NASDAQ to Make Crypto Exchange – BITCOIN MOON Will Come!

come on come get at it guys I'm telling you man Bitcoin blockchain forever Bitcoin blockchain is going to expand it's going to invade it's going to it's going to just bleed into everything guys I mean I read the title of this article guy and I mean I knew this was good I mean I knew this I called it I mean it's an inevitability it's an inevitability what's off crypto nation it's paid off with the centralized TV today's crypto news bit brought to you by the merkel via crypto young calm the world's best crypto reader Nasdaq you heard of them may launch its own cryptocurrency exchange why is there any flood in this market why are people getting all funded I mean there should be and I said this in another DC TV news clip there should be no more fun I mean honestly when I read stuff like this how can there be fun the traditional markets are getting into the crypto game in a big way and they're gonna continue to get into crypto in a big way if Nasdaq will launch its own crypto currency exchange who else is gonna launch their own cryptocurrency exchange all the other traditional financial markets because these exchanges are making millions of dollars a day on fees I mean it's a no brainer guys make an exchange oh that's right we're making one it's called yen dot IO Nasdaq has kept a very close eye on recent developments in the world of cryptocurrency it seems the company is intent on launching its own cryptocurrency exchange in the future although nothing has been set in stone just yet I bet they're gonna do it it is quite interesting to see how financial entities are bringing cryptocurrency to the mainstream after many years of opposing Bitcoin in all coins as I mean I'm happy trust me I'm happy at the same time I mean at the same time I'm happy but I'm a little salty cuz it's like I mean I we knew this was gonna happen why is that I'm salty because I'm a little salty because just it's like there's so much fun that comes out of these traditional players like your Nasdaq's like your JPMorgan Chase's your your Morgan Stanley I mean there's so much fun that comes out of these institutional these institutions and yet in the back end you know they looking at that crypto guys you know they looking at that crypto it's become apparent that Nasdaq is rather open-minded when it comes to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies the financial giant made a deal with Gemini earlier this month allowing the exchange to use Nasdaq technology to monitor its markets and daily auctions it's a positive development for both the Exchange and Nasdaq alike however the financial John giant is not done with cryptocurrency just yet its CEO has made it clear that the company is keeping a very close eye on how the world of cryptocurrency is evolving with regulation being a such a hot topic right now this nascent industry may soon enter the next stage regulation offers a more legitimacy for cryptocurrency as a whole and allows that existing financial players to get in the action without repercussions that's the key idea let's get in the action let's make lots of money and let's be under the regulatory oversight it seems Nasdaq is even contemplating launching its own cryptocurrency exchange at some point that would certainly bring a lot more competition to the market exposing more people the crypto currencies will take Bitcoin and all coins to a whole new level in the future but it remains to be seen how this particular venture will play out as nothing has been finalized at this stage well I'll tell you this exposing more people to crypto currencies it will take Bitcoin in all coins to a whole new level you mean to the moon that's what we're going guys we are going to the moon you just got a strong hands now sexy yell at denna Friedman has been rather bullish on cryptocurrency as of late in a recent CNBC interview Friedman common that the digital currencies will continue to persist kept it obvious that is a positive outlook Alby at one that is not yet not everyone shares most financial experts expect the cryptocurrency bubbled and fairly soon and potentially result in Bitcoin in all coins becoming all but obsolete too bad so sad not gonna happen even so Friedman is convinced that things will only get better for Bitcoin and altcoins from here on out it appears to be only a matter of time until things improve yes Kryptos maturation process has become unbent underway for quite some time now slowly but surely things are heading in the right direction especially with regulation now coming into play and a Bitcoin futures contracts launching not long ago and as I called it last year Bitcoin ETFs will come and they're coming right now whether or not Nasdaq will launch his own crypto currency exchange remains to be determined it's a very real chance the company will explore this option once the dust settles if Nasdaq were to get involved there's no telling how the cryptocurrency markets would respond well I'll tell you I I know the answer it's going to be they're going to respond very well there's gonna be a flood of money into the system and that $10,000 Bitcoin that you're all worried about I don't worry much longer my friends we're going up to 20 30 maybe even 14 by the end of 2018 are you ready consumers and investors aren't demanding more exposure to cryptocurrency and they may very well get it I'm telling you guys I've been talking about this for a long time I mean you know people don't listen to me that's okay it doesn't matter I do this because I love doing this I do this because I want to know what's going on in the market and like you guys said no as well but I'm telling you guys I knew this was gonna happen I knew this was gonna happen and I'm happy about it I really am it means that my investment in Bitcoin is only going up how is yours faring thanks for joining us in today's crypto news but let me know your comments your ideas in the Bitcoin dot pub or the comments section below if you're new here subscribe to our YouTube channel for everybody else smash the like button for the future of Bitcoin it's coming it's a common guys the moon is looking bigger today I think

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  3. This is a horrible idea, Stock buybacks from the NASDAQ cause billionaires to hoard. They want to flood this asset with those funds pent up off the markets in ledger. The US stock market is worth 30 Trill, but there is only 2.5 Trill Physical dollars in circulation. This might consolidate fake money(CREDIT) into digital assets.

  4. People who dont believe in Bitcoin will be surprise with the price in the future!!!
    Please look at the limit supply of Bitcoin.

  5. Bought another 1.2 BTC today for as good as 10.000 Euro`s (almost 12.000 US $). Tomorrow another 0.6 BTC, so I will get to 5 BTC….Yes, I`m new…..Hello Crypto fans….

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  7. NASDAQ is like the guy that goes to church just to make connections and thinks nobody else knows but in actuality, everybody knows.

  8. Financial elites: 1) Spread as much FUD as they can to keep a lid on price action and volume, until – 2) They can launch the centrally controlled coins, blockchains, and services they are feverishly working on simultaneously behind the scenes, so that – 3) They can somehow co-opt the space and eventually dominate it they way they dominate everything else (good luck with that tho). What else makes more sense?

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  10. its crazy tho talking to some friends about crypto and they STILL think its gonna be banned so why get in now… to much risk they think.. smh theres good news coming from every country right now all u gotta do is look around. damn.

  11. I feel the same way Peter. It’s like the 1% are trying to outsmart us out the market with fud so they can slowly but surely creep in and take control.

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