Nebulas Founder Hitters Xu chats with Edith & Chris about Blockchain & Crypto Trends in US and Asia

okay just a habit [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] to meet so that now it's just sex or sex what's going on guys oh okay so you just want to serve the farm okay yeah oh yeah we've got the hold can i yeah we can you set it right on there is that looking good angle you want to be able to see what it's see make it happen you got one by your charger is USBC too I don't know go line there we go oh that's so important I would have a little thing what's up Brad what's up nebulas we're gonna be going to it you can you lose this not that I did you go you're like the closest Marcion this Oh like watching boys Austin Powers neither jackets a little bit furniture to move into mine we are about 45 invested so far three years I was traveling China and he was telling you all you something doing I came back to the area Chris you know even learning this is a crazy world so the whole series is to bring our for the first 30 minutes [Applause] to meet you how very strict this room and we are Ilya Oh only with our energy so thank you for being here people rock you here waiter hand if you can hear us you're happy you're eating pizza okay great so I need programs your context under an ear absolutely passionate about open on preparing unlock their potential and we do have with the I and Sam and Edith and 500 turrets in incredible teacher and Berger faculty since really the beginning so we welcome everyone all the speakers all the guests and we run programs continuously and please sign up for a newsletter it's a great way to figure out what we're doing I give you all just a very first time oh I love them we are thrilled and right here so all right on time I'm all about running on time to 6:35 great how's it look – half an hour of this but to start as an engineer I am the or the Fiat or GC and I wanted to share with you guys why we're so according to see the insight in 2017 there are over five billion rates and I steal up 800 deals first is only about one billions is raised both early-stage investments which means that if I'm not learning about is I'm gonna do chá pretty soon and on top of that for the top 10 all coins exchanges in a row the top o the ten three actually come from China to come from Korea and then only a couple actually come from the US so which means that from day one crypto a blockchain is all about international and global which which means that there's a lot of things that we need to learn not just from Cosette we can even the US but also from international force as well and then coinbase which originally estimate only 600 only 600 million in revenue and reported 1 billion in revenue 2017 so obviously I'm sure many of you may be thinking about they exchanged oh not too late now according to my research this morning ok yes actually beep diamonds as the world has changed according supermarket not so much things that even newer exchanges and bring it in World War II so is that so we cannot any success with also you office all time teammates so definitely our spend at least 50 times 15 percentage of my time in Silicon Valley the u.s. yeah which makes things different we actually we will want to contribute as a piggy worse because we see other apps today community atlases otherwise available I check I saw you know all of whom has in other projects but it's no good all things are all the speculation so without the real contribution and you know real reverse is he magic no it's his mom so tiny so excited to have some kind of thing to share with you guys and okay mine too – okay my name is Taylor Street so we can call also for me I walked for Google yes before in 13 so then in 2008 I click on Google started companies Internet company some hi so I was my first it for the year 2004 I still remember the prices about cooking and I suddenly falling out with his technology and his yeah because myself at times now also not good so I was mine for energy into listener Street I also i a lot of things like mining it changes and so I charged a lot of signal kannada yeah so you guys cover another chinese child right Hiram actually not so the corner that's a coarser that ever work will be pardoned by her going on with autism Chinese chart accordingly also removed Chinese poetry for Chinese chart yeah after we hear mining out rally policies i-70 also learning experience and the meetings with each other person community group in China I constantly changes come in year 2013 so at that time gives a variance BAC of the a/o technology and the project he was not so popular so busy about of eaz third is decentralized autonomous corporation of organizations so we feel so excited for the group and every time you know further group I have organized a 15 minutes in some active 2013 and have the average attendees is called 80 people thank you and we start condors you know you know since 2 p.m. and usually we enter we have active um it's about South a boss exactly you know this is you know because it always angry when he's 16 you know when so aside you know outside the group few people understand us that really would like to you know go through together and talk with more of your confidence but I wanted at the post every house sometime and I also wanted it across the whole state point Sammy in crazy you may he was out the party at a time I meant was italic so metallic also his positive initially and China we've got a lot of alter that smart counter idea in Eastern and I actor some hi I wanted an across Chinese ten projects I never eat either and she is an evil and not so high right now that was what Peter and I play as I'm the zero zero founder CEO of this project so seeing I'd use of ideas part who people and I founded as the Carla CTO media is a tons of venue I also do the raising and always my name would inspire cortex so nobody want to impress us because it's a rather more than I even no profit no feature so is our self so I and other teammates Oh remember is roughly so that's the person I co cabinet in China right now the iSeries popular we need you see people why I see heaven concerning the it seeks heaven and we knew that I see wrong to make us no quickly.i I said either so I talked about the ELC make excellent internet walkies well it's not being after the Bitcoin from the conference so I also often you know I yeah so like way up because people so I also found up for the conference site the ladies come from the person is low ball team conference heavily in August last year and the regard said a new conference that case may be here because I co-equal feel so passionate about a point of knowledge of all the thoughts and tech notes and so passionate all the future we're gonna make so well it's not only a lot of nervous some other seems that included so yeah I'm the founding era I caught up invitation from the ends of our dangerous faculty we also the only way in you know six after seven of eight months in Alibaba I wanna hope this may be my walk you know the consortium party for the enterprise level gotten the interest and the public bottom I see Vegas a huge skills huge space to improve because I have important thing they actually look at all these blockchain projects including nebulous all of them look and feel like there's more like more than and the community the ecosystem at large is a really valuable if not the most to many projects and so impressive I've just been surpassing I started getting involved in learning just doing a lot of research about them and in early 2017 I saw this little tiny thing called an chairs at the time there is nothing in English about this project io whatsoever I live in the table of white paper in Chinese and Mandarin put it through google translate the English is very good read therus and realized like a lot of people call answers or neo like a dream of China but it actually has very unique properties of tonnage of the copy paste itself there's a lot of unique attributes to it and so I kinda I put a little bit of contribution in packing that you get like 60 cents and then a little bit after like the Western community found out about the stayin like you guys seen it now like it's been crazy to see like what is Hopkins you just I've got to put a lot of them and then throughout the time I got to be hitters through even conversation is there really is like Asia in charge is so recently there are part of like kilogram even some of the tier 1 PCs are buying into ICO of projects and their goomars saying literally could be three to five billion gram so are too much in the first you guys fingers and also what are some of the main things you guys so is there are evil and the question is whether it's actually very high it's like I think the one like besides speed you know quite an child a benefit to a global is what it does is it forces a lot of smart people to pay attention to something and if we did have like a massive financial increase of the blockchain industry well object might have just been kind of in the background I was like this technology that nobody really knows about but if you go back and look at like the early internet how we think of the internet was like this great thing when you look at like the true protocols like TCP and all this up this up Keke very stuff back then but you needed some sort of event and activity actually pay attention to us so like I think you should be very careful on what you get involved with you're not and I think like because there's a mole like there's a lot of a lot of us there's something that's good this stuff's not good there's something I lost long term there's stuff literally short-term but like it's forcing everybody to like pay serious attention to us and then in terms of like where I look for it's the same sort of follows alone that somewhere illogic where if you want to see teams for a crypto native if you will have like been in the industry for a long time that's in but they're not just like opportunistic and doing the talking for the sake of giving the token and then you want to look at the market like what are these projections or like they think their customers are an attraction like are they building a product like do they have suspect coming out like and now she's shipped like look at their get up like look through the code and then the other things more specific to locked in stuff is you want to look and ceiling those no token actually make any sense at all is it just like step on to the thing for no apparent reason or does actually play and then you also want to look at like the community in the ecosystem example some people who feel like the telegram shock really see what people think and do if you weren't talking about and then you can also see the larger one so like see like it hub commits like are they actually putting in like error commits and are the team actually pressing all that stuff so you just want to look at kind of all these different pieces if you all yeah it's uh Pablo program that's cute so so talking about the bubble you can see a lot of hot right now for they all talk in fact it's a talking yeah there's no real activities guess is using about propulsion so over poppies and the for the cortex you guys only and I think the feel of the bubble it's it's not so bad because the only thing you're doing right go is the trend but if you begin with this isn't a trend you know sometimes you will be over here so and also for some practice for investment I think right now this industry there's no much regulation et cetera so Aussies this is also about the reputation so all things about the first person from so supportive – II really like the founders and co-founder and all the white paper I'm not really sure you know if it has us some awesome pro tip projects you rarely see the white paper let me you guys one goes about this anyone investor bulletin projects really do research in white paper Chris raise your hand okay it's about when so it's always a lot of people dangerous they're doing investment they don't research any cotton white paper we just check you know the condoms in the kohanga check on hot coals talk is cheap combined all right the battery is good all of the gunner is financed on some big changes over paper furniture of the region Passos protein rehab because after everything after another heater not exist definitely do steal some food produce may exist in the future it will be live in this technology my colleague yesterday bonnie was saying the bitcoin is boring and we're going to live in a world with many many different bottoms talk about 2018 this seems like the sudden right honey so I think how is internet and mobile internet so that only you see we need to focus is about the traffic and user you can also make a change successful you know results of users and real traffic I mean the real applications you can make so the worid is awesome the lawlessness and for neveress you know the whole system to smuggle a lot of people says neveress is a Google you've got you actually if you really check other web people is so far beyond the food we brought you for my four short words Sawada enjoy you know 400 system it's an operation system first then we build Google right it's a decentralized search for a walk Impala divided never us regular mechanism and the never us force and the incentive that the IP protocol developing second quarto another for for devotion is a new content has metadata it's a huge stuff so the other nebulous thing called the next thing should happen Chris apology centralized other attachments so if you really talk about or decentralize the digital marketing or you'll be really chat about it us about users and trackers definitely we need some you say you know the digital map the essential right away I think also seen I want to see that happen with I think awakens Orissa police our nebulous fundamentally Warner Bros with with the support by the value array in Canada certainly involving in the incentive since he was I'd like to see decentralized that it didn't work in future like the obvious step two is like we need consumer integrated enterprise great applications open top of all these things that being said the core block team infrastructures is not ready yet really support though if you look at like or a big wonder North Area like how many transactions like any of these systems actually handle something like crypto kitties can take down all area for hours which is like we're just not ready yet for that we need more block genes that actually could say like we need privacy like we need custodial like system like we need to be able to merge offline off chain and on chain data without using my coracle systems on himself that like these three both huh and I think a lot of people are rushing straight to like the user based applications I think we're not quite ready yeah like you haven't quite closed the roads yet and we're trying to build cars that we need to go all the roads and the freeway from the highway system connect them all together and then to so I'm mostly positive on the infrastructure stuff and like I would love to see a lot more time attention and projects without their changes literally just keep changing addresses to other places ridiculous what's going on in China now take more time outside China is that really a project yeah so nowadays people concern what happened in China or having Korea ranked and what happened in Japan so you say sure it's a lot about you know influence on this industry and the Asian people there are more activities also in all of them are speculators in the I see whether people think really do research I do by yourself I see has a very good so regarding to the I see of any policy I think you need to understand what her local governments singing about is the local governments think about the the only thing in China physical other stability so-called financial stability in China so yeah I see other for back to office past year I see awful medians the coin mania in China so the government insisted on the coin mania in a very you know powerful way the way we cannot do it in us that we cannot do it you know democratic country so that's the concern follow people had well to be honest I cannot see this wrong or it's right and six happen because follow people the justice i believers so the ICM policy and I think for actual Lastman's still the policy happened that includes about this pen policy so so far now there's no crypto exchanges happened in China they all move to oversee and some ethical back to four days before this it connects a conference as well from all of its eighty percent Asian people from China yeah we go over think we have no choice the digital people it right it's a total conservative people whole country right it was okay coins no country everything is very flat very old entities in no choice yeah so a lot of Chinese it changes all of all Chinese projects like never us seeking opportunities you know happen also in China in the US or in Silicon Valley I think I see the best that's quite good right because of actual office I explained when I first time don't you say kavadi IC o—- Silicon Valley is Innovation Center for worldwide I believe so so I go to its Silicon Valley I want you to the connection with each other and I want you learn something point child but suddenly I found old turtle many and the coin many speculators haven't always have to feel the heat happening all the time this is also to you good projects happen in Silicon Valley a lot of them also have shitty awesome projects just good organization it is good issue coins so suddenly I see oh maybe you we can learn from each other long test and learn from Silicon Valley we can also assure we can also do the contribution with you guys in the same time a sensing happened in Wall Street you know back to two nights before I go to Wall Street I think Oh Wall Street repeater financial sense and for worldwide I definitely need to have something positive oh go to Wall Street the most impressive seems are other ties and nothing else it all stick to the rule so yeah I guess a foodie talk with everyone in a fantasy it's nothing it's not a dress code it's a things about the vision you have these things of all the believe you have and it's things about the future made happen the real technology there's no country or you know there's no country identification so nowadays well Jamaica has more flat and we're going from each other we get connecting point shadow and I think we can use em see we see a child that's in might want to keep this 707 a chance to ask questions so when we were here now I started that maybe that narrow and your name it now I will repeat the questions just to repeat a question are you afraid of the government cities countries companies wherever there are some central points there's something magical about it just seems like there's a lot of like there's something magical about if you have an address and I asked the Bitcoin you can have me this money and I continue some filing there's literally no central party and charged like if I said to do the wrong amount order there's no winnings for a reverse out transaction like it's on us like the entire facility or the entire the banking like we can pull that and it's like up to us to safeguard that and that's like one of the most like powerful things about this which applies to both money and then more abstractly it also applies to any digital hood in the middle like a blockchain in a very abstract sense gives you the keys to only something that's something in the middle could be crying to something that could be a bunch of different things but I think that's a very powerful concept which is Sam found in the beginning with a person watching Bitcoin and I think that's very very very hard for anybody to actually regulate are ways to do it like and it's central core like that is there is no central authority okay so open technology and encrypt the premises I think of regulators not confident voice thanks for the cryptocurrency mix of us financially I think I know the most assume that we need to pursue it's not you know Stickles the existing rule because of currency of change war it's a new world the nobodies and father we can discover the new world and weekend kept under new rules I think that's well that's the point I have so we don't fight with regulators yeah with you discover new world and we do find numerous our group finally we will break the rules the existing rules just like the internet and the more intact you know we're at the value either first even I can breathe I publicly think that they all jubilation anyways so that you think that we're going to understand it all the white paper and second you actually don't have internet access we've really helping these underserved community be about watching also the process is no I believed few people understand and really understand of our people I think that I mean the real being for white paper awesome shitty party arrived so because I before you and you understand the understanding they're working for you you need to have some understanding for blockchain all some decentralized technology trap some some distributor database and also the crypto graphic right technologies things and you also eat you practice a little like buying coins and transferring and using literally use that and the second question is very interesting we never know since not happen how we cannot wait well viewers we believe that's the slogan why start before that's a sorghum for yes we believe another yes we're previewing neveress does not the rising yes we believe I believe in the new technology in how can empower our life the new technology can make how our living standard a better and the years we believe is a concert yes we believe we can do that better everyone can do that better if you believe something some good stuff make about right now no we're more focus on the elemental operation system nebulous we want to make the technology may the efficacy of operation system is strong enough to men tend to hold on to support of application heaven on that you can see his question is not so far the processes and also strong right now changes all of the decentralisation to you and then by the way we use the sentence exchange in by the way learner he's analog team they're just using their straight-up database and by the way like when I transfer you and we're both desensitize exchanges the manifestation of take that center point of the middle and like I should be able to use mail harbor law and we should be able to go through system or go through a rotten system without that be centralized that being said the crux of it is the user interface is quite obligated I don't know if people are trying to use any existing these types of changes if not you guys totally should try any of them like this right hard like and that isn't one sense because the infrastructure is not brilliant it's not fast enough whatever that's another one in the proper length the UX and the design is not area and made easy and it's an emotion stew where like it's just it's not it has not been translated down to consumer level of experience like it's still pretty yes hey so my question is as a researcher we see a lot of these companies are a lot of new chains open up and they're choosing a theorem off the bat in the white paper your new state are it stated that you can switch to a glass with zero migration feet what are some of the plans or strategies that you have to really attract more these more of these dots to switch over to a nebulous so many projects are built on hearing today and we really I would like to see more build on so what are some other thing you're doing to get more like developers to beyond fabulous okay so before the also like no phone evidence I eat you'll see 1740 sir I respect reserve because they serve whereas the new dimension for Belgium before they serve into something about their choir sings sings of like the own it sings of plenty of alternate sector never see it's a wouldn't I mentioned so here certain rest a small country that makes things happen so it's a dream computer language you can programming actually and programming so and and other people can concern about the ánotá krypter Katie and other networking speaker GPS transaction per second issue I think it's not fair and up to other growth trend itself it's not fair to this area because of active service before when I was Internet user in 90s so the connection speed is also very low I use them for him I use I am owed him it's hot Atlantic true he 28 people in do you even you can cross a web page or some sites right you cannot come awesome some music and videos and with Amanda for that the internet got involved so everything is about the Imam and it's about accessibility and all the scalability look at more accessibility in the scar approaching and enhance are you know so somewhat since practice so yeah regarding the oppression of all evidence is all the Cerro come up with compatible migration right you can migrate from applications on a server and true nebulous a secret thesis about the so street three keywords the warden is never us ranking second self-evolving lassoing isn't here so he'll talk about instantly because we provide a developer incentive article so nowadays you can not even imagine people programmer developers cannot gain any incentive from applications they programmed the English server and even worse if the application is account more popular so they even need to make more cash because the copy of and the data storage resources are very expensive you know in blockchain so we provide a mechanism supportive the IP developer incentive cortical so for example if for someone have a program application I could ever brought some small stupid game and you know more people use the game you use the application and the game itself get more address rank ranking score it's like just like that he centralized the Paras Quadra together more it's getting more ranking fabulous ring his score and the system will recognize it as a very popular program on developer and the system will provide the rewards to them and the Icicle if everything goes well sooner it may be all developers will convert to nervous because we're such mechanism why not if your developer win you can easily manage human avarice and you get instant you why not not all developers they want to have a shitty stupid greedy I see oh I see a lot of developers here keeps inside the phone let's compare mister 20 or 10 years before further you know I bother for the iPhone 1 right and a lot of self program I'm still bitter about popular applications so we're provided the mechanism provided – choose so speaks to have fun in every us as a lot of things if you check out all our people we have a 60 page or 60 pages for techne where people a lot of people talk to me all this is a the most intense paper we ever seen and you guys can easily divide the water in at least five different people and the panelists are quite different I see you around but that's no sense we want you here that are powerful and breathable and you know inclusive powerful for all people in this industry so the question is your prediction for Bitcoin for 2018 and now $200 what's your prediction I'm gonna predict I would say like if I'm gonna counter to like what you're saying I think a lot of people like to just go slow that means like you can't discount it's a very simple using so that's a very properties is of store value I don't think people fully appreciate like what other system how else could you literally have a hardware wallet with any of our money from tens of thousands to million dollars walk across the border and how that transfer you would and be safe and secure it is a simple use it as a powerful use test and you can even just look at the market top of like older silver anything you would act as like store value like Bitcoin is orders of have excuse off from where it is where that is today would serve other use cases like actually like in my belief I think there will be many blog chains that serve very different use cases there won't be one mega one that wins everything but I do think that the store values case is a pretty major one at its birth a lot I think it's like easy to plug all the walls of okay I have two points off to do before regarding physics questions the process I think a Bitcoin and insurance quite a stable in this industry if we were caught up in wrestling eirick of other you at least at 50 percentage of your portfolio you know home your queen in a serum assessing or people said we caught a lot of people you speak while other people Jewish you serve and the second points of all the virus addiction SIA parallel femurs percent if you did of Transportation and own pet different stat your pants zina for my point of view if we are the pure CG seen a straight you're the industry people you you mean don't hear about the present prediction because of the Chilcotin just only small seen the small value you did you a dinner for this energy if you Yuri can add value to this industry and a single person the payment crisis this is a secret so okay for these events or even a percentage [Laughter] sounds like there's a lot more competitive or not necessarily okay competitors you know yeah every time I don't know you know specifically talking about the competitive graph because I don't see they are competitors yeah contributors for this field in in brought in industry it's still the why of the worst everything you see my buddies you do it right screw the Wild West well the competitive completely competitive seeking water for salsa or chance you mentioned I think that this I want you since season opinion about this is about the vision because of all of our project projects they only talk about talk about the technologies so you know for example some watching project talking about oh also a compiled ugh so with nvm right Oh with the IBM is their own virtual machine oh you can easily ask you one question why why you do that what's the purpose and what's up anyways if you give you that as you cannot of launching projects if you ask what they were you know not answer anymore because they would reproach and projects you needs have a real vision the young all technology I think is credibly whose sole source of protein projects has the real technology most of them they don't have even have a technology so the vision is we believe there are the more and more things have had an unfortunate and blotchy mr. pikna ownership and the token itself is not only the digital currency the virtual currency so the token means that come on the line the commander because in decentralized awarded there's no centralized the server come and give the command for the whole system the token means that they tie the commander you can be carried and spread out for the whole system so that's a meet meeting for the token industry that's a real spirit support protein so it's a straight points the first one is the community we support each other we open source code in the week you know for free right so that's the also pepper therefore I see all the tokens here it's our other support each other no it's not it's very different compared with some very big company like Google Facebook because each structure is about talk to them for protein itself it's a countertop it's very different and as the reason I don't seek some big company like Google can really do the crochon projects will it's about a gene gene inside it's very different because if we take everything before it's about a token I mean not only means of it will hold your currency I mean stop talking I mean come on the line now means the pig ownership spreading for whole decentralized network and the servicing about application in the truth so accompany the only treat protein data as a choose hand is our application only it's a totally wrong for every business requirements of trainees situations a seeker you know the collodion happening is not the most efficient way to handle such fitness requirements you need your combine always working on anything else but the answer we're probably like I think the really interesting thing about this is typically in a like gonna start up like a normal vehicle company the company you know the CEO and you know this well that's so fascinating because the community the ecosystem I was ownership over the network which is scored in an interview well and the community itself has the best interest of making that system better so like in Neos case if somebody wants to contribute something and add something for the network again it's an open-source software project I think there was so many other slacker and in a wallet system you can and you have a both invested interest and the reward mechanism for doing it you make this is the better you make your token more valuable it's very different than the concept of like equity in normal company is given out chairs and that's very very different like I always look and feel much more like open source software projects much less like traditional companies so liked answer your question probably I think like everybody who holds up specific currency or token or asset positive interest it should be contributing I'm Justin Brian and tokens mean oh they can actually and people who want to see this world yeah I see that's the reason I'm here you know we want to see things happen for the decentralized tall and global organizations formal chain so you cannot do that without knowing each other without if we get the real connection with each other I because I founded the community the technical knowledge technical communities in China so I also want you do the canoe contribution for the global organizations for blockchain so that's a reason I'm here and also I think you know the Big Town today is a good is a good thing to me actually because of indie signature is easy to get very rich there's no in a very short time and so if you get rich in a very short time you get lost sometimes and for example any teammates you know stay at least the workman's in all in Everest they get super rich there are many news at an instant suddenly you get a meaning I mean in high fever suddenly you get many nails it's not very good because you even you get boss what's the purpose for doing one chain you easily get lost so I don't care all the price you know for a short time well it's show time I care about the future for watching I care about the contributions so that is my thinking for this industry we still need missing us it's not perfect the wrong sleep you know oh happens everything yeah we still need a lot of singers and in tours we connected with each other we make culture water not only for nebulas so as arena here I want to talk with you guys more about the future organization and the future things we can do together approaching we can United together Katya mother against regulation you know with even approaching and mixing so that watching redefined how we see trust my name value and just a completely different wave archetype and design and there's a really really amazing and just having said that there's a lot of things I need to be redefined and create was things that the new Nexus so hopefully all of you guys responsible investor don't invest in shitty projects and let's expect I'm learn from each other I found it I always promised so that I can be covered but it's so many years ago what there's so many new things are we all need to learn from each other so with that I hope to see you at the next episode of end and we will probably need a much bigger venue next time like a rock concert there will be sometime in March so I before I didn't hang out with you guys again thank you and we still have things going on for 30 minutes as I promised all right right ready three two

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