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hi everyone my name's Craig Hamilton Parker I'm a psychic I've been making uh predictions about the future of the world for a little while now and seem to be getting a few things right so these coming up are my predictions for 2019 these are made in September 2018 and I'll put the exact date down here on the screen when it's actually up being uploaded to YouTube so you can check you know that these things are not in the news at the moment these things are kind of not already stories that are on the boil and I'll make some more predictions in December and break them up into into shorter videos for you but this one's a fairly long run because I'm going to cover everything in this video so what have I got right in 2018 quite a lot some of the most important ones I think was Prince Harry gets married that happened unexpectedly to the press I talked about Las effect the environment actually and I talked about our fire in Hawaii and that happened I talked about um problems with the Vesuvius which I thought was gonna actually take off as it were but there was some quite bad activity round there and I talked a lot about hurricanes in particular and you'll see that some major hurricanes have hit America and I talked about the typhoons hit in the Far East that there was going to be record ones and that has happened and hit that place as I said you'll also see when I there's number of things I said about Europe but also one of the most important ones there was about the German race riots happening in Europe particularly you know these are these are beginning to at the time in September talking now bit on the news quite a lot and I talked about a terrorist drone attack which you will remember and there was an assassination of the president in valise Venezuela and he was hit by a drone and the strangest one of all was I said that there would be a fire at Trump Tower and that happened I also spoke about fire in Las Vegas as well and there was of course the terrorist attack in Las Vegas whether we can interpret that as fire fire of this but so that's debatable but look I get that something's right I get some things wrong I think on the whole I tend to get a little bit more right than wrong but you can check me out look at my predictions and right there on my website at psychics co uk and you can check the archives to see what I get right what I get wrong and what might be pending perhaps but coming up now are my predictions for 2019 okay these are my predictions for 2019 for America made in September 2018 now first one Trump challenges Putin over Syria now this is my first prediction and I think we're gonna have serious problems this year in Syria but this time a conflict between Russia and America I don't think I go out to a full-out military conflict but I think it will be a gradually escalating conflict with Russia that is gonna give the world a lot of problems and there'll be a lot of worries about this I think we may see troops posted to a nearby country somewhere like Israel that that might be a bit too dangerous to do that or somewhere like Saudi Arabia or a friendly country is if we're making a statement we're maybe putting the fleet in the Mediterranean nearby so I think there's gonna be a lot of sabre-rattling regarding that first prediction which is that Trump challenges Putin over the Middle East and Syria I also feel I'm talking of Donald Trump that he'll be taken ill during 2019 but I don't think this will be a major serious thing that will take him out of his presidency or anything like that I don't think it's life-threatening but it's maybe something like a perforated bowel came to mind something like that something quite serious but not gonna kill you and but then you may be you may be unable to do the job for a short period of time and during that time of course people are gonna swarm in to try to push him out of office again but um and I also feel that there could be within the Trump family some problem with an accident of some sort a near-fatal I don't want to say fatal because I just I don't think it is gonna be that but I I feel there could be a problem with something like a car crash or something I was getting this feeling of this around the Trump family all right so I saw something in cars associated with it you'll understand that when we do these psychic predictions we don't always just hear it like you know ticker tape coming through coming off the machine we get pictures we get images so that's how I have to describe that to you for 2019 now I also I talked about this in 2018 that there would be an attempt to impeach Trump and throughout 2018 really they haven't actually impeached him at this stage we're talking about in September but I've said that it would fail you know and really the temps to impeach him have failed and I don't believe Trump will be impeached at all I think there will be continued attempts throughout 2019 to impeach impeach Donald Trump but I think he'll get through and I'll add this into I think of it I think you'll get a second term in his presidency now obviously that's not coming up in 2019 but I feel in the future and I'm making my statement now in 2000 and 18 that he will have a second term as president and that at the moment I think seems against the odds because people as I'm speaking are all endeavouring to Chucky mate I think also just taking one the Trump theme there will be some new scandals surrounding Trump they're gonna throw even more at him but it despite all this now in 2019 we've got in the in America what they call the midterm primaries now I'm in the UK I don't understand all the politics over there but normally people at that time once you're in office you normally find your ratings drop pretty bad and I think the votes usually go against the people that are in power whatever country they are but I think Trump will do surprisingly well considering the strong movement against him so although his he may drop a bit in the primaries as it were his voting polls might go down a bit I think it would be go proportionally to what other prep happened to other presidents I don't think it would be quite as bad as everybody anticipates I think you're fair fairly well and I think at the time there will actually be new scandals in the air and yet I still think he survives so it's a very strange thing isn't everybody sort of firm condemns Trump everybody says he's gonna be out of power but um I think he continues um I also feel just keeping on that theme a little bit I'm this I've talked about these things in part further on in the videos but I think the American economy is gonna do very well people are talking about all the bubbles gonna burst there and everything's gonna go wrong but I still think the American economy is gonna keep storming ahead through 2019 now on other things I also keeping on the theme of USA here I think we've had to thin out this year we've had our in 2018 we've had a lot of hurricanes and things which are predicted last year I think we're gonna get earthquakes in the USA through 2019 we're gonna get serious seismic activity I don't think this is the big one in California I don't think we're gonna get that so don't start panicking and remember I'm fallible please because don't go panicking when I make these predictions that I treat this is a bit of an experiment please people but I do feel that it's gonna be more a lot more seismic activity in the USA again we'll still have the another bad bad hurricane season and a lot of flooding and fires through America again I mean I'm psychic I see those things but at the same time the environment is burning up as I said last year in 2017 I was at the time I'm making this um that you know we're gonna see also the Sun heating up – it's not just us damaging the environment with all our plastic and everything but I see the Sun heating up as well so I think this is a long-term thing so expect more troubles I'm afraid particularly in the USA and I feel there's gonna be some catastrophe also in Canada I feel there's an environmental problem in Canada of some sort it might be in the nature of a huge forest fire I see somewhere in the northern hemisphere happening back but later on I'm going to talk about a meteor strike that I feel is going to hit Russia up north of Russia not massive but a cause of fires now just coming back come to Donald Trump again I feel Donald Trump's gonna gonna cut a sort of a landmark deal with Pakistan now this might not sound the most important thing to most people but I feel this is gonna put a lot of can put a lot of pressure on the Arab world to change its ways he would use economics as his way of dominating the world rather than military initially he's gonna put pressure on Imran Khan who the cricketer you know who run who's now in charge in Pakistan as it were and he's gonna do an economic deal in return that he drives a terrorists and extremists and I think American America is gonna actually help to finance that in a way to actually help them prop them up will do you a good deal if you get rid of these guys otherwise you get nothing from us right and that's the attitude he's gonna take but this is gonna use positive trade deals for towards getting a political solution and military and stopping us having to do military solutions the only problem I sense with all this as I'm feeling these extremists are being driven out of Afghan out of Pakistan and into Afghanistan so I worry about Afghanistan in my mind I was seeing more conflicts in Afghanistan as we push out the terrorists from Pakistan it's like it's gotta go somewhere so I'm seeing more conflicts there and I'm seeing conflicts also in Pakistan with China in Pakistan so it's a packet China's trying to put its reach into Afghanistan there's something about that I was feeling an argument over maybe mining or something like that now going back to Trump again because he you can't talk about American nowadays so like talking about Trump because he's such a dominant character um but I've uh I've seen on the news about Rudy Giuliani the guy that was used to run the mayor of New York no gain I'm British I don't know all the ins and outs of American politics but I was getting the feet and they were saying oh this guy is really good for Trump he's gonna be the man you know and I I feel that Trump's gonna promote Rudy Giuliani Giuliani sorry Mike for Americans like my am pronunciations wrong I think but I feel he's gonna be put into a high office of some sort you know I think he's gonna be put into a high position but then I got the feeling that this guy's gonna really stab Trump in the back he's just gonna let him right down and almost hope to make a stab later to become the President himself one day which I don't think he will succeed at so I see problems there I also feel that NASA is going to announce a new project is going to be a new moon base project it's not going to actually happen within 2019 but I feel there's going to be a project to build a base on the moon and it's whistle what I was thinking about this was to see I was seeing about this I remember that movie the moon I was getting flashes of that when I was doing my meditations and it seemed to come out of nowhere so that's why I kind of treat this with more credence in my when I get these predictions because and I just got this I saw this like the mining so I thought why you maybe that's what's gonna happen so I get the feeling NASA's gonna talk about mining these things like rare earth metals and things like that where rare earth metals I think they're called that type of thing from the moon as if they're gonna make the first steps towards it and this is more like a bit of a Kennedy sort of thing you know like when we're gonna go to the moon you know Trump saying we're gonna mine the moon because it's like it's political in a way it's like making a statement how much comes from this I don't know but I see more funding going to NASA generally and just finally I'll make some more predictions about America later on in the year in December but one of the other things I saw and again this has happened in 2019 I saw not a very nice thing to say but it came to me and I saw a celebrity suicide but not only did I see a celebrity suicide I saw something about a celebrity suicide pact like two people killing themselves simultaneously not by accident like a deliberate thing like a suicide pact and that's a high celebrity thing and I really don't know who that is I think it was a man and a woman I felt when I saw this but you know like I say we don't get these things just like in black and white newspaper headings I just get the feeling of it and this is how psychic people usually tend to work you tend to get impressions it comes like a dream from your unconscious but anyway those are my predictions so far for 2019 for the USA these are my predictions for the UK for 2019 being made in September 2018 okay the first of my predictions is that Theresa May goes when she goes we all ask um my feeling is that she survives until brexit I feel that she's gonna want to see the job through as it were and move on and actually in her mind wants to make her name in history by being the person that gave us brexit and so after the 29th of March when brexit happens and the deal is done she's gonna resign immediately afterwards and that will be the end of her I'm afraid as for exit I mean I predicted brexit in the news before when everybody thought brexit would never happen that was one of my early predictions that people picked up on and but when I do this work and so I've always kind of had a strong sort of connection with the whole Brixham idea and all the way through I've been saying it's gonna be a hard bricks it's gonna be a hard break so I'm sticking with what I've said up to now and I still feel it's a hard brexit even though they're trying to make all these different deals and give these other ideas about how it's gonna go give us alternatives I think it's gonna be taken right to the wire and we won't get a deal until just a few weeks before we step out we won't get any sign of Europe giving in or giving any ground until after December 2018 so we're going to go right up to the wire and at the last minute all of a sudden oh well perhaps we can do something anyway and it's gonna be Germany and France is gonna put the pressure on to make sure that something happens because they know that there economies are gonna suffer the worst in Europe when this happens it's gonna be the car industry in particular that's gonna press for a deal of some sort and I think one might even get agreements on the border in Ireland but I'll say a little bit more about that in a moment but so that's my first prediction about brexit it's gonna get a last-minute deal and it won't work out as bad as everybody thinks we will get something so I think Teresa may has to hold her ground on this because my feeling is that's what's gonna happen she's gonna stick with it I don't think they're gonna exit it before then it's gonna be very close but my feeling is that what I was seeing was this hard brexit deal it's gonna be hard there's gonna be um a lot of disruptions so my next prediction is that there's gonna be brexit disruption I don't think it takes a psychic to tell you that but I also feel the problems that we get from it and there will be some initial problems but I feel they cool quickly there's initial chaos and particularly at the ports is there worrying about I see all that happening I see but I see trade flow improves very quickly the people are very quick to make sure they can still make money and I don't feel there's gonna be the medical salt shortages they've been going on about and worrying about all that's a negative I just don't see that happening so as a psychic I'm saying my feeling is it's not going to be as bad as you think it's gonna be fine there's there there will be a harbor exit as I said but this on this prediction I want to say there will be no Irish border and what I mean by that is my feeling is that's gonna happen is where they just can't get a deal on the Irish border my feeling is that the British government are going to turn around and just say well leave the border open you've got more to lose than we ever would just let Goods flow into Europe through through the through Northern Ireland I mean it sucked and I feel that it would be Europe that decides there has to be something put in place some formed border so all the fuss they make is I think in terms of they wanting to protect themselves so the problem with this type of addiction is we have so much information with us already and I'm always worried that my own unconscious mind is somehow influenced in these or my own opinions are influencing these but I feel that there's a border ever built it will be built by the Irish not the British ok and again I don't think that's going to be as big a problem as everybody fears I think their work a way out it'll be done it'll slow things up but there find a way so that's always had my feeling right back from that and you'll read my very early predictions about brexit some time ago that I foresaw a lot of this and that's why I still stick with it it seems to have happened everybody's talking about the pound crashing at brexit I actually feel the opposite to that I feel the pound soars in value after brexit and I feel investment is huge in Britain after brexit and they're talking also at the present time in as I'm making these predictions in September 2018 of a property crash after brexit ok I feel the opposite I feel that it's all been holding back and everybody's been scared to buy or sell properties and I actually feel a surge after brexit not immediately but you know in the period of 2019 itself by the time you get to the end of the year I think prop C will be doing very well so there's be unprecedented activity in the City of London I don't think it takes a psychic to see that but I do fill this I do my gut feeling is completely contrary to what they're telling us my gut feeling this is going to be a general improvement after an initial fall so I mentioned a while back to that there would be a new political party formed and the son picked up on that before and did a whole page about this this thing about my predictions about a new political party strangely there's been since I made that prediction there's been loads of talk about the formation of applet new political party so I kind of got the theme right in the prediction it's not happened yet so I'm gonna stick with that prediction again for 2019 because I still have this feeling that out of all this chaos prior to brexit and after and the extremism that's been happening now when the Labour Party I feel that we're gonna get a new political party formed because I feel that the contorting to go further right the Labour are going to go further left and there's a vacuum and so I've seen this what two years ago I talked about this now I'm feeling it's going to happen and I feel it's going to happen in 2019 we're gonna get a strange mixture of mixture of people because we're gonna get people like I'm Tony Blair getting involved and coming back into port politics certainly trying to help the formation but we're also gonna get Tory people in this as well and we're gonna get a middle ground centre party with a new name of some sort and so I've spoken about that before so there's not a brand new position from my point of view but it's something I feel will happen now the leader of the tour of the tories when Teresa made goes my feeling there's going to be a battle between two main characters with obviously we've got we've dr. David Davis is going to be one of the it's going to be one of the frontrunners I feel and we're also going to get Boris Johnson as one of the frontrunners nothing it's gonna be a battle for tape between those two Reese mark I think's in the step aside so we're going to get a battle for the Tory leadership between Boris Johnson and David Davis David Davis coming back into politics in order to do this I thought in the end I feel Boris Johnson will become the leader of the Tory Party and David Davis will concede and become sort of his right-hand man as it were with a high position in the Tory Party but its deputy leader or something like that but that will happen after we Teresa may will resign after March so we're talking about this sort of battle going on and for its in April time of 2019 and yeah I feel that I feel it's gonna be a very close call between David Davis and Boris Johnson but my feeling is that Boris Johnson wins the day in the end how long he stays in power asks another for another prediction later I think so that I feel after that again in 2019 we've had brexit we've had a change of policy we've had a change of leadership in the Tory Party and I feel quite soon after that we'll have another general election great so 2019 sees perhaps the new the new general election being called late in that year perhaps were talking about September time or something like that or we're looking at maybe calls for it to happen in 2020 but certainly I feel that is if Boris Johnson now has to reaffirm himself as the front-runner in the Tory Party and that it's he's been elected not just how Quay stood upon us as so often these leaders have been so and I see the that so that's that so that's what I'm seeing there and that's at the same time I'm just looking at my notes here as we see the rise of the new political party so the next general election will be a very interesting thing because it will be a four horse race my feeling is the Liberals will be on dust on the decline and I think we're gonna we're gonna see Corbin still in power which is going to be and and reaffirming his power and getting stronger within the Labor Party despite at 2018 we're getting all sorts of problems about anti-semitism and things like that that they're gonna go far left so it's going to be a full horse race between this new party that will evolve at the same time and I'm not talking about I'm not talking about you Kip or that type of party I'm sitting I'm talking about a new center party with kind of milder ideas and also the idea of going back into Europe too so I did mention earlier about the property market round brexit and I I've got another prediction here in front of me I should cover this one a bit more property market ignites so we're gonna actually see a great boom in the property market in the UK I feel and there's the government's gonna bring in a new help to replace the help to buy scheme and they're gonna put something in that's gonna really reward first-time buyers to get the money really with the people that want to get on the property ladder and stop the – to homebuyers taking advantage of things so or be something like a big boost it'll be something like stamp duty but it's not quite that is something that just rewards the very very first time buyers is something like a government mortgage or something like that a government way of giving helping you get the deposit government free money at the start like you can borrow 30 up to 30 thousand pounds and it's going to be secured by the government and you don't have to put it up yourself and you pay it back slowly a low interest rate something to get the markets moving and I think that's gonna come in it's gonna be a lot of these type of incent is coming in in brexit time to get their economy moving they're going to throw everything at the economy to make sure it soars ahead and we don't get any form of recession there might be inflation troubles next year because of this so I also keep an on the theme of business I when I was doing my meditations I also saw business bribes happening you know I saw some real issues with corruption are being in the news so in particular I saw a sort of a top company as kind of accused of fixing thing fixing their cheating in a big way and doing a big international deal that involves bribes it might mean that some British company loses out a lot of money and deals because of it's like an arms deal or something like this something might be in Saudi Arabia that's involved with it or the Middle East something like that was the feeling and I said British but actually one of the things I felt with this is they seem to be a Scottish influence to this story there's something about is connected somehow with Scottish industry or something that's happened in Scotland and I actually felt that somehow Nicola Sturgeon is implicated I'm not saying she's done anything wrong like that but I'm saying that somehow she's implicated it's it's kind of reflects on her it kind of makes her look bad because she was somehow rooting for this company and something's gone wrong so and I also feel generally in Scotland there seems to be some more sort of like scandal politics happening there something big to kind of break up the Scottish nationalists okay so some of that might have undercurrents of people deliberately politically trying to undermine Scotland and there's a lot of Russian influence is still in a lot of these things possibly with Scotland and politics generally these sort of business scandals and political Standells I feel it gonna be fueled by petrol thrown on the flames from Russia and that will be exposed as well now keeping on the business things again I I have a had a strong feeling also that we have a problem in the high streets and as I was doing my meditation I kept seeing internet and I kept seeing domain names you know co uk the domain names and I it was like given to me the idea that what will happen is domain names will get charged rates just like a high street shop gets charged business rates for being on a high street so I was getting all these information coming to me and the best I can work out what I was kind of seeing here is that the domain name will become ratable so that if you have a domain name that has two hundred and fifty thousand visitors a day that domain name then goes into a set or something like there'll be a number that domain name then goes into a certain category that they'll becomes writable so it's not a like over a certain amount of traffic it becomes writable and you charge rates just as you would be on a high street so a big company like Google Cote UK would pay rates and this would only apply to Co UK British names so I don't know if that's even feasible or possible but I felt as if that would happen and I also felt also I felt with this that they were going to bring something in where it's like if you've got a big big company like Google or Amazon or Facebook you will be forced to have other links on the page to competitors so what I was seeing is sort of like so if you went to if you went to Amazon for example you'd see a bar across the top of frame on the page coming from the domain name holder that would be Amazon co uk not so before Amazon sorry I'm complicated but the worse sorts like we used to have a frame on top of things like they did hold on them on Google on Yahoo in the past and that frame was on top frame we'll have links randomly generated to other companies so you might see on Amazon you might see John Lewis on Amazon you might see the big the big name stores which are alternating randomly selected randomly so that we've always got other choices for those products so we don't always stay on the big stores and vice-versa for any big domain that's got certain levels of traffic this comes in with this high street idea or that is that domain is the street which they've got their properties and it's like a real domain you know and I saw that in particular for Google Doc oh you K having to be forced to have other links to Bing and so forth on the top of the page so that's what I've seen whether that's just my thoughts and wishful thinking and perhaps but that I saw that as I thought worth Cyprian idea of a way to change and force companies to share their traffic and therefore in a way also save the high street and save the smaller businesses by forcing this these leaks in in the thing but whether it happened on I don't know but I just that's what I've seen you know I'm sat doing the meditations for UK business bump if I was getting all that and it was coming out of the blue so when it comes out of the blue I treat it as I say before with some I pay attention to it and keeping on the ideas with this – I see Google being brought to account in 2019 to Google and a lot of the big corporates are online will be taxed and there's going to be a lot of loopholes closed for the big corporate companies there's a thing out there I've sort program years ago about it cool though I think it's called the Dutch sandwich which is sort of like a loophole that so big corporates can shift the money out of the country and not actually pay tax on things I see that one in particular being closed or anybody watching this that sir in those industries I wouldn't I wouldn't buy Dutch sandwiches they sound awful I I about in the American predictions about their NASA doing expansion but I also felt that there's gonna be there's gonna be a big new announcement about a British space project as well for some reason I've got a lot of space things for next year so I think it's gonna be in the news a lot so I saw big money investment into British space projects and I predict also that there's gonna be a partnership with NASA and that's gonna be announcing could be some big American money this is gonna happen after brexit I see a big investment in British space and I see a joint project and possibly something too there's a very not just business orientated something that's very altruistic type of thing something's about pure science there's gonna be a new British telescope this is gonna be something to do look this is gonna be something to count to sarin and all that it's as if British science is gonna have something really juicy that all the scientists want to come to Britain to work on it may involve something I felt also with something to do with the study of the Sun and it has something also to do with producing electric in new ways like new battery technology for example as well and new ways of generating electric cars and things that the power is a power thing connected with this and learning how to harness power and it may have something to do with the Sun it's not just a really step not just British space but British science generally big investment of money and a lot coming from America and a lot of this has a commercial tie-ups with it too so that Britain and America benefit from the inventions and what comes from discoveries now on the money side again I could get quite a lot of this one I did my meditation because I think Brett's is gonna have such a big effect on our money I see a Russian hacks on the British banking system now we've had a lot of Russian hacks through 2018 the year I'm talking now but I see major British banks and financial institutions hit all at once and these simultaneous attacks are gonna come on all the banks and all the credit card companies and lots of websites and this will happen right on brexit date this is if we want to make things as bad as we can for Europe and I feel this is kind of like Putin's revenge for all those attacks in Salisbury you know he didn't like getting caught out and we're gonna get one hell of a lot of cyber attacks it'll be routed all around the world so we think it comes from China we think it comes from North Korea we think it comes from here and there but my feeling is it comes from Russia and so look out for that particularly round brexit day whether in the UK worldwide we got weather problems I think Britain's gonna have major problems with flooding I was getting pictures of great sways of the country seeing record record flooding hardest hit I felt were the West Country and Lancashire so yet your wellies and also into these storms and things like this I saw a ship possibly a tanker but I saw a ship sinking off the coast of Scotland and there's some big pollution problem with that I first I thought it was an oil tanker but I'm not quite sure I'm right with that but there was something a big ship thing hits the news of Scotland now keeping with that same theme actually with the with the shipping and so forth this obviously there's the business with the shipping with the fishing industry and I feel in I was getting pictures of major conflicts between the British fishermen and the French fishermen and the Spanish I'm it's a bit I feel a bit like the time we had the cod wars with Iceland we're gonna have ships ramming each other in response to the French and spits Spanish still trying to fish in British waters I see no compromises on this I see large no-go areas nicely people trying to fish in them or if they're in the marine reserves that are gonna be set up I also think there's gonna be large parts of Britain they're gonna beat British waters are gonna be made over two areas are set for recovery so ie no one can fish there this is almost partly a response to stop the conflict my feeling is but we're gonna see fishing boats at war and finally um well actually two more yeah lastly her I saw now I didn't know this this one if I had to put this in my predictions for England or Britain and America or America because I saw a big industrial explosion I'll have to say I'm in two minds I can't see if this is in the UK or America and I can't go back and try to rethink these things because they're my own mind or start getting involved but I was given this picture of seeing a huge factory explosion and I mean a big one and I thought at first it looked to me because I saw the shapes that look like the sort of the storage canisters for gas so it looked like gas works but it could be something out because there was also a sense of chemicals involved so whether it's a big explosion in a refinery or is a chemical factory or something like that and I don't know that UK or America but I'm putting it in my UK predictions at the moment that it be America as well so that's that one and finally the last one is I saw Julianne Sarge making an escape attempt now I get a feeling also that in the UK there's going to be quite a few um there's going to be few lot of street protests and political protests in 2019 and one of those happens around the embassy where Assad is being held and I feel get the feeling that there's all this chaos there's a shortage of police because we're the police I feel are going to be really stretched in 2019 we're gonna have prison riots and things so they're gonna they're gonna be they're gonna be everywhere the police scattered and I get the feeling that Assad is gonna take the eye off the ball and the Sarge is gonna actually escape the embassy and try to get out the country it's gonna be an interesting future tip story okay so that's my lot and I'll make some more on the UK predictions later in the year in 2018 December and there are some more predictions as things develop but yeah so that's it and I'll move on to my next lot of predictions are these are my predictions for Europe 2019 I'm making these predictions in September 2018 and I'll make some more predictions towards the beginning of the year in 2000 and in them all these 2000s in December 2018 but for now these are some of my predictions that I see for Europe now the first one is I feel that this that we're gonna get elections in Europe after brexit and I had a very strong feeling that in Europe things are gonna move to the far right there's much more right wing and Eurus Euroskeptic candidates dominating the European election successes next year so I feel it's gonna put a lot of pressure I'm seeing a divide within Europe itself those that are all for Europe and then a swing further to that side to the Federalists and all those are against are gonna swing even for there's basically I'm seeing no middle ground happening here I'm seeing very similar to what we've seen in America and I'm seeing a stronger and stronger dominance of right-wing politics in Europe now to make all this worse I also saw moves to do things such as change the European flag and also to bring in a European army these things are gonna become more of they been around before but they're gonna be more and more dominant in 2019 now first that flag business I wasn't quite sure what I was seeing because obviously we don't just take a star out when Britain goes that's not that's not gonna happen that's not what I'm talking about here that's the that's fictitious but there was something about the feeling that was today we're gonna try to do something to reinforce the European flag and what I actually saw you know the way the American flag gets the stars in the corner and then the stripes round it it's as if every European country has to have this little corner piece put in with the stars in it to show that it's all part of the European one European nation so I see that being trying to be brought in and pressure to do something with the flag and maybe in my mind I'm also seeing that partly as a symbolic thing of the way ahead of what's happening in Europe because my gut feeling is with this is there gonna be real major moves to European eyes everything even more to bend because of the British leaving it's gonna be a real Chuck attempt to pull it hard together right and simultaneously we're getting so much reaction against this this is why I'm seeing I think eventually my feeling is that eventually Europe as a unit is just gonna fall completely apart and when it really comes is gonna come in one big go but it's not gonna happen 2019 but we're gonna see the start of this in 2009 so we're gonna see the the flag in the corner and I'm gonna I see moves to try to set up a European army now meanwhile one of the biggest supporters of Europe at Angela miracle in Germany I feel it's gonna fall from office she's gonna be she's gonna have to resign I feel this is gonna become I feel in Germany there's gonna be some major changes around the problem now I don't know much about German politics at all but I just get the sense the Angela miracles on her way a it's as if she's gonna go once and for all and it's gonna be very difficult for her because I feel I've talked about we had right I talked in 2007 teens about the uprising of right-wing riots in Germany we've also we've seen it in 2018 we've also seen it in Sweden and places like that and I and I feel Austria and the Eastern European companies they're all going more and more right-wing and I be we're pleased because this is a dangerous thing if we start getting radical politics that we just try to ignore it so I feel that this attempt at federalism in Europe is going to be so bad we're going to actually see Angela Merkel leave office I also feel that in Germany there's a lot of problems happening not just with Angela Merkel leaving not just with race riots happening and there's gonna be a strop there's gonna be a next year of mark my words there's gonna be a huge flood of immigrants again into the into the country and particularly Dean towards Germany and I see also the German car industry that's so important for Germany in serious trouble now that's not just because they've lost some of their export markets of Britain but also they're gonna lose their lot of their export market to China and most importantly they're gonna lose their export market to America because I feel that Trump is gonna pull down the wall and he's gonna want to build up your American car industry and if that means sacrificing the German car industry that's what will happen now I mentioned just a second ago that there's going to be a new immigration crisis in Europe because my feeling is I mentioned in my American predictions that there will be conflicts in the Middle East this time around Syria and America and Russia at loggerheads and more problems at that same area with Iran and we're gonna see a new immigration crisis in 2019 and there's gonna be a surge of refugees again and that's gonna result in a lot of protests and riots in France in Germany in Sweden and Austria we're gonna see a strong resistance to what's going on there walls going up and I feel with all that there's gonna be a lot of problems in Europe and finally I think the Europe the euro is gonna become very weak next year in 2019 and the pound getting stronger despite what they're saying I feel the pounds going to be strong and the dollar surging in strength as well so the European economy will do badly I feel in 2019 and I feel the Euro will lose value and remain weak until the end of that year anyway that's my predictions for now for Europe I'm gonna do some more as I've said in my other videos in December and we'll do it more detail then as we get closer to the new year but anyway that's it for now I'll move on to my next predictions I hope you've enjoyed my predictions for America for Britain and for Europe and now here's a few predictions for the rest of the world and I will expand these a little later on in the year in December 2018 so I'm making these predictions in September 2018 for the year 2019 okay so my first prediction is riots in China my feeling is that in China there's going to be a major financial crisis basically the debt bubble is burst in 2019 a lot of pressures being put on China from a lot of different directions China has been going my foot on a record speed and my gut feeling is that China will plunge into recession and because of this people will take to the streets now those of you that have been following my predictions will know that some years ago I was talking about a revolution in China that I feel the long-term destiny of China is to have a major revolution a Tiananmen Square type of revolution in which we see the advent of real democracy and I said that wouldn't happen until China had his economic problems and this is not deliberate from the fact that I'm Trump and the rest of them are putting pressure on China financially they're not trying to cause a revolution there but I feel this is an unexpected consequence and I seeing the Chinese economics beginning to cave in a lot of scrambles to get everything right again and I feel that the people will start to protest when they start seeing the lack of money and there will be a surge of demands for democracy so next year 2019 I feel we'll start seeing really the first rumbles of a lot more to come we're gonna see some riots we're not going to see a revolution in China but we're gonna start seeing major unrest and troubles in Australia I felt as if they're gonna have some bushfires now I know the Australians don't like to hear this because when a bushfire goes in Australia it sometimes becomes catastrophic and I think we do have a bad one coming up in 2019 and I I felt this was an exceptionally big bushfire it's gonna take a lot of work to put out and I feel the area it's gonna be around is Canberra I felt around that area around the capital around Canberra I felt lessly was the problem in those areas another thing that came to me was I saw a meteorite hitting Russia now I'm not saying this is some huge deal end of the world now commit and I'm getting at here sort of thing now it's a it's a meteorite hits Russia it's more of something unusual and interesting it doesn't cause huge troubles it doesn't hit a city or anything I feel it hits somewhere a bit like Siberia there was one that happened some years ago and some in the night in during the first world war I think it might be round about that time I think but I've seen that type of all the flattened trees that's what I was saying so I feel as if it makes the international news it is nothing to worry about but it's not a threat to the world and it's but it's a bit of a wake-up call at the same time that we should pay more attention to reversing future problems because my feeling is we're gonna get more of these gradually over the coming years not huge great things I'm not predicting into worlds here and things like that but I feel we're gonna get more and more and we may need for the very long term to look into ways to avert potential crisis but I think it's something I see over the news okay now returning back to Russia and again and this time China I remember in 2017 predicting for the 2018 I predicted that there would be a big military coming together of China and Russia and we've seen that actually just at the time I'm speaking now with big military exercises with Russia and China working together so that was that was another prediction that came true but I'm seeing now that the China's gonna actually start to buy battleships and more from Russia Russia's gonna start to see a big market there and my feeling was I'm seeing Putin sort of ignoring or what any of the west and flogging a load of stuff to China and this will be all sorts of hardware particularly a battle ships and submarines and this type of thing something that can go and fill up all those new ports in the South China Sea right so and because of this is going to put pressure on America and Japan and I feel more and more troop buildups in that area is making a bad situation they're worse I'll talk about um oh let's just talk about South Korea a little about North Korea a little bit here too because Kim Jung hoon draws closer to trying to make a reunification with North North and South Korea now I predicted that Kim Jung hoon would be over powered by his own people that there will be an uprising there eventually now my feeling there is the there's gonna they're not gonna relent at all on the containment that we're trying to stop all trade stop everything oh no in fact I think they're gonna trump's gonna build that up and i think eventually a deal will start to come but i think it's going to be too late for kim jung-han because even though we get to the point where there's nearly a reconciliation we are coming together of north and south and us a lot of good news coming out there but I then I think there's an uprising to pull him down Kim Jung hoon and I I've said this before we'll try to escape you know rush to China and he'll be another one of the fugitives I talked about Asajj as a fugitive but I feel he'll be a fugitive from his own country but that was something I predicted a long time ago but I feel that this is also now becoming to come into is own now in 2019 so a lot going on with in that whole area of the world and that's going to be in the news a lot again lots of typhoons and things in that area as well so there's is a volatile area in all ways and I also feel that Australia will start to build up its own military too because it's beginning to see and feel a danger from China so we're going to see a lot of things happening in Australian politics about the need for building up weaponry and talking perhaps to America to do some deals together right so also just keeping with the English speaking countries South Africa I was feeling there would be a lot of violence I feel uprisings there and you know like happened in when it was called Rhodesia when they had all the problems with the grant land grabs and things like that I see that happening in South Africa I feel that this land appropriation happening and they'll be taking land from the white farmers and not giving any compensation and I'm seeing armed clashes I don't think I think it will be stopped somehow I don't think I come to a complete meltdown like people might fear but my sense is that in 2019 we're gonna see this coming to a point where it's become international news and I feel that the international community somehow trying to jump in to stop all this happening so that's gonna be some problems for South Africa and also keeping with South Africa I think there's gonna be a lot of political vote rigging going on I don't know they've got elections in 2019 I'm not quite sure of that but they have a National Assembly there don't they and I feel that it's gonna be it's gonna be dissolved after a vote there's gonna be a vote and there's gonna be a recall and there's gonna be conflict because I feel as if there's been exposed real major election fixes and the judges step in to call for a second election so in South Africa I see quite an upset period ahead but at the same time it's a period where um they do finally get through it you know we have this like we come to the brink with these things but we kind of put the lid on it I feel it doesn't go completely out of control but it is a worrying time for anybody in South Africa also I want to just return again to the conflicts in the Middle East I talked about this earlier on in the American section of what I've talked about here and I spoke about new conflicts in there with America being drawn in but I just want to look at Turkey for a moment because um I feel that Turkey will want what will be try will make a move to want to expand its borders into Syria it's as if they want to move in and create a buffer zone where they can put all these refugees so they're not in Turkey itself and I get this sense of Turkey's borders expanding I've said in the past that I feel Syria will eventually be divided up right at the moment is completely clobbered by Russia but Russian aid to Syria but I feel that Turkey wants to expand its borders but I feel this gonna be a lot of political wrangling between Turkey having to almost stand up to Russia and I think turkey might back down so what I'm saying is I feel Turkey might take military moves into Syria and then Russia start to get seriously involved and threaten turkey and turkey retreat but there's something going on there now I was getting images of that whole area I was seeing largest waves of deserts being tried to turned into into refugee camps there's gonna be unfortunately terrible troubles and this will probably be still within 2018 actually but in 2019 I feel turkey is trying to make a stand but it doesn't do very well it's it's like it's trying to do something brave and then it chickens egg right turkey chickens oh God and then right but anyway sorry it's a set it's not a good thing to be talking about wars and then joking about it but I think Turkey turkey has the potential to become in a very powerful country I was getting the feeling that Turkey could become the country that leads the Arab world like it did when the Ottoman Empire and take over from the role that Iran has tried to have to dominate that that that culture but so but Turkey I feel stand up for yourself that's what they need to do but they're scared of Russia and I feel that's going to be in the news a lot I'll try to give some more about that as it comes to me because I've done an awful lot of predictions this year and this has been quite a long video I also feel just keeping to other parts of the world too I feel this gonna be some earthquakes in Nepal big ones devastating earthquake in Nepal I'm afraid and I also feel keeping going back to Africa again there's gonna be war again in Sudan I'm sorry to say that because they've just been talking about having peace but I think a fragile peace is broken and war breaks out there again Civil War anyway I'll have to stop there I think I've got to do some more predictions in December 2018 that's this year I'm talking now and what do I drew some country-by-country and do some more for countries like Mexico and South Africa and and so forth again so do keep following the channel please folks I always appreciate it if people buy my books and things and book the readings on the site and you know one of the I've written a lot about destiny and where the destiny is fixed or we can change things that I have a very strong opinion that we can change our destiny and change it with it also change our personal destiny and change the destiny of the world as well and it all depends upon our thoughts make an influence on the world our actions of course make a strong influence upon the world and having a good positive attitude to things so when I make these predictions people off it can often seem very gloomy and you know gloom monger sort of type thinks I always have to pick up on what's gonna happen and if you look at the news it's pretty worrying always but if we can think positively we do tend to have a better influence over things if we do good acts in the world that is a very powerful force not just in our own personal lives but in the lives of others it's all about karma about creating karma because everything is the unfolding of karma collectively and individually and if as individuals we can do good things and do good karmic things then we contribute to the benefit of the world at large as well anyway I hope you perhaps have enjoyed all my predictions and I hope you do read my books in particular I'd suggest messages from the universe and mystic journey to India the book because that's all about destiny and karma and how I've tried to change the for the direction of the my own destiny that was predicted in India as I tell you it's an amazing story and yeah it's fascinating of those things that happened there where I was told about my fate and how I could change it so you might find that interesting and if you're on Amazon Prime you can get my video called mystic journey to India where I go to India to do what we call the remedies I consulted the Nadi Oracle's that told me my destiny told it in absolute detail including the day I will die you know where's a prediction to get a and how to remedy and change things and it got everything right that was the thing got everything right about my past everything right about what was happening in my life and therefore everything possibly right about my future so could I change it well watch the movie and see how I went about it anyway that's called mystic journey to India it's on Amazon crime I've got a book of the same name and also in the first book where I started really getting interested in tells the story and the wife and eyes work as mediums and things as well yeah miss mystic messages from the universe so that's three three items there I'm telling you Bo and of course if you want readings and you want predictions for yourself you know look up me and Jane on the web and we will also be able to we also do private readings for people okay that's my address over the way and have a nice 2019 everything there's always going to be troubles in the world remember this is an experiment I am fallible I don't get it alright I get a lot of things right some things I get very right some things I get almost writing some things I get completely wrong so don't sleep well don't worry about it the world is always gonna have its troubles but we can always as individuals find a path through that through that maze where find a way through each of us just stay with it and take a spiritual path if you can do good and good comes to you see you later check out our website for more stuff you can book psychic readings with us and find out about our public events or watch our fantastic movie called mystic journey to India it's a mind-boggling adventure that's now showing on Amazon Prime and if you want to learn more you can find out about my books and courses check out messages from the universe that reveals the ancient secrets of existence or read my book called psychic school to discover and enhance your own psychic skill or how about what to do when your day if I book about the afterlife and what it's like all this plus lots more lots of new articles and videos all on my fascinating website

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