New 2019 Bitcoin High’s?

– G’day everybody, hope you’re well? Look, wanted to give you
a little bit of an update. Last, well the weekend is gone I went and did some wonderful fishing. Didn’t look at the markets at all. Basically took a weekend
off because this weekend, as in the weekend coming
up, the 26th and 27th, I will be presenting my first two day in-classroom event in Sydney. First one I’ve done for
I think about nine years. So I’m very excited. Very much looking forward to
sitting down with you guys, walking you through it,
answering any questions, getting to meet you properly and spending two full days teaching you about how to trade these crypto-markets. So I’m pretty stoked, pretty excited. Finally got all the content done, the reworks, the bits and
pieces I wanted to add, so it’s looking fantastic
and I can’t wait to see you. Now if you are in Sydney
and you’re free this weekend just come along, I think
we’ve got five spots left or six, something like that. We’re very close to the 50 capacity. I haven’t got the exact
number in front of me but I know we are very
close to the 50 capacity. There are still some spots left though so we’d love to see you come along. After that we’ll be going to Brisbane, from Brisbane to Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Tasmania. So if you’re in any of those cities guys, get yourself ready,
get yourself booked up, because Brisbane and Melbourne are very well booked up as well so don’t miss out. Anyway let’s get on have a look at what the charts done over the weekend. Bullish can on here on
Bitcoin on the weekly. It needs to break the high that came off to see a good continuation. I’m really waiting for that this week to see if we can get above that level. If we can, then really it
would suggest to me that we’re likely to see the
continuation to the upside there on Bitcoin as it stands
right now, because right, it’s had nearly a 34%
pullback, and I’m saying, based on this chart. Oh, wrong one. Based on this chart,
where I wrote it all in, you’ll note all these pullbacks. These are being 35.75
I think is the average. Now, although it didn’t hit the average, it got right, right, right back in there. So, pretty ugly on the daily, not really looking for
any shorts here just yet. Nothing really on the four hour either. Happy to be sort of sitting back, and just waiting for a
bit of a sign I guess. A bit of consistency in the market. And a bit of a good, a good
bit of trending as well. So let’s have a look at the quick, a quick flick-through of the top 10, see if there’s anything else here. Yes, Ethereum is back up
into that cradle zone. Yes, it’s in the great down-trend here. Yes, however, I’d like to see it pull
back in a little bit more. It doesn’t look all that
great on the four hour or any of these timeframes as you step up, so happy to leave that for the time being. Eos as well. It’s back in that cradle
zone, as you’ll note here. You know, the last time we
had that little bearish candle in the cradle zone we did
see a very steep drop. Will we see something similar again? We’ll be back up into
the region of that zone. Have to wait and see. Again, for me, if it
breaks down through here, lower high, lower low, then I wanna see some
continuation of these trends. I don’t need to be on the first row, I’m happy to sit back and
wait for the time being, whilst we wait and see what
the greater market wants to do. Still a lumens right now, as you can see it’s pulled
back up into this cradle zone. On the daily, not a great deal going on. They can’t short that anyway. XRPs bounced quite nicely
off of the old support level. Look at this, support one,
two, three, bang, bang, bang. It’s bounced each time. Does that mean we’re
gonna get back to the top? I don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see. It just means for me right now, it is in a down trend but
there is support there, okay. Not a lot, not a great deal
for me to be doing right now. Litecoin, very similar to that of Bitcoin, except that it has a bigger extended fall. If we look at this, it’s probably back into
about a 61.8 by the looks. Yeah, somewhere close to that. It’s kinda having a hard
time around $100 right now. Again, there’s really no set-up there, there’s no trade for me
at this moment in time, even if I jump to the two day. What you’ll note is that
it’s not perfect, you know. It’s a market to wait for once again. There’s been a bit of patience required over the last few days. Today is also going to
be requiring of patience. Look at this, we break
down through this level, there’ll be a lower high and a lower low. I’m just gonna wait. Bitcoin Cash again, look it’s back into a really
good spot in the daily here, if you see that here, look old
resistance to became support and now it’s becoming resistance again. Beautiful spot to pull back to for a continuation to the downside. Just no trades right now. And again, there is an up
trend on that four hour. I’m gonna have to wait. Binance as well. Look it’s just sort of bounced, sort of a bit of a bounce off
this $24 mark up to 30, 31. Right now for me again, I gotta say it, there’s just nothing in,
in play, on play there. On the weekly here, yes
it’s pulled back in, again very similar to that of Bitcoin. If we break the high
this weekly, then yeah, I can certainly see further upside. But for the time being,
until that has occurred, I’m just gonna be cautiously waiting to see if there’s any opportunities
that present themselves. Toron the same. Big bounce on Toron, but back into a very
sticky little spot there. Again, the four, it’s lost
some of that simplicity, I’m not interested there. And finally Cardano. You’ll have a look here on the daily. This is actually a beautiful pull back in. The problem I’ve got is that
the candle is a little bit big. If the close of the candle
was the low of the candle and my stock was to go
something like here, that would be okay for now,
I wouldn’t mind doing that. For the time being though I’m
kinda happy to leave that. I’m really in no, no position
right now to, to dive in. I’m really happy to wait
for a good opportunity. I had two loosing trades last week, and I haven’t had that for quite a while. And they were two in a row, so they were the only two trades I’ve had, first time in quite a while
that have been down on the week. So for me, I’m just waiting
for the perfect, flawless, stand-out trade. Not to say there weren’t some good trades available last week. It’s just that when one of
those best times were there, I was actually at an event so, yeah. These things happen. I’m being patient, I’m being cautious, and I’m gonna be taking
it pretty easy this week, getting ready for the
course on the weekend. Get along, guys. Sydney, 26th and 27th of this month, which is literally the weekend coming. If you are considering coming, stop considering it cause
you’re gonna miss out on your spot if you don’t get in quick. Look forward to seeing you there, guys. And for those of you who are
in other parts of the country, get on and get yourself booked
before they’re all gone. Take it easy, bye for now.

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  2. Yes, Great TA as always. But the charts needs to be sharper so you can see the numbers better what levels you are talking about. I can hardly discern them.

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