28 thoughts on “New Coins Coming to Coinbase – Is Ripple (XRP) One of them? – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News”

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  2. From all indications, xrp will eventually be added with its ever growing market capitalization. Hodling sucks though. I am a proud day trader

  3. People do not like Ripple because it aims to work with the banks while the whole purpose with Bitcoin in the first place was to exclude the banks. You kinda failed to see that as the biggest reason why people hate it.

  4. The banks are corrupt to the core they are international debt slave-masters, they lend what they don't have and demand payment in real capital and high intrest . the goverment of Iceland put there corrupt bankers in jail . Cryptocurrency will far surpass the overinflated over printed worthless paper fiat dollar which is backed by endless bloody wars that cost millions of innocent military personnel and civilian lives. A number of you-tubers
    are getting paid to push the integration of cryptocurrency and the corrupt financial institutions

  5. It’s been like 9 months since I’ve commented, still watched a bunch of your videos though. I just want to shout out Electroneum again for almost 200% gains in a week, instant payment system live, easy to set up api, and much more. Taking crypto mainstream with a hybrid model of fintech and crypto for working in regulation and growing user numbers almost to 2.5 million so far.

  6. if it is centralized, there is no reason to use blockchain. Database is way faster and efficient.
    and it is true Banks do not have any reason to use xrp. Why do they give dominant power to ripple company? They can simply use their own blockchain remittance system.
    you need to study about blockchain

  7. I gave up waiting for the bull market, joined this pump group last weekend and made over 1k in 60 seconds no joke. Next one this Saturday 😉 https://discord.gg/zu5Entk

  8. Nice analysis of XRP. I've come to the same conclusion …….. You have solid content. Keep it up. Thanks!

  9. George, I love your channel. I hope your confidence in TA being nonsense doesn't burn you later. There's literally a 90% chance that it does.
    I don't know if there is any bubble in the history of any market that didn't go back down to a pre-bubble support zone.
    Our first justified pre-bubble support is $4850-4900. So based on 100% of human history, it's super reasonable to assume that would be our highest possible low.
    Pre-bubble support zones (linear): $4850, 3800-4100, 2600-2900 (a very, very strong support zone), 1300.
    On the log scale, all logic points to 1300-2600 as our low.

  10. The XRP- Coinbase story has played out too many times …XRP at the place they are in right now , don't need Coinbase to pump up their price..with Xrapid going live soon , Coinbase will need XRP to be listed coz they are in the business of making money and ego/friction with the CEOs has no place in the equation

  11. Zcash whil addit to coinbase it's on germini zcash only 5 million coins circulation prices whil explose to 4 k

  12. why dont you use coincheckup.com instead of CMC ? anyways thanks for the info again!! and could you do a bit about TKY 🙂

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