My Chinese Cash Coin Collection

so hello fellow banknote and coin
collectors how you going today and today I just want to show you some of my
Chinese cash coins so when I get coins I actually especially is Chinese ones I
like to actually put them in these covers because then you can actually
write on them what coin you have so basically I’ve shown this before Chinese
coins usually have a Tong Bao or your one vowel and they just standard they
just mean like a currency or whatever and they have different scripts that
this one’s in seal script so Dan he offer it in the script that everyday
Chinese people use and this is the seal script and this one’s a southern song
it’s a twelve twenty eight to twelve thirty three and it’s you you are that’s
who actually issued the Cordish case you can see it’s quite well one and what I’d
like to actually do is actually collect one coin from every Chinese emperor and usually from the Tang Dynasty which does
the best six hundred some-something ad they actually issued coins under the
emperor but most of those coins are the tangler coins still minted of first
Emperor’s name and before they’re for six hundred years actually issues
wushu so this is five just a shoe that’s the actual denomination this is not one
of the best coin said oh but and whole-hog always a coin it was issued
before and then I’ll have some coins so this money here look as you can see it’s
a bit hard to actually read what is actually on it
I know it’s most likely Tong Bao there but yeah and the top
it’s gonna be hard to actually identify this coin and on the back you can see
there’s lots of corrosion so that’s why I have another coin here it’s possible
to make it characters bad tie that’s gonna do some research as well and the
other coins I got a pretty much identifies here uh here you go here’s
the Tang Dynasty coin k1 so this was issued at the start 618 but it’s used
through the whole reign pretty much k1 talked about okay let’s see him for his
name at the top this is right name and that just means currency and on the back
it’s pretty much plain and then we ever ever ever done see so another southern
song actually it’s quite a bit actually did identify this one which I this
actually took a while to identify Dean oh this one’s a Chinese one no it is not
this is I did miss coin so lightly nice one doc Tang Bao Ando talk about
what in 28 1527 so the Vietnamese the Queen’s the Japanese in to some extent
also those in Malaysia in Indonesia or the Sultanate sunette become before hand
used in issue divided choice cash coins Oh
or they adopted the style so here’s another one I haven’t identified the
Emperor obviously this is a Manchu coin I think it’s the last emperor sorry
they should have met you on the back end that’s just a mint skin that one Oh
northern song say the southern song before King ho live in Lebanon to 1117 Tong Bao seal script which makes it a
bit hard to identify but that’s ways inner actually comes in never going I
said I’d like to lately it’s pretty much the same as you have one please write
him now he’s one of the earlier ones god this is a wing man coin it’s the whole
gold coin and when man is pretty much one of the first communist these coins
are probably also issued for a period after wing man was killed and he
actually screwed up the Chinese country for a while
yeah and a lot of people apparently died he’s no one’s not identified me to
identify that oh there’s no one inside plan so this is a rebel coin so rebel
coins actually how did he get Cristina low mintage thirds won the game and also
during the ladder later period actually issued not cast but this is a machine
strike coin only last emperor guan yu Tong Bao and this is much like the
mating going to talk about it’s probably most likely made in Beijing as you can
see the script quite clearly and then we have a large coin this is a Korean long this coin actually on Xena is pretty
suspect maybe it won’t be a fake type of coin because during the eighteen
hundred’s China was still well-known – for counterfeiting ancient items and on
the back we have a vision so that’s fooful fishing Mi’kmaq and
that’s quite actually a lighter coin now weighs a lot more about twice as weight
is he ever Chinese cash coins salut 1755 1795 there 25 millimeters to
an hour grams roughly do I have another dynasty okay China Manchu Queen law so
this is actually quite a common coin clean room Manchu coins actually pretty
common will meant you of the Queen dynasty but certain Emperor’s actually
quite rare Navon oven song 1030 1438 so whose rhyme was actually for years this
world would it be harder to coin to get King here we have a small cache dark
wall men to do nothing even a neighbor have four men to stir a lot a cement
shoes oh here we ever were the second last emperor kwang-soo 1975 to 1901 but
this one is denominated can you see that maybe maybe I’ll take
it out so it’s actually denominated I can see the tin knee so this is the
midmark and Manchu not too sure them won’t be bad so that might be actually a
ten cash or a 100 cash I’m not too sure cuz there’s a corrosion on it so it’s
actually quite an interesting fine and I think under his reign actually
issued quite a lot of denominations okay one thing they say never know when some
coin another this one actually is the mint
okay one poor Brittany so actually means that fountain hit off
the currency so you won’t see mine issuer of the currency so there’s a
larger podium 1735 and 95 and looks like border revenue as well anyone’s huh
Vietnamese no no in song please King long very common very common coin and a
lot of these you can pick up for a bear a few dollars I tried getting better
dollars a lot but obviously some of these conjure actually be worth more
than dollar like these ones you one thing only I think it’s an oven song
alright should actually be mu F more than the dollar therefore the ten
dollars there’s a good web so I called Calgary coins and he actually as a
catalog of coins actually has prices on yeah
Queen open at the bottom so that means on this
character which is here on the bow and also has the small character top there
so you do get varieties but because they’re cast coins of course you’re
gonna get a lot more varieties enough I described and Xena has so many varieties
it’s really hard to keep track off so those are some of my cash coins I
actually have a lot more somewhere else just getting them out so say thank you
very much watch my video if you like to click cash coins leave a comment down
below because cash coins are awesome they publicize the reigning monarchs
from the Tang Dynasty before that well they some rumors actually did put their
names on the coins but not everyone have awesome coin collecting time people very

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