ladies and gentlemen the CEO of tape 2 was asked some questions in an interview regarding micro transactions and you know in my last video I told you guys how I predicted my official prediction was the NBA 2k 19 was gonna see even more micro transactions than we seen in 18 and 18 obviously had more than we've seen in 17 the trend goes on and on and on time and time again 2k is proved to us priority number one is making money priority number two is making a good game so as long as their priorities are set like that it doesn't make sense for them to go out of the way to spend money to make a good game if it doesn't help them make money you definitely don't have to go far if you type in NBA 18 Metacritic and you just look at the Metacritic scores without a doubt 1.7 the game is not a 1.7 without a shadow of a doubt really no game is that bad but if you scroll through the reviews of people giving it zeroes they did it in protest of obviously microtransactions Wow another money trap grow up everyone stop buying this crap they shove vici down your throat it's a great game that was simply ruined by pay2win method whether it's boost on the primer on the park or under my career whether we're talking about you have you could buy your way to an 85 overall off jump you have to buy your way to 85 pretty much every single player unless you want to start from a 60 who wants to play with a 60 that doesn't even include my team pack openings which we can all agree is gambling light they're making so much money with this method in each year the reporting numbers they made more money than last year they made more micro transactions in the last year the game sold more than last year and so why would they mess with that formula if they go to their investors and they're like yeah listen we're thinking about changing up the formula to make a good game the investors are gonna freak out like what do you mean the stock price okay our stock price doubled in the last year what do you mean you're gonna switch something up and so everybody's gonna start to freak out because the guys are just focused on making money can't see them they can't see the picture so you easy to picture cuz we played a game and we know there's no future in a game that consistently begins to defraud what's awesome what I'm looking for any company that treats their customers like a fool will eventually be the fool tells up an Instagram quote a someone tweet me that don't actually that's my tweet don't tweet that desam okay so let's get to the article Game Informer I don't know how they got ahold of him I wish I could do it interview like this I would love to sit down and just ask questions so this is how it starts last year take two and 2k sports faced some backlash some backlash with NBA 2k 18s virtual currency plans it said furthermore accusations of pay2win mechanics dogged the game as the structure allowed players to level up to 85 by just paying which has been in the game for like four or five years now and destroying early game competitive balance in the process yup forcing literally everybody to have to do the same thing if they want to compete day one after numerous complaints the publisher ended up pulling back on a lot of the VC price tags on cosmetics but the game's reputation for taking advantage of his virtual currency was set do you guys remember at the start of the year where haircuts were so expensive and you couldn't even see what they look like on you or shoes were mad expensive and literally junior Smith had to put out a tweet saying yo what's good with the prices my guy and then finally why you came to Kay took action and they reduced the prices of these cosmetics but in this in this article they're almost making it seem like that's a W like this that just touches the surface it's not even remotely at W there's still so much more to go but let's see where this article takes us so this is what the CEO said unquestionably if we pay attention to consumer response mm-hmm because we're so focused on engaging and captivating and entertaining the and entertaining the consumer selmak says anytime we get feedback that is anything less than one thousand four step positive we stop and say what do we do differently I think there's a small sliver of the consumer base that basically wants everything for free we can't really help those people I think most consumers just want a fair deal and we reading okay he talked about a 1000 percent positive reviews so let's look at the reviews so just so you know mostly negative is about the worst score you can get on Steam I literally have never seen a game get mostly negative reviews on Steam 2k hey buy our game we're the best me all right since you're the only ones me losses against some dude who bought VC 2k if you want to win by VC is just double the price of the game by VC double the price of the game me losses against a rich kid who bought more VC me uninstalling the game 2k Hey – K 19 is coming out to September and you are a nice dude will give you a 10% discount because he's hey this is not no scrub on Steam they tell you how much hours he played the dude played over a hundred hours on NBA 2k 18 and this is on the PC version so this guy's a trooper pc version has a lot of hackers and 2k it really doesn't do it about the hackers on PC I bought the game for offline but I still have to admit 2k is probably the only company that is greeted in EA like these are all less than 1,000% in fact you could even say that these are 1% reviews damn everyone hates it I guess evidently I'm a boring gamer I just play my league against AI and nothing else and think the game is absolutely awesome well when the only thing you're playing is my league against the AI you've you have somehow by the way very luckily dodged all of the what's the word there's a word for it for sure I'm chanting the word you have dodged all of the less than 1,000% positive things about the game alright let's continue to see what he said I think most consumers just want a fair deal and we do think that part of a fair deal is you know when you get to check at the end of a meal it's not enough that the food tasted good had to be a fair deal for what you got so we're very focused on it being more than a fair deal you want to give consumers much more than they paid for it guys I know my team youtubers who has spent five thousand plus this year alone on the game what are the odds they got five thousand dollars worth of enjoyment from the game for a night was free I may have got five thousand dollars worth of enjoyment from four tonight that game is free ok so just think about this for a second let's say I'm a CEO and I know what we're doing is ridiculous for sure and somebody is asking me questions saying like yo people are wondering about this one issue it's the biggest issue this is exactly what I would say this guy is a wordsmith of massive proportions so what happens time and time again when you speak to take to or when there's interviews with people from take to they talk about GTA 5 success gta5 online and how they're able to build this masters big open world and because of the recurring micro transactions that they get from that game which by the way are almost as bad as it is on 2k they talk about how if GTA is so successful why can't all our games run that same exact formula and be just as successful we do learn every time and we have to balance monetization with experience Zelnick emphasized in our case we sort of all regrouped and said wait let's remind ourselves what we're in the business of creating the best entertainment on earth across all types of entertainment all this stuff is gibberish okay so this is where it gets interesting we're focused on engaging in a captivating consumers if we do that right and that's our entire focus then revenues and profits will probably take care of themselves so let's not over emphasize those first of all let's be clear that is exactly what everybody has been saying to take – but also let's be clear that is the opposite of what they're doing if they wanted the game to come first then they would remove boosts from the game why is there a 5% tax on on games you play on the antia what what could possibly be the reason for that why is there so much limitations on the auction house on my team why is there such a lack of new content if entertainment is the main goal and that's why you're in the game then what's happening right now we're missing the point it's like you just they're just fluffing you up man I hope to interview with its back he didn't it ended fantastic ladies and gentlemen I am not convinced they came out with an article maybe giving the impression that they're willing to scale back on microtransactions but I refuse to believe that the model that's been working so well this money-making machine that's been doing so fantastic is gonna change I don't think it will why would they change it if that was an investor and I didn't care about 2k I'll be pissed I'd be like yo make as much money as you can now because that's what my interests are as an investor or as a shareholder of the company my prediction stands ladies and gentlemen some people all got optimistic and it replies to me on Twitter like agent you you see this bro they said they can scale back on mic we're gonna have to look back at this video in the game launches and I hope I'm wrong braum praying I'm wrong but so many years in a row held the hope that they were gonna scale back eventually and every single year has gotten worse this interview what is these questions and these answers aren't enough to convince me that that trend is gonna change it's a sad reality really cuz GTA 5 was such a fantastic product but in so many ways it incentivized the entire gaming industry to go down this route of egregious microtransactions and some got away with it some most definitely didn't get away with it but regardless is not good for any game I'm a little too casual in a word if it's all about value then I expect to see value in NBA 2k 18 I expect to see a good product that's polished that doesn't have massive bugs at launch I expect to see if there are bugs that are addressed quickly and I expect to see new content throughout the year that's supported by the reporting microtransactions that people are spending on the game I expect to see that they're responding on Twitter the way Ronnie 2k has been doing the last couple months I expect to see that they look for the community to get feedback not just youtubers look at the casual guys look at the hardcore guys look at the guys in the middle there are so many examples of devs and publishers just like killing the game doing everything perfectly in the gaming industry just take some notes and along the way you make a ton of money everybody's happy well everybody's not gonna be happy i'ma leave it on that note let me know what you guys think about the article I'm a little bit hopeful the way I'm hopeful and be alive 19 is gonna be fantastic but in no way am i optimistic that they're gonna somehow scale back and be all about value for those of you who play MLB the show you've seen what value looks like that's a company who's willing to scale back on microtransactions to make a better product that has more value a lot of the times those types of games aren't truly appreciated so we'll leave it on that if you enjoyed the video drop the like subscribe now there's two videos on the screen if you haven't lost one of them click it right now man if you haven't clicked it bran we're gonna send good that's great


  1. Im just going to throw this out there and see if anyone would share it. NBA 2k19 needs serious updates. But what would be cool to add to the game would be an option to wear championship rings in the game or even banners that say your team won the championship. Actually hanging in the stadium after you won. I do agree with the issues you have presented and believe you're on point.

  2. Wtf is up with tims being 9,000 VC……. those have been my shit since 17 and if u are accually grinding up from a 60 overall, 9,000 VC is a shit ton

  3. Did the CEO really say there is small base that want everything for free? Muthafuka we pay 60 bucks for the game. We dont want to pay extra for a fuking hairstyle or shoe. This is the kind of thinking that I pray sinks this company and ones like it.

  4. Absolutely. Every time another 2k come out they drop the game before the previous game. They need to bring back the servers for NBA 15 and 16 man. People want to go back and play the classics.

  5. 2k been like this since 2k13 so don't like it don't play it but as for me the original big man I'll be playing

  6. They aren't doing that lol if they wanted to ease up on vc they would of launched a patch for 18 that would net you more vc per game and lower the vc prices for upgrading your overall. What they gonna do is make cosmetic cheaper lmao.

  7. I’m passing on it this year just as I did madden. These are the Only games that are released every single year. Bad enough they make little to no changes, but making us start from scratch each year is a joke. No VC or myplayer is transferred. All the money and time spent is lost.

  8. Its really not hard to upgrade your overall without buying VC, I got to a 94 before I even finished my rookie season.

  9. Thanks for convincing me, video after video, to jump ship on 2k, Agent 00. Best of luck with your channel, dude. Solid content

  10. Damn its already looking looking Like it gone be thrash and they wont scale back on vc. Take the signs they have Been giving. Making the ability to play early more expensive smh

  11. Youtubers who spent 5000 likely made that money back through their youtube channel?? Or at least, no one was forcing them to spend 5000. That's a little excessive. Don't think it's a fair comparison. Wanna keep the argument against VC straight here… I hate the VC practices, but we don't want to dilute the argument with false equivalencies like what one youtuber who plays the game to make a profit

  12. I feel like they should bring back skill points that you upgrade your player with and use the vc to get the extras like clothes,shoes,haircuts,ext

  13. Nice video dude, you claim the right points!
    Hope 2k starts to listen to the costumers voices, they biult a kingdom but now they must looking to hold on to their crowd!
    A friend of mine has played the game whole year, didn’t spend any additional money – hasn’t reached 90 yet, so he bought the game and couldn’t really benefit and „use“ all the features they had added.

  14. the gaming universe is like star wars, 2k19 release date is when the empire strikes back. #2kIsTheGammingVersionOfACarSalesman

  15. Passing this year. Spiderman, rdr2, ac odyssey will take its place. I'll buy a ps pro and 4k tv with the money I save from VC

  16. Why are fortnite skins cost 20 dollars or 10 dollars I think they should be 5 cents there ugly and fortnite trash

  17. They are for sure not scaling back. Proof is already out there with the $100 pre order so you can get VC. Sorry $100 for a sports game that has a new release every year is just not right. NBA Live 18 did it right online everyone has to level up at the same pace. To bad that nba 2k18 was the better b ball game so it was probably hard for a lot to switch. Live 19 will hopefully be awesome but still doubt it’s gonna be close to 2k – but if it is It’ll be an outmost just to give 2k the finger in the rear view mirror. And now in 2k18 they are promoting 50percent off VC – why would I buy VC when a new game comes out in a month cause I’m most positive they won’t carry over. Again greed.

  18. Oh Ronnie those were some great jokes like he said we listen to the 2k community that one had me dead ? and we care about are game being entertaining when 60 ovr can drop off 90 ovr and having a fair deal with consumers

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