40 thoughts on “My Bitcoin Price Prediction Was Hilariously Wrong…”

  1. If something can go up $800 in 6 hours as just happened on Sunday, then there is actually no reason it can't be $50,000 by end of 2019. Bitcoin is the safest place for your money – many rich people are now starting to dawn on that fact. It doesn't take a genius to see where this space is going !

  2. As you mentioned, even the experts where wrong so I actually never thought about it where we could be in 2019 ( Of course I am praying each day for 20-30k ). I am hodling since August 2017, bought in 3 more times after my initial buy in at the following prices : 7500€, 5400€, 3500€ Jan 2018 – Jan 2019. With the recent pumps, I am finally again on all 4 BTC orders I made so far in the greens, so far so good. Besides that lost a lot buying VECHAIN in Jan/Feb 2018N, still down around 70-80%. ETH was my first investment I in think May 2017 which I sold 2 times with minimum gains and bought up again a bit cheaper, up around 50% now.

  3. the market makers and ‘whales’ know what the public is thinking and doing. technical analysis is NOT proprietary knowledge. manipulating around known ‘supports’ and ‘resistances’ is therefore quite easy. if all the pundits on youtube are calling for a dump, in order to make money you have to go against the herd! the dump from this most recent pump will come when retail FOMO kicks in…

  4. I feel like I'm the only one who has had his finger on the pulse since the bottom. I can prove it, too!

  5. Always been pretty accurate on a contrarian view. The parabolic movement without any retracement will likely lead to a disgusting crash. I know this sounds stupid, but a drop back to 3 or 4 k is not unreasonable.

  6. Bitcoin is back at doing what it does best, break out and rally on weekends. It again made a decisive move during the weekend and is pulling the crypto markets higher. The total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has topped $278 billion and is on its way to the $300 billion mark.

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  7. Does the Teather investigation not worry you? I have a gut feeling there is a lot of manipulation going on at the minute

  8. I like that you admit you were wrong, not many people do this. The truth is absolutely nobody saw this coming, bitcoin caught everyone by surprise. Good thing I was hodling and added more at 3.4k and 4k. Phew.

  9. Hopefully governments, banks, and the Jamie Dimons of the world get surprised by Bitcoin from behind the same way. They should continue to take their sweet time with regulation and see if Bitcoin just goes away by itself. It would be a shame if they legislate prematurely. A damn shame! lol. EXcellent, stroking my hairless cat…

  10. The reason that bitcoin is moving up is due to fundamentals. Technicals trade of the fundamentals. Institutional money has seen bitcoin as a legitimate hedge and started to move in. Technicals will help the short term trading generally, but the fundamentals are the key here, in my opinion.
    The reason I am buying Cardano has fuck all to do with how its being traded. It has to do with the project, its vision and the people behind it.
    As the Cardano releases the next stages of the project, such as decentralisation, staking and smart contracts, this will push the price up and then traders will trade off the technicals. Long term fundamentals are key.

  11. All I can say is that Bitcoin Fund Manager – the alleged scammer. Is getting every single fkn call right. Sure a couple flukes here and there. But holy dear is he spot on pretty much always. Lows and highs.

  12. This is why price PREDICTIONS never work. The true guru traders REACT to price action but NEVER predict it.

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  14. The fomo is real ???, when eth hit 80 on December 15th then bounced 100% you should of know it was over been buying eth since the dip afterward stopped buying in February, up major percentages eth to $330 then short the 40% correction

  15. I started buying cryptos at the absolute worst possible time in the end of 2017 but have still been buying each month after that. I always use money i can live without and also, the price doesnt really effect me much even if the market has been bearish since then and until now. It's a long term investment after all 🙂

  16. I liked the Delphi Digital analysis that was predicting another bull run, so I consilidated position back in around Feb when it was sub 4K. I'd like to say then I "knew" it would go up, but truth is I was uncertain, but just went with the analysis that I thought in theory was correct. I guess a gamble works out now and again, ha.

  17. Bro….me from Pakistan,really appreciate your fair & honest log upon your own video.☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  18. I consider you and myself as somewhat astute investors in this asset class, but I am surprised only in the speed in which we have reached $8,700, not the fact that we did. Simply do the math: 17+ MIL supply and practically ZERO Institutional Investment up to 2018. 2019, Institutional Investments, Custodianship, pending ETF approval, Geopolitical unrest, Exposure to the world, halvening… = 10,000 BTC AND BEYOND !!! I am now convinced that unless something drastically changes (Government oversight wise), BTC will see a new ATH by no later than a year from today perhaps sooner. My 2 cents !

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