My New Crypto Investment Strategy

okay so I want to apologize early ahead of time given the fact that you're gonna hear a little bit of noise in my background okay so I just wanted to apologize ahead of time you can hear some noise in my background I think just like a gardener outside and he's what I'm working on the garden outside so you're gonna hear like a little bit of scraping as far as like digging and other things that are happening so this article came out February 23rd right so lately I've been watching a lot of like youtubers as far as just kind of getting an idea of what people are doing when the market was going down right I was also watching some of the bigger investors some of the ico promoters Twitter promoters group promoters as well as even the the coins themselves I've just been watching a lot people with their projects and just trying to see you know where the level-headed people are right and the thing that I've noticed that was consistent was that the more that it went down right Bitcoin went down at there you went down Bitcoin cash went down the more the market was being cut down the more I seen more of the heavy hitters kind of coming out of the woodwork and admitting to owning some bitcoins right more than just one a few bitcoins like maybe you know a hundred or a thousand or so you know so I started to realize that you know it's getting to the point where those people were only talking about getting them back when they were on their way up that one Bitcoin was $7.00 or a thousand dollars or ten thousand or whatever that case might have been you started to notice that trend of last year I got a bunch of bitcoins or whatever no one really talking about what they're doing yesterday or today this is this is what I want to show you guys right so there is a there is an article I'll leave the article below talking about how to avoid cryptocurrency pumping them so I used to trade stocks ahead of time I'll let you guys before I go any further this is not financial advice I'm not telling you what to invest in telling you to invest I'm not even telling you to buy or not buy I'm pretty much as giving you information okay as well as asking for information the reason why I'm asking is because I want you guys to see something okay again my previous video I talked about how I'm gonna be changing my YouTube channel where I will not be buying an ICO I will be buying more tokens okay so this is gonna show you where my mindset was earlier this year okay and I want you guys to have an idea of what I was doing in the time of not investing so to speak right so while I was not doing videos and while people were not investing in that time where people were afraid to do anything I want to show you guys where my mind was earlier this year because I looked for a new strategy and I felt that there was only one strategy that was a guarantee to give me an opportunity okay if you put your money into an Hyp it's up to them to send it to you you buy in software and you send that money in it's up to them to send you back your tokens if you decide you're gonna purchase a home you're gonna put into a lending token it's up to that lending program to send you your interest every day if you decide you're gonna put your money into a ICO it's up to that ICO to come out and actually going exchanges and allow you to withdraw from that I CEOs wallet okay it's also up to them to distribute those tokens to you okay it's also up to everyone to do that as well as the exchange to allow you to deposit and withdraw from them I feel like out of all of those the only one that I have some small control over is the exchange most exchanges don't close down every single day but they will close down and like I said take your profits run away whatever you got to do so basically this is the new strategy that people are starting to go towards and this is the reason why I did a video on the evolution of the next Bitcoin scam is because of pump in dumps pump in dumps are going to be there what you're gonna see is you're gonna start to see a lot of people talking about how they have the next best coin and they're gonna start telling people about it and know what they're gonna do is they're gonna tell you about it so this is how a pump and dump works let's say I decide that I'm gonna purchase litecoin cash that's a new token that just came out it you came out of the dollar 50 a couple days ago I believe it's at $8 now right it's a light coin cash aside it's gonna come out it's a dollar 50 I'm gonna literally tell you the second I'm gonna put $20,000 into light coin cash I'm gonna skyrocket this price all the way up as far as far as I can do it probably try to hit about ten to fifteen dollars at that moment I'm gonna start to slowly sell off and I'm gonna 15 20x my money depending on how craziest thing gets right that's what they're doing they're running the price of the coin up and slowly selling it off so that people don't get scared but people actually start to run towards it put money in thinking that they're gonna miss out on something that's gonna be phenomenal while the person that actually gave the signal it's only looking to collect profits for themselves every single person that decided oh my god this is a great idea I'm gonna get into this coin I'm so mad that I missed a little bit of it by the time your transaction actually goes through when you put your money on to the exchange where this token is by the time that that happens you have now lost X amount of dollars that happens all the time happens almost every single day please be very careful before you do something like that one exchange that I noticed that has a lot of pumpers on there is your bit sorry I didn't even go to yo vidcom I meant to go to coin where your cat coin mark it cap right so if you go to the exchange yo bit right we're just gonna just type in PA see right so we'll type in pax I know PAC is out there this is the coin that I tried to 5x on and so mad that I got out before 5x literally a maybe now or two more a day or two before decide to fight back so let's look at this so there's the volume right I can do up and down on the volume I can do updated recently price by blah blah blah the only thing that you won't see here is the price change because this coin market cap this isn't you know something else right so you can see the volume you see what people are trading right now and if you click on the coins you can see if they're up or down right so we'll use invisible coin as an example invisible coin down 44% why is it down 44% I don't know let's look over the last day anybody can see something right it's just plummeted out of nowhere from $2 and whatever since or 46 48 64 cents to 32 so you see that this coin potentially could skyrocket back up you know but as you guys can see here it just plummeted so the the it's just one of those things where that one just went down but then you also have some like risk where up and you see how they're up over the last couple days look at that last couple months I should say oh there it is so look at last couple months they've been going up so what I decided was um I wanted to get like a brand new strategy right so um just be careful I'm just letting you guys know there's some there's some pumpers out there just be careful how to avoid the crypto Bitcoin pump right so this is what's happening like I mentioned before so they're letting people get in and as soon as you get in the price gets dropped on you and you got in at the high price of Tron at $28 and because someone told you that was gonna pump to 28 and it did or pump to $1 and it pump to 28 guess what you didn't lost X amount of dollars so it is what it is it happens you know um a lot of people are saying it's gonna give you free Tron to a million people or a hundred people or five people if this thing goes to $1 if it doesn't go to $1 or whatever so they do all those things to get people to get into a coin like that so be careful when you're out there looking around right right so the reason why I bring this up is because of where my head was in that strategy this is how I thought about things I didn't think of it being oh I'm going to make a million dollars off of this I thought about it in a strategy of let's just see if this works so give me one second okay so with that being said let's just talk about what I was thinking right so I was thinking what coins have come out and haven't had a real run-up right they just kind of just been there you know at the same time which coins forked and their Forks have pretty much depleted because everyone got out of them to get into Bitcoin on its run up you know so Bitcoin at this time I've been about 15,000 I don't remember the exact number of Bitcoin at the time but Bitcoin was up pretty good you know and my thoughts were what can we do what can I get into that's gonna make sense that may not be an ICO because I seals take too long right so I need something that's gonna go up in the next three months I'll just say three months so I looked at three different coins right I said new there's this little thing so looked at three different coins actually to be honest with you this list is only these three coins because these are the three that I got into right okay so let me let me break this down these are three coins okay there was ten coins on this list these are just the three that were showing in this picture before I actually changed it so February that says buy gold plan right February 2nd alright sorry January 2nd 2018 okay that's when that is so this is the next one says January 3rd the next one says yesterday or something like that but or not yesterday I'm sorry says a January 5th or whatever blah blah blah so I I erased everything just so that you couldn't see the notes that I have in here but in any event at the time of these zcg what's 45 cents at the time it was called Z cash gold right – gold as well as a theory on blue now it wasn't the gold plan it this was called something else in the beginning but since there was more gold on here I started to add gold you know I did it like coin gold was on here some other gold was up here as well but I wanted to just III recall something else it was called something else that was comin like the golden fork plan or something like that so anyway so those original go over those three right so January 2nd is when they were added on to my list so we're gonna look at aetherium blue so here's three months here's November November we're gonna look at the price so USD price and December January 2nd January 2nd we're talking about 49 cents I have up here 45 cents so at the time I did it was about 45 cents so it's around here okay so 45 cents right is the price right so we'll say 45 cents at the peak which was only that's what the peak it was sorry it's almost impossible $2 and 1/2 that two dollars and 70 cents 8 cents two dollars and eight cents okay so we'll take that number we'll take our two dollars and eight cents and we'll divide that by the 45 and that gives us sorry two dollars and eight cents and we'll divide that by the forty-five cents and that would give us 4x of our money money for two point six x of our money right now in that coin is about where it was back then about 35 cents so you see the little run up so that wasn't that bad that wasn't the better of the three calls or whatever right so – goal is the is the one that I actually I saw this happening prior to it happening right so – gold at the time of January so I can find January 2nd up here okay so January 2nd we have zero I don't know me zero that is four on two three four zeros and then we'll say eight six okay just to kind of say eight six right so about here somewhere right so given the fact that that was the price zero zero zero eight six so if we if we take that right so so it was four zeros and then we'll just say eight six just to make it easy I know it was eight five seven four but then we'll scroll over till we get the actual jump in price right so that jump in price goes all the way until we get to which day is this okay so that looks like zero zero one nine now I don't know if there's a way for me to find out what day that is without messing up the chart like I just did but zero zero one nine and then which I see what day that was that was on the 12th right which was to date ten days later so so we'll take the point zero zero one nine we'll divide that by four zeroes eight six and that gives us twenty two times our money there and then last but not least was this is Z cash go at the time was called Z cash gold so I don't know why I changed his name but we'll look at it right here see December and then you have down here I had it at what was my price I had it at five forty five cents oh the other one was 51 I'm sorry so does only for X but yeah this one's 45 cents I had a forty-five cents on the second we'll just say this is it right here forty-two cents and then it got all the way up to about two and that's another five X or so right so that's another five X right so each one of these coins has done their run up right but as you can see this one right here had the better of the run up so there's a 20 X you know after only ten days of me putting it on my list oh I'm gonna what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna slowly start to add coins and I started doing videos on these coins right so what I want to do is I want to start picking about one two coins a day maybe even recapping some points and talking about their run ups if they had their run up yet some of them have not so what I want to do is I want to just have that so my goal is and here's my goal right so my goal is before a theory like if I use aetherium or Bitcoin right so I'm not gonna tell you exactly what I'm gonna put in but we're just gonna just assume that I bought one okay so well all we're trying to do is we're just trying to figure out which coins well at least five X right so remember – gold so – gold when it was here was the four zero we'll just say three zeros in the one right at the time of three zeros and a four here whatever this one is that would have 5x mean right so that would have I would have pretty much probably would have gotten out here right had I just wait it one more day I'm just being honest I would have probably gotten out at four seven right out of Ben 5x why not get the hell out get your 5x and run had I waited one more a day it would have been an additional 40 X or whatever the case may have been and then BOOM now we're 20 X so I don't know how do you decide when to wait you know how do you know that this is going to 20 X how do you know this is going to 10x cuz if you notice something this thing went up and then down and then up and then down and then up again and then just constantly went out for a little bit but the first couple days were just really hard to sustain the up-and-down pattern look at this up and down it's tremendous up and down I would assume that we're gonna lose everything if we don't even get out there's no way I'm gonna play the market on that one I'm gonna get out so I just wanted to point that out that this coin had it's a little run-up not like these these are these little spikes are just 1 or 10 orders or so I'm not talking about those I'm talking about an actual run-up so if you have any suggestions on coins that are gonna do their little run up let me know don't forget to comment them down below I'll do a video on your coin if I feel like you know what you're right so this is what I'm looking for right so remember this coin never actually had a real run-up this was its first run-up is it gonna run up again I don't know do I care no I'm looking for that first run-up every coin runs up at least once right I try to do it on bit screen or try to figure out like I try to go like here and just like pick us pick a coin right we'll just pick that one right and then if I go over the last one to see all all time they all have that very first run-up I can't use this but you can see it here they all have this little section right here where it's his own little run-up right for some reason the website isn't as good as the app with the app doesn't turn sideways we'll just pick another coin way down yonder so we'll go on to page 33 right and then we'll just scroll down we'll just pick let's pick you through Dodge I don't think it's gonna be up here there's no activity on that okay so I don't know they won't let me see and won't let me see it so but any in any event you can kind of see we're almost every single coin does like this little run up and then run back down and our job is to figure out which coin it's going to run up before it runs back down and you also you want to catch it before runs I like this one hasn't even ran up this one started at four cents three cents and as you can see now it's under a penny you know so this coin didn't even get a chance to run up so sometimes these coins they don't have a good run up sometimes they don't have a really good strategy behind them some of them don't don't make any sense you know they got this coin right here started at about five dollars and as you can see we ran up to ten wasn't a big run up about ten to twelve or whatever the case may been but then it came back down okay look US dollar to 20 look at that from five at one point is even three dollars ran up to 20 and came back down as you can see now it's down way down here so that's what I'm looking for is down at three dollars that's what I'm looking for I'm looking for that first run up this might be a good one year hold you're probably gonna get 10x after one year but do I really want to wait a whole year no I want to write that that's that initial that initial ninety delicate turbo I don't even know if this is even a good coin to look at I'm looking for that initial 90-day run-up so this one ran up after two years but the market didn't really start getting busy until last year anyway so you're gonna start seeing now is the time to really start catching these run ups as you can see 2018 this thing was a US dollar says 2e I don't even know what I'm looking at right now this thing isn't even a whole dollar this is nothing but as you see it had his little run-up you know what is that it could be 6 X that could be 50 X that could be a number of things this little run-up could mean a lot it could mean the difference between you know you paying your your your mortgage or your rent for for the month compared to paying it for the year you know so any kidding and you could put in a little bit of money and just keep playing with the same money over no but I'm looking for not just well I'm not and I'm not looking for someone to tell me oh this coin is gonna hit next week and it's gonna run up in the Senate there I'm not looking for that what I'm what I'm pointing out is that I'm most likely going to help you guys out I'm gonna point out some coins that I can see have not run up like this coin coin Phi honestly I'm waiting for that coin hit to Center fry put money into it I don't think it's going to hit two cents but as you can see where is it going at one point it was even under a penny I mean under ten cents it's still under 10 cents it's like it was eight cents yeah eight cents so why would I invest in something like this that's already going down so hard you know and it could be a number of reasons why but you want to look into it do your own research I'm just pointing out the fact that I'm looking for coins like this you know they have not done their little run up yet look at no activity so no chart I'm just looking for something that's not done is run up yet I'm just saying I found some made some good money on them but I'm looking for more you guys could do the math on them or whatever you know I'm not gonna tell you where I bought in and so today I'm not gonna tell you if I did or not buy in but I'm just gonna say there's some that I bought into someone up some didn't go up someone up high enough and so I'm stuck with you know so it happens you know what I mean but my goal is to catch to run up and and for reasons you know what I mean obviously these are this makes sense you know what I'm pointing at so and I showed you guys my little strategy my strategy was I was there but I didn't have like a strategy of how much I'm looking to make off of each coin I kind of just was like oh let's just put some money in let's just see what happens you know what I mean and then when they ran up either I got out or I didn't you know what I mean so that's where the problem starts like okay now that I'm not out two months later there's no run-up you know what I mean so like for instance we'll look at the last 30 days right so let's just say I got into this coin back here when it was 40 47 cents it did it's 5x run-up and then I didn't sell and now a couple days later 5x run-up was on the ninth and then three days later I'm barely even 3x a whole week later I realized oh crap I need to get out so you know and now I'm back down to where I started if not lower so you see what I'm saying and somebody's aren't gonna run up again you may not see that again you know what I mean so if you look at the all chart just retarted this this point is fairly new like 90 days less than 90 days old so they're trying very new the same thing for this one right here sorry about that see look see cash gold it says it's called G cash gold was not so you see I did a little run up and then here it is back down to where it was and also the name change when it did that so so I know what you guys think about the strategy I'll start to release some some coins out there I'll probably do a to be honest with you if there's some people out there who have a strategy you have a coin this is what I was saying I'll say this I'm 100% gonna share the wealth okay again I'm not gonna tell you how much I bought in for I'm not gonna tell you what I've sold but I'll share the wealth right so most likely you'll see me give out either 0.005 to someone with a really good call and I'm talking about 30 to 90 days I'm gonna keep a chart I'm gonna do a video I'm gonna explain who I got the thing from if you want to receive bitcoins or you want to receive cerium for your call let me know put your ethereal or and/or your Bitcoin account inside there and I'll compensate you for your good call you don't have to invest you don't have to be like oh I'm in this I think it's gonna go up and I stop I don't care about all that stuff what I care about is you pointing me in the right direction I'm gonna be making the calls and I'm gonna put my money in I'll let you know if I got in because you'll see me do a video saying hey I like this call things gonna be a good call I'm not sure if I'm gonna get in well I'm gonna probably lie but at the end of the day though if you see your name in a video most likely your problem you get compensated if this thing runs up now if it doesn't run up I can't make any promises but my whole goal is to make sure that I make money and you make money so that's all make some money so if you have any questions let me know forget to comment like subscribe you can share if you want there won't be any affiliate links on the bottom but at the same time I want you guys at least help me out let me know and I'll help you guys out

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