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  3. you know that if more mining rigs then less profit? think about it when you next time try to invite others to mining

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  5. hi @MrThaiBox123 I would like to know the dimensions of your wooden rig? It seems to be robust and compact for the amount of equipment you have managed to install in it. Very interesting!

  6. Pease make a video about how to start mining after you have a rig too, that would be great ! I already have a pc but no idea of where to begin.

  7. Thanks for the videos. Is Binance a good platform for starting out in buying cyrptocurriences? Any others you know of, coinbase etc. Do most of them require govt issued id for account set up and are they well regulated? Thanks

  8. can you do a detailed video on how to buy a crypto currency (not bitcoin, ripple) but the other ones which are still very cheap to buy and sit on them, and also how to store them securely. thanks

  9. Make the video on the mining rig please. I'm invested in alt coins, would you recommend? Good video as always mate ✅

  10. Hey Adam, very much looking forward to your crypto series! I'd really appreciate knowing what your electricity costs are per, say, $1/£1 generated.

  11. Upload your how to build it video, I want to know more details Adam. What was the whole cost? My guess is about £3500?

  12. I don't understand what it is…can you explain it like you would to a 6 year old…scratch that…explain it like you would to a 3 year old. Please.

  13. I have been told that it would be worth my while doing crypto currency mining as a side line to make some money but I have not got the cash to spend on a big rig like yours. How would you go about starting off. And how does mining actually work.

  14. What OS is your rig running and how did you install the OS, Drivers, Mining Software to the naked hardware?
    Is it possible to switch to different currencies such es ETH for mining or is it most efficient to mine Bitcoin and trade it for other cheaper currencies with more potential?
    Really looking forward to your videos on that topic!

  15. I don't see cryptocurrency becoming mainstream at all – not a least in the fact that peoples mum's will be spending it. It doesn't make any sense or have any advantages. Block chain itself is useful technology but I don't see it's success being in actual spendable currency – at least not in the front end (I think banks will use it on the back end, but customers won't know about it) – at the minute it's only use is for investing it and making money from (and spending on the dark web!)

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