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now if you've been following this series of videos I've been making about my passive trades you'll already know that they are an incredibly transparent company one of the most transpired I've ever seen and yet they strive to be even more transparent now the CEO Darin Bradbury mentioned in the interview we did together that they were looking at how to bring even more transparency to their business being able to look behind the scenes at their actual trading accounts being able to see their balances their trades now that's an incredible level of openness how many companies do you know that would invite their investors to take a look at their accounts this is the kind of action that builds the trust and loyalty of their investors and it's certainly working for me so a couple of days ago Darin made a live stream on Facebook showing their finance account now the quality of the recording isn't great and it kind of jumps around a bit but that's what can happen in a live stream and the fact that it is a live stream is important there's no editing going on no hiding just a raw look at how they are investing and making profits okay let's take a look at what he had to say yeah I'll finance account for MPT inside of inside in Wayne so a bit we're going to go through I'll show you the order history unlike balances and I can even show open actual trades that are gone going as we speak the bill is trading activity all of the times we'll be able to see that as we go through so you just let me know guys I'm assuming that you can all see everything okay still what I'm going to do is I'll now jump back over to the boat okay and now we are inside Facebook obviously you all know this now we are gonna jump straight to the bid I know that most people really wanted to see just checking our numbers in here okay fantastic and I was going up people here okay so guys know why going to do said I can make this a little bit more punchy and easier and then go straight in now to our finance accountability for reasons that we already looked into etc etc screen showing that says I'm going to do over that point okay well I'm going through here I'm going to just give a little bit of introduction I'm going to show you the trades in itself eyes okay I'm going to show you motor set the audit history and we can go through all of this kind of stuff the purpose of this is and I understand this fully like if the purpose of this is to show that trading is actually happening okay what you're about to see in finance is about a third of all of the actual holdings that we have like I said over the next couple of days like also over the next few days like got crackin to show I've got big tracks to show I've got baloney X to show I've also got the Forex accounts like going through and in fact maybe if I put it onto webcam I might even be able to show inside of course account I'll just help you phone up – screams – go on your phone okay just to give you a little bit of an indicator we prove that there is a lot of training going on across various different exchanges finance obviously is the one I'm going to show today and I will show inside ow I'll show you buy a new phone I can show you inside our binary account as well pay for binary and we do over a small part of actual forex trading going on – okay brother primarily goes to the reason they're doing this like I said is for transparency so that you can see everything is actually as we say it is and they don't think is the way that we say so without further ado I welcome you inside our financier come okay now I hope that you can all see this okay okay up here and going to show you estimating value one hundred and three fouls and dollars in this account service eighteen point five TC is person time of course these numbers do jump and change us at rate okay here well I'm going to show you the many guys is our current balances okay so this is what we're actually holding at the present time so we are in a offs quite heavily mine BTC in there that's about forty seven four forty seven forty eight thousand dollars in a us at the minute okay no obviously like I said I am showing this just for transparency reasons of course I'm gonna be doing quite a lot of these if you wish to copy them up by all means no problem however I'm only doing this for transparency I'm not sharing any formula verb don't know where we ended all these types of things right so just take this fool transparently if you want to do the follow up if you want to do the copy trades etc etc use the telegram group in order to do that please okay we're also quite big in Nano at the minute point seven three of the BTC in there three and a half bitcoins were or litecoin we're holding here just under 4 B to C of aetherium point three mineiro okay so you can see that at the million by knows we've got bit up quite a bit of a Scott bag okay let me just bring this down a little bit and we're going to go to here is my bad here we're going to go to first of all let's go for trade history okay so this is inside the trade history okay he's all of the buy orders as you can see by buying a us by Neos against us DT by exactly ins BTC BC a BCH ABC etherium buying etherion buy and also like when down here and you can see here so this is the 21st 22nd a lot more on the 21st so obviously yesterday we know that the market made a rather large move early yesterday and obviously all through the night the night before the bill was up watching this you can see that these trades when I'm bajas at 11:00 okay and these are all just trades that they're not going to cater this is all of the buy orders going in buying buying buying buying buying okay now obviously this goes in as one water but this is where it's actually buying it from separate different except for different sell waters okay let's go to order history okay so in here okay so this is the orders and this is their this is the executive orders essentially to to actually be purchasing selling its entry into the exchanges so here we see you can see they've sold from PC age across here we've got you get buy limits by limits by limits by the necessarily mean it's marking marking welcome at the market etc century cetera okay so all of this is pretty self-explanatory stuff trade history goes through all of the trades okay so in here you can see all of the buy orders and obviously a lot of these are to be sold okay the bill really was gang going for it a couple of nights ago as we can see here on the 21st okay all of these of different different values like I said this would be one big buy order that would just be filled by many different sell orders on seized bought I ask you as we saw before he bought like 45 grands worth so yeah you'd be able to see that quite quickly I'm here we're gonna get back let's go to page nine page 11 and here you can see these sites selling out of some again this is actually on the 21st so this was selling out some others when when the first new came this is fun as just being sent around and obviously we've already done it but I will just bring it for the sake of this I shall just bring it back to open orders yeah you have no approvers okay so he's not he's not all going the orders waiting to buy they've all obviously been bought as we can see here okay guys so really this is the inside of one answer Cowboys okay so this is the proof and this is the proof of the pudding so to speak okay that actually shows all of the trades that are actually going on okay now I know obviously to show the actual profit loss things like that okay and do keep up with terrible and good cause obviously puts out the percentages in there it's a little bit hard for me to do it especially here based on trying to do it in this scenario goes to try to show you and there's no direct profit table I can actually see over yeah there's no direct profit table that I can actually see I okay which doesn't make like very very helpful either so much and obviously you have to go through and you've got what kind of one one way one as you are going through okay but yeah all in all very very simple stuff but like I said the main thing is just show proof of the pudding the training is actually happening then we jump across and see what questions we've actually got coming in okay so guys that you've got questions do put them below talk about transparency or what for sure if we click on this actually this should bring up all of the comments but it's not going to because I wanted to and it never likes to do what you wanted to do when you are live okay so that's that anyway what I need to do is come back over to this one come back to settings and if I select webcam then you're going to get a beautiful picture of me there again guys okay I said that let me just get rid of this box that guys okay is inside out by Nantz account case you can see that there's just over a thousand dollars in there like I said that's about verbal together over the next few days I'm going to be going through them all okay the owners troopers well guys I don't like to be looked into too many at any one time and so I will be doing them in separate times for applying new training and okay so Victor is obviously the boss inside this I'm gonna do my best to try and get this as big as possible for you but just so that you will be able to see I mean if we turn it that way we might be able to see it better okay so here you can see let me just keep scrolling through these are all trades and Forex if I do this actually then we can see red and green okay these are all trades in our Forex account that are ongoing okay so there's a lots and lots and lots of these let me try and get it a little bit closer to see if it's going to zoom in well enough to actually show which is not anyway okay so you can see all of the red and green you can see obviously the proper table at the top the total balance in that account I could just about see that on the screen burst twenty five thousand nine dollars in that one okay and I got a couple of others actually on my camp I could show okay so we've also got here in masks we've got absolutely the Metatrader got some weapon trades for Forex going on and Forex for crypto again going on there but on the forex exchange history got that one going on there in this account you can see it's a it's actually slightly down but then it is the inactive trades which is why but yet the balance of that one is about three thousand dollars the binary one obviously before and cuz I mean this way whenever we go into the Hunchback way okay wait it's okay that one's been moved to the horse which is good right so guys I hope you guys kind of evidence or not that's like I'm drew a thousand one who play five thousand dollars so far that I've shown like I said over the next few days I will also be showing inside Apollonia acts big tracks cracklin there are a couple of others that we use would provide some low points as well but we tend not to get too involved in that kind of market let me move this our claves in yourself twice once it's bad enough I so yeah really that's kind of the it does inside of some of our camps okay like I said over the next few days I'm going to be doing a lot more with some of the other counts as well gonna be going full of them okay so what was seen today it's probably just a refer to finances about though my life will overall Holdings good okay yeah so I know that video was a little bit choppy a little bit all over the place but as I said the beginning that's what can happen you're live streaming so I love the transparency you can see that Darren's got to a massive effort to show us behind the scenes and this is just the beginning there's more to come so I personally really appreciate that he's doing this I wish more companies would do this alright thanks guys take her

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