27 thoughts on “(MT)(MTS) Monarch Token is here! Mass adoption into Crypto?”

  1. Hey, can I purchase BTC and claim Bitcoin HEX during snapshot with Monarch? Would be great to have a platform that's a one stop shop to do so!

  2. Looks awesome. But when will the on-ramps be available in North Carolina?

  3. Hi Robert, how come utility tokens are not included in the silver program, air drop or weekly paycheck program??? don't know but am I missing something? I'm fairly new in the crypto-world, Jan 28 2018 when I purchased my first token, Quanstamp which still hold with all others I've acquired till present. Even though my experience with crypto hasn't been a positive one but instead a very bloody one, I truly believe the light at the end of the tunnel will break through hopefully soon. Meanwhile till them, it'll be nice to be part of the family, not the orphan ….no hard feelings
    P/S do love what I've heard about the wallet so will try it out.

  4. Robert , right now if I needed to cash out my crypto investment I am stuck as I havent a clue how to do it. Eventually will Monarch Wallet be linked to my bank so I could convert my crypto to cash and send it over to my account. Then if so this wallet no to dissimilar to what the ETHOS wallet is gonna do ?

  5. 0 dislikes on your video and 4k+ likes!?!?!?! Dude are you like the people's favorite haha… Great video, I subbed. Glad to be a part of the crew.

  6. Hey man I absolutely love this! But can you make a feature on mac so that it can auto update or does it have a updater built in?! And also can you make it auto Lock when closing on mac and ios?

  7. Excellent and useful product congratulation! Great Job!
    – There is something wrong with the SSL on the website. (Not secure)
    – Will be any possibility to use on Linux later, please?
    – Are you planning to have Android version too?

  8. Beadles to the top and let us see how things go for this. This is a really nice project. Can't wait to see more of what's about to come.

  9. Really impressive beadles you launched your own platform in the apple store that's a huge achievement hope you the best buddy

  10. Wow! Amazing job bringing this outstanding project to life Beadles! You're really on to something here.

  11. Oh man this is great it cover all things, you’ve done a big favor to the community Beadles The tokens are backed by silver awesome foresightedness user benefits from using it the merchants too
    I’m just speechless.
    Wish you best of luck with it Beadles

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