My Next Bitcoin Price Target?! Justin Sun/Tron TRX BIG Mistake?! Cryptocurrency Analysis + Trading

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new videotape we’ve got another killer video for you guys
full of information today we’re gonna be looking at what key level could we see
Bitcoin go to next we’re also gonna be talking about Ron’s huge mistake as well
as tons of other news that went on in the cryptocurrency space book guys
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jump right into some technical analysis I do want to cover really quick also
before we do that I do apologize for the settings and for not being able to
upload the last two days I was traveling currently I am NOT in New York which is
obviously where I spent most of the time where most of you were where most of
times you guys get the videos from but right now we improvise with the setup it
should be better starting tomorrow but for now I wanted to get this video out
for you guys I’ve wanted to be able to record and so we had it we have a
makeshift studio that we made specifically to get this video out so
bear with me the information still going to be critical even though the location
is not ideal one thing we I want to know is we hit
the target that I had set previously so this line to me was a target that I was
looking at for a Bitcoin in the long term or in in the short term in terms of
a long opportunity if you were trying to catch bitcoins move now I was not in
this trade for one simple reason that is because of this movement I saw the
possibility of a stop-loss hunt coming or removed downwards first in order to
trigger stop losses if you had entered along let’s say at
this position or even if you enter along here you had moved your stop-loss
to break-even same thing would have happened this would have wiped out your
trade but we were targeting this area and of course as always I want to keep
you guys updated on what I am targeting next and what I see as a potential
opportunity for Bitcoin moving forward and that is this line that you guys see
right here this is roughly at around four thousand four hundred and eighty
nine dollars at least on the BitFenix chart and to me that is important
because of this level so that is the high we saw Bitcoin have over here to me
if I were to aim for a long and if we do see a breakout of this resistance that
we’re seeing again struggling right now but we could potentially see that
breakout if we do see that breakout this is my target which is deep daily high on
this point right here so it wanted to update you guys of course if you want to
enter a long position a bit on if you want to enter a long position on bit Mex
I’m not telling you guys to do that I’m not a financial advisor this is not
financial advice it’s just my opinion what I’m looking at what exactly my
targets are but if you have not signed up to be mixed and you want to do that
make sure you check out the first link or the second link in the description as
well as you do get some money off of your trading fees so you don’t have to
pay as much trading fees which is obviously a very good thing but again my
target as of right now we’ll see if this comes true similar to this one as we did
hit let’s take a look at if we can get four thousand four hundred and eighty
nine dollars but moving honest we do actually have a lot of stuff to talk
about first thing is Bitcoin obviously trying to maintain what what we talked
about further we just talked about in the technical analysis Bitcoin it’s
trying to maintain its bullish move bullish momentum following the 4050
dollar break I know I showed you guys exactly where we’re at in the resistance
I showed you guys what my target is moving forward if we do manage to break
the resistance that we are at right now I would wait for a breakout before
entering any formal position simply because we could obviously from here
reverse back down and I’d rather wait for a confirmation before jumping into
any trade but on the good news we are seeing a lot of financial advisors
actually change their opinions about Bitcoin after the crash course a lot of
people are shifting their mindsets from bearish to starting to look a little
more bullish now I think if you’re bullish 100% at this moment I’m your
making a very big mistake there is always the possibility of trading
sideways we don’t always have to be bearish we don’t always have to be
bullish there are times in the Middle where we sort of wait to see what
Bitcoin does before we enter any position before we give a full 100%
commitment to a certain direction it’s okay to be in the middle and to me the
reason why I’m still more bears than I am bullish right now is simply because
of how long we’ve been in the bear market knowing that that is the thing
that is the stronger trend for a long period of time that’s what we’ve been at
and in order for me to be bullish I need to see a look not only continuous
bullish momentum moving forward but I also need to see a lot you know a lot of
resistances being broken to me the big one ten thousand dollars well first we
have to go through obviously 6,000 after that the five figures all those are
going to be very very strong resistance levels that I want to see Bitcoin break
first before I fully commit to being bullish I’ve said it before but I think
the actual bull run now this doesn’t mean we’re gonna be dropping any more
maybe we already have hit the bottom but to me what I’m pretty confident in is
that the bull run will start in 2020 I’m confident the beginning to mid 2020 is
when we’re going to see the actual bull run start with the Big Green Day’s that
everyone thinks up like I said that doesn’t mean we’re gonna have big red
days now continuing moving into 2020 we could just trade sideways we could see
it move to 6,000 then I move back down bitcoins absolutely wild
I plan on capitalizing the most I can on these moves but again move to me the
full-on bull run I’m looking at the year 2020 now I you guys can see something
different here I’m using something called open market cap instead of coin
market cap instead of CMC has been having a lot of issues and a lot of
people you know backfiring against what they’re doing a lot of people firing
back against what they’re doing you guys remember that exchanges came out with
very fake volume a lot of people were actually saying that’s not the first
time coin market cap has been able to influence the market with the big
influence and with a big influence that they have people expect them to actually
take that more seriously make sure they’re doing the right thing not
putting out false information in ways that can manipulate the market the
reason I say this because what happened previously when they did you know put
wrong information and then correct that information was people logged on
beginners logged on they saw the information that was different from the
night before you know a big difference I thought the market was you know over
this is game over for cryptocurrency they sold everything caused a huge panic
a lot of people sold a lot of people panic sold now of course they were
beginners in this space I think most people at this point would not do that
but there are still a lot of people that rely solely on coin market cap so I’m
using open market cap right now it’s what I’m going to be using for now I
think they’re more accurate in their data not a hundred percent but they are
still more accurate than I’ve seen coin market cap be so that’s what we’re
looking at right now we can see Bitcoin the last 24 hours up 0.27% again a very
sideways day in the market after having touched that resistance we touched our
resistance and from there the last two or three days have been a lot of
sideways trading in there like pretty much at that resistance waiting to see
if we will have a breakout or if we will reverse from there finance coin though
still absolutely killing it up just under 5% killing it in a sense that you
know compared to the other big mover compared to other big crypto currencies
it’s the only one that’s actually seeing any movement everything else is below
the 1% change if you look at the 24 hour change though let’s take a look let’s
see we have Tasos up 17 just under 18 percent there’s actually a good amount
of crypto currencies moving look at I’m not gonna say that they almost got me
TTC up 35 percent I don’t know exactly how to pronounce it but I have a feeling
it’s gonna go something like titty and I there we go we set it online well titty
coin apparently absolutely killing it there
you go guys make sure if you are a guy you’re invested in Sin City coin no I’m
all kidding but still like I said pretty much a sideways day we do see I believe
a little more green than red some crypto currencies performing very very well in
this market even if we are trading sideways and that’s why I always say
there’s a lot of opportunity moving for a lot of opportunities with all coins a
lot of opportunities with everything like that now Bitcoin exceeds 1 billion
dollars Japan acceptance and more and why March 31st is a legendary day in
Bitcoin history guess what day it is today March 31st I wanted to put this in
there because a lot of things that have happened for a big lot of the big
milestones that have happened ever since 2013 have been on March 31st and that
came when the total market cap was over a billion dollars and we broke a billion
dollars more 31st 2013 we have the US the US Internal
Revenue Service labeled Bitcoin as a commodity 2014 law enforcement agents
caught stealing Bitcoin 2015 Microsoft added aetherium to Visual Studio
platform 2016 2017 we had Japan recognized Bitcoin as payment method
2018 obviously not the good thing but we did have twitter been cryptocurrency ads
so a big day in terms of big things happening for cryptocurrency not
necessarily good like the advent I think that that sucks for a lot of people
especially myself included people who make videos and stuff using ads we were
able to get our message out there a lot more and reach a lot of people who maybe
wouldn’t have seen the videos otherwise and hopefully be able to offer them some
value in terms of Education in terms of keeping them up to date with what’s
going on but obviously with a cryptocurrency ad band that has not been
the case so hopefully we see ads start to come back I know a few people are
getting permission here they’re thought they have to go through a lot of lawyers
and a lot of paperwork to get that permission hopefully we’ve seen that
back but March 31st it’s a very big day now we haven’t seen or at least I don’t
think 2019 we have anything crazy happening right now March 31st but it’s
still early we do still have a lot of time to go so maybe we will see some
pretty big things coming for the rest of the day now Tron’s just in sun what was
i saying about toronto what was I telling you guys in the title at least
about Tron hopefully I put this in the title otherwise I completely forgot but
what happened was the Tesla giveaway so Justin Sun tweeted to celebrate vtt and
us DT Tron success I am planning a 20 million dollar free cash err job good
news it’s coming in bad news I may decide to give away more first I will
randomly pick one winner for a Tesla up until the 27th of March now I did not
keep up to this I did not keep up with the situation very much
that’s why I didn’t want to actually talk about this as well because the news
article and a lot of news articles out there are making it seem like Justin Sun
messed up big-time by announcing the winner of what looked like it could be
it could have been you know pre-drawn before the livestream but either way I
think that something happens a lot um but they they announce the winner and
then they pretty much refused to give them the Tesla and then later came out
and said that they’ll pay a fully round trip to
the next location for the Nitron summit in 2020 so a lot of people weren’t very
happy with that of course the guy who won the Tesla didn’t get his house I’m
assuming he was not very happy with this either but for those of you guys who are
more up-to-date with the situation obviously this does not sound good the
way the article has portrayed it but I want to ask you guys your opinions in
the comments down below let me know what you think of this was this a big mess up
by Justin Sun do you think there was a reasoning behind this do you think this
makes sense let me know all your guys’s thoughts in the comments down below
personally I think you should not make a commitment if you are not ready to
fulfill that commitment so you do not commit to give away a Tesla if you’re
not actually willing and ready to give away it says I know there’s a lot of you
know stuff that goes on when it comes to giving away a car obviously have to get
the car to the person or get cash to the purse so that they buy the car whatever
it is that you know whatever it is in whatever it is that Justin’s son would
decide to do but all around this does seem a little fishy a lot of people that
this gave Tron a lot of heat a lot of people backlash against Tron a lot of
people were upset with Justin Sun and therefore upset at Tron and uses us and
use this as an opportunity to call Tron a shit coin I wouldn’t go as far as to
say Tron is a shit coin simply because previously to this everything that they
have said they were going to do they have done in a timely manner when the
roadmap said they wanted to do it they had everything done so to me that’s a
good sign for it for a for a project overall but I will agree that as the CEO
Justin Sun this may not have been the right move to say you’re gonna give away
something and then to completely mess up that give away or to announce it and
then not give it doesn’t sound very good but again I want to ask you guys your
thoughts in the comments down below and lastly XRP ripple you know I have to end
this on some good news in world bank praises ripple and XRP based ex rapid
and says that the technology could transform cross-border payments now for
you those of you guys invest it I’m sure most of you guys would agree or you
already know this but this is looking even better for XRP and ripple a lot of
people of course in the community still do not like XRP do not like ripple and
that’s totally okay there’s a lot of very good projects out there that you
can invest in instead but for me and the ones in the community that do like this
and do see the potential returns in ripple in the long term
this is pretty exciting news and of course getting more and more recognition
for what they’re doing and what they’re doing actually being successful that
just means that down the road more more partnerships more and more adoption
which overall will increase in the price of x RP if you are and investor but guys
that’s gonna be it for this video hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did
don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and leave a comment down below in order to
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you can go ahead and claim it but guys thanks so much for watching I’ll see you
guys tomorrow for another video

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