19 thoughts on “NEW Crypto Market Scanner + update on BTC fork trading”

  1. Question, I can see the web version is configurable, is the bot (telegram) version configurable? i dont want vol-10 i need +5% vol up in 5 minutes. IF it is, where can i setup that? Thanks!

  2. You guys are going to love me.
    Trading View has an incredible scanner for cryptocurrency. It's more than just, "show me coins that went up in the past 10 minutes." You can create powerful filters that include things like volume, volatility, RSI, Stochastics, and a ton of other indicators. Create your own trading system and test it. And it has a loud alarm.


    If you want to thank me with ETH or an ERC20 token, I won't say no. 😉

  3. Thank you and great series! I've never traded before watching your series. I'm now three days in, have completed over 25 trades and have yet to have a bad one….my little trading account is growing quickly 🙂

  4. Scanner is not working for me. Don't see any data. Am I forgetting something?
    Update: nevermind, the scanner just needs time to mine the data it seems 😉 seeing my data list filling slowly.

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