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hey hey everybody it's Eddie from Tokyo this is your cryptocurrency update from Japan and I'm so sorry I had a rare connection problem this morning I couldn't join the ladies night on the zoo livestream so if you want to see some of the women in the XRP community go to the zoo channel the YouTube channel and you can see some of those women they just did their stream a few hours ago I have to watch it myself but I'm sure they had a lot of fun today we're going to jump across the globe I have also a very rare personal commentary and a very interesting fluff so the first story is kind of a follow up from the news we learned on March 12th with this hundred million dollar investment with ripple and for to make games on the blockchain and in doing so they're going to use X RP as a currency and also leverage the lip the ripple technology well we learn that there are 40 developers bringing x RP to the world of video games and the interesting part is they have identified an existing game with existing audience of over 50,000 users and that's amazing to be able to just walk into an ecosystem like that I think we are on the verge of some very exciting announcements and this is actually what we need to impact the price and that is to create the real use case where there is a demand I am very hopeful this is going to be able to impact that price that is seemingly so stuck right now the gaming industry is a forty three billion dollar industry it's huge and matter of fact that Matt Cox was actually a marketplace for the game magic and it seems very curious to me that it is taken so long to combine game and blockchain with the digital assets because it's a perfect fit all right we are on a virgin our site meaning they have not tweeted yet they just became a newly registered virtual currency exchange in Japan as of yesterday it's called de crit they will start taking signups tomorrow they're going to launch on April 16th you'll find that they will trade Bitcoin Bitcoin cash like coin x RP and later the summer in the summer they're going to add aetherium but here is what really caught my eye look at the partners now some of these logos and names might not mean anything to you like Daiichi life or Daiwa Securities Nomura Holdings Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Mitsubishi UFJ Bank East Japan Railway Vic camera some of those names might seem familiar to you if you live in the United States it would be something like Allstate MetLife Ameritrade Charles Schwab Wells Fargo Costco all of those companies backing as shareholders to a virtual currency exchange and that is what we have here very very interesting look who was in Tokyo yesterday do you know who this is it's the co-founder of Twitter we don't hear too much about him you know we hear a lot about Jack Dorsey but this is Christopher stone he goes by Biz Stone he actually is one of the patent holders for the invention of Twitter when he co-founded Twitter he actually stepped back and left the company but returned in May 2017 and he bought a Minecraft Lego for his son Jake and used Bitcoin he bought it at a store called bic camera and big camera was on that list of backers for the new virtual currency exchange that we just talked about so also in the addition he tweeted this picture where they dressed up in what's called yukata you cut that is a kimono that's worn in the summertime it's lightweight and it's cotton and this is also one of the employees that are on this worldwide Twitter what are they on their own kind of a tour of many places around the world they had just come from Korea I don't know where they're off to now but maybe they are on a plane as we speak so uh it's a great photo I like to see it I'm not sure what they thought about being dressed up and you caught that but they I think they look great this is actually biz stone with his wife Livia they are very active in philanthropy in the Bay Area of San Francisco Bay Area and I think they're doing a lot of really good environmental education and work there so yeah that's does I think they're they're just a really good example of a couple who are putting to good use the money they have made in the business of inventing Twitter Wow we have some amazing news coming out of Apple today so look at this just uploaded on the 25th already a half a million viewers I found this to be very interesting and it's all about the way payments are evolving this is what's called the new Apple card and you can sign up and actually be done with it in minutes and start using it it works worldwide and it will be connected to your Apple wallet which has a lot of new features it also has a 2% daily cash back can you believe it every time you spend you get that 2% back and it's real money that can be spent on anything you want they have zero fees meaning no late fee no annual fee no national fee no over-the-limit fee and no fee for missing a payment they partnered with goldman sachs on this project they are the issuing bank and along with mastercard which is why it will be available to be used worldwide has a very unique security chip kind of a one time dynamic security code it also uses a AI with touch and face ID and gosh I don't know you know the I think the best part about this is that it is not going to keep what you bought where you bought it and the price you bought it on the Apple servers and so they are really taking a move a big bold move to not mine that data of the customers and I think that is if it's really true it's a very honourable of them I think it's going to set a precedence and I think that moving forward we're going to see a lot of companies who are continually taking that data and using it is going to go out of fashion I personally think well let's see if to know a little bit about the Apple pay you can go to this site here and I was just kind of curious trying to of course find out what was driving their technology but in checking this out I found out how they're actually making their money so Apple collects a fee from the banks each time consumers use the Apple pay payment solution to make a payment so according to rumors Apple has struck an individual deal with each Bank it's partnered with including Chase Bank of America Wells Fargo and more so the cut reportedly is approximately 0.15 percent of each purchase which equates to fifteen cents out of every hundred dollar purchase kind of interesting all right I am gonna show you some fluff but before I do that yeah I have one little uh try to do this in 30 seconds or less yesterday I did a story about mr. ki Tov SBI continuing continuing to build his global eco system for virtual currency and the whole crypto space and it's interesting I think a lot of people didn't get that story like I thought they would even though I am a huge supporter of XRP we have to see Bitcoin successful and that is my personal opinion that's the commentary I want to talk about is that if Bitcoin fails then we are really going to see a huge setback in the whole industry and I am really understanding mr. Keating's reason for going into mining Bitcoin because as I said he used the word kenzan he wants to create a healthy sound and wholesome environment why this is where I probably failed yesterday and not really explaining myself right now the mining sits within three companies that are in China and their Chinese we have bit Maine which of course has had some financial trouble because of the recent fork with bch there is Kannan creative they are in Beijing they are also trying to do an IPO listing in the United States and then there's a bang they too are Chinese they have an ambitious plan to sell like 400,000 rigs this next mining rigs this next year they too are trying to raise money through an IPO when all of that mining power is in the hands of Chinese miners with the Chinese government this is where it becomes very risky because the government is not going to be encrypt of best interest and should there be any of seizure or takeover or anything you just can't put all that power into the hands of one particular country who is not necessarily friendly to the cryptocurrency industry so I know that mr. Quito is really thinking he needs to bring some balance and you know in the in the in the world of servers we do what's called redundancy you don't put all your information on one server you have a redundancy so that you have backups to balance that load right now there's not a balanced load in Bitcoin so I do think that his move to enter into the Bitcoin space for mining is one that we should all feel very fortunate about because ddmm had to leave here and GMO had to leave and it's very difficult to make money and be profitable when the price is low and I think people are on the sidelines saying well I might get into mining but right now I'm I'm gonna wait till the price goes up I am just very fortunate that we have somebody who is really wanting to have it be a healthy ecosystem that's going to be balancing that power and that's what I guess I wanted to say in my personal commentary because I think from the comments I got yesterday and also yeah the comments in general I could see that some people just didn't get it and I think that we should all be quite happy and know he hasn't left XRP in the dust this is this has everything to do about making the whole entire space safe and healthy and wholesome okay and going into the fluff I get off my soapbox this is where Biz Stone purchased his minecraft Lego this is a store in Japan called big camera the big big big camera that's their logo every other jingle everybody knows that it's it's uh it's yeah I'll leave it at that anyway I want you to come to Japan and I want you to check out big camera or Yamada dinky both of them take a Bitcoin and you can pay using your phone with the QR codes and you can see here this is a picture of one of the sales clerks inside Vic camera and this according to this article it says that they're going to consider taking XRP by the Olympics considered this is this is just I think somebody's speculations so it's not in stone but by the Olympic Games etherium ripple which is XRP and – are most likely going to be accepted by the Tokyo Olympics I'm not sure about that but I'll keep my eye out and see if that story is has any truth behind it when you do come to Japan find these signs it's the Japan tax free shop carry your passport with you you can save the tax now is going up to 10% here it's currently today 8% soon to be 10% so if you shop and you find you're shopping at a store that is a tax-free shop with your passport you can save that 10% so that is something you want to know about and then what is really popular right now in the stores for Japan is something called Kobo so this in Japanese this tale is called a sheet bowl and the product is called Kobo and what is it well it's a therapy item and you stroke it and the tail gently waves you rub it and the tail swings playfully or if you just let it sit it will occasionally wag and just say hello it comes in these two colors kind of husky gray and or they call it French Brown I think here we go yeah French Brown and husky gray and it's huggable and it has this interesting feature where the tail moves and according to the professor Nobuhiro Socata from the doppio medical university he thinks that as the as a user that because it projects emotions on how the tail moves you can get that sense of healing from it I don't know I haven't used it yet but I do want to just show you this really quick so the middle love letter some mother to go boom boom top so scared okey-dokey – mommy rainy she-wolf it big I think it in my survey back over to me yes we need a strong she pulls it up needed yes your honor no missus joining us good oh yeah she paused therapy tail therapy Oh Japan Japan Japan Japan you crack me up okay everybody that's all I have for you today do take care sayonara for now bye bye

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  1. XRP paid hack is what you sound like. No credit to anyone but your limited walled-garden of a circle called 'were broke and act like we know about everything." Actually learn and stop regurgitating everything you read, SHEEP.

  2. I want to add another point regarding the Jeb situation. It's obvious to me that all of the Ripple executives know very well that Jeb is selling a tremendous amount of XRP every day, and yet no one mentions it. No one from Ripple says anything about Jeb or about Stellar. Jeb doesn't speak negatively about Ripple. This is either by way of the court-ordered settlement, or at least by gentlemen's agreement.

  3. Hello Eri… I have a theory about why the price of XRP is stuck at the p[resent level. Jeb McCaleb, co-founder of Ripple, received something like 6 Billion XRP as a result of a court order / negotiation that closed out his partial ownership of the company. He has the right to sell a calculated amount of his XRP on a daily basis, and he apparently sells up to and sometimes BEYOND his limit. Online details are easy to come by. He has the right to sell an amount of XRP DAILY equivalent to .5% of the XRP transaction volume. So as the transaction volume goes up, his selling goes up. To sell one Billion coins at the rate of 500,000 per day, it will take 2000 days. That means, 5.5 years at a half million XRP per day, to sell "just" One Billion. Eri, what are we to do? If Jeb sells 1 Million XRP each day, and let's say he has 5 Billion still to go, that means 5000 days which is almost 14 years. But wait, in a way it gets worse.. In the second and following years, he has the right to sell at a higher rate. The good news is that he will complete the selling in fewer than 14 years. The bad news is that he could overwhelm the buyers every day, and the price will go down, every day. As we can see, that is what's happening.

    I point out that Jeb is fantastically wealthy and he is apparently not at all motivated by money. He is perhaps even joyful that he is driving the price of XRP DOWN. He is the elephant, sitting on one end of the teeter-totter. When we realize Jeb's selling impact, we can see why it is that none of the T/A analysis which predicts price action either way way up, or way, way down makes any sense.

    What are your thoughts on this?

  4. That's is the best explanation I have heard, you know your going to be rich but being broke is making ya thirsty

  5. Qoobo – hold for 5 years.
    Be comforted.
    This kind, fuzzy thing stops wagging when it’s time to profit with XRP.

  6. Love your videos, regular listener but I wholly disagree that Bitcoin needs to be successful. Nothing so massively flawed needs to be successful. BTC has been successful buts its limitations have been exposed. Continued artificial propping up of BTC can actually hurt the entire space. That’s like saying Blockbuster needs to be successful in order for Netflix to do well. In order for the new to succeed sometimes the old must die.

  7. XRP is approaching it's final leg of past support. What is really going on anymore? News and XRP regardless of what kind makes absolutely no sense whatsoever anymore. None. I used to love waking up and listening to my favorite tubers talk the news about crypto now none of makes any sense in relation to XRP. It also never bothered me when XRP dropped in price because I would just buy more and cost average, now I'm afraid to touch it.

  8. Great job !!
    I subbed the new twitter acct you covered. Loved the "soapbox". Nailed it !!
    Many people are headline readers and not so much, the deep thinkers. Big Picture group is much smaller.
    Water off a duck's back. They'll eventually figure it out….maybe.
    Thanks for all You do !!

  9. On old BTC forums you read about guys who STOPPED mining because they looked at the price and said it was NOT worth it based on the current price.
    These "50" coins a WEEK are not worth it so they stopped.
    Today, I see how many Satoshis I can mine per day and I look at the price and I say the SAME thing.
    Hello? Do we learn a lesson here or not?

  10. I read and hear many many people in the XRP market tend to think XRP will climb like Bitcoin has in the past. The days of the 1000, 2000, 5000 % gains maybe gone. The likelihood of Bitcoin going to to 20-25k is good but that would be roughly a 400% gain and a new all time high. The market would be in a frenzy and even then XRP would be 5 bucks at best. You'd have to have 25k XRP now to have anywhere near the success and financial returns that Bitcoin provided. Part if it is total supply, 15 years away from all the escrow being issued, potentially.

  11. Thanks Eri. I agree, if crypto is going to succeed and go mainstream there will be several platforms that will have to succeed. BTC is one of them but mostly because of its current name recognition and it's current market cap. In the very long run, anything can happen.

  12. Thanks for making some great points about the cryptocurrency world as a whole. The fluff was very funny today. Thanks for the chuckle.

  13. Sorry but i disagree with kitao’s move to mine BTC. BTC is a problem for the eco-system, it’s a giant waste of energy and indirectly helps the level of CO2 to grow. This is not a small issue just for some ecologists, this is serious stuff which deserves to be talked about.

  14. Oh my God. The SBI president is a normal person that isn't a XRP fanboy. Oh my God he's leaving us high & dry. Dude how can he be leaving "you" high and dry when he doesn't know "you" exist or why you exist in this space. Seriously Eri. How do you rub elbows on a daily basis with these weirdos.

  15. Charging banks 15 cents per 100 dollars the only way this works economically is to use micro payments on Ripplenet rails using XRP. Lines up the nicely a crypto wallet in the Apple device to be launched later this year. Exciting times.

  16. Hi Eri- I fully agree with Kitao's move with Bitcoin mining. We do indeed need to see the success of Bitcoin (for now) but I am however concerned that if the market grows to close to a trillion dollars like the last time, the whales that hold the majority of Bitcoin may sell off heavily and tank the entire market, which could effectively happen in a few hours. If I'm not mistaken, the top 1% of BTC owners hold 87% of all BTC in existence and among them are players like Craig Wright.

    Personally I would feel much more comfortable when XRP decouples from BTC. One thing I like about Ripple is that the majority of tokens are locked up in escrow; needless so say we know that the team are among the most professional in this space as well.

    Thank you.

  17. I agree, BTC’s success is important. It isn’t a competitor of XRP for use case only for investors dollars.

  18. ERI you are the WWW – "Wise Wonderful Woman". Agreed someone viz SBI needs to something about China's monopolistic mining of BTC. Who knows maybe they are the ones who are manipulating the price. The recent post by SPQR about XRPBTC longs was full of evidence about price manipulation of these 2 cryptos if you haven't watched it, I thoroughly recommend this. Once again THANKS for all your amazing research and input. Cheers 🍹 🐿

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