My Review Of The Ledger Nano X Crypto Wallet | EP#123

Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka
@scottcbusiness today we’re going to be talking about Ledger’s nano X their
new cryptocurrency Hardware wallet and honestly I’ve had both wallets I have
had the Nano ledger S for over a year and a half and this wallet is honestly
it is so much better it it has so much more functionality for mobile and it can
hold a lot more on it one of the biggest complaints that I had with my previous
ledger nan-oh s was that I could only store
litecoin Bitcoin in aetherium those are my main coins that I’m the most of so it
wasn’t too much of a gripe but I really like that on this one it has enough
space to to to hold as many coins as you really need
I tried downloading a ton of different coins and it worked perfectly no space
issues so that is really really nice another really big improvement that they
made since the previous coin are in the previous hardware wallet was now you can
see that they’ve got these two touch buttons whereas previously they were
very small buttons on the top now you’ve got these two big buttons for navigation
I mean it would have been nice to have touchscreen navigation but these buttons
make it very very easy and you know it’s a very simple design and it really it
does what it needs to do and it’s a major major improvement from the
previous one and I really like how easy it is to use with your mobile device so
I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys that now first I’m just going to login
so you you start off by setting up your pin and either creating a new wallet or
or resetting or to recovering rather from your old wallet with the recovery
words that you’ve gone so usually it’s like a
teen or 24 words or whatever might be but you just got to write all those down
and that’s how you can recover it on the next wallet or if you lose your wall and
then you buy a new one you need to recover whatever it might be the
mnemonic words and phrases which sort of recovery has been a very useful way to
go about it so yeah as you can see here you can see there’s a few of the apps
that have gone on there and essentially what you do actually you know what I’m
going to show you guys on my phone okay so here I’ve got the mobile version and
I’ve got the desktop version side by side so you can get some idea of the
difference but it’s more or less the exact same the benefit of using mobile
is really just so that you can be able to send very easily while on-the-go or
just because you don’t want to have to actually use a cable or sit down at a
computer so the really big thing for for mobile users is you know say I wanted to
send some etherium I would type in the address or just scan it with my phone
again way easier to do this with mobile like scan it and then it’ll send the
transaction to my device I’m not gonna actually go through with it but the next
thing would just be sending it to with the device and then I can confirm ensure
I have the correct address another really ideal thing because there’s a lot
more screen space on the nano X I’m able to see the full address very clearly
very easily the previous one it would scroll along and it was challenging to
ensure that it was the exact correct address very easily and efficiently now
that you have enough screen real estate you can see all that very easily now you
would get that transaction and then you would just verify it on your device and
then you can go from there if you were to do the same thing on
Desktop you would have to plug this in via USB C and basically the steps would
be the same just that you would have to have it plugged in it does have a
battery life it’s not the longest battery life but you more or less would
turn it on and off as you needed it something to note I wasn’t able to
correctly use it on desktop until I enabled experimental USB so if you’re
having troubles that’s probably the easiest fix and it’s just turning on
experimentally USB it just allows you to get around any issues if you’re not
connecting properly just the issue that I had it was really simple it was it
would say go to the dashboard you’d go there and it would say ok and then it
would say now navigate to the app so that you can send the whatever crypto
you’re sending so if I’m sending etherium and says go to the etherium app
I would go to the etherium app and then it would revert back to the previous
step and say oh you’re not on the dashboard which I’m not because I’m on
the etherium app but it wouldn’t it wouldn’t acknowledge that the first step
it was completed and it would revert back and then I would not be able to do
anything very frustrating I didn’t understand what I could do but I turned
on experimental USB and that completely fixed the issue that’s how you get
around that but again if you want to make your life
easy you should just use it with your phone it’s much faster much much easier
much more convenient and you can just use it anywhere on the go they give you
a nice little keychain things so you can attach it to your your keychain and
carry it around with you and just use it as you need however I mean if you were
gonna have a crypto wallet you’re probably doing it because you want to be
very secure and you don’t want to you know have someone steal it or whatever I
just keep this in a safe but if you’re not storing a huge amount of crypto you
know it might be not bad to bring it around and use it as you would go around
just generally spending it but you know I mean you might not need this kind of
security it really depends how you feel but it wouldn’t be safe to bring this
around with a ton of crypto on either because someone could just you know make
you transact and send it to them because like you know hold you at gunpoint and
force you to send it to their crypto address it’s not going to get around you
know traditional crime unless you keep it at home stored in a safe you know
avoid that issue but if you’re just bringing it with a small amount of
crypto then you know maybe you’re you’re you’re good to go
but that’s really all up to you I’m just telling you the options that you could
utilize I’m just gonna bring back up the mobile version so again you have the
same stuff on mobile as you do on desktop so it’s not super necessary to
review both but I’ll just be mainly focusing on mobile from here out because
this has well this is likely where everyone is going to be going for there
to be using this application so again you can review your whole portfolio
track how it’s performing you can see all of your individual accounts you can
add more you can remove them do whatever you need to do and then here you can buy
you can buy you can receive you can send you can do everything that you need to
do connect it actually manage it set up your your account do all the stuff you
need to do if you’ve used the ledger nan OS and you really want to have more
crypto you want to have a much better mobile experience I highly highly
recommend checking this out I think there’s a lot of benefit to using this
you know full disclosure this isn’t paid but I did get this for free and it’s
because I’ve been using ledger for a long time I’ve not tried anything else
but you know going and looking through other things sometimes they’re more
expensive sometimes they don’t offer enough comparatively they don’t have as
many cryptocurrencies they don’t have the the nice clean apps and the mobile
functionality that I wanted so ledger really gave me the the functionality and
the accessibility and all the things that I was really looking for in a
crypto wallet I think finally with this I’m where I want to be the only thing
that I could possibly complain about is how tedious it is to recover because you
have to go and add 24 or 18 words or whatever many words that you use it took
so long to get that going but that shouldn’t really be an issue because
that’s like a one-time thing but if it was a touchscreen it would be a million
times faster to navigate but again you don’t need you know that mutt like it’s
really just for that one part otherwise the navigation isn’t slow at all and
they are trying to make this as simple as possible and minimize the amount of
components they’re putting in it just making it as secure as possible so
that’s completely understandable it is a very very secure device I’ve never seen
any issues with these getting hacked you just got to make sure that your PIN is
secure you’re you know you’re using this in a secure way you’re you’re keeping
track of everything you’ve got your pneumonic words written down kept in a
safe kept somewhere completely confidential out of sight and yeah
you’ll be able to benefit off of this awesome technology let me know if you
guys are using anything like this or if you’re using you know a similar product
and how you think they differ or you know what’s better and if you’re using
the lantern an OS let me know how you’ve liked using that and/or the new one if
you’ve got this and if you plan to get it because you know had I not gotten
this for free I would have definitely gone out and bought one because it is
such a better expect variants for being a crypto hardware
wallet owner it’s it’s like night and day from the S to the X so I highly
highly recommend the upgrade let me know what you guys think about this in the
comments below I’m Scott Cunningham aka
@scottcbusiness signing off Cheers

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  1. Let me know if you plan to get a Nano X and your thoughts on it or on another crypto hardware wallet in the comments below!

  2. HI, How can I use this ledger nano X for Vechain , ADA, Holochain etc, How I add these acounts to Ledger live?

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