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hello life inspiring life.I’m irene have
a nice day good health so let’s start hello and unlimited team this is our
site my or site then you will log in here to get some of the
information our latest updates and changes like this you will see updates
like this our international currency conversion
our important notice everything it is a some of our latest transactions or announcement okey for
now I want to teach or share Our monspace ms dollar how to transfer account.
and I will log in first here in our my site and here you
click it and you log in I will log in
our company goal is the key to sustainable business is to give
back to society and that will always be a goal at Monspace this is the time
when our C.E.O is awarded in Queen Victoria you know the
you have you seen the video about that so search it then I have this
M s dollar and I want to send it I will
so I already get the wallet address I will send coins to this wallet I will
copy paste so meaning this 15400 msd will be transferred in my
other account in this wallet address and I want to transfer all of that so I
will 15400 msd and then we just
comment pink remember then just send coins I’m just wait so well it’s processing I
want share Our CEO DATO SRI JESSY LAI is born in Malacca Malaysia and
have a Fame for her role in women leadership strong acumen in business and
in inspirational TALKS she founded Monspace group. and currently travels around
the world inspiring lives her Entreprenual projects started in trading
industry and then expanded to telecommunications
FandB and real estate across Asia so this in our screen
My MSD in my account became zero negative zero so I already sent it and
I will check it again I will just log out in this account and check the other
account where I send or the receiver of the msd account I want to check it log in
with that account and I already received a
msdollar so in this date is September 28th 2017
so I really received it and successful so that’s all simply so bye-until my
next video I hope you learn bye subscribe lets go bye

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