New York Times Report: SECRET ‘Facebook Coin’ Set To Launch FIRST HALF of this Year! Bitcoin Whales!

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily where you subscribe for our daily videos we keep you informed on everything going on in the cryptocurrency space including Bitcoin analysis talk about the whole cryptocurrency market more than that we try and break things down make it easy for you the average everyday person to understand Bitcoin and understand cryptocurrency I think to get the most value out of today's video you need to watch the whole thing because we're covering a few different stories including this exclusive out of the New York Times this just dropped today about Facebook getting into cryptocurrency we're going to talk about how Bitcoin whales have been quietly stockpiling Bitcoin over the last two months and we have evidence of this I want to talk about Bitcoin lightning torch Steve Wozniak and of course if you follow us on our Twitter you already know that in a surprisingly quick move XRP is now live at coinbase calm including the coinbase ios and android app so this is great news for XRP holders now before we get into the Facebook thing I want to go over this Twitter poll that I put out the other day a lot of people voted in it I mean there is still a few hours left if you wanted to head on over to our Twitter and participate in this poll but basically what I asked you is if you're familiar with the different phases in the market asked you do you think we are in the accumulation phase which the accumulation phase usually has higher volume it's usually kind of sideways and after the accumulation phase is usually when we see the uptick so I said are we in the accumulation phase right now and I was surprised that 75% of you about said yes in some way or another we are in the accumulation phase while only about 25% of you said no we have more to drop and despite the bullish news that I'm going to be sharing with you today despite the bullish news that we've seen a whole string of bullish news recently which is great my personal feeling is that we still do have more to drop of course I'm no way of knowing for sure that's why I'm cost averaging Bitcoin at this time I just wanna you know it seems like a lot of people are bullish which is good the things I show you our fundamentals which are good for long-term indicators but not great for short-term indicators so I just want to prepare you that we might drop further down I have no way of knowing that's why I'm cost averaging but I'm surprised that 75% said we're an accumulation phase so anyways let's jump into our top story of today this is straight out of the New York Times and basically the takeaway is that the evidence is becoming more and more clear the evidence continues to pile up that Facebook among other big companies will be launching their own native cryptocurrency so for Facebook it would be the Facebook coin now if you're familiar with this or if you've been subscribed to us for a while you know that over the past year we've been seeing these little things that Facebook has been doing that would indicate to us that they're moving into cryptocurrency if you want a good breakdown on that I recommend a video I did about two months ago I think halfway through I basically break things down step by step exactly the moves that Facebook has made up until that point exactly how we know they're getting into creating their own cryptocurrency now this article right here references a lot of the same public information a lot where they go a step further because they actually interviewed five people who are familiar with the issue who spoke only on the condition that they keep their anonymity because of a confidentiality agreement that they signed so let's get into this and according to the New York Times now and according to these people that they interviewed this is something that they will be launching within the first half of this year so let's get into this so Facebook telegram signal are planning to roll out crypto currencies over the next year that are meant to allow users to send money to contacts on their messaging system like a venmo or PayPal where you can move money across international borders the most anticipated yet most secret project that's underway is happening at Facebook where the company is working on a coin that users of whatsapp which Facebook owns could send money to family and friends instantly and this is according to those five people who wanted to remain anonymous so the Facebook project is far enough along that the social networking giant has held conversations with crook currency exchanges about selling the Facebook coin to consumers so we're pretty far along with this so while initially when Facebook created it was almost like an internal startup initially I think they had less than ten people working on this division now they have over 50 engineers working on this project and Facebook effort is run by the former president of PayPal David Marcus so David Marcus was originally hired at Facebook to work on their facebook messenger division and then they moved him to the internal startup of the cryptocurrency blockchain division and david has hired many many people taking taking the division to over 50 people working on the project interesting that the team is in an office with separate keycard access so other Facebook employees cannot get in and this is according to two Facebook employees so we're trying to keep things real secretive the five people who have been briefed on the Facebook team's work said the company's most immediate product is likely to be a coin that will be pegged to the value of traditional currencies and this was first reported by Bloomberg as well so it's kind of like what we see with the JP Morgan coin Facebook is looking at pegging the value of its coin to a basket of different foreign currencies rather than just the dollar three people briefed on the plan said this Facebook could guarantee the value of the coin by backing every coin with a set number of dollars euros and other national currencies held in Facebook's bank account Facebook employees have told the exchanges that they are hoping to get a product out in the first half of the year so feel free to read this entire article there's plenty of things that suggest to us that Facebook may or may not but definitely is looking to launch their own cryptocurrency and it's interesting that now the New York Times is reporting on this so this is very bullish news next up Bitcoin Wales quietly stockpiled 150,000 bitcoins in the last two months so this is something verifiable that we can actually see that over the last two months when Bitcoin has been trading you know near the lowest it's been a long time we can see that some of the fattest Bitcoin wallets have been in accumulation mode so this is something we can verify on the Bitcoin rich list which is what this person did not even checked their work because they say over the last two months well two months ago I did a video called whale alert we're out we took a look at the Bitcoin rich list so I can compare the information that was on the Bitcoin rich list two months ago with what we have today and actually did that for this distribution right here 10,000 to 100,000 and if you do the numbers you can see what I got 140,000 Bitcoin have been added to those wallets which is similar to what they say they said 150,000 Bitcoin and it's important that that they excluded the exchanges from this because obviously the exchanges are in the business of accumulating Bitcoin but even if you put the exchanges back in the five largest wallets belonging to exchanges bit tracks BitFenix bitstamp Wahby finance which all hold over 100,000 bitcoins in the last two months from December 17th to February 25th they have added bitcoins to their holdings as well so once again this is verifiable we can see that they are in accumulation mode now does that mean that we don't have any further to drop no that doesn't mean that because if we drop further I'm sure they're still gonna be whales we're accumulating at this point too so the important thing to remember I think is that discipline and patience are what's going to pay off in the long term now if we stay in a bear market for a significant amount of time if we stay low if we stay sideways don't get scared off either hold or accumulate just don't panic because that's what I think will pay off the most a year from now three years from now five years from now anyways let's move on great news about the Bitcoin lining network the Bitcoin lightening torch continues to get passed on so I reported to you the other day that fidelity took the lightening torch passed it on to Harvard now it has been passed on to LinkedIn co-founder Reed Hoffman so so far the torch passed through at least 137 countries has been held 224 times this is according to a site that was set up to track the chain of transactions and a total of 3 million 700,000 Satoshi's worth about $140 has been passed along so you know this is the the Bitcoin lightning torch it's like a grassroots movement it's a proof of concept almost proving how fast and how far and how instantly you could send these Bitcoin lightning Network transactions I actually saw Andreas Antonopoulos commented on Twitter just recently I don't have the tweet with me they asked him how long do you think it will take before bitcoins lightning Network becomes fully mainstream because we are still in the early days of that especially and he said he answered two years he said two years from now a Bitcoin claiming network will fully be mainstream so that's interesting that's something I like to keep an eye on for me it's one of these fundamental things that suggest that Bitcoin will boom again next up some news from Steve Wozniak so when Bloomberg asked Wozniak if he still expects Bitcoin to become the world's currency in the future which is an idea he expressed in June last year they asked him after we've seen massive value destruction in Bitcoin he countered with I'm not sure I can buy that we've seen massive value destruction I think we've seen massive value creation so Apple's co-founder then argued that oftentimes psychology drives market dips with fear in part determining price so Steve Wozniak is bullish on Bitcoin as a technology he's bullish on blockchain in general I think he has invested in some blockchain startup so this is really good news and Steve Wozniak has the correct strategy you know half of the thing is this is just you know the psychology of the market that we're seeing all this good news and the price isn't pumping because people are fearful and I think these fundamental thing is that I show you all the time our great long-term indicators of course they're not good short-term short-term will probably fall a little bit that's right thing a lot of people get mad when I say I think we're going to fall further but it's just my opinion man anyway next up I told you about the ripple news I guess we're done for today guys feel free to go on and finish if you haven't voted in our Twitter poll tell me what you think about are we in the accumulation phase and that's it so good news on Facebook good news on Bitcoin Wales good news for the Lightning Network and all-around good what do you guys think was this was this news that you liked hearing about do you think what do you think will happen when Facebook creates own cryptocurrency all right I will see you tomorrow my friends

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  2. And now NYT planning to recruit for blockchain publishing? have just read at

  3. You owe me new phone. I smashed the like button as you said .used a hammer as I wanted do it properly .now my phone is in pieces.bad advice!

  4. secret really? it seems everyone knows about it. lol secret means you'll never hear about it. everybody develops stuff in secrecy but when it out it shouldn't be called a secret.

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  7. This is the most bullish news for BTC, other than the Nasdaq and JPcoin news in the past few weeks.

  8. I don’t really care for Facebook but I do know for a fact Whatsapp has to be one of the most popular international communication app…I’ve been to Africa and South America and this is their #1 app for inexpensive communication…If I could share currency with my family and friends as easy as I do with cash app in the states right now … I see this as epic news

  9. Socialist people on social media would love to gamble or bet in a betting shop. But no way average people are going to be a long-term investors. When the coin is new launch you will have lot of investors but not for too long.

  10. Another centralised coin.
    Just in case this is implemented, people would get tired at some point when they gained more knowledge and better alternative.

  11. At the moment we have the same money circulating in crypto. We need fresh new money coming in. I think it won't take a lot to see prices shoot up based on the charts. Bots are in control of the market ATM.

  12. We already know FB cannot be trusted though.
    We should support, who already has an ETH token you can use to get traffic to your posts and not be censored or banned.

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  14. Hi dudes thanks fort the updates. Ref accumulation and are we in this phase, well I am. I will be until I see the bear market is over at which point the stuff I have accumulated down here should end up above and beyond its ath at which point I will take out enough to cover my time and investment then let the rest ride. When Facebook JPM and the like start the mass media machine, the masses will flock, and guess what. They will be new to the game making the same mistakes we all did when we were first in the space. Oh the cyclic nature of life the cosmos and the universe.Namaste folks x

  15. All human behaviour in modern times is controlled by a "hierarchy" of 5 MYTHS! Myth 1. RELIGION ( belief in someone's version of right and wrong, good and bad – with "Fear Narrative" Do the right thing and you will be rewarded in some mythical place and you will be punished if you stop believing) – Then, as people questioned this "Blind Faith" system, it was immediately backed up with the second myth in the hierarchy; Myth 2. LAW – As faith failed to control people, force was used to get people to comply. Myth 3. MONEY for food and to pay those enforcing the law (false trust) and spreading religious nonsense. Myth 4. "THE NATION STATE" wrap people in a flag and tell them the "others" (Wrapped in other flags with different religion, laws and who (usually) "want your stuff" and change the way you live (Liberty threat) are "coming to get you". so you need to fight for your "rights" (which we also invented). This required the 5th Myth – OWNERSHIP; How can a human own a piece of a 4.5 billion year old planet that no one has any "right" to above any other? If I take something from you by force is it mine? Historical conquests and even as far back to when we were forager hunters 200 000 years ago (which we were for 93% of our existence remember!) does not mean we "own" the land and can pass it on for generations because someone won a battle for some king or leader? How stupid! Says who? MYTHS! all of it.

    (Quite brilliant, BUT, it's only as real as we choose to make it, we invented it, we can end it.

  16. I will buy Facebook coin because I like profits , it would be the most quickly mass adopted coin we have ever seen .
    You said you think we will drop lower on BTC ?
    Is that a lower low than December or just lower from where we are now ?

  17. F coinbase it's garbage (xrp holders be like ) I can't believe the price of xrp didn't move on coinbase Adding xrp 😢😅

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