Nexo – The World’s First Instant Crypto Credit Lines™

Meet Bruce – Hello!, and Tom. Like many modern people they’ve
both invested in crypto currencies. They just came across this
last-minute travel deal, but it expires in 30 minutes. Problem is: none of them has
the cash to pay for it. “- Next week Bitcoin might surge 20%. I really don’t want to sell my crypto right now and lose all the potential profits. Plus, I got to pay exchange
and withdrawal fees. Not to mention the heavy income taxes! And even if I sell my coins NOW, the travel deal will be gone
by the time I get the cash. And Bruce? What about him? Well, Bruce already paid. How did he get the cash so quickly? It’s simple! Bruce just got an instant
crypto-backed loan from Nexo Nexo – the world’s first instant
loans secured by crypto assets. Nexo is powered by Credissimo:
a leading European fin tech group. Here’s how it works: you place your crypto in your
Nexo wallet on the blockchain, and without any credit checks
you get instant cash from Nexo. No exchange fees. No hidden fees.
No taxes. And best of all: you retain
all the profit from your crypto. With the flexibility
of your Nexo loan you get cash to spend whenever you
need it, while keeping your crypto. Who would you rather be?
Bruce or Tom? Join Bruce and enjoy your crypto wealth
today without selling your assets. Nexo – The World’s First
Instant Crypto-backs Loans

19 thoughts on “Nexo – The World’s First Instant Crypto Credit Lines™”

  1. This system doesn't really align with the vision of Bitcoin wich is ment to be a solution for the debt based system. Nexo is still based on debt wich is just a different form of the debt based system. Satoshi wanted to create a peer to peer decentralised currency (so no 3th party) based on real value instead of future value. If you don't own your private keys you don't own the bitcoin. To be nuanced, yes it is nice to make a bridge for people who want to pay their expences based on their BTC savings. But I would rather wait a few years on a mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and pay your coffee with your own real BTC or ETH. If you are using cryptocurrencies because you want to make a statement against the old money system I wouldn't use Nexo.

  2. but then, after you spend your loan the amount of crypto on your nexo wallet will be decreased by their coin price equivalent, which must be higher then general market price on that crypto

  3. This video made me puke. Last minute travel deal and they don't have cash? What kind of bad investors are they…. real investors don't sell they investments because they don't have enough money to buy a flight ticket ???

  4. "… и уже более 10 лет обслуживающей миллионы людей по всей Европе"… бла-бла-бла… вы что совсем ебнулись, долбоебы? поржал)))

  5. Nexo is nothing like Bitconnect. They secured funding in a compliant way through the SEC. The loans are insured by BitGo (the leading regulated custody solution for institutional investors). Nexo is audited by Deloitte. And one of Nexo's founders Antoni Trenchev is on Bloomberg/CNBC all the time discussing Nexo and the markets. The loans are instant to your crypto wallet or direct wire to your bank. The way it works is you deposit $100 in BTC, and you can withdraw $50 USD. You can spend that $50 cash now (on personal stuff or to buy more crypto) and if BTC goes to $1,000 in the meantime, you just have to pay back that $50 and they will release your BTC (now worth $1,000) back to you. This way you can spend cash now and not have to sell your crypto to do so. It is a revolutionary project for the space and one of the few legitimate altcoin projects out there. You can do a quick Google search and verify all the information I've said is true. There is a reason they are issuing $10M/day in loans and are trusted by the community. These guys are legit.

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