Fidelity’s Crypto Branch Files for a New York Trust License, and the Bakkt Exchange Launch may be around the corner. Welcome back to crypto global news, please make sure you like share and subscribe the show. Enjoy today’s episode. Formula One driver Romain Grosjean recently made a pit stop at the Bitcoin garage. A tweet by the French/Swiss driver shows a signed copy of Ben Mezrich’s popular “Bitcoin Billionaires” by the two rockstars of the book themselves, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. It is not 100% clear what the relationship between Grosjean and the twins is. But, the healthy amount of praise thrown toward the F1 driver suggests the Winklevii are growing fans of motorsport’s premier competition. “Dear Romain, it’s great having a champion like you in crypto. Our Space is growing almost as fast as you drive – keep up the great work – to the moon! Onward and upward, Cameron + Tyler” Who knows, maybe we will see the winkelvoss twins at a formula 1 race soon. Fidelity’s crypto arm Fidelity Digital Assets Services has applied for a license to operate as a trust in New York State. If the license is approved, Fidelity Digital Assets Services will officially be allowed to offer its crypto custodial services in the state of New York, operating as a Limited Purpose Trust Company. It has been reported that lawyer Arthur Long said that the trust license is broader than BitLicense, NYDFS’ typical crypto license, enabling its bearer to operate more financial services such as financial advice. Fidelity has not confirmed the news to The Block as of press time. Let’s see how this plays out for fidelity. Bank of Thailand governor recently said that the institution is open to discussing Facebook’s Libra stablecoin with the company, it has been reported that Facebook had already contacted the central bank many times, it has also been noted that the institution had established a new team to study Libra’s whitepaper, but their analysis will take time. “We are not going to rush into a decision of Libra as yet,” Santiprabhob reportedly said, continuing to emphasize the importance of security: “All kinds of new digital money have been emerging, therefore the Bank of Thailand monitors all and don’t give favoritism to any particular financial service. Security in financial services is the bank’s top priority. It will take time.” Let’s see how thailand’s relationship to libra grows in the future. Business advisory firm KPMG has partnered with tech companies Tomia, Microsoft and R3 to create a blockchain-based settlements solution for the telecom industry, mainly to prepare for the rollout of 5G. As per a recent report, the planned blockchain solution seeks to make use of smart contracts in order to reduce disputes between carriers and mobile operators. Such smart contracts would reportedly include critical information, by providing details such as correct rates, destination and bilateral deal information. KPMG hopes that settlements will become faster and cheaper than they are right now, by eliminating the need for telecom companies to outsource settlements. In the world of cryptocurrency, everyone is looking for the “next step”. Particularly if it leads to greater adoption from people across the world. And some people are saying that Bakkt wil be that next big step. “Bakkt is an upcoming exchange by the Intercontinental Exchange ICE (the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange NYSE). Bakkt “will enable consumers and institutions to buy, sell, store and spend digital assets on a seamless global network.” If Bakkt does launch, will there be a whole new group of people being brought into the world of cryptocurrency? Many thanks for tuning into today’s episode, please make sure you like share and subscribe, For crypto global news I’m Edward, until next time you take it easy.


  1. I do love the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency, but this Bakkt story is great! This will bring a bunch of new people into the crypto space.

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