My Crypto Trading System (Beta) – A Unique Crypto Trading Service

can you believe it guys Scotland as I won't even see war never see its tropical as absolutely roasting out there and my office with you know thirty Guffey's cars running spinning around as unbeatable so I'm sending stairs on wearing shorts I've got the football on in the background go on you're doing this video is show you my capital trading system this is an exchange from MCT plus and this is a coin that I made for a couple of weeks and I've been messing around with the exchange on and off for a while and that's some trades today because we're selling some coins and I was gonna you know a move them somewhere else and do some trades I want to show you I want to show you the exchange today because it's very different that's why I want to show you it's not a regular exchange it's doesn't work the same way as a regular exchange it's more like a nice closed system like a peer-to-peer system so let's jump over to my laptop and we'll see how it all works so you know I can imagine MCT plus before and this is the way we say unfortunately just very bad timing but you know I was going to show you this before it's going to show you the way people know that unfortunately the working on our website today so you can still download the wallet but there's not much else you can do but that's okay because I did want to show you that's this is my crypto trading system and this is my account so it's very different very different you know it's very different from what you'd expect from an exchange and you do have to get that sent to your main this isn't a regular exchange this as a trading system that says a peer-to-peer a school system and essentially what it what how it works says you would put up a trade for example I want a thousand MCT for same one back coin you're not gonna get that but just you know for talking sake and then someone else will say yes I will buy that but there isn't like a a bartering system that doesn't like a graph showing you what the commonplaces there's just a list of active trades where people want to trade now there's many things I love about this system and the way that it works and you know but there's many cordons to as well this very day there's a lawyer who stays as well because you know if you use Co coins you want to know the place correctly that says in exchange for you know I have seen at the start of the video but as important to stress again that's as in beta it's got the beta sign up there just to prove you that it isn't better but this isn't better this isn't testing thus though you know couple of bugs here are they are nothing major but there's a couple of things here or the other you need watch out for and the Stalin proven the system now I've actually spoke to the developers Simon and Andrew and a few dollars and they've stressed in the past that you know that the whole system is based on privacy and security but that's eighth place jump around so this is the home page you know jump back to this and say can just wanna kind of jump around this act of trades for change up to 100 you can see all the different shades are there and there's the trade history these are some of the trades that I've done there's a wall and you can see what coins I've got and you can see I've got back coin painting there which I need to confirm which is very small for some reason and about now maybe a few of us before that comes out I've got a couple n flicks and MCT coins the L but the rest of us my wallet am and then there's a profile area which has got open shades which I don't have any right now a I've got completely trades and then those transactions and all things like that and so jump back to the dashboard right now and and I'll show you basically how this would work so I can show you for example I've got more of a got here I've got four point two a.m. CT so why I could do it for example I can see I want to sail 1 a.m. CT and I wanted by what they want a good by underbite I fear and fix and I want to buy 10 and Phenix now there's an option here to make the trade private and that's an option if you want a few put a few selected private option it wouldn't be shown in this act of trades area you have to share it privately and sharing it privately as well a lot of people are doing regardless what all people are doing here as the pinna trade up here which I'll do just now trade your traders now active and if I go to my profile open trades you can see it yeah and so that's my trade there and you'll see either new trades being listed and Maine's is on the homepage though my 15 minutes of fame and it's called leaf aims MTT that someone else's trade there's some other trades open three I believe and then as other trades day after went through when you click on a trade that will come up do you accept US trade delete this trade all that kind of thing and you buy one say alright the reason that come I was like why is it saying the lettuce tree that's because that was my treat so that because that's my trade I have the option of deleting it for everyone else obviously I don't have that now one thing I would say about us and the one thing I've found right away from using this does he's quick this is very quick no obviously back coin withdrawals are a pain in the ass you know it's taking a lot of a time for that to come through him but as far as depositing inflicts and depositing MCT to ma-kun it was very quick as far as doing a trade it was the traders understand effective list instant ago silicon was depending almost instantly that is something that's very very pleasing and so in that regard you know obviously security is important and all that but i always think people who talk about speed and you know I've tried klepto bread as slow as hell and all of being a they've been struggling with performance issues recently as far as scaling goes but it's so slow to the point but it's unusable so having dealt worth through with a exchanges exchanges that are super slow to the point is not user-friendly and master Matt was really pleased by how quickly a lot of the transactions were going through today that was doing because I was missing learning that was dad some chains purposely just take you know play around with that so I'll quickly go through some of the coins that here although these coins are lighter to Zed cones to get out pin shelling back coin kept Oreo Oreo I think as Brazilian a drap Genco not so popular coin and flicks I've spoke about that before as you guys know MCT which is their coin min decks we've got multi which is a new one northern for nothing as close reef coin and then those reeving coin turn the bomb now here's the thing guys though it's not that you can swap MCT for out controlling and only MCT for back coin or whether you can swap any coin for any coin that's something and it is Jesse and that's something you're not getting on another exchange you're not getting on another exchange on another exchange you have to go through the main trading pier some things that's back coin or not exits Donna on the safety exchange it's safe coin on other ones that make you like coin or theorem but you have to use the mean treating peer a peer that is in the case here guys if you look here you've got back coin here but you can see like yes Jen coin for MC teethers I effects what MCT you could down here you've got out pain or open shell and nervous code for not open shelling for MCT I'll control it for Raven you can exchange any coin and you saw that when I'm gonna LSD the coin for cheat you know when I put in 1 a.m. CT there I can select any one of these coins and I set the place now as far as setting the place this is something that can I know you some people if you go to the MCT the squad grip you will see people saying what's the current place for EM City and you can't they need to work out yourself and generally right now as I record this video you're talking about 2,000 SATs that's what I was selling at that's place makes go up make up in future I may go down as you know that's over 2,000 starts right now but you know for other coins that may be a little bit different from that you know it really does come you know some people will put some whale trades out there hoping that someone will buy and but this doesn't look abnormal exchange where you know there's like a formal Patek son and and there's like a pump and dump or anther like that and then you see the gaff I was like oh and the place goes up and up and up and up it's not like that this is a treating system no as I said you know this trades definitely here now why won't see and this is I don't know if the Seas let's make just be me let's make just be me but see this we see by emotes see LMO some things but I've been looking at this because of God you know you can see here back coin in lifetimes eight and then you've got another coin another site settlement but see because all the trades are in a one page normally with an exchange you have one coin the bed place in the house placed but it's not uncommon for you to see Bitcoin near MCT and then underneath you would have MC tienen back coin so you can some things get very easily mixed up and then you click on it and then you go oh my god am i selling I don't buying buying here because a lot bit mixed up that's why when you click on to the street part here click on to the trade make sure it's been through but you want it to go through no seas here you will buy back coin and you're selling MCT so here I would be selling em city sex MCT for back coin but you know F I had to look the other way if you if you scroll down here like that's MCT to back coin and no that's the other way around now I know some people say that I'm being Sully here but just double check because I've seen a few things that I've clicked on achieved and I've been oh that's that place in the rent oh no no I'm calculating this backwards and so this girl oh she a thing here is will and this is a link to the actual sheer sofa core P that I see just a random Shia and that's easy sheer you bike a.m. CT you'll sell 100 Raven now that's very important because that says you know how the exchange works as well there are right now as we speak we'll be talking here 254 trades yes lives but four times they goes up and down depending on how many trades are being born so that D and but not only should you last your trade here I would also recommend lusting it and the squad group what I'm seeing a lot of people doing as agreeing a place and discord and there's a trade room and the MCT de squad room and whilst I'm seeing a lot especially for the larger amounts as that leader being a place before they even put the trade up and someone will say hey with it I'm looking at sales you know see a thousand a.m. CT what I'm looking to buy 10,000 a.m. CT what place can you do me and a few different people will see something you know I'll give you that's price I'll give you that place once they've ID'd a price either publicly or privately they may exchange some details bright privately someone will put up the trade and they'll make the trade a you know online don't make the trade active and as I said before when you're doing a trade you can do it private or public but if you're going to share the link in a it's kind of irrelevant the private one has just so that you know it's not last in the act of trade system and those things I like about those things that don't like about a spot I think you just have to look at us for what as thus as a traditional exchange so don't expect it to work like a traditional exchange right now that it can be a little bit frustrating at times because if you want to sell your coin railway so see for example you've got a certain number of Infinix coins or even coin or whatever see you've got a certain volume of coins and a normal exchange you could go and we'll rate I'll just want to sale at any place I want to sell the coin in any price because I need this money and I'm going to use it for something else nice house parade or just a coin you think is undervalued today or you know that news is coming it's going to moon either we you want to swap your reading crone or whatever coin you've got you want a sailor and you want to sail it out whatever the going rias you can't do do that here because what you may find is that for example if i was selling reven coin you may find that maybe you've got thousands to sell and as enough volume or maybe there's enough volume but there isn't enough coins you know some that isn't a good place well there's not enough volume and this is how it works you not a traditional exchange you can play much get the volume you wanted by and large all the time and unless it's a really really small exchange but here you make faint if you've got a lotta coins to sale unless someone's putting a trade for that then you can't just instantly sell and if they do have you know the volume they're looking for they may have at the wrong place know what you can do at that point as less the tree do you want you see i want to say oh there's so many raven or whatever coin and i wanted for this place and you may be swapping ii am CTE or back coin or any other coin and but you won't get instantly and again thus as a peer-to-peer system this is a trading system the water as is giving you and given other capital users a platform to do private trades securely and you know the star law to be a lawyer work to be done here and it does take a while to get around us but over time when they add more coins and they are planning on adding a lot more coins over the last few weeks they've actually added a few new coins appointed my idea that snow should why I didn't see many trades for it today and but over time you're going to have a lot of different coins here and it means that you can swap any coin for any coin but you have to remember the more obscured you're treated as the less likely someone has to actually want that treat you know it's definite I received back coin as an MC T a probability of two most popular coins and the treating system Ravens quite popular as well but if you to you know for example you want is sale gen coin for crept area or something there's gonna be less people who want not because the people selling junk coin they probably want back corner they probably want something else so again this pros and cons I think some of the coins over the exchange as far as maybe not getting the price you want or maybe not being able to sell the follow me you want I think a lawyer that will be addressed when the volume comes winning when the exchange gets launched properly when it's been refrained when it's been paused when it's not and better or better her view when it caught wherever you wanna play answer but when when they the exchange is actually grown and it's large and as more coins lasted than there's more volume going through there I think this can be a very very useful platform and and you know when the future is real we may see other coins here like light coin or maybe more established coins right now I would definitely say that like the coin pitilessly are brand-new coins they are speculative coins and but untimely makes the other treating players and treating not treating people it's not traditionally since other coins been added and but right now the main thing I've got as the fact that my back coin hasn't been confirmed and see Stella zero know one thing I didn't know it's theaters that the date for a bet coin right now as 0 1 0 1 1970 at 1:00 in the morning I'm not sure if that's as an issue but that coin in S is why it's not withdrawing and what I speak to Angela because he was sayin enormity eggs of years for Bitcoin with jewels and I'll point now so to encased us as an issue that's just on most but yeah once y'all second use there does actually you know there's some things to like give it that's there are some things to like it with us and but yeah as a work in progress as a work in progress so apologize I can show you there MCT a website today I'll show you the wait people and all that but it was it was good to just show you the actual exchange itself and I'll play more tale how the coin a how their exchange system gets on so just this summarize what I've talked about so far if you've stepped to the end the video a MCT system as they're calling it trade door MC t + door leave a link below so you guys can check out as you would expect and that's doesn't better mode but it does look like a secured exchange it does look like you know it's quite good from a privacy point of view Israel I like how you're like the only place my username is even mentioned isn't sentence here which I didn't show you and but it's a very unique system and I think it took me a while to get my head round if I'm honest because you're so used to using a traditional exchange we're the market sets the place but I must have met you know anyone who who trades on an exchange as its anointment as pump-and-dump Oz when there's people selling small amounts when they're manipulating the place and all that that's why always going in any market place but an a peer-to-peer system there is a lot more room at the does less room for that to happen that's from Chinese see I think there's a lot to love there about this but the same things as I said you know if you're looking to sale coins right away and that hasn't trades for and you and you don't think you'll get treats for the railway you may have to wait to get the trade that you want or you may have to go to the MCT plus a task world group and see here I'm looking to sell these coins what can you do for me over time with more volume there's more chance that the trade that you want will be there at the place that you want a fair market place but right now because there's only a few hundred trades there because people are still getting used to it because it's thrown better and they're still effects and things and still you know you really right know your guinea pigs the people that are using it and but it's a very interesting idea and it's very definitive also they're already and for the I need to give them kudos that they haven't been donated traditional exchange rate yeah it's very definite so just kind of quickly go through here again this is the dashboard Act of trades I'll rush that default it to 100 tourists and there's all the different shades and then as all the different coins no confirmations damn it so thanks for watching guys you can sign up just know if you'd like to try it out yeah I'll leave a link below you can check out as I said and let me know what you think this doesn't have regular exchange guys so please do it beer that mayn't and norm that some of you guys won't like this I know that and there's some of the things I don't like about Israel you know because you can't do that you can do in a traditional exchange but I love the idea of just treating any coin the other they've got for any other coin at any place that I defame I think that's very unchaste thing because you're not tied to one trading peer or to treating peers or whatever you can do you can stay what coins you want for whatever place that you want and then you can negotiate that with people in the background if you want with very lot of volume it becomes difficult to get the trade that you want but over time when they refine the system any Tweaker when the improver I think this will be a very interesting alternative to many other exchanges Odia bow take I'll put over to you guys know let me know what you think about it let me know we love about it we hear about it yeah and I'll send a video to those guys and maybe they'll take some of the comments on board so thanks for watching guys and I'll speak to y'all very soon take care

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  1. Don't trust MyCrypto. Taylor's lack of business ethics and her antics stealing the twitter account and the attempted theft of myetherwallet show she is not a person to be trusted.

  2. Great video – I was looking to invest. Not sure I will now because i don't see this has a big take up in the future – it reminds me as an off the shelf program they are running and nothing original – like trtt.

  3. I've been using it for a few days and yes it takes an age for BTC to clear.
    I'd like to see the completed trades separated out into clear bought or sold, as they are both together on the same table, makes it awkward to see what you sold as they are in opposite columns.(Maybe if they added a background colour to separate the buy's from the bought).
    Now I know who pushed out my MDEX trades from the first page. 😉

  4. Thanks – good vid. Wow 30 Graphics cards you beast. What are you usign for cooling?
    Is Crypto your full time job now?
    Looks good that trading site. What I would like is to have control over my private keys until the trade goes ahead via that or other Escrow type system

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