50 thoughts on “New Report: HEAVY Bitcoin Accumulation Has Happened! ‘Big Money’ Over Past Year! [Bull Market]”

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  2. Bitcoin will NEVER be used as money , the technology is junk , too slow , expensive , and unreliable , and it can never be fixed. Altcoins on the other hand , are a perfect answer . Which one , only time will tell , but there will be a clear winner . It's a winner takes all scenario .



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  5. A lot of in denial people. We went from "Cheap Decentralized P2P Money" to "Dont use bitcoin, use credit card if you want fast tx"….
    Watch old videos about bitcoin like 2012-2014 youll see how much cooler it is than today. BCH holds the real vision of the original bitcoin. Im not against BTC tho, but lets see. This might be the greatest AB Test of all time… Many are misinformed because of Blockstream/Core rampant censorship on sites like bitcoinorg bitcoin wiki, Dug up and open your eyes see what happened since 2014 when blockstream was founded…

  6. Great video! …you know what's odd, though? That howmanyconfs.com site doesn't compare #DigiByte. I'd be VERY interested to see how $DGB performs in comparison.

  7. I recommend to have a look at Asgard on p2pb2b exchange, people invest loads of money in environmental field now, should work well ???

  8. Do you think whales will continue to manipulate the price up to 1 million or will the market be too large to manipulate much sooner than that?

  9. Pump going esp. in ether,not counting sheet coin EOS and SV…EOS got 4 billion pre rollout…Lazy pheuks,Research Dan Larimer,Calvin Aire and BROCK PIERCE….think young children….

  10. FYI ledger not decentralized.Trezor is.Get rid of ledger.Cryptos not safe.No affiliation with Trezor just all these bozo youtubers get a tiny comp on it and don't do their friggin due diligence.Can you imagine the class action on these TUBERS…

  11. With Dash v0.14 the howmanyconfs info regarding dash vs btc confirmations security is so wrong.

  12. Proof of work is not sustainable long term and is vulnerable to hacks. I can name a handful that have been hacked. Name one proof of stake that has.

  13. I’ve been investing in bitcoin through Robinhood. Is this not wise? Do I need to “physically” buy it and store it in a wallet?

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  15. Grayscale has $1.97 billion in bitcoin /$152 billion market cap = 1.3% of BTC * 17.7 million mined = 229,401 BTC that Grayscale holds +22% mined per month absorbed. Spread that out to lots of long term investors and you can see why there are huge moves up and higher lows. And now it makes sense why it's possible for Bitcoin to make a parabolic move.


  16. I noticed they failed to list Digibyte on Howmanyconfs.com Now why do think they'd do that? Lol

  17. Coinbase dont pay me my money yet back n dont awswer there phone n no respond from them still messages.n have my money. Still took there feeds all ready. ?? I just deposit my last 37.40 was left in coin base account.back to my bank.was esae. But never got a reciet for the other one .the big one.$ Will wait another 5 days. N see.

  18. Your subs are increasing daily my man, Congrats!! It's also another indicator more ppl are entering the space.

  19. Change the name of your channel from "Altcoin Daily" to "Bitcoin Daily" because you don't talk about alt coins much

  20. Just read an article that grayscale is buying up 21% of the mined BTC every month. If that's true, that's huge.

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