Next Coin on Coinbase? [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

[Applause] good morning people it is March 6 it's around 10 a.m. and it's that time again for a daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news I I bought a new new microphone okay so it's spanking new it's one of the it's called blue Yeti so I hear this is one of the better ones so hopefully you guys will notice a difference in the voice quality or sound quality today um yeah and overall those of you guys are complaining about my background how I should get a green screen and stuff I'm working I'm actually finishing out my new office and I will be moving in there pretty shortly alright so what's going on at the market market is is slightly down not too bad about 10 billion down from yesterday it's nothing to be freaking out over although you're gonna see a lot of Reds Bitcoin is right around eleven thousand yesterday got as high as eleven six before coming down and someone actually showed me something interesting unfortunate I don't have with me that every time Bitcoin cross eleven thousand eight there seems to have been like a big jump over last year like it went from eleven eight all the way up to like seventeen thousand and then when I came back down eleven eight up to like something else and so forth I don't know it looks like a big coincidence but could there be something to it because yesterday we got up the eleven six eleven almost eleven seven and it came back down so we'll see overall or we're not not too bad 467 billion so I'm holding pretty well you have like someone like ripple going down pretty drastically because yesterday went up because of the coinbase edition rumors now I will say the fast money episode is airing today okay coinbase did tweet out yesterday saying that again they don't plan on adding anything you know but that can change okay so just so you guys know I'm not saying that coin base and ripple will announce it today when it okay but you know companies will deny things all the way up to the point until they do decide to release it so if it was announced today it would not surprise me okay even though point-based we da saying oh we're not going to add anything of course they have to do that because they're already being accused of insider trading all right there's two lawsuits now against coinbase that's talking about you know how you know people within an organization knew about Bitcoin cash being added and this and that and everyone's talking about Ripple everyone's guessing ripple and stuff like that so of course they're gonna try their hardest to come out and squash any rumors even though it might be true so just so you guys are aware of that yeah that's the reason why ripple want is going down big today but that doesn't mean that they still can't be added to coinbase like I said it's not gonna be surprised to me right if court base was gonna add here's my two thoughts okay if coinbase was going to add a fifth coin right it would either be ripple and here's the other one that you guys have probably not heard of or thought of the other one will be thirteen classic now why do I think ether in classic would be the second choice right so those of you guys that weren't around when ether 'im forked right so the hold-down mess with youth areum that happened and then they decided to to fix it and then and then one side said no we don't want you to fix it but I didn't wise so when it forked back in 2016 so then you had ether ome tharam classic coinbase was and I believe still is one of the largest ether name holders in the world okay so back then when a fourth day they gave a limited amount of time so they said up to so it looks like a fourth of July 20th and they allowed customers to withdraw there are etc' up to December 30th okay so they gave a very short wouldn't know about five months so those people that weren't aware of the fort or have an opportunity to withdraw with that time too bad 30 theorem classic is basically forfeited okay but that's just from the customer side from their side right because you guys know how point mates works they keep a lot of liquidity on hand that is why they're one of the biggest if not the biggest Ethernet holders in the world so when this fork they got a ton of ton of you thrown em classic okay now the rumor ville is that coinbase never sold that that they actually keep their ether and classic in of cold storage vault and the reason for that is because that's their contingency plans they kept it and you know what again this is through a grapevine I don't know how true it is okay but it sounds like it's a legit and I'm not trying to spread rumors but it sounded legit so the rumors are that they did this because that's their contingency if coinbase ever needed money okay they ran out of money or they needed extra money for whatever reasons they can sell off to ether in classic okay that's what I heard so and it sounds plausible sounds legit right maybe they sold off some but it would be stupid if they did because if they didn't the the tharam classic they're holding on would be worth billions and plus he third in plastic is worth it's gonna be worth more now right that's why if they're in classic kind of pump because now they're go fork a gun and they're gonna come out the new chain called Callisto which has some value right so so my thought is if Quinn base was not adding ripple and to go add something else it can be thorium classic okay because I'm pretty sure they still have a ton of ether and classic in that cold storage and because the fact that yeah people aren't gonna be looking for it because they can you know split off and Callisto right and Plus Callisto and Ethernet classic is getting a whole bunch of support from Charles Hodge Hodgkinson from card ah no and stuff like that who knows what's coming right but you know everyone loves Charles he's like the guy that no one talks bad about so so that's my other theory that if ripples go I mean if coinbase adds a fifth point or they decide to add a fifth and sixth coined it would either be ripple and you throw in classic or just you throw in classic all right what else is going on Neos again a little bit more bound than the others because of what happened with one of their nodes having problems right and the CEO came out and wrote a blog piece about it explaining how you know what exactly happened what's what's being done and this and that so so there's a still a little fun around it so people are a little iffy but overall you know life goes on not everything's gonna be perfect we know that all right so what's going on in news today I think this is pretty good again another example of adoption right mercedes-benz Daimler AG they're gonna come out with their own coin called mobi coin now this is interesting because there's a couple crypto currencies in the space that's kind of like tracking cars in terms of history kind of like car facts but they're doing it worldwide you know there there's a there's some that's you know there's one new one that's I see oh I forgot the name that's coming out of Romania there's what this car vertical the kind of the same space and there's another one coming out with the same thing where it tracks the car history in terms of any damages repaired and stuff like that but they give you a little like a little dongle that you could plug in into the ODB two-port and then they'll track like in terms your mileage and and all the how fast you are going all that stuff and it kind of just like records everything for you within the blockchain right so this is interesting that Daimler is taking a Sam proach but they're just building it into their cars alright so there could come out this will be coin which according to them the data would from the vehicles will be transmitted as a Daimler converted into mobile coins which will be stored in a mobile app so participants people that opt in on this right will receive VIP tickets for events as races Mercedes Cub blah blah blah blah right so it looks like you can redeem these mobile coins for Mercedes events who knows if they're going to be added to an exchange where you can actually get some monetary value for it but it's something that you just go building in their cars it's quite interesting right and and we've heard of BMW announcing a partnership with V chain well I think last week and BW announced it with iota so everyone is looking into risk right so again another example blockchain use and cryptocurrency specifically in this case you know what Daimler's go keep track of all this stuff that you go be doing your car if you opt in right where it'll store that of course in the blockchain right there go store it in there it's gonna be there forever anyone can check it and then they're rewarding you with with mobi point right so this is perfect sample blockchain gets adopted and then you layer in cryptocurrency that's this is what I'm talking about and everyone is starting to do this so I've been saying I've been stressing this over and over again blockchain we're starting from 2018 all we hear about is companies adopting blockchain either coming up their own or making partnership and the existing want existing ones out there blockchain is here to stay okay all right so that's Daimler Mercedes all right so I talked about someone will show this anyways but so you know people are saying oh you know coin base is not gonna add ripple and that's why it's going down but I just gave you a spiel about that who knows okay they might just be putting up a front um here's another thing I I stole this off of someone and I posted it I tweeted this right so this is kind of what I've been saying to from yesterday and days before you look at you know here when you're in cryptocurrency right you're you go be a long form long whole long term holder you know what these like to week two months of down is gonna be so insignificant when you look at the bigger picture and this is what I was trying to you know trying I was not trying to be funny or anything by tweeting this I just want to show you guys in the grand scheme of things right if you were all the way back from like 2014 I know most people are even I got it out of the game I didn't really get back into it 17 but you know all the slight dips that we had doesn't even show up on the graph right when you spread it out and like we're right around here right and then once we get to July 19 2020 2021 you know things are gonna be so high when you look at the overall graph it's like just a blip you're not even gonna notice it later on okay so this is what I'm talking about it's frustrating near-term I know we're living in the now right I know that's obvious right no one cares about what's gonna happen you know three years from now they want a constant right now but I'm just trying to tell you guys and that's not what you should look at make the smart moves that you can't now stop writing over things like little dips here and there like today we drop 600 points from Bitcoin who cares okay it's go continue to go up over time just you know just ignore the fun and you know stop trying to scare yourself you're just gonna be a much happier to look at when you're talking about long term holds we're talking about years okay not months or not weeks and that day's right all right so I just want to point out I'm also another good thing for nano less they're coming out of the new firmware which improves a whole bunch of stuff including security but the big thing is now that before you can only store like three apps now they have made it so it can go up to 18 but the CEO clarified and read it that the only reason why they say 18 is because many of the block chains out there shared a signature code with Bitcoin they included Bitcoin people in cash gold like coin dogecoin – z cash Komodo Stratos and a few other ones right and because of this their shares some common code which significantly reduces the size of the these apps that's why if you are installing the wallets basically order the wallet apps on your ledger for any of these coins it could be you can install up to 18 of them but if you're doing your installer wallet ask for a different code let's say you know we keep throwing them ripple and big coin and so forth you can only have four or five apps so but anyways this new this new firmware is good definitely a step in the right direction and ledger is still in my opinion the best hardwood wallet out there I know they're they they have some fancier ones where you know you can print your private key onto like a aluminum you know box and stuff like that and they say it's totally fireproof and stuff and that's that that's too too much right when you have a nano you have a recovery phrase if it gets damaged stolen or whatever you can always recover it right so there's no need for that other nonsense I haven't shown you guys this but you know with an insider there's a point in fun calendar and I know you could find this at elsewhere but we made a pretty community list in the list and you can also export out to a CSV which is actually a new feature we just offer we just added but I want to take time to kind of look through this daily because sometimes you see these events that that you know I I miss so I just want to go throw it really quick for today March 6 looks like card I know might be attendee at me and not blockchain week a on is meaning up and Cape Town's here in labs which I talked about before they're having a commercial okay I don't know why that's actually relevant news but yeah nothing large monthly conference about digital cars are out in the river okay so there's uh these are in the res on I&S I&S is having event in London and that's pretty much it so there's oh yeah God talk about this but connect being delisted from live coin there's so there's not much point news today but those of you guys are interested in this this is with an insider um big connect you know there's I kind of feel sorry because now I'm hearing about like Trayvon James and Craig grant and stuff getting served subpoenas and and they're still making videos I don't know what's going on they're still making videos like pleading case trying to change the public perception of them saying how you know they're just victims just like everyone else and this and that and Craig Craig right correct James no Craig grant I'm sorry Craig grant the guy who always advertises how like he earned his bitcoins and she has like hundreds of bitcoins that he's crying that he's uh he's poor like people have proved that they took screenshots of his commercials written down his wallet address and they checked in there's like hundreds of hundreds of bitcoins in there and he's claiming that he's broke so but I do feel kind of bad that they're getting attacked for this yeah outside of that you know that that's pretty much it let me go through this list real quick I brought this up before I'll bring this up again what I like not much have changed I change a few little things because things have moved around a little bit but overall the the landscape in terms of coins I like haven't really changed um big caps I'm putting Bitcoin as the what I like the most now okay and the reason because the reason is because Bitcoin dominance have been slowly going up and up and up so you definitely can't ignore Bitcoin right now as Bitcoin dominance is at 41.8% it got to 42 percent before coming down slightly but if it continues on who knows it might go up to 45 percent might go up to 50 percent remember we were at these high levels before what Bitcoin was just like skyrocketing and training everything else it's doing that very in a very very slow way right so that's why bitcoin is going up a little bit faster big caps is still holding really well but we are seeing us a smaller all coin struggling a bit right a lot of them really haven't moved that much compared to the rest of the market and compared to route to Bitcoin so definitely won't put any big line there like coin is still here sorry litecoin is still here maybe you guys like this butter um actually I don't like that butter so let me change that all right so like coins still because of like pay I still like them low caps of meat chain all right we chain has took a hit recently ever since rebranding it's been going down and on down it's it's about 450 now a little bit under 450 due to today's still hovering around 2 billion but at one point it was above three billion it was gonna become a big cap I still believe in that I'm not giving out of envy chain they are just way man I need to stop doing that they are just way way too big and way too good at forming partnerships to be ignored right there they just have they have all the fundamentals like a huge you know a huge team that's it's just working and working and working they got really good leaders they're making all the partnerships everywhere especially in China which is what you want to see so they're not gonna go away I'm not worried about them even though they've dropped about what you know about two dollars off from the recent highs that's that's gonna be recover soon seemingly right icon I'm surprised I still like Icahn a lot but recently they they have not been moving they have been going down they're definitely showing weakness at one point they were above two billion they were worth more omni's go and list and getting up there now they drop down a bit but I still like them I'm not giving up on Ikon I think that they still have a great product and they're performing they're performing like they should under 1 billion between 1 billion and 500 moon this was a hard category financed Quine I still like finance I've said that many time because they change is so widely used you can't go wrong with holding finance coin Walton chain I was debating if I should keep this or not I still like Walton chain obviously their fundamentals have not changed but their whole marketing thing just left a sour you know sour taste in everyone's mouth but they are recovering a big way today so that's good for them they probably made some announcement I missed but overall I'm not giving up a Walton chain there's nothing there's a few I've mentioned this before there's a few in here that I'm paying attention to but I'm not sure if they're actually worth getting into you know like for example birch is in there a lot of people are birch holders and I used to be but I'm white waiting it out to see where it lands it's been slowly coming down ever since its came down to about two billions it came out to be a billion right now it's about 750 million so I want to see where it lands Stratus is looking interesting you know ways I'm no I'm not so such a fan of ways I take that back Stratus looks interesting maker looks interesting because their partnership with digit style and this tile itself is just on its hair so I'm will be looking more into that our chain looks interesting so there are a lot of ones in this category right that looks very interesting have a good chance of becoming a big cap but they're not quite there yet so alright so under 500 will be twenty two hundred fifty five hundred million after looking at zu Killa I really like them so I'm putting them up here dragon is obviously solid they've been in there for a while so that's the new addition I like they kill a lot power and block okay so this is between 250 million 150 million power ledger still there they got competitors now like we power requests energy and so forth but still power still is best suited best poised to take over larger share other ones are still playing catch-up block net they've gone through a big rebranding not rebranding but big marketing rebranding you look at their website and stuff they really explain what block net is and it's very interesting but check it out oh they're still working on it because you couldn't even download the wallet from their website yet but nevertheless a lot of people are excited about block net so they're they actually been moving up a lot in price recently so 10% today over 200 million so I like block net unfortunately somebody's like you quant amp rated they have fallen below so now they're under 150 million but overall I still like them a lot storm I mentioned I still in the past I like their advisory team a lot under 150 million got to go with nulls this time Knowles has been making big strides over the last week there's a lot of things coming out at nulls camp so so a lot excitement over nulls I don't wobble I like them a lot I think a lot is going happen with IO and Wahby pretty soon as well under 50 million and things have under I got a minute under things under 150 million actually things under 100 million have not really recovered that much there are some promising things coming up there right like blackboard I really like blackboard I think they're gonna be excellent if they perform they can be an excellent excellent coin based competitor okay I don't know about killer but they're definitely gonna be excellent corn-based competitor if they execute and get out what they want to do please basically that they're saying all the right things right now so it makes me excited about blackboard lunar is still there they implement a few things you know they're getting a lot more articles and they have some feature where you know anything that's that's a just a copy and paste they could detect it so and tokes is still up there out of the marijuana place all the marijuana plays that I've covered before like dope koi ham coin I didn't color pot claim but they're in there and they're a few others right they have not performed well they have taken a beating but tell tokes it was so small to begin with it's actually recovering pretty well and I think they are executing flawlessly so I really liked Oaks alright that's pretty much it of what I like alright it hasn't really changed much you know again there's a lot more that's there's a lot more that like that's that's not within the that's not within here these I can't mention everything and of course just as another plug for insiders all the coins that I like within that that exists is in insiders under our favorites board which has a grading and a value range and whether or not things are cheap or or not so just want to plug that real quick other than that I think that's pretty much it there's not much hopefully this new microphone makes this video sound a lot better yeah we're still around four hundred forty six billion we will see what the rest of the day brings and and that's it alright guys thanks for tuning in make sure you hit the likes and subscribe to the channel and recently I did a couple I co-sponsor ICO reviews so definitely check them out they're not there they're actually pretty good projects and and that's it I will see you guys tomorrow take care bye bye

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