50 thoughts on “NEM Crypto Bigger and Better Than Ever & Catapult Coming Soon!”



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  2. I recently moved my NEM from the online wallet to my Exodus wallet and I was shocked by the speed it was less than a second. Seriously fast !

  3. If a Crypto without a reasonable transaction or execution speed, will not going to make it. Whatever the technology think will be unique will not be unique because other crypto may take over with similar.

  4. Thanks Lark for interviewing Alex about NEM. Nice to see things all coming together nicely for the platform. Have big hopes for NEM 🙂

  5. Lark & Alex, once again thanks for informative and interesting talk.
    It really flowed well. Lot of big and great stuff happening in NEM.
    Lark you always were one of the few crypto tubers that saw the potential in NEM from early days.

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  7. I like the new focus on getting the code done. I wish she was the leader last year. The NEM website needs to give more press releases. I know things are happening, tell everyone about it. For example, NEM is on the Exodus wallet now, that's pretty big. I feel like NEM is going to sneak into some big companies without anyone knowing about it. I'd like to see an equivalent to BAKKT in another country built on NEM. I'm happy to see Lark still covering NEM. A bunch of other channels are going to be confused when NEM climbs back up the leaderboard.

  8. Been looking at the Ghub, wallet and some tools. My conclusion is "what a platform"! Never realised how slick NEM is. Why does no one talk about this project in the west? Gonna start a staking harvest and launch a token or two!

  9. She's a little scattered, and little "wonky", but bless her heart, she's easier to look at than to listen to. 🙂

  10. Really every one of her sentences had a Marketing term to sell a token that apparently needs a re-brand….. SMH I bet she had a list of the key words taped to the side of her screen.

  11. Thanks for the video Lark!! Lark I don’t know really much about NEM And which again I’m new to the space about a year now but what I wanted to say is after hearing her talk and then listening to Charles at Cardono talk it’s like night and day!! It was late when you asked the question if they were trying to build on Ethereum she never really answered you and the answer that she did give I still don’t think it’s really a true answer? Help me out lark If I’m looking at this wrong? Thanks bro

  12. fantastic interview from the best commentator in the crypto space by a country mile…… NEM is real guys and core devs have been busy as hell making one of the if not THE most relevent feature extensive ground breaking blockchains in existence . Catapult will explode onto scene with its features and ease of use. Xem is ridiculously low in price right now…. Im buying as much as i can.

  13. Many are concentrating on just high TXs and scalability, many tend to forget that we need users to create Valuable transactions and not just a transaction for let’s say creating a wallet, opening apps etc, proper use case.

  14. i bought some nem a long time ago but i've gotten distracted by some other platforms since. too many good things out there. I've always liked them. They have one of my favorite icons. Tell her to never change that icon.

  15. @The Crypto Lark Nice NEM interview. When NXS? x) Tritium Mainnet launch is right around the corner. ;p

  16. Good speaker you have on Lark. Looks like someone heading the team who is competent and has the energy to do it. Will buy some to support it.


  18. I've always liked NEM. I researched the new developments recently. What a nice coincidence. Thank you Lark!

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