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[Laughter] laughs from the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the boasts of Bitcoin the creased up of creeks dough is your boy BK and if you like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody it is Monday August 8th BTC still floating around $5,200 sitting strong what I wanted to do with this video is actually go to the comments section of yesterday's video right and your boy said that people need a neo chart looking pretty on the daily in the four hours so I tell you everyday leave me a comment let me know what chart you want to see because more than likely that's the one that i'ma come on you know bounce back and review for you all this video channel is of the people for it people bottom people you know so if you appreciate that hit that thumbs up button subscribe join the money team the doors are always open you know now let's go ahead and make this money when I jump in on Facebook some of the different groups they have I thought this was interesting my man Jason said in the last bull run my Mesbah a spy was and shares Neel about for a few pennies and then a move to a hundred bucks you know so what are you looking for in the next Bull Run and and I forgot about that like Neil went from like $2 to like $120 you know and then I remembered actually did a video oh me oh no Sam back in the day you know I was in July 23rd I think we have like 3,000 subscribers back there you know and you can see the method was was very uh you know sporadic chaotic but it still worked let's see what I see and don't don't start swinging trading it don't start you know buying and selling the crosses like we've done in a few of our other videos cuz then then you go up to 120 130 140 or 70 so you can see that this is a solid coin even in a downturn market Bitcoin turned over you know way back here in the end towards the end of June right but and shares has been resilient this is no joke one of the best coins in all of the crypto world and so let's see that was back in July 23rd I think I say a bad neo back there July 23rd let's just jump on 2017 what was we yet oh man oh man oh oh oh man we was all the way July 23rd 2017 oh wow that was like right there oh oh that would have been that would have been a pretty good run you know and so you can see you boy be caping at this for a while man this ain't my first rodeo Young's and I even if you want to even if you were to bottom up like you still he still made cashing out with the boss method two hundred percent in a month Young's an and so this is what we got man neo is back I'm back home I'm back on it the problem the problem that we have with Neil is that it's it's it has so much history in the market like this has been a top 20 coin since like the month that came out that you almost have to go to a longer chart right and so that's one of the reasons why I wanted to do this chart is to show you guys like how it looks like normally a chart on Finance right so when we type any L to the BTC on on B&B you know we don't really get all the data that was captured in that last chart because Finance was like a new exchange right I mean it might not been as liquid as the other ones especially back then so what I will be doing for this chart specifically is just going to a daily understanding the macro and then we could come down to a 343 or 77 to understand the micro right and again my people hit that thumbs up button if you have it leave me a comment down below let me know what chart you want to see cuz I'm doing a video every day this week to try to help you guys make some money so let's stay active let's stay engaged you know unless uh you know keep keep having some keep making some money with these markets with these charts right so the biggest thing you know you want to look at is is understanding that one active area in the chart I tell you is three parts to any cycle break out break down flat line right what comes next break out break down relative flatline continuation break down relative flatline and we're at this little you know hidden bull area here right it's like bubbling up but then when you do a Fibonacci on this right say we want it to go from this break out to this break out right break out to break out look at this look at that that's like confirmation all you need in any given relationship are three points to coexist on the same coordinate system and you have a constant function one plus two equals three right so this tells me right now this section of the chart where we're at in between these two white bars is indeed the end of this cycle and this cycle goes all the way back take you back lay back go all the way back to August 2017 right and no joke you got a 7-under 77 cross on the one six and a lot of times you could do something like this to see exactly where you're gonna be sitting at so if we project that thing down you can see all we're doing is just bouncing out in between limbo land at the two two two two two six right so that's not bad either right and then if you wanted to throw a couple of sine waves on it I think that's better on the 343 let's see you can usually get more accurate on this thing yeah you zoom into the 343 to do like a sine line analysis sometimes if I was in like a quick cycle you know you could go up to like that one but you see that one gets all wonky and crazy right a lot of times you can nail most of the energy with one intersection and that's gonna be 277 over 243 sometimes the 231 just the tap of it right this is pretty good I will do one more where do we want to go right what you want to look for moving into the future is that's the quick uptrend now this is a slowdown but because we're actually in a reversal you reverse it so it's actually gonna be a slope up once once this thing like Peaks out like this and actually that energy shifts what else can we do this is just like the biggest thing to note on this is like just look at the 231 right look at look at the margin between the 231 the 7 and the 77 you have like the spread is like so small 3% spread on a daily right I'll tell you all the time like the 231 this is like the way all the money right this is the billionaire's the CJ B's you gnomes and them them dudes and them ten thousand soup stroke any doves off each other off on the 33rd floor you know I'm saying trying to decide who'll get the money next they just sit in a circle and they pass it to the next one your homes and that's what the CJ B's is several dirt boys right that's them 231 but when they agree with everyone else they're in business to make money together right and so this is less than a 3% spread on a coin that is almost a billion dollars and liquidity right 12 bucks a share Ennio to the BTC 12 bucks a share 800 million dollar market cap and the biggest thing to realize is that when that happens just go back in time and look at look to see like when's a lot the last time it happened let's do that right now Ennio so to BTC now we got to jump back on bit tricks right and you can see the spreads a little bit wider but you know the biggest thing you need to look for is the 77 and the 231 right using the boss meant that you could actually turn off the seven to get these long term analysis but look at this look at this look at like the last time it happened that was pretty close and then you can imagine like if you would have been able to get the data to go back out it probably happen like around right there and then the last time that's Brad was that close was like right here where the 77 was going up you see that and now we have another situation where does 77 is going up not spread is getting very very very thin so this is just what you want to be cognizant of right neo2 the BTC is a great buy right now on that only because it will make you more BTC in the future but also because it is a legitimate crypto with connections out of this world I'm talking governmental connections ecommerce connections people don't even notice but back in CES in 2016 I want to say 17 I went out to see yes consumer electronic Expo if you don't know dump actually deleted my own Instagram I can repost the picture but see yes 2017 ant shares had a booth at CES with micropayment facial recognition technology on the blockchain this was like almost three years ago like where'd I take your picture and your smile pays for whatever you know bag that they were giving you you know and then it was like a little giveaway give me bag but it was like oh please smile for payment and then you look at the picture you know and this was out this was like at their Expo and this is the Bedini went from an chairs to neo right and they wrote a lot of stuff of that a lot of that stuff that people don't realize that and chairs that partner with Alibaba Alibaba is the world's number one digital ecommerce giant forever you know like like like like that King bobblehead said China is winning you better believe it neo and nem are the Twin Towers of the east and so this is the opportunity this is not so much a jump in and jump out like double dutch this is a realize that uh you know going back to July of 2017 we are coming up on the same type of situation and we can just as easily see you know just from a simple Fibonacci sequence that bet is indeed coming to pass right now break out break down look at this break out break down flatline fractals follow path of least resistance which is to continue flowing in the direction from which they came if you appreciate this now is this time tender since I hit that thumbs up button one time I appreciate you you already know what it is man boss a Bitcoin calm if you haven't done it yet join the money team click that email right there you know I'm be sending out videos if you miss one you'll get it digitally in your email and then if you want to learn how to trade like a boss make sure you join our free crypto trading communities click this button this will take you to trading view where you can type my name in BT Kelly 1203 and you can follow me on free charts I might I'm gonna clean this chart up and repost it on the trade view page Oh no I hit I hit me over the head with it one time hold on let me let me go and get this let me see let me see let me see because see people be forgetting like we got we got trolls that jump down in the comments talking about clickbait King and I said oh thank you troll I'm a rock climb I love this comment i'ma share it and YouTube go think is great engagement you know but let's just jump over to neo real quick um was it financed look at this this one get on a lot of people don't even know man when you neo you can see into the matrix dog you know I'm saying way more views come get you give you that site Young's and you put them glasses on you got that site I said hold on hold on hold on we got these green triangles right here we got these green triangles hold on BAM don't nobody even see that coming and look how it just rolled that orange this orange was like the peak energy you see what I'm saying that orange was like the peak energy hit that boom came back down bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce and that was it young saya so that's neo I like neo because it really does follow a strong technical analysis when you know how to pin down the energy inside of it so that's what that's what I try to teach you guys we do have communities for it the number one Bitcoin group in the world hashtag one Bitcoin typing in on Facebook come on in the doors are always open I just made to pay true to of pay telegram groups you know for are more serious enthusiastic traders the profit package is one of them top seven coins to swing trade boss method top seven coins every seven days I'm gonna be coming out with that in two days actually so if you are on that list you'll see if neo is on that list I'm not gonna tell you right now and then we got the boss alert messages to where each one of these groups is actually a private telegram group and it's very engaged very active you know people putting up coins and I haven't even seen yet you know I got a jump ball and check them out make sure they legit but is just people coming together help people right and if you just want you know to uh how I can definitely accommodate that request as well top ten all coins has been released for April 2019 I'm not telling you if neo is on that list but uh I guarantee you even if it's not you up put them put put some money on their own top ten coins you know man you gonna make you don't make a nice return compliments at a boy BK so there you go everybody check out the resources again this channel is intentionally not monetized you know I'm saying I'm not pimping myself out the big brother or the powers that be young saying like my boy y3 said you know I'm saying the People's Champ baby I got to put the Bell wrong I got to put the bell don't let me do it you know I'm saying at one point I was making like a hundred dollars a month on Google AdWords you know but I realize what is this what is this why am I taking this money you know so this is free content creative content you know open to the people hashtag it Rhys team and do whatever you got to do back slash it copy and paste it send it to yell mama you know tell her to look at neo you know get cash out that 401k with them indexes and bonds you know the interest rate about to go negative you can't even make no money in the bank anymore back in the day you could put a hundred thousand dollars in the bank and just live off the interest no no the system is broken this is the birth of a new cycle value will exist on the blockchain and not in some paper backed piece of garbage right so check it out any l to the BTC if you appreciate this I appreciate the like subscribe and share stay empowered stay in profit most importantly stay cryptic y'all bees

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  2. Good to see you Brandon, amongst the cobwebs of the 2017 bull run, still putting in that work.

    NEO is a project I have been vested in since ant shares, and continue to invest in. I think it's future is bright.

  3. NASH (NEX) price analysis I would love to read… but I see that mostly everyone is oblivious about it..
    (I bought NEO when it was AntShares and nobody talked about it.. same thing I see it happening now with NEX.. be the first to make a proper review about it.. don’t follow the shippo.. you are better than than 😉 )

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