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now let’s get started with the news though Cece the CEO of Finance got a
tattoo of the finance logo and I’ve seen this happen more and more where people
are getting tattoos of their favorite all coin maybe you know obviously this
is his company the the exchange the biased exchange so you put the logo of
that I want to ask you guys do any of you guys have a tattoo of any particular
cryptocurrency on your body or number two would you get one personally I would
only get one if it got me the lambo first lambo first tattoo can possibly
come later on in the future but we also got more news from finance being that it
is collaborating with decentraland so you can now use finance on their auction
site which is pretty pretty cool so for those of you guys who don’t know
decentraland it is a blockchain based virtual world where users can create
experience and monetize 3d content the project will start accepting finance
coin in an upcoming land auction and the end users can take part in the event
finances trust wall so just a little bit more adoption for bias I don’t think
it’s anything crazy but they did retweet this on their Twitter and again the more
adoption overall the better moving on we are also having coin based finally
adding a PayPal for Fiat withdrawals now this did come a little bit earlier we
talked about this a while back however they are starting to you know be more
open about the fact that this happened first they only they only sent an email
to eligible users about this they didn’t post it on their social media they
didn’t do anything like that but the news are starting to spread around so I
wanted to share again if any of you guys have not heard the news yet in certain
areas this is now available and I think it’s really really cool for coinbase to
add pay pile be careful though because I’ve heard a lot of people have issues
with PayPal so I’m not going to tell you guys what to do obviously because I’m
not a financial advisor shocker this is not financial advice but
still I do want to keep you guys informed so this is a pretty cool
edition at least I thought now whales apparently had been accumulating
aetherium throughout the 2018 bear market interesting because we
haven’t heard a lot about aetherium in a very long time it lost this number two
position to Ripple with two xrp it lost the number two position now sat
comfortably at number three having obviously gone through a lot as most all
coins or most crypto currencies have this 2018 it’s gone through a lot you
know down a ton from the all-time high but apparently some large scale will
investors are still seeing the opportunity are still see the potential
in the theorem obviously there’s a lot of things coming forward for aetherium
that I think a lot of people are missing a lot of updates a lot of developments
coming to aetherium that like I said I think a lot of people are missing
apparently a large-scale real investors are not missing that they still believe
there is a ton of potential aetherium and so they are buying more and more
accumulating this in the bear market which is obviously the perfect time to
accumulate like I’ve been saying for the longest period of time
everyone who’s selling right now all of your crypto currencies that you are
selling are going in the pockets of big big investors who are going to profit
off of those losses that you are selling it right so if it’s going to Wall Street
if it’s going to a big just somebody with a ton of money you know one top
investors whatever it may be your
time you sell a cryptocurrency every time you sell right now right right now
every time you sell cryptocurrency chances are it’s going into those big
wallets that are going to profit in the long run so keep that in mind when you
guys think about selling personally I do not want to give Wall Street my
cryptocurrency I don’t want them to profit off it
I want to profit off it myself so I’m not going to sell it because if I sell
it I know where it’s going now aetherium again is one that a lot of people have I
think lost interest in just have it heard it talked about as much as he used
to be obviously it’s suffering a lot of I SEOs are selling aetherium a lot of
people are speculating that’s why if the Ihram has had such a rough time who’s I
SEOs obviously where were you know we had a I co run basically the ICO boom
let’s call it in the end of 2017 I’m almost throwing money at a ton of IC I
was expecting it all to 100 X 10x whatever they were looking for that
didn’t happen right a lot of I SEOs eventual well at that time a lot of I
SEOs actually did a lot of bad I SEOs did actually perform better than they
probably should have but then now well with all that money that was generated
all that money that they were able to raise they now have to sell the etherium
to cash that out to be able to do whatever they’re gonna do with it if it
is to scam and run away they still need to cash it out or if it is to actually
move forward with the development that they were you know planning they have to
sell it and still a lot of people are speculating that’s why a theorem is down
but whales are still looking at it so something to keep in mind now with
Nasdaq and fidelity are investing in Wall Street crypto exchange Eris X now
air sex has actually finished I believe it was a Series B round of funding where
they raised twenty seven and a half million dollars from a group of
investors again headlined by Nasdaq ventures and fidelity investments there
were several other big names in there as well now according to their website
they’re going to offer or they’re going to offer both Spock cryptocurrency
trading and futures contracts with initial support for Bitcoin Bitcoin cash
Yeah right if theum and litecoin just kidding about
Bitcoin cash everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but still Bitcoin
Bitcoin cash etherium and litecoin are the ones that they’re going to be
supporting for their futures contract and again this is big news right a lot
of people are getting behind crypto currency exchanges they’re seeing the
potential profits in it I’m sure that’s something that
was definitely in their mind is how much finances stuff like that how much they
are profiting they want to take part in this but they wouldn’t go in if they
thought it was going to disappear tomorrow so they’re still going to need
obviously a few years of success for this to work out basically betting on
the success of this going for now more good news from Nasdaq is we talked about
the rumors of the Bitcoin futures on NASDAQ well this has been confirmed so
Bitcoin futures on NASDAQ have been confirmed by company executive going to
be launched in the first half of 2019 so it’s not exactly q1 but it isn’t the
first house was either q1 or q2 of 2019 we’re gonna see this happen piling on
more and more good things potential catalyst for the bull run that we are
all waiting for I think the sentiment overall has job this year we were
expecting a lot of things from regulations to you know more adoption
all that stuff to happen in 2018 it looks like that’s been pushed over to
2019 looks like regulation everything might be happening 2019 and again we’re
getting the Nasdaq futures were gaining back we’re getting a ton of other stuff
the e potential ETF as well all potentially coming out in around about
the same time period with just good news after good news after good news
hopefully could be a catalyst moving for but again this has now been confirmed it
used to be a rumor now it has officially been confirmed now people are thinking
the 2019 Bitcoin could see a new all-time high so this comes from this a
CEO mike Kiyomori i don’t know if i pronounced that correctly probably not
since i don’t seem to do that very well when it comes to people’s name but he
claims that bitcoin will be able to surpass its all-time high despite the
market slump this year so he thinks 2019 is going to be the year again I’m
assuming he’s on the side of thought which is everything is so much adoption
so much good news coming out in the first half of 2019 that it’s inevitable
that we’re going to enter a bull run and what that bull run comes we’re going to
get prices even higher than the all-time high that we have previously seen which
was obviously $20,000 of rock we’re just gonna call it $20,000 to make it simple
that’s what he is he is banking on out there are the two sides there’s are the
two schools of thought seeing the main schools of thoughts I’m going to talk
about which is obviously some people are thinking a few years in the bear mark
get before you know the big point having and that’s what’s gonna cause the
overall the bull market to start then that’s one train of thought that people
are having and the other one is similar to what to what Mike here clearly is
thinking which is with all the good news we’re bouncing into the bull run in 2019
so I want to ask you guys again in the comments cuz I want to see where most
people stand what the sentiment overall looks like in the market right now I’m
assuming all the weak hands at this point
have sold because they’re they’re you know I’m hesitant to call the weekends
if they’re still holding and thinking of selling now I think majority of weekends
have escaped the market does that mean we’ve seen the bottom I don’t think that
means we’ve seen the bottom is making sure we’re very clear but I want to ask
you guys do you think we are we will have a new all-time high or do you think
the Bull Run will start in 2019 do you think is gonna start 2020 2021 let me
know your guys thoughts in the comment down below what do you think the
catalyst is going to be for the bull run to comment again could we see an
all-time high 2019 it’s definitely possible because we’ve seen Bitcoin do
crazy things before but I’m sure a lot of people are gonna agree with me let’s
take it one step at a time let’s break that $10,000 figure first which to me is
gonna confirm being in a bull market it being it yet being ten the $10,000 gonna
be what confirms to me they were we are going to be that we have entered a bull
run there we go that’s the phrasing I was looking for
that we have entered a bull run that’s the confirmation I’m looking for break
the five figures and then continue to move our way up from that now Bitcoin
did close at around four thousand dollars we actually look at coin market
cap right now look at that close right as close to four thousand dollars
either way we’re covering a little bit from the one-week low overall trend
right now obviously we have the supports resistance resistance as well as you
guys who have been looking at the charts I think you know it’s it’s a very
difficult period for Bitcoin I think there’s still room for us to go you know
a little bit higher but there is also room for us to go lower in terms of you
know hitting a lower low I still think that’s something we are going to see but
that could come after we have a move up first so it’s definitely something keep
an eye on day to day chime trying to keep the group update as much as I can
with what’s going on because things can change very very quickly
take a look at the overall Marquette though before we end the video often
talk about Tron we have a green day in the market with
130 billion dollars in market cap and a Bitcoin dominance of 53.8% biggest
gainers free coin guys it’s free so it’s up six hundred percent practically free
because look at the price of it am i right but no either way just broke in
the top 100 up to 61 with a six hundred and five percent twenty four-hour gain
I’m not even gonna comment on it I have no idea what did this waves us up fifty
two percent is Bondi waves a little more known a little bit more established Ark
is up as well for good reason up seven almost 18 percent finance coin another
fantastic cryptocurrency is up 13.7 percent a lot of green in the mark day
with very few in the red I still think maybe we’re getting like 20 to 25 crypto
currencies in the red but still 75 percent in the green definitely
symbolizes a green day in the market for us Bitcoin private is the biggest loser
of the day with a down just a little over 10%
now Tron is up 7 percent what could be causing this bother it has been you know
a little bit more good news from Tron coming out recently one that just came
out is that it is exceeded the Trond app usage has exceeded that of aetherium
both in terms of users and in terms of transactions as well so trans now become
the leading dap platform surpassing aetherium at least that is what is being
said right here interesting overall I think we’ve seen Toronto theorem
comparisons before and I didn’t think I don’t think people took it as seriously
as maybe people are right now definitely something to keep an eye out on Tron
starting to pick up and do more and more like they are known to do they’re under
a billion dollars in market cap right now so again definitely trying to break
their way over a billion dollars again and break their way into the top ten
because they’re also ranked number eleven right now but guys that’s gonna
be up this video hopefully guys did enjoy if you did don’t forget to leave a
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  2. Patrick- I love what you're doing.. You're vary informative… Yes- since the Naz. is acknowledging that the opportunity the crypto currency sector has, they want in as they had done enough thorough research…. Andre'.

  3. There seems to be a lot of conversations I'm seeing of comparisons to 2014 but there wasn't the adoption/tech side of things then or real institutional investment. All I'm really saying is I'd love the bullrun to start asap rather than a couple of years! Cheers Patrick, great video again.

  4. Im gonna get a Bitcoin tattoo on the crown of my bald head if it goes to 100,000.After Mcafee eats his dick. 1BZfd9zZ6rh8U4PMtzeR9UsodURxdjDC5Y

  5. Thx for the update. I heard that eventhough Tron surpassed Etheriums daily transactions, it is still only using 0.01% of full capacity….not bad imo.

  6. Patrick, I see so much positive news in crypto right now. I think we are still due for a big drop to btc at 3k. Big investors coming in and driving price down. Your thoughts?

  7. Banks, media, share market dopes donโ€™t want crypto to thrive, but it will thrive to run over anyone that gets in its way.

  8. i dont think we are going to see a bullrun this year. but next year around q2 it might be possible. i dont think we are going into a longer bear market. this are different than before when we had the other crashes. i do think the next bullrun will catch many sleeping. too bad for those weak hands, lol….. hodl guys, a little bit longer and we will be rewarded. in the meantime accumulate at this prices because once the bullrun start we will never ever see this prices again. this market been manipulated to get your crypto so hodl.

  9. Great stuff Patrick! It really is good news to see places like Nasdaq going forward with futures and such. I am still hopeful for a Q1 or Q2 run.

  10. I wish that I had not kept buying in the dips all year as suggested and instead waited until now to buy. down massively now and do not have funds to buy now when its possible to make profits

  11. Most of these new platforms getting ready to go live are futures
    contracts. We know from history that when futures start the price falls
    for years followed by ETF which kick starts the bull run and price rise.
    I for one am not confident we need futures contracts. Think its better
    to go straight to ETF.

  12. Nice vid ? sorry Will never take a tatoe..: even if crypto makes me a miljonair….Go trx (first coin I bought)

  13. I do think Bullrun 2019. Pretty early as well, I guess. Bakkt and the ETF will kinda be the start. Then maybe a phase of scepticism, then full on FOMO… but I don't know if they plan to attack BTC, because of XRP. I think XRP might see the greatest gains. And some others as well, if they bring good partnership into fruition. Also I think XRP will be number 1 in the market in 2019. There will be this flippening.

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