NEW: Introducing the Ledger Nano X

Crypto is the easiest asset in the world to steal. Ledger’s mission is to bring security to crypto owners. We believe crypto security should be accessible whenever you want, wherever you want. We are proud to introduce our latest generation hardware wallet: the Ledger Nano X – keeping your crypto secure, everywhere It features Ledger’s most advanced security architecture with a state-of-the-art secure chip The true revolution of the Nano X is mobility. It features Bluetooth Thanks to the ledger live mobile application, you can now safely manage your crypto on your iOS or Android smartphone We have listened to your feedback. With the Nano X you can now store up to 100 applications at once To enhance user experience we have increased the device screen size, improved navigation, and added the control center where you can easily manage all your settings. The Ledger nano X is the culmination of months of research and development from all the Ledger teams. We are extremely proud and excited to share the results with you Crypto is global and now, with the Nano X, Ledger brings security everywhere you go. Leger Nano X keep your crypto secure everywhere

52 thoughts on “NEW: Introducing the Ledger Nano X”

  1. Eventually the Ledger wallet hardware will be built straight into the phone's motherboard. Still years away as you would need mass adoption, but it's inevitable.

  2. Well, it’s great that we get a new device, but I think it’s unfair to have lured so many buyers with the recent discounts into buying a Nano S only to find out, it’s outdated a few weeks later

  3. Don't understand why there isn't enough space to install more than a few apps on the Nano s when you are having micro SD with Terabits!!

  4. What is the point of Bluetooth on a cold storage device? Most people seldomly access their cold storage because it’s COLD STORAGE. Would have liked to have seen a USB-C version with more storage and better build quality.

  5. Yes crypto is the easiest to steal and those buyers are the easiest to fool, that's why you now want to connect the device who's most secure attribute was that it was offline – back to a device which is connected…. I'll bet you'll sell tons to these same fools.

  6. You need a better campaign. No one in this world know about the word "crypto" and what it means but everyone know the world Bitcoin and what it means. Is very wrong to promote your product with common unknown words and to not use the most strong brand name

  7. Storing your life savings in a bank is easy and convenient, storing it on a stick where you can lose it break it forget about seems like something most people wouldn't want to be in control of. I don't see how this is going to work in the future if crypto starts to take over. There probably going to have to start crypto banks because most people are lazy an careless with things like this.

  8. Nice fuckup. I can store 2 apps in my ledger nano S and now u make another one just after I was waiting long time to decide to buy nano s. disgusting

  9. What about all the people who memorized and or tattood their 18 word passphrase… they gotta get a new one now!

  10. Two months ago i asked Ledger support why their Nano S had had so little space for coins. They have told me to purchase various ledgers. Now they release a new ledger that can support 100 coins.

  11. Can i get a version without bluetooth??? Like the new designe but def will pass on bluetooth. Google and apple about implement mandatory Live access to your phones so no thank you.

  12. Hi Ledger, I like the idea of more screen storage, does the nano x have to run on Bluetooth, or can it still be connected to pc as nano s?

  13. The Android ledger live won't work with Nano S for a long time so mobile users are forced into buying the Nano X. It's a shameless moneygrab.

  14. Disagree with your opening statement. My credit card was stolen (unauthed payment) for many times, but I've never lost a single satoshi!
    Crypto is safer than banks.

  15. Win Ledger Nano X in offical site !!!! Win Ledger Nano X in offical site !!!!

  16. Never oder at ledger… As soon they have ur money ur fucked… Try to cancel ur order and u will see….

    I pre orderd the ledger nano x… First they said March, then end of March… Then they said they don't know when but didn't offer the option to cancel the order just to get a free nano s… Then here I got the info that it will probably take till the end of May (what they never communicated to the Ppl who pre ordered the nano x). When I want to cancel the order because im gonna move to another place in a few weeks they got silent on me and friends of mine who also tried to cancel.
    This is highly unprofessional and no means of doing business.
    Just right now, i wrote a message to u again that I insist on canceling my order.

    I did wait… And after the third message they told me they will issue a refund… Now it gets really interesting… They gave me a link for bitpay (because that was the way I paid in the first place) but u issued a link for the amount in dollar ( I paid in btc of course 0.035679 to be exact) after clicking on the link that is only valid for 3 days they told me to type in my bitcoin Adress… Right there they show u the original invoice with the 0.035679 btc I paid, of course including the network fee… After that they tell u it will take 1-2 business days till i will receive my money/bitcoin…. Now after exactly two days they send me 0.026 btc which equals 115.78euro RIGHT NOW…. I couldn't even order a new nano x with that money let alone pay the network cost… This is actually scamming ppl..
    And when ledger decidedes to do business with them they r equally guilty… They didn't told bitpay to give the bitcoin back I paid in the first place, they told them to give me the bitcoin that equals 119euro minus the new network cost… Because when I asked bitpay about that, that's what they said. The ledger ceo account told me they will review the case and that they will come back to me, what they never did. why should anybody order anything at this place, when they can't deliver a product they promise and when ppl want to get refund they not only get hassled they also get robbed?

    The Order number: #c6cff4b96ba0

    Sabina (BitPay Support Team)

    Apr 16, 1:12 PM EDT


    We reviewed the refund processed for invoice 2Cvdfh6vtojfJqMDd1Qrfc. In this case, the merchant issued a current rate refund which is why the bitcoin amount is different than the amount you originally paid.

    The merchant can submit a refund for the invoice price or the BTC paid. As the funds had already been credited to the bank account, this means that BitPay had already converted the bitcoin to fiat for the merchant, and they received the fiat amount. This is likely why the merchant refunded the BTC equivalent of the invoice price.

    When they initiated the refund, it was for the current bitcoin equivalent of the invoice fiat value (119 EUR).

    Please note that as a payment processor, BitPay has no recourse or involvement in the fulfillment of orders. For this same reason fully paid invoices require explicit merchant approval to be refunded.

    Please reach out to the merchant directly to follow up with any other questions regarding your refund.

    Sabina Riddle
    BitPay, Inc.

  17. please make it the official coin logos within the app. right now the logos for ledger live coins dont look good. you should use official bitcoin logo and official monero

  18. Just got mine in the mail yesterday (Genesis block edition). I've installed 15 apps & merged all my online wallets onto one device. Peace of mind is easily worth double what you charge for these!

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