29 thoughts on “NEW Gold Backed Cryptocurrency Will REVOLUTIONIZE Market! – Anthem Blanchard Talks AnthemGold”

  1. I Better trust On DIGIX DAO Gold from Singapore. In the United States, it's hard to have much confidence. After all, the US still controlled by the most prominent Illuminati government but soon they will go to China and USA will collapse. I can hardly wait for it!

  2. kinesis.money is an entire monetary system worth investigating. Blockchain technology. yield on precious metals. debit cards

  3. You guys don't even have a telegram chat. Fake ass shit. I just checked. Try KBC karatgold coin. It's probably 100x better. Yup… you betcha

  4. Waw! This is interesting. I'll check it out.

    Look at my video about this Crypto Backed by Gold that is about to explode. $0.08US and going on HITBTC.

    go to the 27 mins.

  5. https://www.karatbars.com/?s=yaljohnsonel85
    This one is not own by government international private by members get in my u can cause it seem the government falling the systematics lol

  6. https://goldbitscoin.com/ has outweighed all of the modern crypto coins as it has combined the real Gold with the Blockchain based crypto coin called the GBC.

  7. would be better to have a smart coin that monitors the major gold exchanges and pegs the token to the price of gold. That would be better. First do the reserve currency USD, then a few other fiat currencies. Then create the Gold silver and other commodities that can "stabilize" the crypto community. Until BTC stabilizes it cant be used or Trusted for buying day to day goods.

  8. Crypto Gold back Security.
    There is no proof that you can sell your Crypto to them and they will send you the Gold.
    The Gold they hold can be invested into something else. No proof they hold the Gold.
    If you don't hold it…. You certainly down own it. It could be paper Gold contracts they have purchased.

  9. Crypto-Gold already exists. It's called DigixDAO. Same concept, 1g=1token. 3rd party auditors. Only difference is it's not in the US. Which makes it safer in my opinion. This is a shill, and misinfo.

  10. I wouldn't trust American's when it comes to Gold, you only need to look at the schemes they did the past to other nations. Selling bonds to other countries while claiming the bonds where backed by gold and then when the other countries wanted the gold they found out it never existed. Learn from the past people. Don't trust America when it comes to Gold.

  11. im sorry but "BORING!!" Your crypto's value is stored in a vault in Texas .Lmao!! Bitcoin and Ethereum's value is in their technology

  12. if it needs to be backed by a tangible commodity that other people hold – it's just like the dollar – no thanks – if I want gold I'll buy gold – just like a college education doesn't make you smarter – neither does being backed by a gold backed crypto – still if you get off the dollar – it's worth it – but i think it misses the point that those who better understand gov and banking are maneuvering away from and around.

  13. Id rather hold my own, but if i did ever want to access a crypto or electronic form of currency for something, I would surely much prefer that it at least appeared to be backed by a physical commodity that i could actually obtain if i so chose…if i put an ounce in, I should be able to get am ounce out, too, regardless of market price fluctuations on that ounce.

  14. Gold backed means nothing anymore , the banks are not trustworthy anymore, if you can't hold it in your hands, you don't own it. There is noway to know if you're Crypto currency is decentralized, you are taking their word for it. Millions have disappear from Bitcoin already. (Look it up online). A cashless Society is money enslavement, this is where the Banking Cabal and corporations want you to evolve too, Who do you think had Crypto created, the Deep State working with the corporations. They want to eventually go to a chip implant in your arm, so you if you owe any bills , they just deduct it from your chip, there will be no longer negotiating bills , they just take your earnings, if you owe child's support, PGE, loans, tickets, judgement 's ect. they just deduct it with no negotiating. Gold & Silver and metals are Safer , something that you can hold and barter with. A cashless Society equals, money enslavement! ( The banks will be in control again and the corporations will profit also , it's a win win for them!). We lose as usual! ( Down with Crypto's).

  15. NOW I know & remember why both Josh Crumb & Roy Sebag were PISSED @ you for making a video putting down their gold (& now silver, platinum, palladium as well) backed crypto.

  16. No need for gold crypto currency when there is GoldMoney providing 100% full reserve gold banking.

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