49 thoughts on “News: Samsung to Bring Mass Adoption ? / WOW $300 M USDT printed !!”

  1. ?? Download Brave Browser: https://brave.com/box831
    1:54 Crypto Market Recap

    2:24 “Samsung Coin” to bring Mass Adoption?

    4:59 Brave Ads officially deployed

    6:00 Lightning Wallet Client Released

    7:12 $300M USDT printed – Good or Bad news

  2. It was already clear that samsung should focus on what they do best.. phones.. thats all, we all know what happened last time they introduced themselves on crypto.. a unsafe wallet for the S10.. so if you want good coins, better choose good projects: Beatzcoin, Bither, Oath, Cryptobuyer… as example

  3. I have used Brace for awhile and really like using it. I am excited to hear about the rewards you are going to start getting for watching the adds. Keep up the good work! Also, I am looking forward to seeing your video on the lightening network. C-ya.

  4. I've had Brave ads turned on since they launched their beta about a week or two ago. Based on my experience, it seems about 20 ads viewed rewards you with 1 BAT.

  5. Great video as always. 🙂 Gotta say though, I'm deeply saddened by Samsung's horrible choice to not go with bitcoin, on top of that make yet another altcoin.

  6. Nice new lighting setup Mike. Also some great and optimistic news and trends starting up, like 2017 all over again!

  7. You are humble. Thanks for keeping the videos going, I will share some BAT love. It actually was one of the first whitepapers I read and then the first alt I bought. Glad to see the project delivering

  8. Oh no, the real Satoshi will be uncovered… I better wipe out false memories from my mind before the whole world starts laughing at it.

  9. I smashed the likes I rang the notification bell..and I support the brave browser..but most important I support you and crypto..thank you.

  10. Wowe keep going China! More heads to sell into at the top! I'm pretty sure the big boys have got their fill at 3200

  11. Liked… And I'm supposed to leave a comment… So….. "Comment". Done! LoL! Just kidding, feeling bored… =D

  12. Hello from seattle, Michael. ? still waiting for brave ads here…. unless they activated it in the last 6 hours. Sent a tip. You don't have to leave this site, just click on the little lion in the address bar

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