43 thoughts on “My Adventures in Automated Crypto Trading”

  1. Where are the most common places, the average person trades crypto with an automated system? I design automated systems in Forex and want to try Crypto.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this! I’ll try use this together with Spectro Indicator and I know it will totally give me great results.

  4. Love automated trading bots! I’m using a few now and I’m very pleased with the performance.

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  7. Hey Tim, maybe this got lost in the missing 30 mins, but how do you deal with the situation where the market trends down in an almost linear fashion. You end up buying all the way down and your "straddle" sell orders never get executed since the price continues its downward trend.

    Do eventually move down the sell order closer to the last trading price after a period without execution (and taking a loss)?

  8. Is this presentation a joke? When holders break even you have 8.8% and when holders gain 300% your bot makes 11.5%? JEZUS. Where did my 66 minutes go.

    Btw: "starts at 38:00"

  9. 3 secret's of success in trading is 1: trading with the right person.2: trading with a strong and reliable strategy. 3: never give up to failure, this are the 3 secret's of success in trading,i have been trading with Mr Williams and have never lose a dime, Mr Williams is the best trade account manager i have ever seen

  10. You should definitely look into Gimmer – https://token.gimmer.net. The token sale starts on 1 February and the team has raised over 1,048.987 Ether (or $1,118,283.08 @ $1,066.06/ETH) on the presale. Definitely the best automated trading platform of 2018!

  11. Update bot/Обновленная версия
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    Password for archive/Пароль на архив: 123123
    You need to work Net Framework 4.5

  12. "How do we understand that candlestick chart" Some people shouldn't be trading yet ! Great presentation, thanks for sharing.

  13. Yea but when the shit hits the fan and your algo doesnt work (all traders know this when turmoil hits) you better flick that algo off… this sort of explains it better https://goo.gl/3aokrP

  14. Cool! I've been using an algorithm to trade crypto for a while now. Interesting to see other people in the game.

  15. New bot trading platform (company registered in the UK) 35 days old seems like a solid automated crypto trading bot, you can get around 3.2%/day depending on the bot settings you chose and you can withdraw your money at any time, your funds are not frozen or just taken over forever. Only 35 days old get in early !


  16. I have a custom altcoin signal trading bot that solves the problem of setting both a stop loss and take profit trigger at the same time. Set buy price, amount, stop loss, take profit trigger, and trailing stop. Works great. Msg me to get a copy for yourself.

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  18. Great presentation. I do have a question though –

    Have you been in a situation where even after the bot has covered the 30% free fall, the price continues to fall? If so, what’s the outlook like in such a scenario? What decision do you make?

  19. Timothy, great presentation! Are you open to assisting with the development of a trading bot?

  20. Would love yo work with you on some projects… I notice you have a nice collection of graphs at the end. Is your bot that collects harvester information do it in real time or one that you run at the end of the cycle? I have one that I run at the end of the cycle that I am trying to make work in real time would love to trade (just the harvesting bot) if interested. Would save me some time.

  21. Hi, everyone! I am developing the ccxt cryptocurrency trading library, check it out on GitHub: https://github.com/kroitor/ccxt . With it you can access market data and trade bitcoin, ether and altcoins with more than 70 (!!!) cryptocurrency exchanges. It is used to connect and trade with crypto markets and payment processing services worldwide. It provides quick access to market data for storage, analysis, visualization, indicator development, trading strategy backtesting, bot programming, building trading algorithms on top of it, webshop integration and related software engineering. The codebase is in JavaScript / Python (2 and 3) / PHP. You can deploy it from PyPI, with npm (for Node.js) or by cloning the GitHub repository. The ccxt library is under heavy development right now, but already offers a quick-start for algorithmic trading and technical analysis with many crypto exchange markets out of the box. It is intented to be used by coders, developers and financial analysts to build algotrading strategies on top of it.

  22. I love bots, trading etc, but at the same time I think it doesn't necessarily move humanity forward, at it's base level it's personal 'greed' not that there's anything wrong with making money. Would it be an idea that exchanges should levy, perhaps voluntarily, a small fee, of say 0.02% that is collected and given as feed capital to startup projects.

  23. I may have read the summary wrong, but didn't it say you made 11% profit using the bot in just over a month..
    However buying and holding would have made 400% profit?

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