NEW UPDATE on Bakkt and Bitcoin (BTC) 🔶️ Plus Western Union Partners w/ Stellar 🚀 Collaborator

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily where you subscribe where you subscribe for a video on cryptocurrency every day my name is Austin you're gonna like today's video today I want to answer the big question is back it's still happening the only thing that is stopping backt from launching today is CFTC approval once backed is launched that's going to be a huge on-ramp for institutional money to enter crypto it's going to force institutional investors to settle and hold actual Bitcoin at the end of each day so what the hell is happening with it when backed today we have additional information from the CFTC as well as a number of other articles that just got published from The Wall Street Journal from the block crypto all illustrating where backed is right now let's dig in the CFTC says we are diligently working on all crypto related applications including backs so they say that they're working on it but they've been saying that for six months now so let's find out exactly what they're talking about this new information was revealed from a CFTC commissioner in an interview that he gave a few days ago on block TV when answering a direct question about the status of Beck's application which has seen multiple delays Commissioner Dan Berkovitz avoided a direct update on the project he would not give specifics but instead saying that the CFTC was trying to assist all cryptocurrency related products in obtaining the necessary approval for the launch in the US so he not only addresses back he addresses all cryptocurrency related products which are up for CFTC approval offhand I can't think of what he would be talking about other cryptocurrency related products but there's no question that backed is the big fish that's the one that counts and Dan Berkovitz says that the CFTC is trying to assist what's that mean in a direct quote he says we have a very interactive process with all the entities that come before us and are working diligently with all applicants to process their applications and get their products on the market seems sort of like a politician's answered to me in terms of not giving any real specifics but he goes on to say but we need to ensure that a crypto product just like any other product that's traded on our markets meets all the standards that's a fair answer I wouldn't expect that a crypto currency product would receive any special treatment compared to other products that the CFTC has to manage my issue is that we've been hearing that type of answer from the CFTC for the last six months am I wrong here am I being impatient I just want to see it launched you know what I look forward to hearing what you think in the comments so while the CFTC is not giving special treatment to crypto products as opposed to just any other products that the CFTC has to regulate is the CFTC giving for lack of a better word is a giving special treatment to backt compared to these other cryptocurrency related products that aren't getting as much media attention are they focusing more unpacked since it's been delayed so much when Dan Berkovitz was asked whether backed was now receiving special treatment from the CFTC he said no Berkovitz declined to suggest previous hold ups had resulted in a pressure to move forward Berkovitz is saying that despite how many times that backed has been delayed it's not receiving any special treatment all of the applications before us were working very hard with the applicants including that one he added so every application gets the same treatment very interesting to get additional insight from the CFTC this is my opinion I'm not a financial adviser this is not financial advice but in my opinion I think it's very clear from what we saw in 2018 what we're seeing this year in 2019 is that there's no rush right now in the next few years in the next multiple years Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is incredibly promising but right now today in 2019 there's no real rush the crypto market is trading sideways right now we might even trade lower in the next few months who knows there's no real rush for them right to make that decision let me know what you think I dug a little deeper and further down the rabbit hole in regards to what is happening with backed this article just got published regarding back the Intercontinental exchange and the CFTC on why we are in this delay this channel will always dig deeper we will always find as much information as we can for you so make sure you subscribe make sure you hit the like button it really does just help me grow as a channel so I originally found this Wall Street Journal article from perusing Twitter and unfortunately this Wall Street Journal is behind a paywall so I don't have the exact text on-screen but what the Wall Street Journal is claiming is that behind the delay of backed is a disagreement between ice the IntercontinentalExchange and the regulator or the CFTC on how backed should be regulated according to The Wall Street Journal the reason for these delays is backs offering of custody Bitcoin custody to their clients as well as backs futures contracts let me read you a direct quote the Wall Street Journal reported that backed and the CFTC are reportedly now considering other ways that the platform can handle futures contracts so it is compliant with the regulator very interesting alternative ways to offer futures contracts according to this report the CFTC has outlined various alternative options for backed including having the firm register as a Trust Company however other sources have told a Wall Street Journal that's such a process I guess the process to register as a trust company could also be time-consuming so wouldn't really solve the problem so I'm gonna leave this here make your own decision but the Wall Street Journal is a reputable source of information but take it as you will my takeaway is they're still talking it's not like nothing's happening they are back and forth from ice to the CFTC on how to make this work before we get to our last piece of news involving Western Union and a very bullish move of adoption involving stellar women's before we do this let me leave you with one quote from The Wall Street Journal a spokesperson from the Intercontinental exchange told the Wall Street Journal we are working through the regulatory or review process and are looking forward to updating the market soon and like always when I know you'll know before we get to Western Union and stellar lumens one last piece on back to this just dropped a day ago back to raises series a at valuation topping 700 million very bullish sign what this tells me is that there are many companies out there that see a very big future for backed and that's proven by their series a round to be clear this is different than the money that they raised last year last year the company raised a hundred and eighty two point five million dollars and this went from a hundred and eighty two million to seven hundred million despite six plus months of delays which isn't backs fault it's the regulator's fault if you're gonna blame anybody despite these delays they're raising even more money I got really excited when I saw this article and this article and this article speaking about Western Union using the stellar blockchain Western Union partners with stellar collaborator Thune's for mobile wallet transfers full disclosure when I looked into this I got a little less excited because Western Union is collaborating with stellar through a third party so while this isn't direct adoption it's still a positive step forward and if you use Western Union or for anybody that uses Western Union on the stellar blockchain payment giant Western Union is partnering with stellar collaborator Thune's to enable Western Union clients to transfer funds directly to mobile wallets anywhere in the world globally the development was announced in an official press release published on March 21st what is this partnership entail according to Western unions press release the partnership with runes will focusing will focus on enabling the use of Western unions digital network or Western unions agent locations to transfer funds directly to recipients mobile wallets this is a positive step forward and what I like about this Western Union is very much involved they put out their own press release yesterday when this was announced talking about why they're using blockchain technology on the stellar network to benefit their clients in a direct quote from so by Raman the global head of account payout network for Western Union he said we're continually expanding and enhancing our account payout portfolio providing customers with multiple payout options including bank accounts cards or mobile wallets Western unions innovating as you may remember as well Western Union was testing out ripple and XRP aside from crypto Western Union is already exploring the use of blockchain technology participating in ongoing tests with ripple to probe the cost and time efficiency value of ripples blockchain powered settlement system so whether they use stellar or whether they use Ripple Western Union is dipping their toe into crypto alright appreciate you tuning in today I hope you have a great weekend if you haven't already feel free to subscribe join our team or give the video a like if you've got any value thus far and have a great weekend I'll see you tomorrow

35 thoughts on “NEW UPDATE on Bakkt and Bitcoin (BTC) 🔶️ Plus Western Union Partners w/ Stellar 🚀 Collaborator”

  1. BAKKT will be a Giant in the Global Crypto Market. Like a diamond it will take pressure and time. It will happen. Look 👀 into Hodler Tech Industries.

  2. Up and coming Qredit and ElectrumDark – first ELD : Electrum Dark bills itself as a working real-world cryptocurrency powering a fully-functional decentralized marketplace that allows users to buy/sell goods and services easily, securely, and anonymously. Now being offered on more and more exchanges to come. Very small supply coin and is on the move. Is this not on your radar?

  3. bakkt is just like the bitcoin ETF since 2013 just forget about it also WU did not partner with stellar that's fake news confirmed by WU

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  5. UPDATE: WU is NOT partnering with Stellar. The original article was incorrect.

  6. The only reason for the delay … it's not a delay … it's actually a disapproval without final official decision. I already told this in middle of 2018 and I keep telling this because it's the truth. All the officials who have to approve ETF, BAKKT and so on are 100% depending on Wallstreet, Soros, Buffett, Dimon etc, who is actually trying to kill crypto. They just don't want it to look like, they do it way more sophisticated. Hence there will NEVER EVER be an official approval of anything like this. Will this kill BTC? No it won't. BTC will be like a tidal wave and swallow corrupt Wallstreet banksters at the end, but it will take some time … lots of time ….

  7. We need Bakkt greenlighted before the inevitable Tether disaster, so it can mitigate some of the damage the market could face.

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  9. The CFTC is working with Bakkt to get through regulatory approval. The article sounds like the CFTC is pro Bitcoin which we all know they are, but it sounds like they want it to get approved and will get it done soon which is very good. CFTC doesn’t want to stifle crypto innovation and keep more jobs from this exploding technology in the USA!

  10. There’s a downward pressure to keep BTC at 4K. Perfect for adoption. Or Jeff & Kelly are just waiting for the right time to launch. During a Recession? Who knows? Jeff & Kelly have more clout than you think. Waiting for CFTC approval? Bull ! They can launch this thing tomorrow if they want. Everybody is In cahoots with the other.

  11. want to get behind paywalls on sites like WSJ and many others, cut and paste the url into here to pull the raw text

  12. No mention of the fact that almost all of the crypto volume is fake. You seem to only post positive news. 😉

  13. I always said, what if this time the NVT doesn't work. Well it looks like it doesn't anymore. Not because it is floored but like anything that becomes popular the big players try to game the system. In this case manipulate on chain volume to show that we are more bearish than what is really going on. I'm still holding onto my massive long. Even if we do have some major corrections I don't think there is enough meat left on shorts anymore. Put simply we have run out of massive sellers compared to the deep pockets of the accumulators. The hidden buy walls will just gobble up what dumps are left.Woo believes it's a particular institution (quite large in fact) that is buying a lot of coin.There was one particular indicator Bitcoin Price Model which he talks about which clearly shows where accumulation has been happening. Now, its March and the chances are, we may see a reversal and start bulling or we may experience a further decline or experience a stagnation for a while. There is actually more to forecasting price action by reading the news. This is because the relationship between them is not one on one. Bearish news doesn’t always result to decline in price while bullish news doesn’t always lead to increase. What to do is study historical patterns, news and scenarios. Upon understanding these well enough, you may be able to predict a reoccurrence of the circle if it ever shows up again. In addition to this, it’s extremely paramount you understand technical analysis which will form the basis of whatever decision you make in your trades. One step to making great profit would be to take your time and learn the ropes of trading which may take your time and perhaps still lose. Another would be to use the system of a very successful trader and copy signals/strategies. I do understand that it was still overbought and a correction was inevitable. The market had almost no structure. Now with all the new infrastructure being put in place should eliminate most of that problem. In the meantime, market will continue to do what it has been doing. The smart investors are beginning to accumulate more bitcoin through Mr RONALD ABASSID’s strategy and more will do so if we drop even lower. Too much institutional investment and top notch trading tips and signals with the guidance of Ronald ABASSID occurring in the market not to recover soon. You can contact Mr. Abassid at [email protected] com




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  15. Matrix ai network (man) is realy a golden pick for now if you see they getting partnership after partnership and not just little ones but big ones and also the mainnet is running there is great tech behind it with a real use case while this token is stil heavy undervalued, if you research about matrix ai network you wil see and found out that they have already a lot of working products/applications now that wil realy excite you

  16. Translation:
    We need to make sure we have all the angles to manipulation, for our and big institutions benefit, covered before we give our approval.
    The thing is there are just not enough Bitcoins to go around for all the major institutions. 17.5M coins is smaller than any NYSE listed stock has shares.

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