My Top Cryptocurrency Picks News 2018 – Jsnip4 – Boxmining – RoadtoRoota – Mike B – Clif High

Hi and welcome back This video about cryptocurrency that of cryptocurrency What I mean it’s like cryptocurrency news because the platform cryptocurrency started to go grow going up with the new people coming and famous people of YouTube starting to To jump in in a crypto, so they will have no information only background information So I’m making this video regarding the cryptocurrency news, and where you put your money Like like their advice to deaths and their self But the main point the advice is now they are not advanced I mean like everyone saying It’s not finance advanced for them, or me what the news where I’m getting my news From this top list of mine, so sorry about my language, but this is what I’m trying to say alright started with the first one is just nip for He have a good news, and he’s doing crypto from 2013 when cliff – inform him about about Bitcoin and how the system coming up So if you want to I have my advice you need to follow him it’s not following me Just follow him his best so far The second is route route. Sorry roto-rooter Mining which is bad you can read it from this from the side. He is the same same thing Plus he is talking about The silver and gold how the system with them The third one is a crypt or 0pi remark, so he is the best in our age. You can say He’s good with the information and how dealing with the crypto the Fourth one is box mining box mining his brings information from China because his I think he is Chinese and and like 60 to 70% is giving the information from China and Fourth one is the lowest Hamas He beginning from 4th of January when he started to report about Cryptocurrency which is big for the for? 2017 2018 so my advice you need to pick this guy too and The last two is might be he have similar information He know his knowledge about crypto and I prefer to pick him up better than the new peoples coming to the platform of cryptocurrency and The last one is the big boss you can say dollar vigilante He is doing it from 2011 and 12 so he know his knowledge about the cryptocurrency so if you don’t if You not picking my advice about picking your news from cryptocurrency, so Don’t come back and hit the like what I’m saying. Yeah, you was right the people arm was following they are bad so my advice you need to pick your To pick your news from those platform because I From the pic of the pits which point when hit 18,000 everyone started to talk about the cryptocurrency like they are professional and they are not and As we see right now they we have too many wrong information being flawed to Bitcoin So my advice you need to pick those Platform of Musa for cryptocurrency and Don’t get your self using your money with your bitcoins. You know But this is not a device of I mean not advice for finance. This is a bicycle where you get your information from When you do your own research? Like mine, so I’m doing my research I get my news from those platform Then I dig deeper on YouTube Because YouTube you will see some twitch people study Starting to talking about cryptocurrency, and they have a wrong information You will see some Joker Joking people they talk about cryptocurrency, and they will tell you to buy light Cohen Bitcoin Ripple whatever – and are wrong and timing so This is my advice So take this dos platform to your own research with them then shift to the wrong confirmation when the peoples talking about the pitch count if you go right now within 72 hour of the Bitcoin hit the 18000 you will get all the orongo formation they will tell you yeah When this he was jumping high by now for a year west he will see jumping on ethidium by now and etherium on the high So you when you get high even the upselling yourself from the law? Because the who’s on Bitcoin starting to liquidate Bitcoin for material the same thing with the litecoin if the people of litecoin I mean the community of Latin comments too high they will liquidate their bit come from litecoin So they will drop the price. You can went down even the price of the US dollar going higher you will not see it on the background because your mind thinking about the about the cache of the US dollar Those people thinking about the Bitcoin cryptocurrency between bitcoin and litecoin between Bitcoin and aetherium between Bitcoin and – they have a background information the rest of the media they have background of US dollar against bitch code or – or light con so this is my advice, so I hope you understand my what I’m trying to give you from this information and Good luck with your trading But this is not a divisive or – just advice for information, so thank you and see you next video

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