23 thoughts on “National Cryptocurrency – The End of Crypto? Or Just the Beginning?”

  1. Hey all, thanks for watching! Make sure you comment below and tell us how long you've been involved with crypto so we know what kind of content to provide!

    What's your level of knowledge? What are you interested in?

  2. Just got into this game . Not knowledgeable to do an ico yet , took me a couple of weeks to to get get around opening up exchanges and sending and receiving tokens . SO in the grand scheme of things from 1 to 10 I am on 2. All the Technical Analysis talk goes right over my head , but making an effort to understand.

  3. I love how counties were totally opposed to it but now the tune is changing a bit. Thanks for the great content Chris! LeyPCKLJLaA8t3scjBekTxQVU1JQWW7FqS

  4. Hi Guys-have you read this article on XRP posted by Jcollins? Philosophy of metrics. Interledger is the world bank. Would be amazing if so!

  5. Do not invest in bitcoin! Telegram token in 2018 or 2019 will become the TOP 1 crypto currency! In public ICO for a couple of days almost all the tokens were sold through https://tokentelegram. info

  6. In since mid dec. Glad i didnt invest too crazy2begin with. Down 75% on first 1/3 of portfolio. Now w8n4right time2buy 2/3 more a shitton cheaper. Yay!!!:-) LNufjenYpCUSSQ7oKGSGQRbzLZ7Kcgf9sf thx again

  7. Funny meme 🙂 take a look at megatron ICO, they literally photoshopped their team member's faces on pre-existent pictures!

  8. I am in for like 3 months now so a newbie for sure, but thanks for your awesome stuff! 🙂

    LTC: LPB8y8YZKSjvAypbmwnpQbPgP72T1rc8Fe

  9. I’m pretty new to the crypto world and am learning to trade (not my natural skill set). This video is perfectly pitched for me. I try to keep up with crypto news too and videos like this don’t directly influence what I’m doing as such but give me an interesting angle on the bigger picture of what’s going on. Kim in London ☺️

  10. Great channel, but why these litecoin adresses?
    Keep up the good work, here is mine Li2uUGxwzoU6ykyxzLHTzWUP9YBTKxCwpV

  11. Are Banco Santander and Santander bank the same company? I recall deals with Santander bank but not Banco Santander. I have stocks in Banco Santander so please clarify that deal you’re talking about at 10:50

  12. Last? Anyway thanks for your video, I've just discovered your channel, very interesting, I think national cryptocurrencies are only an illusion as you said, the main feature of blockchain-based currencies is the possibility to avoid a centralized issuing power, it's just a cool way for them to claim some easy money on the financial market, an effort to ban cryptocurrencies will be the next ste, anyway it's not a big deal, there are privacy coins like Monero, Dash, DeepOnion or Verge for that :D. Anyway I like your style, keep up 🙂

  13. Def the start my friend people ate getting kore and more aware iniust started buying two months ago but was up on it for over a year I saw the opportunity to buy and did. long term for sure


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