MySPURT: How to send initial deposit via PayPal or SEPA

hello and welcome to spur tutorial on how to make the initial deposit when opening your spirit account through PayPal after you have registered your account you will have to send the initial deposit amount through PayPal in order to get your account opened you have to send it through PayPal to the specific my spirt email that you can find on the registration page if you scroll down and look under information you will see that you have to send the money to info at my spirt org now you can go to your PayPal page click on send money and make a payment and then you enter the iceberg email that you can copy from here from the registration page click on next and this is the most important part make sure that under recipient receives you select euro and on your sending side you can select the currency that you use on your account and then under the recipient receives select the appropriate amount for your account type and this will automatically correctly translate to your currency also make sure that you leave the email that you used in order to register your my spirt account under loads and if you’re sending the money for another person also make sure that you type in his or hers name and surname that was used at registration and then you simply click continue and your payment will be sent after your payment is received your account will be opened and you will receive an email informing you that you can now access your my spirt account note that if you live in Europe you do not have to use PayPal to send the initial deposit you can also use a normal say per bank transfer for which you can get the information on the open expert account page by clicking on this link and here you can see all the information that you need in order to make the Sapor transfer at your local bank I hope this was helpful and thanks for watching

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