My Crypto Trade – New Platform – New Blockchain – Proof-of-Stake & MasterNodes

[Applause] hello everyone thanks for checking out my video today I thought I would do a little bit of a update review on what's been going on with MCT Plus remember MCT is my crypto trade and they're going after that niche market of trying to provide a platform where you can trade coins that aren't yet listed on an exchange so it is a very helpful service that they're providing and there's a lot been going on with the coin as of late so let's get into it okay first things first I just got a facelift this is their newly launched platform which looks much better than the previous version beta 3 was a lot more based on bitshares and although this still is based on bitshares it just got a very nice cosmetic sort of overhaul and I like the color scheme here we've got a nice navigation bar on the left hand side where you can hide that if you want something that they added on the right is this little dollar sign which shows you your nonzero wallet balances so you can have the navigation on the left and your non zero wallet balances over here on the right which I find very helpful and on the dashboard in the middle here all of this is you know information at a glance which I like one thing that I would like to see them update here and this may already be in the works but I think I'd much rather see a blending of what's here on the dashboard and what's on the profile page because if you look at the profile page it shows your open trades your completed trades and your deposits and withdrawals I really think that information belongs on the dashboard and if they want to make this a little bit more of like a social type of app where you can connect with other users because they have up here a little messaging icon and a little alert bell and now I'm thinking is because if you want to contact another user to a repor like let's say you traded with somebody and that was a good deal you liked what and what went down or you had a good experience or whatever let's say you want to do another trade with the same person well if you have their username you can see my usernames right here you can just reach out to them right through this messaging option and then say hey I'm looking for another trade do you have any more of that coin or whatever the case is so I really like this feature so I'm on the profile page then maybe it should be like you know an option to put in your maybe your picture remember they had that in the previous iteration where you could you know boot up an icon or an avatar or something you know so have that maybe have a little blurb about yourself or a link to your webpage or your Facebook or whatever you want to kind of make make this a little bit more of a social thing and then of course the alert but bell here could let you know if somebody else is messaging you or if one of your trades went through that kind of a thing so I really like where they're headed with this and I hope that that's kind of the idea if it is then I think what they need to do is take this whole section right here and just blend it with the dashboard and then let the profile be kind of like your you know like a Google+ type profile what's my name what's my nickname was here's my avatar and here's some other little stats about me like oh I love crypto I love collecting as much crypto you know whatever you want to say give people that option I think it would be really cool just to build community now as for the layout here and then they've been doing some contests you know so I wonder if they might not open this up to the rest of the community as well but what I'd like to see rather than these these different tiles up top here which really don't apply all that much like I don't think that that needs to be at the top we don't need to know what the 24 hour trading volume is how many coins are listed if you want to know how many coins are listed you just go over here to your wallet page right and then you can just look at all the coins all right that's pretty straightforward you know and whatever but back to the dashboard what I'm thinking is that this should be all about your relationship with MCT okay so what we need at the top here is something maybe a trading view chart about MCT you know it could just be the MCT Bitcoin pair and you can see the ups and downs or perhaps it could be some radical chart that shows you only the MCT trades on the platform I don't know how you match that up though because you really want to kind of like set a certain trading pair so for me I think MCT Bitcoin makes the most sense and then you got that chart at the top and then maybe right next to the chart you have your MCT balance how much MCT do I have because remember we need NCT to make trades all right so I got to know my balance that should be right at the top always in my face that's how much MCT I have perhaps another option which I think would be really cool is right now we've got the QT desktop wallets which is great but since we're gonna be doing more things through the platform what they might want to do is incorporate some type of web wallet and I know this is all stuff that's for the future I'm speculating to the future here what could they do what might they do what I think would be really nice if they have this Webb's wallet on here then they could probably introduce some type of a web staking feature a la crypto bridges bridge coins staking okay so imagine that so now you have all of your regular altcoin trading pairs going on you are maybe purchasing some MCT through the platform and then you can also stake that MCT so like for instance I you know if you're just sitting on some of it why should it just sit you know and and that's a that's a really good question because here's here's the reason I'm even bringing it up MCT is no longer going to be proof of work okay the lira tuzee mining algorithm now has FPGAs that are capable of mining it one FPGA and these are FPGAs that are going for around thirty six hundred dollars so they're not cheap by themselves yet one them without any tweaking is able to get close to 40 mega hash per second on lira to Zed and just to put that in perspective my won GT X 1080 can get maybe 2 mega hash per second so we're talking 20 times the hashing power of a pretty standard graphics card now I mean we've got our TX coming out you know and and that's really putting a lot of the other older cards to shame but even still even if our TX doubled my GTX 1080 like if the 20 80 was twice as good which it's not but if it were it wouldn't be anywhere near these FPGAs all right so that being said MCT has decided to fork the coin and they're no longer going to be using proof-of-work what they're gonna be using is straight proof of steak and masternodes so the masternodes will still be working in the way they have been whereas you know they will help verify transactions via the masternode network but staking is going to be front and center the new chain like I said proof of steak and masternodes what we're going to see is that they're gonna get a new name em CTP there's supply caps at 15 million which think about that 15 million that's six less than Bitcoin all right so that's really gonna Jack the price up at some point all right because if enough of these are bought then boy you know and they're held and they're staked that value is gonna shoot up masternode choleric collateral is the same as it was fifteen thousand of these coins okay block reward time is the same one minute and then we're gonna see a little I think change here because we've removed the proof-of-work side of things so the block reward is 10 per block 7 of those go to the masternodes and three of them go to those who are staking alright so set 30 split and the having is going to be what every three months so we're gonna go down to eight after three months so it's a ten now to start it'll go down to eight after six months it'll be six nine months four wow this is just going way way way way way down very quickly so by 2020 we should see the rewards somewhere in the neighborhood of maybe one per block and that means point seven go to the masternodes and point three go to the stagers however if like I said because of the low supply cap that will Jack the price up you could get to a situation where point seven is worth quite a nice amount what we have to get people behind it people trading people socializing and the whole nine if people don't see the value in trading person-to-person like the platform offers then why would they buy the coins the way we'll be redeeming our coins when the fork occurs will be through the platform so we'll be sending our coins in here like deposit however many coins you have you deposit them into the platform and then from there you'll have to update your wallet on your computer your desktop wallet or if they have an online wallet here on the site perhaps that will be where you would stake your coins obviously we would have to deal with some of the security issues regarding you know private keys and whatnot you know so if they were to say okay you know issue you know whatever coins you deposit you'll be issued this one for one the same coins on the new chain which is proof of stake only along with these private keys you know so as long as you know we would always have you know full control over what was going on with our coins I would be totally for it one thing that I I'm always a little cautious of is making deposits online just like a centralized exchange where I don't have control over the private keys okay you have to think about this private Keys equals control if you own the private keys you own the crypto it's that simple so they would have to set it up online to make me happy in such a way that only I had access to it you know what I mean they would say okay you deposit it we issue you a new wallet and that new wallet has this public key and this private key alright and it's one of those things like write it down never forget it otherwise you lose all your crypto okay fine and I can take that same private key and then load it into my desktop wallet now again I'm speculating here I don't know exactly what they have in store and I will say this that a lot of the developers behind MCT are quite skilled at what they do so I'm sure that they'll have a reasonable solution for this but that's the kind of thing that I would like to see happening I would like to see them integrating proof of stake into the platform such that we could stake the coins right from the platform if we wanted as long as we had full control over our our private keys after that you know that it could be business as usual so once again what I'm thinking would be really nice on the dashboard is a little trading view chart at the top here maybe this you know half of the screen and then a little readout you know how much MCT I have in my wallet whether I'm staking how much I'm staking how much I might be able to anticipate earning in 30 days that kind of a thing and then beneath here the active and completed trades is perfectly fine I like this because it gives you some idea of what people are trading right now and what's been going through clearly raven is being purchased up a lot looks like people are selling moon decks to buy raven actually it's a pretty good deal I would say right there 350 I mean it's almost equal because Dex is going for about almost a thousand satoshis and Raven is somewhere around 250 Satoshi's you know so this is almost an even swap these these prices here but I digress something else that they added at the bottom here is their latest news which I like so that's great that definitely should be on your dashboard and then right here it says platform coin info well I think that's exactly what I'm talking about which is why I think they're already on to this whole thing so this will probably receive a whole rearranging facelift or whatever in addition to the whole platform but those are just some like suggestions that I wanted to kind of bring to the foreground what do you guys think what do you think should be on the dashboard page and if you ever wanted to I would suggest not only leaving that down in the comments of this channel but go to their discord server and leave them in the suggestion box like hey could you do this with this or that with that you don't even kind of let them you know hear your voice and your input so that things can change I think it's really starting to look good but more of this is cosmetic right now than it is like purely functional another thing is to create trade tab now this is pretty straightforward in fact it used to be on the dashboard so I like that they're moving it to its own section this is great and what they plan to do it appears is have a chart here for each of your trading pairs now that I love because if I want to see something for instance like I don't know gin coin and crypto rial right or something like that like I would love to see of all the trades on the platform what the price has done for this particular pair you can't do that on any other exchange unless the exchange offers a specific trading pair you're not gonna get charting for it but it would be so cool to be able to see what the charting looked like between odd pairs you know so if I wanted to be like a what what does Infinix and oh I don't know wire like what do these two have in terms of with one another on this platform that would be so interesting to watch I mean it would just be a really cool way of seeing like oh yeah you know some people were willing to pay a ton to get crypto via spending wire you know like it's just very interesting idea and along this lines I want you to take a look at this picture here because they did a contest on discord to ask people to provide design ideas for the create trade page and this is the number one design that they chose and what we see is pretty much the same that's there right we've got a you know create a trade section and then a chart so we've got that covered up at the top here which is fine but underneath of that which is pretty interesting looks as though we have all of these prices in Bitcoin so looks like you can change the coin here and that's what's interesting is that it's listing for us what these coins are going for in BTC so you can kind of like do a quick a like at a glance how much it's gonna cost like right now you can see like in this picture in Finex for example is going for 9800 satoshis well you might be able to swap this coin like for instance if I swap the coin here from BTC over to say I don't know moon Dex then this would switch to moon Dex and then we would be looking at the Satoshi price of moon Dex for all of these other pairs so I think that's really cool it kind of gives you some handle of like where the pricing is or ought to be or could be or wherever you want to find your sweet spot for your own trade this would be a very helpful tool the other one here is just your basic active trades trades history I think more importantly my active trades my history should be the the default setting here not not that the beginning where it says here active trade like move my active trades here so that they always appear again kind of like the dashboard but at the same time since we're on the trading page I want to see like my my trading portfolio for that that way I can kind of gauge oh yeah I've got like five other trades open let me do one more and I want to be able to see them listed because for instance like you know you know how bot trading works like a lot of time you set sort of parameters the high and the lone all this and your your intervals but some people do it manually you know I've been known to do it manually just just by basically saying alright I'll tell you what if Bitcoin price of mooned X is 900 satoshis then I'm gonna I'm gonna do a sell price of 950 Satoshi's I'll sell 10 at that price I'll sell another 10 at a thousand satoshis another 10 at 10:50 another 10 at 10 11 you know you mean so it just goes up in increments and I can do that manually and it's nice to see them all listed in one spot versus like kind of wondering like oh they kind of went somewhere on my profile page now I gotta go to my profile page wait for that to load and it's a lot of back and forth back and forth it's just not very convenient but this kind of a setup I like because it will not only make it easier to do this I think it will encourage people to do it to trade to actually start looking at things you know because here everything is right in front of you you go oh yeah look at that they got crypto Riau oh cool or they got quar like they got these different cryptos that we could all enjoy you know all trade so I like that all right I'm very excited about that I hope that they make this happen because this is really cool it is the winner is the prevailing idea so I have a feeling that yes that's probably exactly what they're gonna do but once again I figured I would just lay in on it a little bit because why not right the other thing is on your viewing trades page this is all pretty basic what I'd like to see is an ability to do counter offers so for instance if I saw this thousand MCT here selling for point zero zero four nine and I didn't want to spend point zero zero four nine I could go to the trade button here and then send them a message with a counteroffer something like all right I tell you what I will give you point zero zero three five Satoshi's for those thousand coins and let them decide if they want to accept it boom done deal if they don't well hey so what it's you know you you could at least ask which I really like and that would help build rapport with other users right so that this messaging thing at the top here starts to make more sense and you go oh you know what I remember that last person I traded with yeah you know what they gave me a good deal let me go back to them you know and like that that could be I'll tell you what that would be possibly way better than an exchange think about it it's like doing business you know I mean you go to a store you want to buy something and a lot of people like to negotiate I know I do which you know that's kind of there's a there's an art to negotiation I do it on eBay all the time I'm always sending somebody a story I'm like yeah you know I don't have any money right now but I'd really like to get this you know like just kind of like see what they say and some people are like alright fine I'll give you free shipping or I'll give you ten bucks off or whatever you know like they just to sell it so what's to keep them from wanting to be able to do that with crypto right I don't think much at all and exchanges lock you in it lock you in to these prices and you see these cell walls and you're just like come on man like why can't we bridge that gap well that I'll tell you why because you can't ask but if I can go in and just send a message and ask somebody like hey would you mind like taking a little bit off the top you'd already be like and I will I'll gladly take all that off of you you know like I think people would more than likely if they were contacted and you know I had a good reason they would do it now from that should come live chat I'll just throw it out there you know so you got messages go back and forth that's great but eventually we get a little green light here that says hi I'm online just like discord and you have live chat with that person hey I see you have a trade it's number blah blah blah blah blah and I was wondering if you would be willing to accept you know X Y or Z for the price and see where it goes from there so I hope that's the direction they're headed again and if not guys make it happen because that would get people talking that would get people trading you'd see more completed trades if they could negotiate a bit and do it peer to peer person to person right that's the whole point of this platform is person to person as for trade history this is helpful just as a tool so that you can kind of see what's been happening right so I can I like to just kind of expand this here and then go with created now here's the thing I would not show created I would show sold okay the dates that these were sold so either this is maybe maybe that is the case but maybe this just needs to be retitled right here you know that completed this is completed because this is trade history so these are all done so what this should be is completed trades not the date that they were created that doesn't make any sense to me but anyway um you can see that there are actually look at this looks like the platform launched on August 5th and here we are two months later exactly to the day very cool that was completely unplanned but guys happy two-month anniversary to MCT but anyway um yeah little bit now I know I'm kind of critiquing this but I want this to be the best that it possibly can be I'm an I'm invested in this I've been making videos on this I've been supporting this project and I know that they have the ability to come through with a lot of the different things that I've been talking about and that I know what benefit the community here we have a pretty good-sized community I mean one thing that you can see from the dashboard here is that there are just under thirty-five hundred active users which is great that's a good number for a beta type site you know we've only been up for two months you know so I'd like to see that grow can it by January be double that you know can it be quadruple that who knows you know if we have the same kind of bull run as we did last year in October holy cow you know we've got it we've got to get that word out there so that people come to this site and start trading and I think we can really see something good happening here so that's pretty much it I did talk a little bit about the swap when they're moving from proof of work to proof of stake so I think I've pretty much covered that the last thing I do want to touch upon here is over on crypto bridge because all looks like it has been completely delisted ok good I was wondering let me see your MCT yeah it's completely delisted I was wondering yesterday we had some kind of weird delay with MCT and if you try and find MCT here it does show up in the deposit withdrawal window but you can see clearly it's been delisted and for some reason it was still showing up on the exchange itself but now looks like after 24 hours it's not only been delisted here in your deposit and withdrawal window but it also has been completely delisted over here on the exchange so that's the end of that if you had any MCT on crypto bridge you have lost it and something that you might try if you want to get it is to contact the developers of crypto bridge and ask them if they will allow you to do a manual deposit you will have to share with them your user information and stuff like that so they can look it up but all I can say at this stage is good luck with that they have been announcing it for several weeks that they were going to be forking so for instrument let's go back to there's a lot of updates here about what they're doing so you can see right here as of the 21st of September a couple weeks ago right here another one the 10th of September all right so almost a full month's of warning that the coin is going to be delisted they're no longer gonna be using that same blockchain because of the proof-of-work problem with lira to Z so now going over to proof of steak / masternode coin that's just something that it's unfortunate if you didn't get the message but I would highly recommend joining their discord server because this is probably one of the premier ways for them to communicate with us secondly in the future hopefully we'll see more updates right here okay that pretty much covers all of the different pages here the last one I'll highlight is the coin request page and while this is still in development what a what it could be is another opportunity for the community to start suggesting coins because that's one way that the developers start to you know get a feel for what they should add next so rather than doing that through discord it should be done on the platform and you can imagine where you know you've got like maybe another chart here that is showing like a poll of how many people want X Y Zed coin whatever that is you know so we've got a hundred people who are interested in this coin 200 people interested in that coin it's just you know it's it's a chart of how many people are interested in what coin and that will help them to determine which coins are gonna add because if there's more demand for a coin then obviously makes sense for them to focus on that first so I think this is a wise idea right here it gets people out of discord and onto the platform where you can continue to sort of generate that sense of community with trading crypto so I really like this idea I think they're headed in a good direction well that's pretty much it for me guys if you like the review if you like what I had to say please give me a thumbs up if not you know what to do otherwise let me know down in the comments below what you think about the platform what kind of changes would you make what kind of suggestions do you have to improve upon what's already there I'll tell you right now I really like the social aspect of the whole thing yeah the layout can be shifted we can blend a few things together that's not too big of a deal but getting people interacting on here beyond the trades I think is key if you have people establishing rapport with one another and perhaps even chatting with one another they have conversations with one another about what's been going on with crypto I mean you you could really develop some nice relationships with people just through that kind of contact so I think that's a very good step in the right direction I hope that they further develop the the whole messaging side of things maybe even offer some live chatting and then of course counter trades if they allow you to trade back and forth that's one thing but to go in there and say well I'm not too keen on the Satoshi price there but how about I show you this offer so offers and counteroffers I think would be really really cool and that would be something that you would not have anywhere else I mean you're not counter offering on an exchange people set their price that's it either you pay it or you don't that's kind of how it is right now on MCT however if they allow you to do an offer and allow the traders to do a counteroffer boy that could be very powerful so we'll have to see where it goes really what it comes down to is finding a willing buyer and a willing seller you know and you know you you can go on exchanges and you can see these vertical walls people aren't meeting anywhere in the middle it's kind of like come on guys why aren't we why aren't removing this stuff well perhaps because they can't communicate perhaps because they can't make a deal so I think that if that's where they're headed here that would be awesome if it's not what they had in mind I hope they have it in mind now so there we go that's more or less my two cents on this whole arm MCT platform I hope you guys liked it if you like what I'm doing with the channel please subscribe ring the bell trying to do as many videos as I can but they're getting further and further spread apart because I'm just so busy during the day but I care about you guys believe me I'm trying to do the best I can to keep you in the loop so thanks for supporting the channel thank you for watching and I'll look forward to seeing you guys in the next video god bless you

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  1. I don't trust MyCrypto. Taylor's lack of business ethics and her antics stealing the twitter account and the attempted theft of myetherwallet show she is not a person to be trusted.

  2. Thief is always a thief.. I have seen many reports about Taylor and her company Mycrypto. I don't trust her.

  3. mct could become a platform to be reckoned with, it deals with some of the manipulation issues over exchanges caused by bots and bad actors

  4. Great overview once again!! Looking forward to this project I am invested in it!! Really like and believe in the team!

  5. Andrew of MCT is real bad guy (6 days ago) I caught him lying and he unfoundedly banned me for mentioning the truth about mct being usable still on cb…. he clearly wanted to watch people in the community lose profit..he wanted the investor to believe they lost all their money invested in mct coins….which was not true.. and banned me for telling people their money is not lost…even though cb delisted mct you in FACT could still use your coin on cb and exchange it at that time but he wanted people to lose coins which were

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