A few chapters ago we shared with you the
story of Erik Finman, a 15-year-old Bitcoin millionaire who didn’t say money, and we talked
about what we could do to become Bitcoin millionaires and billionaires. Today there is another story. Of course there are many things we can learn
from this story. They’ll all talk item by item. What do we say? We’re starting bam bam. I’m Eren Caner. From Crypto Dictionary to everyone, love friends. We started our lottery. Don’t forget to participate. In every video I’m telling you how to participate. Subscribe to my channel and tap the bell,
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and comments at the end of this video. I’m going to read some of them, and I’ll give
you a mind-blowing bonus at the end of the video. Today’s Bitcoin millionaire, Netflix, is also
documentary Charlie Shrem. His story is a bit sad and a little bit of
lessons to be learned. In the meantime, when I was in the United
States last year, I met him on a joint project and took a Turkish video and published it
in a video in the Crypto Dictionary, maybe you remember. Now, folks, I’m going to make a very brief
announcement before I move on to this millionaire story. On October 7, a week later, a quiz with a
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contest. I want to enter the subject at jet speed by
saying that the link is located just below this video, in the explanation section. Charlie Shrem was born in 1989 and met Bitcoin
in his senior year at the university in 2011 and bought his first Bitcoin for only 5 bucks
and continued to buy it. He even started taking Bitcoin when he was
about 5 dollars and continued to buy it for 20 dollars, but his early acquaintance with
Bitcoin didn’t make him a bitcoin rich years later. Why? because his computer crashed and, unfortunately,
he lost access to all his Bitcoins. Well, this event, we will make ourselves wonder
what the lesson may be to see what comes. Lesson number 1 is that brother – As you can
see, I wish I had bought 10 years ago, now I would not sell flat, empty dreams should
not be established. Because what accidents are happening on this
road. Maybe you were going to keep it on the stock
market, and that stock market would boom, or God forbid malicious people who heard you
had a lot of Bitcoin on you. Examples of these have been living in Turkey
and in the world. Those who died, that’s why we shouldn’t say
no. Anyway, Charlie didn’t give up when all the
Bitcoins he got from $ 5 were rubbish, and he decided to start a new company called BitInstant
to learn how to make the difficult Bitcoin shopping easier then. In other words, the Turkish entrepreneurs
established the crypto money exchanges that the men have implemented 8 years ago. This is the second lesson we’ll draw ourselves
from this event, these friends – smell the trends and get up early to get on the road. Look, most of us don’t have Bitcoin in mind,
most of us started to build these companies in 2011-2012. I mean, these guys are the way to get up early
today. I hope we’re going to get up early and be
the roads. Because there are billions more people in
the world who haven’t heard or heard of Bitcoin, but don’t take it, don’t listen. Look, if we’re having a friendly conversation,
brother. I want to open a parenthesis and tell you
about a recent incident. I went to a hotel in Bodrum with my wife on
such a holiday or something. You are entering the hotel, brother, the classic
job is no, the entrance to the hotel on the left is done, towel cards or something is
given a consultation or there is a bar right across the street. I went to the bar, brother, okay, the guy
is working hard, of course. He put a box like this in front of him and
he wrote an IBAN number so he could send a tip to his bank account. So I said to the bartender in a vacancy, brother,
look, there are a lot of foreign tourists coming here. If they don’t have cash, they’il send you
international money from the bank and send you a tip, put a Bitcoin, Ethereum wallet
address here. Have a sweet QR code with them. I said it would be easier to draw attention
and take tips. You know what the man said, no Damascus I
said bitcoin or something. I found out from this answer that Bitcoin
didn’t have that effect. Anyway, I said, I thought you could join the
caravan after five years. So I’m going to tie it up and go on with the
story of Charlie, a Bitcoin millionaire. Early risers, folks. Getting up early isn’t just about hearing
Bitcoin and buying it. Since Blockchain, the crypto coins, we believe
in the future. Then we will look at how we can do it as a
business, as a business. Already watching this video, you will probably
be so, or at least maybe aside three or five cents Bitcoin you throw away in the future
maybe our child will say something, or father, you know, years ago, Bitcoin 10bin 20bin dolmedin
why didn’t you take? You know, we’re saying, Dad, why didn’t you
buy the land in Bodrum for cheap? You know, even if the place changes, not in
Bodrum, most of us have made such conversations with our parents. There is no investment advice, of course,
but in the future this kind of conversation can take place in the same way over crypto
currency. Anyway, they’re good, if you like, let’s continue
with the story of Charlie, a bitcoin millionaire. Charlie, like I said, is setting up the crypto
currency exchange called BitInstant with a partner like that of a hobby, a little side
business. Two months after it was founded, Roger Ver,
the current Bitcoin Cash pumpmaker, comes on the scene and invests $ 25,000 in Charlie’s
exchange. He wasn’t rich then either. Otherwise he probably would have invested
more. Then, as the price of Bitcoin increased, the
popularity of the stock market increased. In the meantime, friends, the price of Bitcoin
for him to start with the very good days and an interview gave half a million dollars in
the bank, I have no expense, and now life is marvelous when the Silk Road event erupts
and life is upside down. There are allegations about Charlie’s involvement
in a market where illegal things called Silk Road are sold to Bitcoin, and Charlie is arrested. Meanwhile, Facebook was our idea, the Winklevoss
brothers, who said that Mark Zuckerberg stole from us, also invested in this stock market
and the stock market is already booming. According to the data of, 30%
of Bitcoin trading worldwide was realized on the BitInstant stock exchange at that time. The lesson number 3 we will draw here will
be: Does anyone know who knows the name of BitInstant actively? I don’t think so. Therefore, today’s most known, most popular
stock exchanges can be turned upside down in an instant. We will take care not to hold too much money
on the stock exchange if we cannot risk losing that money and math, the equation is very
simple and we will not be a fan of any coins, nothing including Bitcoin. We will also focus on innovative work and
pay attention to the people we meet because only in this way I think we can get a better
reward for our efforts. There is also the event of being in the right
place at the right time. Let me ask you, for example, as a comment
below. Would it have been possible for Charlie to
take the investments I just mentioned if he hadn’t set up this exchange, even if
he had been on course this year? I don’t think he could. Because investors are also looking for innovative
business brother. Guys napsin 50 jobs in the market, why would
they invest money in them. Therefore, we should think about business
models that are not very good examples. This is of course also about being in the
right place at the right time, and as I said, these are really very relevant to the people
we’ve met. Ok, of course you can research yourself, you
can learn that there is no limit in front of it, but when you are
in a visionary team, in a visionary university, even the topics discussed around you change. You know you’re necessarily aware of something. If you are interested in that point you can
walk from there. Jihm Rohn has a word I love. At this point I want to share with you. He says that man is the average of 5 people
who spend most time together. Imagine, for example, which 5 people do you
see too much? Because after a while we really start to look
alike. You can really test it, as well as control
it in your life. Now let’s move on to today’s surprising bonus
information first. Folks, I’m going to tell you about a strike
that took place in space in today’s bonus information. In 1973, the astronauts of the Skylab space
station said they were overworked, and all of a sudden they stopped communicating with
NASA and spent 24 hours just looking at the world, you know? This was the first strike in space to date. I mean, can you imagine, brother, I’ve worked
hard enough saying you’re striking in space, super head. Now, let’s see what came from you in the last
video. Let’s see what you’ve asked or interpreted. Yeah, fellas, bye-bye in the Crypto Dictionary. To subscribe to the lottery and support me,
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