News: Bitcoin and Crypto Investors Are Torn Over Using Bitfinex After Accusation

bit coin and crypto investors are torn over using BitFenix after accusation this update is brought to you by coin checkup news updates and was originally published on news BTC this week the New York Attorney General's Office accused BitFenix of covering up an 850 million dollars loss at the hands of its payments processing partner crypto capital by siphoning money from tether reserves the news was enough to send the prices of Bitcoin and other Kryptonian a more percent on the day and nearly erased the bullish sentiment the market had been experiencing since the start of April despite the widespread fears in general undies surrounding feather and BitFenix bit coin and crypto investors are divided as to if they should plan an exit from the exchange according to the results of a new twitter poll shared by a crypto analyst as can be clearly seen via confirmed blockchain transaction data crypto investors began fleeing BitFenix on mass following the news that the New York Attorney General's Office had accused the exchange of covering up an 850 million dollars lost tears ran amok last week as crypto market participants worried about the structural integrity of the market concerned it may be artificially propped up by tether the flood was enough to cause the price of Bitcoin which has had a powerfully bullish April to fall 7% in a matter of minutes before consolidating further under previous support turned resistance despite the fears crypto investors appeared to be divided on if getting their funds off of BitFenix as a wise idea or not according to data from a new twitter poll shared by trading view top author magic poop getting to everyone who has funds on BitFenix have you withdrawn or will you withdraw all of your funds thanks for watching this video if you want to read the whole article you can go to coin checkup calm or go to news BTC who originally publish this news update on their website coin checkup calm for all your crypto news updates market analysis predictions and investment stats

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