Nicehash Setup Tutorial – GPU Cryptocurrency mining

welcome to this tutorial on how to mine with your graphics card will be using nice-ish and the reason for nice hash is that it's an algorithm or a program designed to always run or always mine the most profitable coin with your graphics card as you can see there are many many different algorithms and coins out there but the the profitability of mining a particular one is a combination out of the current price and how many other people are mining it so essentially your ratio of the total network now this is where nice hash comes in and it calculates for you what the most profitable mining algorithm is at the moment so how to mine with this will first prepare for mining by creating a blockchain wallet if you already are familiar with Bitcoin you probably have either an account here or another wallet system at your disposal so to create a wallet is super straightforward you essentially just go to the website it's blockchain Don info click on create wallet you put in your email and a password and then wallet will be generated I did this already so I'll just log in to my usual wallet alright so this is how the wallet looks inside of blockchain we'll come back to this later next we will go to nice hash and download the software required so we want to sell our hashing power so hashing is the name of the process to calculate for the decentralized networks and we go to download the nice hash miner we want to download it for Windows and one thing to note is the programs we are downloading right now are essentially the the algorithms behind particular coins and one of the things which was quite common in the last few years is that these algorithms have been included with viruses and Trojans and cetera malware which has been distributed around the world so there's a fairly good chance that your virus software will recognize these as a threat even though there definitely are not you don't have to worry about this being a virus as long as you download it from the original website so after we download this file because of the virus thing we want to make sure to put it into the right folder so I go to my downloads folder I pick out the software that we just the zip file that we just downloaded then go to the folder that you want to save your software at and in here you press then extract files so the reason for only extracting your your files at the target location is that the virus software will probably now go search or like detect the software in here which is particularly the CC minus P and several others it considers to be malware which they are not so we've just wait for the virus software to detect them and then we can exclude them from from our virus search when you open up the nice hash except for the first time by the way that's all the installation there is you just essentially download the zip file put it in your location and extract it it should now detect all the hardware on your computer in this case I'm using two GTX 970 G 1 gigabyte windforce graphics cards for mining my CPU as you can see is unchecked you can check it if you want but usually it will not produce more than a few cents a day which is a general less than the electricity power costs that it consumes so once we open up the software now for the first time we want to fill in the required information so we go to our Bitcoin or blockchain wallet and we click on receive and this essentially generates a bit current address where you can receive Bitcoin net so we copy this address to the nice hash miner over here and this is now set up to be mining into this Bitcoin address next we shall go to settings and in this case my graphics cards run on Nvidia five might be Nvidia three or two in your case depending on your graphics card and one thing we want to do is set an intensity parameter so in this case I want to run it at an intensity of 17 usually settings between like 15 and 21 are recommended what this does is it determines the size of the byte of work that the graphics card is getting at a time you can kind of imagine it like the size of the spoon you use to eat your soup the bigger the spoon the more food you get at a certain time but since your mouth stays constant it takes longer to finish a particular spoon so you don't want to eat the soup with the well giant spoon and you neither want to eat it with the tea spoon but at somewhere in between it's the perfect size so it might take a little bit of adjustment try different intensity values until you're happy essentially if the intensity is too high the remainder of your computer will be laggy and the goal is of course to run this mining in the background so you barely notice it at all and can still do all the other things you usually do in the well with your computer if you want you can select your currency I like Euro and save and close now nice hash miner will restart and so once the settings of nice hash are set we want to go to benchmark and let our graphics card run through all the different algorithms to determine the speed it runs on each particular algorithm this speed together with the price that is currently well offered on nice hash if we go to nice edge we can see an overview of the differ algorithms and the pay or the current profitability so the price times your speed will give you the profitability in the end so we let this run and then we come back later when it's all calculated okay so the benchmarking has concluded and as you can see there are two algorithms in my case which did not work this one is poor theorem and this one is near script if there's a algorithm which chose zero or weird speeds you just uncheck it and then it will be excluded from running on your system now what you can do is check profitability to have a basic idea of how much money you will actually make with this so in this case it's quite profitable as I said before I'm running to GTX 970 graphics cards which cost me about 420 euros to buy and luckily I live in a student complex in which electricity is not built to me so my power can stay at zero since it's not a expense so as you can see the profitability at the moment we result in a return on investment within 150 days that is actually quite decent compared to other investments you can make nowadays after the benchmark has been completed we check the profitability we decide we want of mine a few options I can recommend as auto start mining as well as hide mining windows and minimize to tray these three will essentially make sure that nice edge will start mining as soon as the program is started which allows you to put a shortcut to it in the startup folder of Windows now the miner is running in the background and when do you get paid the system of nice hash is that once your balance of mining gets greater than 0.001 Bitcoin it will pay out once every week this happens on Saturday so the reason for this is to to be able to bundle all of the payments nice Ashe has to make and this reduces the amount of fees they have to pay for the network which essentially means that more of the money your mind goes to you instead of as fees being lost in the transaction so I hope this tutorial was a nice introduction to understand how nice hash works and if you run into issues with your graphics card not showing up in the nice hash window it's most likely related to a driver issues what you can do is download the cuda toolkit this solves most of the problems and also make sure your drivers are always up to date and you're also using the most recent version of nice edge I hope this helped good luck mining thanks for watching

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  1. everytime I load nicehash NORTON pops up with "auto-protect stopped virus, Trojan gen 2" How do I stop Norton from blocking this? I can't do anything

  2. Hi! A guy wrote to me telling me I can get money each week if I just "mine" for him. Im actually very uncertain what this means. Do I risk any of my own money or can I lose in some way? What are you doing and for who? Why woudl anyone "sell" to me? Why and how would I take profit from it? Im so confused. its all bitCoin right?

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  4. Nicehash not working at the moment.  They were hacked on 12/6 and lost all bitcoins waiting to be paid out and in users nicehash wallets.  No word on when it is coming back up.

  5. dude can u help me why it detects on 2 workers i got 4 msi rx570 – This is a list of all workers using address 37AyDmNgWxYRz7teD1Cyvm3hKnpKiE96Ff.
    3 total workers ( 3 active / 0 offline ).
    2 total distinct workers – rigs ( 2 active / 0 offline ).

  6. Nicehash can't find my other GPU. It's Nivida GeForce GTX 660, may this be because it is of a too old verison? Thankfull for a helpfull answer.

  7. Nicehash can't find my other GPU. It's Nivida GeForce GTX 660, may this be because it is of a too old verison? Thankfull for a helpfull answer.

  8. Hi… having hard time make NiceHash working on my AMD card… fail to load phymen….having an idea or any helping tips? Thanks in advance!

  9. Can anyone give a little help here ? I'm trying to use my Gpu ( AMD Radeon (TM) R9 390 Series Saphire Nitro) , but somehow it bugs , says some exe's are corrupted or something while I run a benchmark , but it works ok with CPU ( AMD FX 8370 8 core)

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