Nasdaq To Open Crypto Exchange

hey buddy crypto mentor 99 how you doing it is still May the 28th 2018 and if this next story and video doesn't get you going about cryptocurrencies nothing will and I know that the markets down I think bitcoin is like seventy one hundred seventy two hundred I don't care because you know what I say if you believe in the underlying technology of these projects and of these icos and you're not gonna be going to coinbase every hour getting the Refresh puting button you don't I'm saying these tokens and I'm gaining momentum on are going to my grandkids and I don't really look at the day to date price and what prices do go down like this call me nuts I viewed as a buying opportunity remember I always harp on this dollar cost averaging I found like coin March 2017 when I was in Albuquerque you you guys know the story you gals melt the story at three dollars and 80 cents I was buying the 380 I was buying the 300 dollar cost average you got to get a lot of this article column though it's crazy was put out a couple hours ago you ready for this Nasdaq crypto currency exchange coming soon so the Nasdaq right in the United States crypto currency exchange coming soon and they partnered with Gemini and they're going to start with three coins number one Bitcoin number two litecoin can you guess three I didn't guess it can you guess what the third coin would be Bitcoin litecoin stellar lumens or isn't lumen one of the largest stock exchanges in the United States has thrown in the towel and is set to enter the digital money market so stop right there just think about them one of the largest u.s. US stock exchange is gonna enter the ring if you will of digital currencies and they're gonna start with three let gets it in for about five or ten minutes the implications of that and some would say this is a fad it's in a bubble it's going away you're crazy you know come on sometimes you have to go against common not common knowledge but so Gemini you don't know what that name is google it Gemini is the first crypto exchange in the United States be fully licensed okay and the goal of this partnership with these two is Gemini can use the Nasdaq technology and in monitoring real-time exchange activities of these securities I mean a token sorry this is crazy I wonder why they put this article out on a son oh and I guess it's Monday today and it's an it's Memorial Day I know the whole world doesn't see that but wonder why they didn't put it out like Tuesday like a workday it's kind of buried in the weekend news so anyhow take a look at this but Nasdaq is setting changing the stage of people's perception of cryptocurrencies I mean come on crypto mentor 99 I value you being part of my crypto family I love your comments let me know what you think about this I think it's great news see you later bye-bye

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  1. How can NASDAQ start trading if they don't own any bitcoin, litecoin, or stellar? Do you think its manipulation so all this new so called exchanges can acquire as much btc and ltc before opening of the exchanges?

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