do on this earth is give something that Will be given forever to us to gift that knowledge. That’s the gift of insight. That’s the gift of intellect. That’s the gift of Liberation right someone chooses to open their mind it will never be trapped again And we are all here to make sure That everybody’s Helping each other right I’m not here to be slaves. We’re not here to be gears in a machine We’re not here to clock in at 9:00 and clock out at 5:00 and you know be a be a voluntary economic servant for Some logo Known as ethos pathos logos some logo, right? That’s not our pet That’s not our ether and that’s not the logos that it takes to heal the world The world is sick right now. Our heroes are dying And if you think this is fine Then you should not be listening to the words that’s coming out of my mouth it is time to understand that the change will come from within it is time to Understand that we will not be these three little monkeys see no evil hear no evil Say no evil because guess what on the other side of that monkey is A doctor controlling what that monkey sees what that monkey hears and what that monkey says and if you can do all three you can make that monkey be a good little monkey all Of his life. It is time to stand on your own two feet. It is time to think for yourself It is time to break the mold of ignorance and intolerance And and I guarantee you when people see this picture they will say oh he should be dead You know, he looked like he broke some laws. I saw it in a Hollywood movie. You know, he lookie look like he robbed somebody Probably he probably was a drug dealer when though he was actually an educator no, he was actually, you know, someone working on behalf of a better cause a bigger mission and that Is what I call black excellence that being said everybody is that time today signing out? boats boy BK no matter where you stayed Brazil debate Californiaís all the way back out through. Jerk my name Good night. Good morning, and good day

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  2. Damn bruh!!! RIP Nispsey…I won't act like I was a huge fan tbh, but I know dude was one hell of an entrepreneur, and a very community orientated person. I did appreciate some of his music too bro.

  3. Two men who have been a gift to the world! This is making me cry. Thank you, Dr. Sebi and Nipsey Hussle. We appreciate you and are grateful.

  4. Unfortunately ground breaker's have to be martyrd for a movement to be adopted. Keep observing the masses and do the opposite.

  5. I will say this .. a smart brother based in smart money management.. u actually do need to come to black Yt… I can stand these knuckleheads. Comon over to the the other side Brandon you are needed. ✊?

  6. I wish people would stop saying he was killed over some conspiracy theory when clearly in the video you can see them and walk up shoot them and run

  7. Thanks boss – ya I came across dr sebi and his diet within the last 2 or 3 months, seems like the real deal to me – the truth often ends up being something simple – his diet is simple, eat food from his food list they are alkaline and are non hybrid foods, fyi – there are several fruits and vegetables many deem healthy that dr. sebi said are hybrids. Fyi #2 – there is a dr sebi group on facebook with a food list, and recipe suggestions, good luck to all. Cleanse your system – heal your self.

  8. What I have been observing is since Nip was ASSASSINATED!….
    THE U.S. is no longer aloud to trade MANY various crypto. I have tried using Follow Coin app but it will not open. On many devices.

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