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article first piece of news is the blockchain workflow engine and generator
proxies and technology company giant IBM IBM Switzerland have shown how to
register a Swiss startup entirely on blockchain in a fraction of the time
traditionally required as part of the entry in the digital Switzerland
challenge so guys basically they managed to set up that they managed to register
a business on the blockchain in a record-setting time and what’s important
with this and why this is important is because it shows another great use of
the blockchain in society and in places that people would generally take longer
to do something they’re showing that with a blockchain it can be done so much
faster so when you’re arguing about the technology going away the technology is
going nowhere and this is why I’m such a firm believer in the technology going
nowhere and in the fact that I do think crypto currencies will recover from
where we’re at right now is because of things like this the technology behind
it is too good to miss out on companies it’s too good
for companies to miss out on and you know why would they do something that
takes longer when they could do this and do it any record-setting time it
wouldn’t make much sense for them to ignore this technology so this is a good
piece of information again sort of an adoption of mass adoption step and just
kind of showing the awesomeness of the blockchain and what it can really do and
how it can really help now this one is about the cryptocurrency band so three
more countries join planned lawsuit against Internet giant’s for banning
crypto ads so originally um so now Switzerland Kazakhstan and Armenia have
joined Russia China and South Korea in filing which you know China South Korea
Russia are some big players in the cryptocurrency space Switzerland as well
they’re joining um they’re filing a joint lawsuit against major Internet
companies for banning crypto related ads that was released the initial news for
this lawsuit was released on March 27th and it’s going against Google it’s going
against Twitter and it was going against Facebook and that’s because they don’t
think it’s fair to be banning these ads and you guys know it’s been all over the
news it’s actually been part of the recent correct or the recent dip in
prices it’s because of all the fun that’s been going on and this you know
every time the one week it was Google then the next week it was Facebook then
the next week it was Twitter it seemed to always come that someone’s going to
ban the ads in that he took a hit on the cryptocurrency market so the fact that
people are actually now going against that because they don’t think it’s fair
is awesome and I hope you know it goes through because like I said I said this
when they were banning I don’t think that’s going to last for very long I
think it’s very short-term sort of to figure out where the cryptocurrency
space is going once we kind of get a you know and once they get an idea of what’s
gonna happen I don’t think they’re gonna be able to have those type of ads you
know banned for too long otherwise someone else is gonna come up as a
competitor allow the ads and then next thing you know they’re taking all the
revenue it’s a massive amount of revenue for these three companies to miss out on
so I don’t think their plan was ever to have it you know banned for a long time
but we’ll see how this plays out obviously I’m gonna keep you guys
updated as things go and as we get more information now the third one a
class-action filed against nano developers demands recovery fork
for lost fun so you guys remember what happened with the exchange the hack of
crypto exchange bit Grail which caused 17 million nanos around 187 million
dollars at the time it was stolen in mid-february and now there’s been a
class-action lawsuit which now said that the developer of nano have to make a
recovery fork creating a new cryptocurrency which is going to here we
go basically the lawsuit ask that nano be ordered to by court to rescue fork
the investors missing nano into a new cryptocurrency in a manner that would
fairly compensate the class of the victims and nano is actually been taking
a hit for a very long time since then it seems to recover a little bit but the
market kept going down and so the price of nano kept going down and now it’s
sitting at under $5 so if you guys keep an eye on this this might be one of
those crypto currencies that you can pick up for a nice little swing
similarly also because if there’s going to be a 4q you’re gonna get the other
cryptocurrency as well so it might be a good idea to keep an eye out on this
depending on how things play out on nano if you check seems to be trading
relatively sideways for the last few you know maybe week similarly to most of the
market but definitely some to keep an eye out since these type of news that
can fluctuate the price of an all coin and again something to watch out for
because when nano first got hacked in a job to like six seven dollars I picked
up some knowing that the price is going to recover because the hack was on the
exchange so what happened was later nano recovered up to like fifteen sixteen
dollars and at that point I sold for two two and a half times gain which was
amazing it was a an easy quick trade that I made secured a ton of great
profit and so this kind of stuff I look out for is these type of news you guys
can see nanos down 5.7 9% in the day though as is the whole market so if I
give a quick quick weave refresh we’re gonna see the market is again
trading relatively sideways as we’re gonna see at the end of the video with a
technical analysis but two hundred and sixty billion dollars Bitcoin dominance
forty four point three percent so down a little bit it did hit up to forty five
Bitcoin is at six thousand seven hundred and sixty
but I didn’t want to point out that one of the only all coin to awkward’s that
are up right now is aetherium and neo and neo is up seven point this is in the
week Neil’s up seven percent in the last 24 hours we talked about neo yesterday
you guys know I’m bullish on neo so I love to see the fact that you know
yesterday it was out like 46 dollars now it’s at 51 so that’s four dollars profit
per neo that you own that depending on you know how much neo you picked up or
what your situation is that could be a very decent amount of profit up 7% one
of the biggest movers in the day obviously average is up more of 58% in
the in the in the last week and ontology is up less today but up 71% in the last
week ontologies been making some great moves so his verge leading up to the
partnership reveal but yeah Neos looking really cool which I thought I wanted to
share with you guys cool are you guys actually mentioned that in the comments
that after we made the video after I made the video nano started to increase
in price and you know anyone who picked up nano at that time not nano neo at
that time would have made some great prophet but neo still $51 the reason I
keep saying that neo is going back up in that 45 46 dollars is so cheap is
because it’s extremely undervalued at that point what the value neo brings
that people behind it what it can do what it has done and what is coming up
for it you know it with consensus and a pot they’re actually going to other
events they’re going to Madrid and end of April I think mid to end of April
they’re going to move they’re gonna be at Madrid in the conference so it’s a
lot of things are going on and neo I think is still so so undervalued still
at $50 I think it’s extremely undervalued saying it’s going up was
bound to go up Quinn Stanley it went up today after I made a video about it
yesterday so that’s kind of the news about nano and me I want to talk about
today cuz nano I think might be a good opportunity to pick some up when you
think we’ve reached the low point because of all you know the news that’s
coming out now dragging the price down maybe something is going to drag the
price up again I’m gonna leave that for you guys to decide I’m not a financial
advisor it’s not financial advice this is just my opinion on the situation just
trying to give you guys some good information but make sure do your own
research before you invest your money anyways technical analysis why still
light like like we’ve said moving relative
sideways sure today we are seeing red but that is after two back-to-back green
days which before that we were in basically three red day so it’s kind of
trading at around the six thousand nine hundred to seven thousand dollar between
six thousand you know seven hundred and seven thousand mark was kind of where
fake coin has been training for the last week in a bit now we’re probably gonna
see this continue at least leading up to some major news event or you know and a
mid to end of April we are actually getting near the date that a lot of
people are looking for which is tax day so between April 15th and 17th
that’s only one week away so hopefully we start seeing prices move in you know
very very soon and again 20-day moving average is what I’m looking to break
before we see before I’m confident in saying we’re at a reversal but yeah look
not too bad um honestly people have been worried a lot I don’t really think this
is a big deal we’re just trading sideways I think there’s still still
good good things to come ahead it’s fascinates me still people in the
coments are saying that cryptocurrency is dead guys I don’t want to hey I don’t
want to say this every time but I’m going to a point in laugh at you and
I’ve seen people in the comments in the previous video there they’re gonna be
pointing and laughing at you too so be careful what you say in the internet we
will point in laugh at you but yeah guys hopefully you enjoyed this video if you
guys did don’t forget leave a thumbs up and leave a comment down below if you
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ticked out but guys hopefully you enjoyed this video I’ll see you guys
tomorrow for another video


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    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

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