My Mexican House Tour – Living in Merida Mexico – Tips for living in Mexico on a Budget

hey guys how's it going welcome today I'm gonna be giving you guys a house tour so without further ado let's get to it alright so what I'm gonna do today is that I'm just gonna walk around the house I'm gonna give you a proper house tour and on top of that which is gonna go through certain items as I come along them you know I mean I'm working at just discuss the prices and and just how things work out here and all that good stuff now look at this look at the timing on this as soon as this is my balcony by the way if you haven't seen it from before but right now it's crazy crazy it's about the storm and I guess it's kinda like perfect honey because you'll be able to get to see even some of the weather because I wanted to take you out to the backyard but well alright let's get inside before I get too wet that's what she said alright so let me see let's get some lights up in here so this is my upstairs bedroom now my upstairs bedroom here let me see if I can close this over here so by the way so these are the doors okay by the way so I'm giving you the house tour of my house because again you know there's houses and you know there's apartments and there's all kinds of things that are modern just like you have back home but they're located in the northern part of the city they're located in other areas and they cost more depending on where you want to live and how you want to live what if you want to come out here and you want to experience this you feel me by the way it's mid it's mid June right now and this is the beginning of the rainy season it's been raining like this for about a week now maybe less and it's really really awesome and beautiful let me close it out there so a little bit but yeah so during the June months of living out here many that you know June July and August around there I remember from just living here and again it repeats it's a rainy season so what does that mean well it means that it's not it's not that hot because you know when the Sun is out it's only out until mid afternoon and then there are min afternoon is just starts raining really hard and that's you know that's about it it cools everything down about an hour later or less depending on the rain you know seems that we're getting heavy rains the first few rains but you know it just usually dies down and then that's it it's it cools off everything and it's nice and livable out here it's beautiful it's a beautiful thing so unlike other places where it might rain and it makes the place you know hotter more humid but not here so last month was May and it was the hottest month okay that we've met the hottest month but the hottest month of the year you know meaning that there's absolutely no rain and just Sun Sun Sun Sun and like I would always hear things you know because I moved down here last June and I was always hearing things about May but it wasn't until I actually experienced me that I was like holy crap there's another level hot but outside of May pretty much it's always awesome out here you know it really is it's a beautiful thing so alright without further ado you know oh by the way yeah you just continue talking about the weather just one last thing so you know the again the soar months are not as bad as you know one might think and then you know what's a fall comes and winter comes you know even the weather is nice as well you know I mean I come over Slee from Miami and it's always like a billion degrees hot and humid out there and it sucks but Ellie and I but I've lived other places and I've experienced all the seasons I've seen snow the whole nine and then again here it doesn't mean obviously doesn't snow it's tropical weather but what I'm saying is that it the weather does cool down and and no rain necessary so it's really awesome so you're gonna kind of get all the seasons out here it's it's pretty good you know I mean again you're not gonna see snow but you will see these awesome tropical storms and again you know right now you know for the most part a lot of times when it's raining I just like this sit lazily you know and enjoy the rain you know maybe smoke you know have a drink you know what I don't drink but that's for where we're out there um but you know whatever you know just relax and just take it in for a minute so all right let's get with the rest of the tour so these are the stairs that I came up from okay now this home is a modified home it seems like this home was built back in the 70s or something like that and or maybe 60s not quite sure I thought this house was built like around 400 years ago but not white you know there's a lot of properties are on here there are this one there was properties on here four hundred five hundred years ago but eventually they got knocked down and now they've built this stuff and there's a lot of homes that are like this okay and a lot of people choose to buy these homes in order to renovate them and make them you know just as modern as anything you come you know you have back home and you can afford to do that here for obvious reasons I'm not gonna get into but you know again you know cheaper labor cheaper materials and though there's a little good stuff and yeah so okay so these are the stairs you know this is the the bedroom now you know this is just the things that I have by the way so another thing is when I got this place I rented a furnished place because when I moved out here and to have anything so I rented a furnished place so this place is furnished she can get these out here okay so let me just give you a little bit of a tour so just imagine you know all without all this stuff you know there would be all of this space you know I'm just a single guy I don't know you know I don't know where to put all this stuff why I'm not single anymore I got a girlfriend out there but you know what I'm saying i'm just still living that single guy life and so you're just gonna have things all thrown abouts but you guys can figure it out there's a little vanity you know sometimes I come up here when I was getting really really hot and they would work up here and the cold AC so my computer wonderful we no mess up speaking of which there's an AC because I get this question asked all the time there's AC here now listen you know my girlfriend she lives with no AC and she's okay with that you know means that's how she grew up there's a lot of Mexicans and grow up like that me per se you know I I didn't you know I grew up with at least having see no I don't have it pumping off babies as you guys already know I spent most of my day either outside or downstairs what when it comes to sleep I gotta have my seat and you have it you just got to make sure to ask for it and get it and all that good stuff okay so there aren't ACS available here let me just even look desert with a remote control and arrogancy alright and when it comes to light bills you know I get this asked a lot again if you just use like the you know what is it the electricity modestly like I do then you'll probably be spending around 50 bucks a month maybe less maybe let's buy a lot less let me see which is it yeah I would say yeah 50 bucks a month if you spend a lot you know or more like 25 bucks a month okay it's more like 25 to 50 bucks a month um you're gonna have this thing cranking all day you're probably gonna be spending 100 150 bucks a month okay so just sayin so okay so we got a see there's the fans you guys already know I get comments on the fans all the time so you know this is like metal if you touch that fan it's gonna fucking hurt you probably lose a finger or two okay because that shit goes like you know like a turbojet engine and that's another thing about Mexico because in the u.s. you can't have this because again just because of the rule rules and regulations and laws and blah blah blah blah blah we don't want anyone to get hurt because they get hurt they sue the fan company but the thing is that you know if you get hurt here who look you know there's no suing the fan company you know you just you get herpes you're a fucking moron and that's it and since people think a little bit more responsibility then we can have nice things like a fan that I couldn't chop your head off with your neck hurt so but you know again these things aren't for everyone out there you know I'm just saying so yeah okay so you know it's just like my mellow area here let's go here's the bed the beds out here are also very different now you um chigan you can get anything from the States and Europe out here okay but you know strictly Mexican out here so you know as you guys can see the beds are different the mattress is different it's like smaller and all this stuff so things are smaller you know I mean they just are okay I don't know if it's all Mexico but at least in this part of Mexico they are things are smaller no another thing that happens I here I'm glad it rained you know so not everything's perfect guys so look here I'm gonna put this here real quick so I can show you guys it's nice and cool right now it feels really nice and cool so these are the windows you see the rain is out here that's closed because the rain now the thing is that the rain is coming this way it's coming this direction so what does that mean well since these windows aren't perfect I got water on the floor hopefully you guys can see that I think so big is the wide-angle lens but yeah there's water on the floor there you feel me so it's okay I have a squeegee downstairs here I mean that all these houses have or you can just by and against a giant squeegee and you just squeeze the water out or you get a mop whatever you know so that's something that you have to deal with living out here but again you know when you're you know when the pace of life is so much slower and different something like this is not a big fucking deal yeah I mean like this is my stress for the day as opposed to having what does it rush hour traffic stress you follow me so that's why this is closed now because of the rain but again but again you know you have awesome ventilation you can open here open here open there there's a little space a little cubby hole I have had they gave me this desk in this TV that I never use so I just leave it there it's like I don't really use it anything here and then there's my laundry shit again I'm just a single guy please mom anyways so by the way if the place is dirty you know I'm gonna I gotta have it cleaned I know it's fucking horrible it's as extra dirty because I haven't cleaned it in a while so this right here is the water heater so what you do is like literally literally took so today I need to use the water heater why because it's cold since it's since and why is the water cold because it's raining outside so like what I do is like I literally like about five minutes before a shower I turn this on and then that's it it warms us all I need okay and then this is the closet this is where I came out of but I'm boom okay nice and spacious you know it came with this stuff right there you know there's my empty luggage you know clothes me more clothes over here you know bada-bing bada-boom empty up there nothing up there but still you know BAM and then the bathroom alright now one thing I want to mention one thing I want to mention about the bathroom do not flush paper down the toilet now you can flush a little bit of paper down the toilet maybe like one sheet or two sheets you know very little depending on where you live and where you want but for the most part rule of thumb don't flush paper down the toilet now that's something that I when I first heard it I was like man I'm never gonna be able to get used to that but you get used to it like that it's not a big fucking deal guys really it's not a big fucking deal and I'm a big shitter all right there I fucking said it okay it's fine it's fine it's fine really it's fine so you know you learn to manage it's not a big deal you know when I personally do I get like ex like the toilet paper that's extra thick alright so that way you know I just I can just you know use your imagination and then you know again you can flush a little bit down you know I mean that'll not nothing like the state's so maybe like one ply or too small whatever per flush I'm sorry I'm talking a lot of shit I'm sorry it's getting nasty but and I feel like no one's gonna talk about this on any YouTube channel talking about Mexico stuff but that's a very important thing and the thing is is because literally all the pipes are just smaller and that's it you don't even then like I think in a lot of countries it's like that and like out here look I don't wanna get to the whole toilet paper debate but like you know there's a lot of most countries use like bidets and that's really what we're supposed to use that we're not really supposed to use toilet paper that's but that's another story conspiracy theory shit I don't want to you know we're taught we're giving you a house tour here I'm gonna try all right this is the bathroom and this is me now we can see each other okay so that's it again this is really dirty guys please bear with me so yeah this is where I hang my fucking towel that's right you know keep my stuff I got a refill this because I just have a bigger bottle I just refill it bathroom again really dirty toilet again okay shower extremely dirty and the worst time to fucking do a house tour deal with it guys but this is my Michelle yeah that's it okay it's a nice shower it's not here I'll turn it off for a minute that's it you got a shower that's it guys I mean you know there's a lot of people out there they're you know fine think oh my god it's gonna be so fucking horrible to like move to another country and all this shit blah blah blah again you know this is the shit I got to deal with you know just as little water puddle thing and this is kind of common to a lot of houses you know and by the way I remember living I'm not living on what is it like on my hands I was seeing somebody that lived in a nicer house in another part of town like a nicer more modern house and still this would happen why because you know people are used to leaving the windows open for ventilation and all this other stuff so that's that's where that is now when it comes to speaking of which you know when people there's people out there to say hey you know there's people there's bars around the doors and around the windows of a lot of these neighborhoods oh my god it must be dangerous or these you know the way that these things are like pure metal really hard to get into and break into it must be dangerous and it's like well no I mean you know this when it comes to like all that shit this is all architecture and shit that goes back for like forever like hundreds and hundreds of years because you know again you would have your windows open all the time in order for ventilation and you know you just didn't want any fucking old motors fucking walk into your house so you had bars to keep you know animals out I mean that's it there's no such thing as AC and keeping the doors closed you know so that's basically a that's kind of then we add a glass and we added all those other stuff but anyways story for another day I know I haven't discussed price on anything yet but let me see see the thing is that everything I have here has been donated you know I mean ours mine so there's nothing really here I can give me the price on but maybe downstairs there is okay so let's just keep exploring hey guys you know quick little caveat nom I sincerely apologize for all the weird edits you know I'm assuming that they're gonna have I'm gonna have weird edits before I even edit this thing because I've been filming this all afternoon as the storm has been coming through here you know that good stuff so and I don't even know what I feel when it didn't throw them all that stuff but hey it's all stuff that I filmed within the last couple of hours and I'm just putting it together for you guys but as you guys can see you know I from earlier who's reading really really hard things are flooded outside and everything after the rain and the whole thing lasted about an hour okay give or take maybe less alright I figured a few things I could talk about just to give you a few prices and a few things out there for anyone that's curious okay so look this is a bag of potato chips I don't know what a big bag of potato chips over there is worth anymore but this costs me in dollars a dollar a dollar 25 okay for a bag that has 170 grams it's a big bag this big bag of these chips is two dollars to US dollars all right a bottle of whiskey listen listen whiskey I forgot this is Florida ganya's there's just some some rum this cost me I want to say ten dollars ten to fifteen dollars and this isn't really a good run ten to fifteen dollars okay store yeah got nothing else in here eggs cost a dollar hummus cost $2 coca-cola 50 cents 50 cents you know the big one the big one is 50 cents the small baby one is like 40 cents 35 cents what else what else this cost like 75 cents a dollar for this whole bag of sugar five dollars for all this coffee it's a lot of coffee all right 400 grams right for so that's like it's like a over a pound ring or almost a pen for five bucks is like the best coffee okay I'm a coffee snob and that's like the best and then this is this is okay so let me give you a tour of the rest of the house and this is my my kitchen got a microwave so a lot of things that I do in order to save energy is that I unplug everything so I gotta wash her outside for washing clothes I keep that unplug I unplug this I unplug everything and I only use what I'm using you know like I don't I don't I'm not like in the states where in the States we use a lot of energy therefore we spend a lot of energy and everything costs more so here it's just more modest because it's just more of a minimalistic life but yeah this is my setup here I'm sure you guys have already seen you know my fucking cable and everything just the situation here all right for smokers out there blunts by the way I finally found some blunts that are you know just like the ones from back home really really good quality stuff a dollar dollar twenty five four five oregano that goes with that is how much is it let me see how much it is hold on let me give you the price real quick 90 poems 90 bucks okay so like around 90 bucks 94 and for 4 ounces of oregano that's not bad that's not bad all right it's now is schwag oregano but it's pretty good yeah I mean it's not bad it's fucking great you know um you can get the other stuff for 25 for a half pounds you know I think it's tight when tea five US dollars for a half ounce of a really good sweat I've really good oregano they're really good a ring though like the back in the States oregano and your panic oregano speaking of oregano I got an oregano tree out there I don't know if you guys can see it we're in my backyard in the rain no let me see I think I can take you guys out for a minute yeah it's still it's still raining see that's my backyard all right I'll show you guys in a minute as soon as it stops raining the rest of the house all right hope you guys are enjoying the tour so far I know I am alright guys so yeah this is Mike downstairs I'm sure you guys are already seen my downstairs of plenty of times a million times it's nice and spacious again it's right here and you know if I keep my camera right there the iPhone the nice episode with I was debating on whether to use this camera or that camera but I decided to use this camera so that I can shoot in 4k and things will be better hopefully you guys can see is dark because it's dark and gloomy I don't have the usual sunlight that I do and these lightbulbs already expired and I need to get new ones in anyways there's Lambeau he says hi um and that's it this is the studio guys you know this is where I work where I do my things and yeah here's the sink that I use look at that pretty awesome there's a microwave there's potatoes it's a really really really really dirty kitchen stoves from forth gas all right nothing but a boom yes the oven works there I kept my dishes and you know yeah the water let's talk about the water for a sec so again here the water you know there's literally a guy that comes for me he comes every Monday and every Thursday so by the way that's when I have the live that's when I go live also I go live on Twitch bit tube and D live every third Monday and Thursday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time but anyways the water guy also happens to come on Mondays and third and don't forget to give a like and subscribe and all that good shit – he comes by and these things cost 31 pesos so that's 31 pesos is $1 55 all right give or take so dollar 50 all right for a big jug of water – and they bring them to your door so every Monday and Thursday you know he just comes up to main gate and he's like hey Jose how's it going you need any water and I tell him yeah I'll bring one or bring two or don't bring any and that's it and then he brings it for free and that's it and then what I do because I'm a good American you know I typical you know what I'm saying we're good expat whatever I dip him and that's it so that's what I do so yeah and that's it so you know you know one of these things cost you between you know brought to your door literally he brings it all the way over here all the way and he asked permission before he can come in and everything real nice real fucking cool and it only costs me yeah what was I saying oh yeah yeah a dollar 50 a dollar 50 brought to my door and in case he's not around because for whatever reason that guy can just go to the old lady next door which is a house next door and she has a little shop out of her own house and I can just get it from her as well as well you know I can also get like coca-cola and potato chips and and sweets or whatever the fuck else she's selling there but yeah so all right let's go outside and give you a tour stopped raining already so I'm gonna put this thing over the camera hopefully it doesn't mess up the microphone but it's still raining a little bit and I don't want to mess it up and have a like a different kind of housing for the camera so I'm sorry but I hope I'm holding it weird so hopefully it doesn't come out like I'm holding a weird okay so this is my backyard guys oh my god I'm getting stepping in puddles great guy alright so here let me just show you see and that's what my neighbors live you see those houses over there but I barely even see them so this is this is the washer right here so okay okay nice fucking awesome washer look I need no Samsung made washers but they do and it's in Spanish another cool thing and then there's a water heater this is why the water takes such a short time to fucking meet up there's a washer I wash my clothes and then I hang it there I'm sure you guys have seen my Instagram stories you guys have seen where I hang my clothes and stuffs alright let's take a look this is my backyard I hear guys you see a beautiful thing and yeah it's the rainy season so that's why it's wet out here so this is where I hang my clothes there's no one living out here right now but it could be you it could be you all right look it so those are the water tanks up there speaking of which so I got to refill the water tank so this is how I get water to my house so the reason that I always have hot water when it's hot is because you see those hot you see little water tanks up there those water tanks up there you know they're obviously right in the sun's direction and they heat up and as they heat up a heats up the water sometimes it's so hot that they can hurt you yeah it's never that hot but it's pretty hot and so that's what happens you really like it just heats up and then gravity is what brings the water all the way down through the fucking house and you don't need to you know have electricity do that for you hence costs even less verdict electricity but that's the water system pretty much everywhere free bird poop he's pooping in the water no he's not isn't it but anyways but that's the water situation and so in order for me to fill that shit up I come over here and I fill it and then I think this comes from like the ground or something it's like a water pump that pumps of water from the ground and that's what we got and as you see you hear that pump now and it goes all the way up there it's like goes all the way through the roof and pump pump pump that's it and that's the water for the house for everything and then they say I got a I've got a cut the shortest turn to rain again but then there's a backyard say huge fucking yard the vacuum throw parties out here I can do it a fuck I wanna hear if I want you got security cameras everywhere like a fucking boss well you know I love this place but yeah man I'm telling you man this is really friendly for everyone out here you know I mean that's not just safe but what I'm saying is very expect friendly you know you can find the place is gonna fit your needs you know no matter what you know even my paranoid ass you know I got but then this is my backyard this is a lime tree this is a tree of I don't know what the fuck these things are by the way you remember when I was doing my episode I hear and these things this is what was falling by the way it was these things that we're falling I don't know what the fuck these things are alright certain arena I gotta go but and we made me my girlfriend me some Jam out of it we could this is a BBQ I'm gonna use right here and this is my backyard I can do all kinds of shit out here if I wanted this is the orange sour orange trees which sour oranges are a major flavoring thing out here and then that's it I thought this was gravel but it wasn't was this weird fruit and then there's another weird fruit here which I don't know what the fuck it is my girlfriend doesn't even know what it is either but look you oh man you just missed it I wish I would have liked seeing it but look this is the other weird fruit I don't know what the hell this is so yeah I mean this is life out here it's fucking awesome and huge you know and then by the way you can park your car on here if you want you know if you have an automobile you can park to hear parking on the street you know most places have huge yards huge everything you know so you know I got my neighbor's over there you see how my neighbors are separated by the wall this is my other neighbors my other neighbors by walk so these guys have a really nice house because I seen it with the drone if you haven't checked out my drone footage and you'll be able to see it too but yeah they got a pool they got all the modern stuff in that house you go what I'm saying and they're Mexican you know they're just you know they can afford it whatever and that's it I mean you know there's my backyard I here I'm sure you maybe you've seen it some times before I've been out here and it's really cool really awesome you know sometimes look me and my girl we just hang out here you know checking out the stars smoking drinking having a great old time enjoying life you know kind of shit so that's it guys alright let's move on to the next chapter so yeah guys I mean this is kind of like where I sit and work this is my fucking work area man mess because where I have my coffee when I'm on the Internet's you know either editing stuff or looking for information on videos or you know again editing clients videos not just my own videos and so on and so forth so I mean this is where I spend a good majority of my day I like to turn to filming they I like to sit this way here you know so that way I'm always looking out in the street and it's really cool view it's awesome I get to see all kinds of cool things and yeah it's really cool and it's awesome and then this is my kitchen back here you know you guys already know but this is awesome you know something this is my own personal little piece of heaven what more do I want and I don't know what you guys our lives entail per se or were you guys want out of life or what are you guys are looking for but you know for me everything I have here is beyond wanted enough and I feel so happy and so grateful that I get to have this place now you know one thing I forgot to mention was the price I pay here I pay yeah sir I had to correct myself before I checked myself so yeah actually what I pay is that 200 bucks a month and then with like bill again around 225 250 bucks a month I mean you know that's it I mean but it basically it's really more like 225 a month it's really what I spend tops for rent and everything included I'm talking about you know light internet I got a really fast internet again that I feel like I have a faster internet here than I had in the states in most places and I got everything I really want we don't know what else you want I got gets gas you know so it's a gas stove and it's just great so that's what I really paid 200 225 a month and then you know the electricity comes once every two months and then they have like like that the whole light that version I mean like this the whole thing about the light bill but um at the end of the day it's not too complicated alright it's really pretty easy and yeah that's it I mean that's really what I what I end up paying now you know you guys might end up in a different situation meaning you guys might be looking for something completely different you know you might not be looking what I'm looking for you're you know looking for a rental that's fully furnished you know where I live it's kind of like an apartment complex but not quite because you know most houses here next to each other anyway so the point is is that like this piece of property where I live per se you know particularly there's other people that live on this property – but they're far away like their own home in fact I feel like I have I have I'm separated more from my actual neighbor to my son the same property than I am from this other neighbor that's separated by a wall you know I mean this is my other neighbors like right there well my neighbor from the same landlord is like a little further away and same as all the other people that share this backyard which again and that ever really comes out here for the most part and yeah you know and that's where I hang my laundry and all that good stuff which I'm gonna give you a tour some is uh stops raining but yeah you know it's pretty pretty chill you know it's a nice nice life out here I get to work hard on work work work work or work and be obsessed with my work and that feels so bad about it I here because here I can afford to live no you know when it comes to like other expenses you know in a month again you know there are other expenses you know you aren't gonna need Ebers you are gonna need you know to pay for you know again you know like oregano you're gonna need to pay for all kinds of things you know food mainly food it's like the main thing and then you know but by the time you get to all your expenses you're probably spending like around a thousand to two to a thousand two hundred and maybe even less because I spend Alexian I mean I spend on what I can get and sometimes all I can get is like on a hundred bucks a month you know or less and I got to make it happen so you know that goes to shout-out to everyone out there that you know is trying to make it happen as well and think that they can't come out here and you know we're trying to figure out the budget you know yeah you can do it now again when you first come out here just come on your way on your bucks you're gonna come out here with a few grand that came out here with around honestly like I said always say a thousand five hundred but once I got here I've got a few donations from a few you to me know from a few people on YouTube to help me out here I mean a few you guys whew and and the answer I was able to get like around two thousand so really I came out here with two thousand US dollars and that was scraping by but I made it I was able to make it and that's including all the mistakes that you make when you're first out here spending more money than what you need to spend so yeah you know guys I can make these videos as instructional videos for anyone that wants to know more about these situations and and I hope you find them as you know enlightened or whatever you know hope you find them worth something I think you do because you know that's why I keep making it because you guys enjoy them so alright guys I hope you enjoyed the whole tour of the house now by the time you finish watching this my time you're watching this sorry about that noise but I'm you're watching this I'm pretty sure you've already seen the full tour the whole house seen the back yard seen everything and I really hope you enjoyed it and please you know if you did check out my other videos you know my adventures in Modena my adventures are out here talking about living cost and talking about all kinds of other things and and please please please feel free to like subscribe share check out the discord you know this community down there of all kinds of people talking about all kinds of things and check out the rest of my channel I got all kinds of awesome content and yeah just thank you thank you to all my patrons thank you to everyone out there and you guys are all amazing I love you you guys are the best and yeah without further adieu I'll catch you guys tomorrow I gotta go walk my horse that stopped raining again so you already know Lambos already getting restless over there prefer preferment I don't leave it with him okay yeah yeah again it's another plus you get your own own horse out here alright you actually get your own horse well now you know whether he's real and you can ride him that's another story but you also get your own horse later guys bye thanks for watching

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